Good job Alex (Minecraft Animation)

  • čas přidán 1. 09. 2023

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  • @SuperClashPlayz
    @SuperClashPlayz Před 28 dny +1

    No one would wear clothes during shower

  • @riyaanthemann
    @riyaanthemann Před 14 dny +442

    That's enough CZcams shorts for today

  • @user-qk7uw3ly5h
    @user-qk7uw3ly5h Před 21 dnem +397

    who makes these animations????

  • @fonox1848
    @fonox1848 Před 14 dny +34

    This is enough youtube short for today...

  • @DollLifeForever
    @DollLifeForever Před 14 dny +92

    What my brother watches on a daily basis:

  • @florycalderon2650
    @florycalderon2650 Před 14 dny +40

    thats enough youtube shorts for today

  • @ekamandalaputra5517
    @ekamandalaputra5517 Před 28 dny +178

    Finish him! FATALITY!

  • @LiaMassacro
    @LiaMassacro Před 14 dny +54

    Welcome to the cinema ( the comment section )

  • @Coco_Marsh
    @Coco_Marsh Před 21 dnem +44

    Grass is a type of plant with narrow leaves growing from the base. A common kind of grass is used to cover the ground in places such as lawns and parks. Grass is usually the color/colour ‘green’. Grasses are monocotyledon herbaceous plants.

    @HELMIEYSGLOBULE Před 14 dny +41

    I wanna go to therapy💀

  • @purple_guyBR1993
    @purple_guyBR1993 Před 14 dny +4

    I'll pay for everyone's therapy...

  • @fishenthusiast69
    @fishenthusiast69 Před dnem

    "One more short before bed" the short:

  • @DamilolaOgunsile-ee5dv
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  • @AnimateTech2-oy9fm
    @AnimateTech2-oy9fm Před 14 dny +4

    If the hollow headed orange stick figure (the second coming) sees this video he unleash his powers for the first time since animator vs animation 5 (season 1 episode 4 of animated vs animation shorts) using it to destroy this video and Alan's Minecraft icons, forever

  • @leonprak5745
    @leonprak5745 Před 14 dny

    Here’s some questions that I have

  • @user-Minecraft-836
    @user-Minecraft-836 Před 21 dnem +4

    Not today, thank you!

  • @MikaelAkasha-pj5nf
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    @SyedAli-bk8mb Před 14 dny

    paying for therapy (:

  • @user-dj7fd8ib1q
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    Then another Golem comes because it turns out that there were two in the village and this girl again puts blocks under herself so that the golem does not get her and the Golem removes the blocks and kills her

  • @user-gs8wg6ns9x
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