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Avatar: The Way of Water | New Trailer

  • čas přidán 20. 11. 2022
  • Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, “Avatar: The Way of Water” begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure.
    Directed by James Cameron and produced by Cameron and Jon Landau, the Lightstorm Entertainment Production stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang and Kate Winslet. Screenplay by James Cameron & Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver. Story by James Cameron & Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver & Josh Friedman & Shane Salerno. David Valdes and Richard Baneham serve as the film’s executive producers.
    Get tickets now: www.fandango.com/avatarthewayofwater
    Twitter: @OfficialAvatar @20thCentury
    FB/IG: @avatar @20thCenturyStudios
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  • @jaty7570
    @jaty7570 Před rokem +42913

    I was one of the first creature designers who worked on this film (worked on the flying fish/crocodile creatures, the whale creatures, and more with a bunch of other insanely talented people), and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you, the fans. Some of us who worked on the movies do take the time to read through the comments on the trailers, and seeing the overwhelmingly positive response from you all so far has made the YEARS of work that have gone into these films worth it for all of us. Truly, thank you. I'll see you in the theater in December! 💙

    • @theroamer8889
      @theroamer8889 Před rokem +1004

      Wow, I can't wait to experience this masterpiece in theatre.
      Thank you so much.
      ❤️ from India🇮🇳.

    • @drum420
      @drum420 Před rokem +452

      Nobody cares. Just a movie

    • @tysonthomas7094
      @tysonthomas7094 Před rokem +703

      Awesome job man! The designs are mesmerizing! Keep up the good work and hopefully you guys will win many awards for the blood, sweat & tears you put into this movie. I have a friend that worked on stunts for the first Avatar movie but couldn't do this one because he was too busy with the Doom Patrol series from DC. He actually got to meet James Cameron and said he was such a positive and amazing guy. Congrats because I know this movie will be amazing! James Cameron's sequels never disappoint!

    • @lilacfeathers8892
      @lilacfeathers8892 Před rokem +2049

      @@drum420 you do realise that 10 years of work has gone into this movie right?

    • @lilacfeathers8892
      @lilacfeathers8892 Před rokem +423

      You did such a cool job with these designs!! I think they look really cool :]

  • @thehound90
    @thehound90 Před rokem +2207

    My daughter was 6 years old when I took her to the cinema to watch the first avatar movie. Now she is taking me to watch the second part, how time flies by ...

    • @fabianelliott96
      @fabianelliott96 Před rokem +17

      What did u think?

    • @callumkent7155
      @callumkent7155 Před rokem +52

      Have you seen it yet ? I see it today. I prefer long films and I really enjoyed it. It’s one of them films where you can lose yourself and forget about real life

    • @thehound90
      @thehound90 Před rokem +11

      @@callumkent7155 totally agree 👍🏻

    • @Aethuviel
      @Aethuviel Před rokem +14

      I went with my mom in 2009, my oldest niece was in the womb. Now I live far away, so my mom is going with my niece instead.

    • @danquaylesitsspeltpotatoe8307
      @danquaylesitsspeltpotatoe8307 Před rokem

      @@fabianelliott96 BRAH BRAH it was a terrible story and idea BRAH!

  • @sancheezzzy2712
    @sancheezzzy2712 Před rokem +173

    3 hours and 15 minutes, when I tell you this film did not feel like it was that runtime.
    Truly a masterpiece. So excited for Avatar 3

    • @Jgtag
      @Jgtag Před 9 měsíci

      well thats probably in the next like 12 years

    • @Aury.
      @Aury. Před 8 měsíci +6

      @@Jgtag Avatar 3 comes out December next year.
      Avatar 4 - Dec 2026
      Avatar 5 - Dec 2028

    • @modechick
      @modechick Před 6 měsíci +2

      3 hours? jeeze.. is it really worth it? hmm

    • @Aury.
      @Aury. Před 6 měsíci +1

      @@Tekianitan ik, my comment was before the delays:(

    • @gabevillarrealedits
      @gabevillarrealedits Před 5 měsíci

      @@Aury.this one was supposed to come out in 2015. Never trust that a movie is almost done, especially not a James Cameron original.

  • @reshailshah8090
    @reshailshah8090 Před rokem +190

    This wasn't just a movie, it was an experience. Kudos to James Cameron n the team to bring us these stunning visuals in IMAX 3D

  • @MrJiggy80
    @MrJiggy80 Před rokem +740

    For those who are contemplating on watching this movie at the theater....do not hesitate and go watch it, despite the media saying it didn't live up to the hype and all those other nonsense BS etc...
    If you were impressed with the 1st one, be prepared to be blown away with this sequel. True masterpiece....10/10. It's James Cameron we're talking about, he makes movies for the ages...
    This movie is of epic proportions and it delivered on every level. You need to watch it at the theater to get the full experience, esp with the 3D. Just WOW 👏👌👍🏻

    • @biancaramos7488
      @biancaramos7488 Před rokem +7

      yes I loved it

    • @oddysseyholidays8585
      @oddysseyholidays8585 Před rokem +5

      I second this entirely

    • @callnight1441
      @callnight1441 Před rokem +2


    • @jenniferz2983
      @jenniferz2983 Před rokem +5

      Absolutely!! Just saw it today and it was a visual masterpiece. Great writing too. You are constantly engaged but not in a way thats exhausting. 10/10

    • @vijitc1209
      @vijitc1209 Před rokem +3

      Can't agree with you more. I don't know what he expert critics are on about

  • @WeedWithShrooms
    @WeedWithShrooms Před rokem +935

    Just seen the movie today in 3D. This is not just the movie of the year people. It’s the movie of the decade. Incredible. The best visuals I’ve ever seen in a film. 10/10.

    • @yusufbest4475
      @yusufbest4475 Před rokem +9


    • @abizzareguy3543
      @abizzareguy3543 Před rokem +24

      No its not its a movie carried by special effects it was clear james cameron was running out of ideas lmao

    • @thomasmaughan4798
      @thomasmaughan4798 Před rokem +6

      Amen brother. It's glorious!

    • @thomasmaughan4798
      @thomasmaughan4798 Před rokem +57

      @@abizzareguy3543 "james cameron was running out of ideas lmao"
      Disregard comments ending with "lmao" ;-)

    • @mikeb3172
      @mikeb3172 Před rokem +3

      What's incredible about it? People walking in slow motion hypnotising each other?

  • @davidemanuelrosini5791
    @davidemanuelrosini5791 Před rokem +4423

    I don't know what impressed me more: The beautiful animation or the fact that a trailer didn't spoil half of its movie

    • @rory8182
      @rory8182 Před rokem +116

      The animation, they are putting CG things in water and making it realistic for a whole movie, that is second only to putting an entire movie in mist

    • @dougefresh2208
      @dougefresh2208 Před rokem +7

      I know right

    • @huiAPPOAJ
      @huiAPPOAJ Před rokem +37

      @@rory8182 this, many shots look like practical effects

    • @ttk2704
      @ttk2704 Před rokem +40

      "didnt spoil half of its movie"

    • @prettiestbaddie4194
      @prettiestbaddie4194 Před rokem +13

      @@ttk2704 it didn’t

  • @Abdulrahman-qp4ys
    @Abdulrahman-qp4ys Před rokem +86

    I watched it at theatre twice, a week apart. No words describe the experience. Just WAW. I was in high school when the first movie came out, it’s absolutely magical and beyond exceptional to be back to Pandora after over a decade. Can’t wait for Avatar 3&4 and beyond. Thank you James Cameron.

  • @onkelearn
    @onkelearn Před rokem +47

    Please, please, please go to the cinema to watch this - such an amazing immersive experience.

    • @deyh5664
      @deyh5664 Před rokem +2

      You convinced me. Bought tickets for tommorow, thanks.❤️

  • @isaiahvoss
    @isaiahvoss Před rokem +531

    After getting out of the theater, to all of the Avatar fans who couldn't be here, this movie shines after 13 years. Bravo to James Cameron and everyone else! "I see you". It was unlike anything I've ever seen after returning to Pandora! I just wanted to stay in that world. Pure escapism by James Cameron. By the way "Never doubt James Cameron"

    • @jamesrhodes6073
      @jamesrhodes6073 Před rokem +2

      Is it the best movie you've ever seen?

    • @sChrxs
      @sChrxs Před rokem +4

      @@jamesrhodes6073 yes

      @CASHPABLOG Před rokem +10

      @@jamesrhodes6073 idk but its incredible pandora is beautiful and i watched it in a premium theater and the soundeffects, visuals, 3D were incredible it left me completely stunned just like 13 years ago when I watched the first part

    • @jamesrhodes6073
      @jamesrhodes6073 Před rokem +5

      @@sChrxs I just saw it and I was disappointed. Waste of time and money 😡

    • @jamesrhodes6073
      @jamesrhodes6073 Před rokem

      @@CASHPABLOG horrible movie

  • @iketerrible6661
    @iketerrible6661 Před rokem +597

    This movie was 10 out of 10. 100% will watch again

    • @indoraptorrwakaara2914
      @indoraptorrwakaara2914 Před rokem +3

      W same

    • @Agnes135
      @Agnes135 Před rokem +7

      Storyline was 4/10, effects were 10/10

    • @mitchellp7739
      @mitchellp7739 Před rokem +20

      @@Agnes135 the story did exactly what it needed to do in service of the characters. It’s not a 4/10 story

    • @jakubkaminski845
      @jakubkaminski845 Před rokem +1

      Is your second name really terrible?

    • @elgarhsn1893
      @elgarhsn1893 Před rokem +3

      @@mitchellp7739 it was hella boring story , they couldve done the same movie in 1h30 lol

  • @personaldove
    @personaldove Před rokem +15

    This movie was a completely separate experience.
    I have never been more happier to go watch a movie in theatres.
    It divorces itself from the usual action/superhero dialogue and content.
    A classical plot with gorgeous visuals and incredible creatures you will fall in love with.

  • @AIIA94
    @AIIA94 Před rokem +5615

    Rest In Peace for the people who adore the first Avatar aswell as composer of the first movie, James Horner who didn't get the chance to see this beautiful sequel that got to be made 😭

    • @kittycatwithinternetaccess2356
    • @enigma372
      @enigma372 Před rokem +71

      RIP indeed😢

    • @Luna-ii4mx
      @Luna-ii4mx Před rokem +169

      Yea its tragic its been so long, cant imagine how many Avatar fans who have passed since between then and now :( Ill be honest, I thought I would too.

    • @Eventwow
      @Eventwow Před rokem +49

      His music will resonate thru time and I hope other composers keep it alive.

    • @Jason_Bover9000
      @Jason_Bover9000 Před rokem +16

      I will definitely watch it for them

  • @sonikachoudhary8594
    @sonikachoudhary8594 Před rokem +305

    I just saw it even though I didn't watch the first part before but my brother insisted me to see it and I can't express how glad I'm that I watched it. It was just magical. I came back statisfied from the movie theatre after a very long time. And guess what I did after coming back to home, I watched the first part and now I'm officially an Avatar fan💙

    • @ibnuhr9199
      @ibnuhr9199 Před rokem +4

      me too 😭😭😭😭

    • @KellerJay
      @KellerJay Před rokem +1

      Same but im mad I couldn’t wait to watch the first one before

    • @fluffypoof9139
      @fluffypoof9139 Před rokem +1

      Omg me too!! I just watched the 2nd one first and was amazed.. so i went home to watch the 1st one🤣🤣

    • @randomly_random_0
      @randomly_random_0 Před rokem +1


  • @justaregulargamer1860
    @justaregulargamer1860 Před rokem +45

    This movie's positive environmental theme is admirable, the beauty of Pandora is overwhelming and it's creatures utterly captivating. In my 40 plus years of cinema going, this is the best experience I've witnessed. Many thanks to James Cameroon and his amazing team for this ground breaking movie.

  • @andreamunguia5819
    @andreamunguia5819 Před rokem +51

    I just watched Avatar: Way of the Water and I can truly say that this is one of the most stunning gorgeous and visually incredible movies I have ever seen. James Cameron and all the actors are truly incredible and have incredible talents. How they are able to create this stunning movie is beyond me. Far beyond a 10/10 movie. MUST SEE!!😊

  • @Mr._Superabled
    @Mr._Superabled Před rokem +17

    Anyone else get goosebumps during the crescendo at 1:31 as that Tulkun comes out of the water and sends Tuk, Tsireya, and Lo'ak in the air?

    • @ancent2544
      @ancent2544 Před rokem +2

      Me too! They definitely did this on purpose. Mimicking whale noises beautifully.

  • @Samira27
    @Samira27 Před rokem +331

    I just wanna give THE BIGGEST round of applause to the director, actors, and the whole team. Truly a masterpiece 🤍

    • @bobbygetsbanned6049
      @bobbygetsbanned6049 Před rokem

      If masterpiece = 3 hour long PS3 video game cut scene with terrible physics, unable to pass uncanny valley, a completely stupid and useless plot then yes, a masterpiece, like the shit I just flushed down the toilet.

    • @skhrm91
      @skhrm91 Před 8 měsíci

      Yeah! Round of applause for making a fiction movie not grounded in reality. In NO EFFING WAY, would there be a female General in the Marine corps leading a war like this. How idiotic can one person be. All these movies are nothing but indoctrination.

    • @skhrm91
      @skhrm91 Před 8 měsíci

      Not only is a female general ludicrous. But also acting as if earth is not sufficient enough to support a 7-10 billion population and that there is some other planet closely resembling earth. It’s asinine. You can take the entire population of earth…divide them into families of four(that’s an average size family)…give them an 1800sqft home with a .03 acre lot and comfortably fit them in an area the size of Texas. Mathematically proven!! We haven’t even scratched the surface of using up all of earths abundant resources. Libtards prevent us from accessing these resources. All in the name of “save the (and insert whatever animal) “. I hate what Hollywood has become. But that’s the churches fault. 100%.

  • @DeluxPlays_
    @DeluxPlays_ Před rokem +44

    Ahhhhh I cannot wait

    • @RA-ui8yw
      @RA-ui8yw Před rokem +1

      @DeluxPlays same! 🍿 looks so good

  • @lsts784
    @lsts784 Před rokem +160

    I was 5 when I first time seen Avatar and I have fallen in love with it since. I have known that there will be Avatar 2 when I got to be 9 and I have waited for it. I am 18 now, and I have couple of days to wait before the movie gets be out in cinemas and this means a lot to me as a fan of Avatar. I watched 50 times the first Avatar and hopefully will watch 70 more and trust me I am going to spend my whole life waiting for all of the Avatar movies as it is worth waiting for such things. I want to say thank you to everyone who worked on Avatar and Avatar The Way Of Water as it is definitely a masterpiece worth watching for sure. I wish everyone great holidays and great movie watching as this will be the best movie of this ending and the new upcoming year!

    • @mathiasfrandsen5468
      @mathiasfrandsen5468 Před rokem +6

      Just Saw it today, and it was really good i agree💙

    • @TheDancingRomeo
      @TheDancingRomeo Před rokem +5

      its a cartoon buddy, take it easy, it isnt that life changing lol its shit

    • @lsts784
      @lsts784 Před rokem +4

      @@TheDancingRomeo life is different for everyone, just because you don't see any happiness in it doesn't mean I should see the same as well. So what I am happy over a "cartoon" but I grew up with that "cartoon" so what that's what I do and that's what makes me happy, I walked my mother to movies to say thank you to her to the new Avatar movie to see her being happy the same way as I was when I was 5. Focus on yourself and not on what others say or do.

    • @lsts784
      @lsts784 Před rokem

      @@mathiasfrandsen5468 Corporal Wainfleet is a meme machine I swear lol

    • @zramp2779
      @zramp2779 Před rokem +2

      i agree with you 100%, no one close to me that i know can relate to this movie and what it does for me in the same way but the movie was soo good not just a movie a whole life experience, no cringe just truth

  • @sachinkapoor8965
    @sachinkapoor8965 Před rokem +28

    The storyline, connection to mythology & spirituality is the soul of the movie. VFX are jaw dropping. A must go movie. Worth waiting a decade!

  • @prettygalaxia
    @prettygalaxia Před rokem +32

    Forgot everything while watching this film, I truly felt immersed in this world. Simply fantastic.

  • @leonelferreira_1
    @leonelferreira_1 Před 7 měsíci +37

    This is literally the best movie i have seen this year, throughout the movie the scenery is beautiful and near the end i felt like crying, truly a masterpiece, i felt every single emotion

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks Před rokem +727

    We need more trailers like this

  • @abovewater6918
    @abovewater6918 Před rokem +17

    "Protect the people"
    "Let's get it done"
    "I see you"
    All awesome lines

  • @ketchupkatsup9805
    @ketchupkatsup9805 Před rokem +34

    Just saw it and was genuinely blown away. Probably the best cinematic experience I've ever had. Better than the first in every way from story to acting, a perfect sequel and another technological triumph. Seeing it again tomorrow as too much to take in.

  • @ellauve
    @ellauve Před 9 měsíci +4

    i come back to this trailer so often the music is so beautiul💌

  • @sylvaindemeulenaere
    @sylvaindemeulenaere Před rokem +13

    Just seen the movie today in 3D and I’m just blown away by how beautiful this movie is, it just blew me away (it still does) with how magnificent they made this movie. The storytelling, VFX, CGI, cinematography, etc… are unimaginable! Props to the creators and the rest of the very creative and professional team! All the love, all the power! ❤

  • @diahfitriani3944
    @diahfitriani3944 Před rokem +54

    I've watched it last night. definetly one of the movie to remember because of emotion you've got while watching it. truly masterpiece

    • @amaze3788
      @amaze3788 Před rokem +3

      @Joshwa yeah what lol I watched it today and there is only stuning visuals no story plot 7/10

    • @Benimbabyb
      @Benimbabyb Před rokem +1

      @@amaze3788 How is it not emotional?

    • @visionary515
      @visionary515 Před rokem

      @@amaze3788 the story plot was revenge.... you didn't see that?

    • @amaze3788
      @amaze3788 Před rokem

      @@visionary515 what revenge ? 😂💀

    • @amaze3788
      @amaze3788 Před rokem +1

      @@visionary515 the ship sink wow awesome story 💀. Only visuals were good but no fucking plot. The hero was so cool and fought back and now he is like lets run

  • @AstosAorieuls
    @AstosAorieuls Před rokem +2821

    We need more trailers like this. It doesn't give everything away about its plot, it doesn't try to be action-y or flashy, it just lets you be fascinated.

    • @roboninja3194
      @roboninja3194 Před rokem +136

      I think it's pretty clear a big part of the plot is humans are coming to conquer the planet again. It's obvious if ya ask me.

    • @LucaGM_
      @LucaGM_ Před rokem +112

      @@roboninja3194 That part is a given but what the guy was trying to say is that it doesn't go into any specific details or give anything major away other than the basic premise

    • @technikole8753
      @technikole8753 Před rokem +55

      @@LucaGM_ yeah because I don't think there's much else to the movie besides that lol

    • @coppercarver
      @coppercarver Před rokem +49

      What are you talking about? Humans conquering land, people move to new water location, hard time adjusting with new people, humans attack water tribe, water animals save water tribe. The end

    • @shazoshazo9794
      @shazoshazo9794 Před rokem +35

      @@technikole8753 to be fair the moives 3 hours long so there must be something

  • @Keelox100
    @Keelox100 Před rokem +241

    The movie in all it’s forms was absolutely phenomenal. Gorgeous, stunning visuals, along with amazingly beautiful story. I absolutely fell in love with Avatar again after 13 years from it’s original release. Thank you for helping make this masterpiece. And hope to see more of it in the near future. ❤️❤️❤️

    • @doruka890
      @doruka890 Před rokem +2

      I mean the story was just the standard cliche story in most fantasy tv series and movies. But I didnt watch a film that looked as beautiful as this one ever.

    • @chickendindin6758
      @chickendindin6758 Před rokem

      Looks visually insane but the first avatar was gash
      It just looks like the same old crap people are spoon-fed as teens and young adults..when you get older you've seen it all before

    • @TheProtagonist2020
      @TheProtagonist2020 Před rokem

      Neteyam is a best character from now on.

    • @mitchellp7739
      @mitchellp7739 Před rokem +1

      @@doruka890 the story was simple but the characters, their arcs and their emotion were amazing and put other blockbusters to shame

    • @eb.3764
      @eb.3764 Před rokem

      @@mitchellp7739 Jake Sully is the most bland main character ever and we don't know anything about him besides being in the military

  • @jaydeeds31
    @jaydeeds31 Před rokem +11

    This is by far the most beautiful well-told animated film of all time. I have never felt this way before about a movie in a long time. Thank you so much for your respect to creativity and just showing the world how to appreciate culture and most of all nature. I am in tears. Wow, just wonderful!! TULKAN!!!!

  • @Penguin-Cappuccino
    @Penguin-Cappuccino Před rokem +3

    I've seen this movie 3 times so far and it just keeps getting better.

  • @kat7310
    @kat7310 Před rokem +8

    Literally the only critique I have about this movie is it’s a bit long and that the villain story is a bit repetitive but my God. WHAT A FILM. Truly a masterpiece

  • @DrDeathDefying239
    @DrDeathDefying239 Před rokem +14

    I just saw this, it was the most beautiful and epic film I’ve ever seen!

  • @shanm268
    @shanm268 Před rokem +5


  • @GilangSamudra87
    @GilangSamudra87 Před rokem +4

    Saw this in the first Day, 14 Dec.
    In Avatar 2, the focus is more on family issues, especially the side of the family of Jake Sully & Neytiri who have to protect their children. Even the Villain Quarich is also shown his other side of a Father at the end of the film. None of the characters are wasted. Everyone has their own roles and problems which are conveyed well for more than 3 hours of watching. Even though the war isn't as massive as the first film that involving Eywa and all living creatures in Pandora, we are instead shown, how the skills of Jake, Neytiri and their children when fighting, so Badass.
    The visuals of Pandora Sea Environment presented by James Cameron is so Stunning. Amazing. 9/10 👍

  • @ynwagg
    @ynwagg Před rokem +16

    Absolutely amazing, never enjoyed a cinema experience like I did tonight.
    Absolute masterpiece

  • @kastrie89
    @kastrie89 Před rokem +4

    I swear, I had to resist the urge to cry while watching this....hearing the theme brings back memories for me....its so full of hope.

  • @thenotred
    @thenotred Před rokem +6

    Can't believe that I watched this thrice...
    Maybe I'll watch it for the forth time in the theater...

    • @mariasofia8501
      @mariasofia8501 Před rokem


    • @fenixa2z936
      @fenixa2z936 Před rokem +1

      Seen it 4 times planning my final one for this weekend before it leaves theaters!

  • @nerd26373
    @nerd26373 Před rokem +2783

    The production in this is immense. Seems like the whole Avatar film franchise has evolved over the past ten years or so. The graphics are much more realistic and the waters just pull you right in.

    • @alicaramba7680
      @alicaramba7680 Před rokem +47

      With only exception you can't control any of the heroes, so basically it's a marathon of cutscenes.

    • @covfefe9646
      @covfefe9646 Před rokem +57

      Looks like any other video game to me

    • @huydang3112
      @huydang3112 Před rokem +19

      @@alicaramba7680 it’s over 3 hours long, so I think those cut scenes would fit right in.

    • @mommyissue
      @mommyissue Před rokem +17

      Is this a new meme I'm confused do yall actually like it ?

    • @cammte5471
      @cammte5471 Před rokem +45

      @@covfefe9646 exactly, this literally looks like a PS5 exclusive game 💀

  • @joeybarberic5796
    @joeybarberic5796 Před rokem +5

    Anyone else wish our lives were actually like this when it comes to their tribe? No corruption and complete unity with one another. When I was walking out of the theatre after watching this I was thinking about it for like an hour lol

  • @SakisRM1991
    @SakisRM1991 Před rokem +2

    3D Visuals in this movie is 100 years ahead. Thank you James Cameron for this masterpiece.

  • @Dunlop77
    @Dunlop77 Před rokem +8

    Absolutely amazing movie watched at the cinema yesterday,. Loved every minute of it ❤️

  • @alphaomega5923
    @alphaomega5923 Před rokem +11

    This movie has a message for all mankind. Don't just watch this movie, but think very hard as to what the message of this movie represents.

    • @tamara8310
      @tamara8310 Před rokem +1


    • @codysmith3914
      @codysmith3914 Před rokem

      What message is that, then?

    • @Idk-nl6hk
      @Idk-nl6hk Před rokem

      @@codysmith3914think boy think

    • @codysmith3914
      @codysmith3914 Před rokem +1

      @@Idk-nl6hk You'll have to spell it out for us

    • @codysmith3914
      @codysmith3914 Před rokem

      @@whitneygmabry9345 Everything is a choice. It's a film about man conquering a tribe, not nature, so they can obtain eternal life; which is hardly a temporary gain.
      What is the warning of what could be? People will try to invade your land and pillage? That's a novel idea...
      Maybe I'm missing something. Would you care to elaborate?

  • @shel0016
    @shel0016 Před rokem +2

    Thank you for helping the magic of Cameron's vision to be so realized. Going back for my 2nd viewing next week in 4dx!!

  • @s.mcqueen8149
    @s.mcqueen8149 Před rokem +1307

    Neytri saying “Protect the People.” Her father’s dying words to her as she shows Jake her father’s bow. Imma cry during this movie 😢

  • @habibmahmood2079
    @habibmahmood2079 Před rokem +69

    The amount of perseverance, dedication, talent, patience, technology, devotion, resilience, passion and so much more speaks itself in such extraordinary volumes for this masterpiece that James Cameron and the entire production have created over the years and I don't think I have words to even describe my appreciation and gratitude for them to Bless us with this wonderful piece of art. Thank you all so much. Not only these trailers but the qualities that everyone have invested in this film has made me to actually genuinely cry and I don't even do that. This was certainly a very rare and if I have to say a unique moment in my life to be gifted with such a Blessing. Thank you so very much. You don't know how much your devotion to this means to me. Thank you so very much. I wish you all of you the best of success for this film and in your lives as well. Take care of yourselves and stay safe and stay happy. All of you are the best

  • @angelandaron3155
    @angelandaron3155 Před rokem +9

    One of the best movies I've ever seen in my life❤❤

  • @dilinikaushalya1207
    @dilinikaushalya1207 Před rokem +6

    Many thanks to everyone who worked for that film for giving us such a wonderful experience
    .i love it❤

  • @vnvlthm007
    @vnvlthm007 Před rokem +3

    I was one of the first one sitting doing nothing while waiting for Avatar 2. It was such a journey to eat potato chips and french fries for 13 years. For all of you who are commenting on this trailer, we read you, we see you, we thank you. It was all worth it

  • @yusufzain51
    @yusufzain51 Před rokem +6

    Just watched the movie and it was more then i expected
    I got emotional when I watch the first avatar
    The second one gave me the same vibe ♥️🙏

  • @amberaverwater2405
    @amberaverwater2405 Před rokem +1452

    Back when I had severe depression I watched Avatar 5 times in one week. I used it as a way to think I was in a different world. This movie truly did save me and I am so thankful for that.

  • @dutchenemy1719
    @dutchenemy1719 Před rokem +118

    Here after watching the film, no spoilers.
    This is the best movie I’ve ever watched. The story, the people, the Tulkun’s I love them all.
    Thanks for making this masterpiece!!!!!

    • @mathiasfrandsen5468
      @mathiasfrandsen5468 Před rokem +8

      I just Saw it to today just now, absolutly amazing i agree! 🙌🏻

    • @CPD98
      @CPD98 Před rokem +1

      You must be 12 then.

      @STANKEBG Před rokem +5

      Story was not fascinating at all... I expected more... Visuals are beautiful.

    • @yasogi7925
      @yasogi7925 Před rokem +1

      Buululululululul YEYEYYEYEYEYEYEYE 😂

    • @tonymontana597
      @tonymontana597 Před rokem +1

      @@STANKEBG Agreed! The main story wasn't anything spectacular, with amazing visuals but I feel like the movie could've been 2-2.30 hours long instead of 3ish. There was no need to drag it out so much

  • @udeepkarky5989
    @udeepkarky5989 Před rokem +12

    Just watch in 3D what a masterpiece movie love it love from nepal🇳🇵

    • @ihatemostwwefans8846
      @ihatemostwwefans8846 Před rokem

      You're the only person in the world that likes this movie.

    • @Cheese-ke1yi
      @Cheese-ke1yi Před rokem

      @@ihatemostwwefans8846 your dumb as fuck for saying that lmao💀you say this while the box office is literally at 1 billion but ok idiot🤦🏻‍♂️

  • @jaxpoz
    @jaxpoz Před rokem +7

    13 years ago I saw Avatar in theaters 12/‘09 when it first came out & i rewatched it again last night & I laughed, cried, felt happy, sad, mad- it was absolutely breathtakingly stunning, powerful and touching. It was like seeing it again for the first time I can’t wait to see the 2nd

  • @knae9216
    @knae9216 Před rokem +9

    Movie is perfection.

  • @davidemanuelrosini5791
    @davidemanuelrosini5791 Před rokem +2740

    I want to thank the CGI team for making this a stunning masterpiece. I can tell this took a painful amount of time to make this look so breathtakingly amazing. You guys must be proud of your work. Thank you very much!!

    • @Skrenja
      @Skrenja Před rokem +26

      Why you calling it a masterpiece if it isn't even out yet?

    • @DanGallingFans
      @DanGallingFans Před rokem +18

      Don't engage with *David Emanuel Rosini.* It is a bot that steals others' comments. These bots usually steal comments from the same video, and that makes them pretty obvious. But *David Emanuel Rosini* seems to pull them from different videos on the same topic. Thus, it's easier to reap those sweet likes.

    • @DanGallingFans
      @DanGallingFans Před rokem +9

      @@Skrenja Don't engage with *David Emanuel Rosini.* It is a bot that steals others' comments. These bots usually steal comments from the same video, and that makes them pretty obvious. But *David Emanuel Rosini* seems to pull them from different videos on the same topic. Thus, it's easier to reap those sweet likes.

    • @lsabelline
      @lsabelline Před rokem +10

      @@SkrenjaThey’re talking about the visuals.

    • @mattthompson9021
      @mattthompson9021 Před rokem +12

      Because they thanked the CGI team and the trailer shows it is an obvious masterpiece from that department. 🙄

  • @Uyenroi
    @Uyenroi Před rokem +3

    Payakan the tulkun is the true hero. Hope we will see him again.

    • @Jan-xf8sk
      @Jan-xf8sk Před rokem

      Yeah probably they're reserving it (and the other "loopholes" and cliffhanger) for the third film.

  • @maricy8607
    @maricy8607 Před rokem +3

    I just watched the movie today and, IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!! KEEP THE AVATAR SERIES GOING!!!

  • @redeyes1992
    @redeyes1992 Před rokem +4

    Another masterpiece of incredible director James Cameron...as always he never fails when making his movie.

  • @penguinchris100
    @penguinchris100 Před rokem +2

    I want to say thank you for having this film to exist. With all of my love, this film was a spectacle of visuals and emotions. I know not a lot of people will see this comment after 3 weeks of this trailer, but I want to be here cuz I feel loved and home. This film inspires me a lot, I want to be a movie director, and as I’m 13 I am making a film. I can’t wait to show everyone my film and I am very thankful for Jim Cameron to inspire me and many other creators. Oel ngati kameie, Jim ❤️

  • @netexsully
    @netexsully Před 8 měsíci +2

    this is lo'ak's trailer 💙 my favorite character is neteyam but lo'ak comes in second and is honestly truly the spotlight of this movie, britain did amazing!

  • @tanneraitken3768
    @tanneraitken3768 Před rokem +3063

    This film took almost a decade to make you know it’s gonna be one of the most visually stunning films ever

    • @proph7543
      @proph7543 Před rokem +45

      Not much more to it, though. At least we've got new vehicles to look at.

    • @TheGhoulishWolf
      @TheGhoulishWolf Před rokem +67

      @@proph7543 I was thinking the same thing... The story almost seems identical too.

    • @bjird7278
      @bjird7278 Před rokem +12

      Black adam took 15 years

    • @Sythelum
      @Sythelum Před rokem +2

      or not

    • @Joviann10
      @Joviann10 Před rokem +4

      Well it’s gonna be over 3hrs long

  • @jennvogel8245
    @jennvogel8245 Před rokem +2

    Avatar has been one of my most favorite movies of all time and I ENJOY movies! I have watched more times than I can count. It is a visually stunning movie! Very excited to go watch this long awaited, long anticipated sequel!

  • @Michael-jw6et
    @Michael-jw6et Před rokem +4

    I just got back from the movie in IMAX 3D . It was amazing! I loved the story and how it focused on family and the connections you make by caring for other things!

  • @chelsraknrl4218
    @chelsraknrl4218 Před rokem +5

    I know the first Avatar just raised the bar but goddamn James Cameron you did it again! My only regret is I did not watch this in IMAX. Would've been more epic to this already amazing movie!

  • @mindaugasb.4543
    @mindaugasb.4543 Před rokem +4

    Most beautiful movie i ever seen. Incredible scenes, incredible graphics. I would watch this again and again.... I suggest to everyone who didn't see this masterpiece to go and see.

  • @HeckmanFT7
    @HeckmanFT7 Před rokem +1

    Gotta say, I'm impressed at Cameron for keeping the blue dudes alive

  • @jonathanj.3695
    @jonathanj.3695 Před rokem +1133

    Avatar was the very first 3D movie I've ever watched and I remember being absolutely gobsmacked with how just incredibly beautiful the movie was as how ridiculously well done the 3D effects were.
    Seeing that they made a sequel just brings back so much nostalgia and honestly I'd love to have that same experience all over again with it.

    • @jonathanj.3695
      @jonathanj.3695 Před rokem +1

      @UCQsMh0nUAfWSAzzdCCnx_lA It means to be "incredibly astonished", or in lamens terms: "amazed." (Seriously. Learn how to expand your vocabulary.)

    • @Chris-ks4sw
      @Chris-ks4sw Před rokem +2

      Wow you must be really young then.

    • @valenwood6299
      @valenwood6299 Před rokem +6

      @Arbane's Sword of Agility nice sarcasm

    • @prettiestbaddie4194
      @prettiestbaddie4194 Před rokem

      @@arbanesswordofagility8991 bruh 💀😂

    • @MatthewCJoy
      @MatthewCJoy Před rokem +2

      First movie was pretty and had cool animals, other than that the story and characters were terrible.

  • @leanzahwalsh2533
    @leanzahwalsh2533 Před rokem +25

    I just got back from seeing it and it was truly amazing incredible and just beautiful. It was most definitely worth the 10 year wait. Just wow. James Cameron and everyone the cast and crew and production did the most incredible job! Going to watch it again this weekend!

  • @chubidelrosario4417
    @chubidelrosario4417 Před rokem +7

    I feel like neytiri's screen time was reduced in this film.. To make way for her children and the sea Navi.. Anyways, she's amazing during the fight scenes... I hope she has more in the sequels..

  • @DownUnderSniperGaming
    @DownUnderSniperGaming Před rokem +8

    I've watched the movie. It's amazing. More na' vis, new characters, awesome visual effects. I don't see why so many people hate on the movie. I'm definitely looking forward for Avatar 3.

    • @pavanjotsingh1578
      @pavanjotsingh1578 Před rokem +1

      Most of are die hard muc think that every superhero have to be top of the league

    • @jiji7250
      @jiji7250 Před rokem

      They hate on it cause it was successful af and didn't have a mindfuck of a plot like interstellar and inception combined . But it's ok when the same formulaic marvel movie comes out though.

  • @DarkKnight-lx4ib
    @DarkKnight-lx4ib Před rokem +2

    I'm going to see it in 4DX 3D tomorrow. I really hope it's as good as the 1st one. I can't wait

  • @findmywellbeing537
    @findmywellbeing537 Před rokem +3

    The people behind this movie is truly remarkable! I can't wait to watch this movie! I love it already

  • @wanderingfeathersstudio8583
    @wanderingfeathersstudio8583 Před rokem +1910

    I’m so happy that James Cameron was patient enough to wait till modern times to bring his literal dream to life. It just goes to show you what we are capable of with the right tools.

    • @MarvelSonicFan04
      @MarvelSonicFan04 Před rokem +57

      I mean, he started development for the first film in 1995 but waited for technology to improve to make it good

    • @isaiahdaniels5643
      @isaiahdaniels5643 Před rokem +26

      @@MarvelSonicFan04 Water has always been and still is difficult, or at least highly unperformant these days, to accurately simulate. If you want a realistic looking CG film full of water, it's worth it to get the best composites.

    • @spencerwinston4334
      @spencerwinston4334 Před rokem

      Another piece of communist tedium and Bolshevik propaganda. Why spend money to subsidize a communist Disney pretender and at the same time fall asleep to cgi absurdity? Read Tolstoy's War and Peace instead and stay away from this communist drivel. Cameron, why are you such a Marxist tool and shill?

    • @Spiralr
      @Spiralr Před rokem


    • @MuTSoftLight
      @MuTSoftLight Před rokem +5

      wich dream? i thought getting rid of his poisoness testosteron in his body was his dream?

  • @goutham_harikumar
    @goutham_harikumar Před rokem +5

    I was in high school when the first part came. And I remember watching it in theater with my parents. Now I've graduated and I'm a doctor. Took my dad for the second part, who is a James Cameron fan❤️. Truly a cinematic masterpiece. Just go watch this in the theaters ❤️❤️

  • @matthewvalencic4217
    @matthewvalencic4217 Před 8 měsíci +2

    I Can Not Wait To Be Watching It On Disney+ Here In Australia In 2 Days!

  • @arvincabugnason6728
    @arvincabugnason6728 Před rokem +6

    Avatar: The Way of Water is just beautiful, 10/5 stars.
    1) deep story
    2) surreal world
    3) amazing action
    This goes together with John Wick, like how many sequels they make is already sold.

  • @destinygarcia9426
    @destinygarcia9426 Před rokem +6

    I’m literally speechless, so many emotions felt whilst watching this. I love love love it. Truly Epic!!💙

  • @1raisincookie
    @1raisincookie Před rokem +3

    avatar was my dad's favorite movie. when it first came out he used to watch it religiously, at some point he watched it every night in a row for about 2 months. I can't bring myself to watch this one yet, as my dad passed away this past august and I just keep thinking how much he would have loved it. he missed just by a couple months.

    • @KirkpatrickSounds
      @KirkpatrickSounds Před rokem

      So sorry to hear that - I hope you manage to see it and watch it for the both of you! It's really incredible.

    • @Jahfriend
      @Jahfriend Před rokem

      That makes me feel sad and i dont even know you like the other commenter said go and watch it for your dad he will be with you ❤️

  • @ljdd5464
    @ljdd5464 Před rokem +766

    Think we can just say thank you to Cameron and all the staff working on these movies since the beginning, and to Disney to put money in that project and to let Cameron do what HE wants with that saga

    • @Jason_Bover9000
      @Jason_Bover9000 Před rokem +8

      Exactly what he should happen James Cameron love his work so do I

    • @ljdd5464
      @ljdd5464 Před rokem +6

      @@Jason_Bover9000 well said, Cameron know exactly what he wants for his saga and I think we'll not be desapointed. What ever happens, he will always take care of his saga and will do it with passion

    • @Jason_Bover9000
      @Jason_Bover9000 Před rokem +3

      @@ljdd5464 facts man i hope we get another alita battle angel honestly eventually

    • @ThecrazyJH96
      @ThecrazyJH96 Před rokem +3


    • @Jason_Bover9000
      @Jason_Bover9000 Před rokem +2

      @@ThecrazyJH96 no because your no is a no that it will stay how he likes so no what you think will not happen so no to the no and yes for LJDD I hope your confused Joseph Harding because I know i am think about what I said good luck the story is yes 👍

  • @ranzph7715
    @ranzph7715 Před rokem +2

    I watched this already IMAX Cinemas. It was so amazing…

  • @drewmania94
    @drewmania94 Před rokem +1

    IMAX 3D….with the family… unlike anything ever seen. JC is a genius! Amazing experience on the big screen!!!

  • @SashaTheAvocado
    @SashaTheAvocado Před rokem +1

    *my family and i watched this movie today in the theaters. they gave us those 3D glasses to wear while watching it. it was a great movie*

  • @miu4804
    @miu4804 Před rokem +1


  • @MiguelAngel-dm9hx
    @MiguelAngel-dm9hx Před rokem +2

    This movie is beyond anything I’ve ever seen!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

  • @Shut_Up
    @Shut_Up Před rokem +1016

    I was one of the staff for this masterpiece and i can say that we are very proud for the huge support we have been getting.
    You will not being disappointed when watching it!

  • @hl6306
    @hl6306 Před rokem +3

    finished today and all I could say, it worth the second time, in cinema.

  • @vab120
    @vab120 Před rokem +3

    I was 22 and my mom 48 at the time of the first movie. We went to see it together, we didn’t use to go very often to the cinema. And we loved it, I remember my mom saying « I hope they make a sequel, I want to know what happens next ». She died in 2018. Hey mom, the movie is great and I am sure you would have loved it 🥹

  • @FrycoN
    @FrycoN Před rokem +3

    You just have to see this movie for the first time in Imax 3D.
    A beautiful, touching film with a message, the effects in the next Avatar once again set new boundaries of cinematography.
    We left the cinema delighted, I was additionally sore from the not very comfortable seats and with aching knees from the small amount of space between the rows, but it was worth it and how.

  • @Anamnesis
    @Anamnesis Před rokem +590

    "Sometimes your whole decade boils down to one insane trailer." 💙

    • @manuelorozco7760
      @manuelorozco7760 Před rokem +7

      I was 16 when the first movie came out

    • @joetheinfant8891
      @joetheinfant8891 Před rokem +28

      James Cameron to cinemas: “There’s something we gotta do. And you may not like it.”

    • @HowlingWolf518
      @HowlingWolf518 Před rokem +37

      Way I had it figured, Marvel is the baddest cat in the box office - nothing ever contests them. So why would they ever look up?

    • @Mrityu
      @Mrityu Před rokem +13

      @@HowlingWolf518 that's the theory at least...

    • @ZblurVFX
      @ZblurVFX Před rokem +4


  • @whatisthislogic
    @whatisthislogic Před rokem +2

    One of the best 3 hours ever

  • @Transformers217
    @Transformers217 Před rokem +14

    This film is incredible! I can’t wait to see it again and again, and again!

  • @jamiesomerville5936
    @jamiesomerville5936 Před rokem +2

    the music in this trailer >>>

    • @beni347
      @beni347 Před rokem

      I want to find the music for this trailer! I have the music from the other 2 trailers, found them on Spotify

  • @SuperDraupnir
    @SuperDraupnir Před rokem +1

    These movies are true human masterpieces. Few movies has moved me as much as these. Thank you!

  • @naveenkumar.s9364
    @naveenkumar.s9364 Před 8 měsíci +4

    1:32 music ❤❤

  • @akdlg9sjjslk8
    @akdlg9sjjslk8 Před rokem +299

    First avatar movie came out when I was 15 and I remember just being absolutely taken by the hyper realistic CGI. It still stands up to the test of time as one of the most beautifully rendered 3D films. It was the talk of my high school for a while, and it’s endearing to think that a new generation of kids will be able to witness an Avatar film which will have even more advancements in filming / animating techniques than its predecessor. Don’t even get me started on the musical scores. Absolutely goosebump inducing!! I really can’t wait!

    • @justinTime077
      @justinTime077 Před rokem

      I didn’t even know they made a second one

    • @zeldfan1
      @zeldfan1 Před rokem +1

      This movie is a watershed moment for me just like the first movie (especially in 3D) was. I truly can’t believe the sequel is finally here and man it looks even more epic than I could have imagined!

    • @user-to6zl6ux1r
      @user-to6zl6ux1r Před rokem +3

      I was 9 when first avatar came out. still remember that day my dad took me to cinema and enjoy watching. I was like "dad, are these places really on the earth?". I was astonished literally, I thought It was real.

    • @walterwhite1
      @walterwhite1 Před rokem +1

      Guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ADVANCED ticket sales have already been out for 5 days. I did go online to check my local theaters here in Los Angeles and barely any tickets have been sold. NOT one single theater has been sold out in this with me looking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so it’s not looking very good so far guys.

    • @akbossgaming7848
      @akbossgaming7848 Před rokem +1

      I was 7

  • @jabbadabobby
    @jabbadabobby Před rokem +7

    Just saw it today and it lives up to the hype, I think I like it better than the original. The underwater scenes were incredible

    • @thomasmaughan4798
      @thomasmaughan4798 Před rokem

      "I think I like it better than the original."\
      Same here. It is unbelievable except that it IS believable!

  • @MalooYT
    @MalooYT Před rokem +2

    Stunning. One of the best Films I haver ever watched.