"This guy is a dirtbag!" Dustin Poirier on Conor McGregor after heated UFC 264 main event.

  • čas přidán 9. 07. 2021
  • Dustin Poirier talks to Joe Rogan about Conor McGregor, the trash talk between the two and his win at UFC 264.
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Komentáře • 12 411

  • Rob Schaeffer
    Rob Schaeffer Před rokem +5850

    The fact that he mocked Connor with his walk is priceless.

    • Frances
      Frances Před 3 měsíci

      Annihilated by Olivera 👏👏👏

    • ParisUzimaki
      ParisUzimaki Před 9 měsíci

      Now look at him crying at the press conference 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • JRP JRP
      JRP JRP Před rokem

      Yeah, the walk was great!

    • Ramakanth Baldawa
      Ramakanth Baldawa Před rokem +1

      Poirier Deserves A 50K Bonus, Just For Imitating Conman McGregor Like That! 😂😂

    • Al Dente
      Al Dente Před rokem

      That was definitely a good one. 😁👏

  • Summer Runner
    Summer Runner Před rokem +1148

    Gotta love how people are saying "Conor finally crossed the line for insulting a man's wife". As if disrespecting Khabib's religion, attacking a bus full of people, and assaulting an old man at a pub weren't enough. And that's just to name a few.

    • Juan Carlos Rivera
      Juan Carlos Rivera Před 16 dny

      @Tiara_ Krunch except religion is fake

    • Lukas Plėta
      Lukas Plėta Před měsícem

      Old man? That old man works for irish mob. Do your research idiot.

    • Craig Corbet
      Craig Corbet Před měsícem +1

      Literally nothing wrong with disrespecting religion.
      To the contrary, it’s commendable.
      It’s wrong to respect religion.

    • Lee Noad
      Lee Noad Před měsícem

      @Tiara_ Krunch what a moronic thing to say

    • Hailar Wotanaz
      Hailar Wotanaz Před 2 měsíci

      @Tiara_ Krunch Yes, but those aren’t religions

  • A Random Bard
    A Random Bard Před rokem +1799

    Dustin is a real class act, and he utterly humiliated Conor by pointing out how immature and disrespectful he was being and then wishing him well anyway.

    • Joe Bloggs
      Joe Bloggs Před 9 měsíci

      Why does nobody seem to get that Connor acts the way he does to hype the sport and make BOTH fighters money? The sad truth is fans don't get excited by respectful behaviour. Lets face it, nobody cared until he did it with Khabib and then 2 billion Muslims went crazy.

    • Nuttin Bedder2do
      Nuttin Bedder2do Před 9 měsíci +1

      @Knuckle-sandwichMMA what is your take on Connor's behavior?

    • Nuttin Bedder2do
      Nuttin Bedder2do Před 9 měsíci +1

      @Knuckle-sandwichMMA he mocked Connor's arrogance not his injury. He called him a dirtbag for speaking about Dustin's wife and numerous other dirtbag actions Connor has done outside the cage. Connor's behavior was not an isolated incident.

    • Knuckle-sandwichMMA
      Knuckle-sandwichMMA Před 9 měsíci

      @Nuttin Bedder2do he literally strutted in his face mocking his injury. all that humbleness is either fake or forced but seems more fake as it seems. calls the guy a dirtbag for cheating yet he cheated himself.

    • Onbored
      Onbored Před 11 měsíci

      @Hole in Dans Sock he mocked connor because connor was making gun fingers at him like he was gonna shoot him.

  • Drew McIntyre
    Drew McIntyre Před rokem +1667

    "He thinks whiskey is gonna help him ?"
    -Khabib Nurmagomedov

    • Hassnain Ali
      Hassnain Ali Před měsícem


    • WeAreNotYourKind1990
      WeAreNotYourKind1990 Před 6 měsíci +1

      ​@Sleeky Rainz YT Yeah but he is a believing muslim so he don't drink, so vodka won't help. Get It ?

    • Van Marko
      Van Marko Před 7 měsíci

      He helped his back balance didn't it ???

    • Meg Shinoda
      Meg Shinoda Před 10 měsíci

      @Sleeky Rainz YT he's a Dagestani iykwim

    • Kung Truth Fighting
      Kung Truth Fighting Před 10 měsíci

      haha so right , he'd better drink some milk

  • Person Reanimation
    Person Reanimation Před rokem +1559

    Dustin shouts out a cancer patient, Connor would have made it all about himself.
    The better man won.

    • Donnie Patt
      Donnie Patt Před 8 měsíci

      Agree 100

    • Paul
      Paul Před 10 měsíci +1

      @Dovydas Šim
      I love Conor and all of Ireland loves him.

    • alienated
      alienated Před 11 měsíci +2

      @Rich where is the evidence that he is a genuine nice dude? lol these things doesn’t need "evidence" its literally my opinion yours might be different and thats ok

    • Rich
      Rich Před 11 měsíci +3

      @alienated where is the evidence he's a fake? Aside from out of Connor, sucker punch, Mcgregors mouth?

    • alienated
      alienated Před rokem +4

      its for positive attention lol he is a fake he doesn’t care bout no cancer patient he was trying to "look" good person

  • Scenic Fights
    Scenic Fights Před rokem +3064

    Conor looked so bad here. I doubt he can come back from the lost the same.

    • the dreal
      the dreal Před 5 měsíci

      Then Dustapper lost to Oliveira Karma fr🤣

    • Donnie Patt
      Donnie Patt Před 8 měsíci

      He should retire. Hes go enough money

    • ParisUzimaki
      ParisUzimaki Před 9 měsíci

      Dustin looked bad at that press conference last night to hes done failed so many time least connor has a legacy lmao

    • 速战速决
      速战速决 Před 9 měsíci

      These ufc guys are sharks. Once they spot weekness, they will break Conor's leg twice. Can't imagine the scene.

    • A Great Pineapple
      A Great Pineapple Před rokem

      @ITS IN THE DOCUMENTS he's already back at the gym training surprisingly. Saw a pic a few days ago with him training in a cast.

  • Red Siberian
    Red Siberian Před rokem +228

    If that had been a street fight Connor would have lost his life.

    • Brandon Mahon
      Brandon Mahon Před měsícem

      If it was a street fight it wouldn’t have gotten that far in the first place, how long do u think street fights last 😭

    • Sowan Sher
      Sowan Sher Před měsícem +1

      he wouldnt even be here tho he would have died in khabibs hands years ago ahaha

    • Hailar Wotanaz
      Hailar Wotanaz Před 2 měsíci

      @Reed1 Hiragar Lmao

    • ZTG
      ZTG Před 10 měsíci +8

      @FlashCave Dustin wouldn't have weighed 145 lbs clown.

    • Javier Rodriguez
      Javier Rodriguez Před 10 měsíci +1

      @FlashCave 🤦‍♂️so would your hero vs Duffy or Nate, shut up clown

  • Merry Weather
    Merry Weather Před rokem +100

    I'm happy for this young man, he is an honest fighter. Plus he raises money for a good cause. His parents must be proud.

  • Jamie W
    Jamie W Před rokem +162

    What a beautiful thing to say about the guy in the audience whos battling cancer. A gentleman.

  • Sir Stan
    Sir Stan Před rokem +146

    finally everyones seeing him for what he is.

  • Asif Dutchmaster
    Asif Dutchmaster Před rokem +190

    Conor always fights dirty, he still loses

    • chewdafat
      chewdafat Před 29 dny

      @Joanna funny looking kitchen

    • Knuckle-sandwichMMA
      Knuckle-sandwichMMA Před 9 měsíci

      as did dustin. only conor used it once on an upkick that didnt even land snd dustin cheated to survive a halfass guillotine lol

    • Shako Imnadze
      Shako Imnadze Před 10 měsíci +1

      @Joanna Ok Joanna expert

    • Joanna
      Joanna Před rokem +22

      If that had been a street fight Connor would have lost his life.

  • Dawid van Straaten
    Dawid van Straaten Před rokem +73

    Respect to Dustin. 100 times the man Conor "Dirtbag" McGregor is.

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi Před rokem +302

    Conor never had no honor. I'm glad folks starting to see him for who he is.

    • En Ei
      En Ei Před 7 měsíci +1

      @M A R T nah I don't think he ever had honour tbh. I know a lot of guys like him in Ireland. fuelled by vanity and ego.

    • M A R T
      M A R T  Před 11 měsíci +2

      He did once, money changed him.

    • Tpl Robux
      Tpl Robux Před rokem +2

      He did he shaved his head for a fan with cancer

    • Dit Izan
      Dit Izan Před rokem +15

      @MKT fully deserved

    • MKT
      MKT Před rokem +7

      I don't like what he said, but he just had his leg f*cked imagine the pain he was in, we are all human and say stupid things in anger.

  • ssacra22
    ssacra22 Před rokem +151

    Conor has lost 3 of the last 4. He can't hang with the top 155ers. FACT!

    • Markus Kidd
      Markus Kidd Před 3 měsíci

      @FQ that’s not the “top” that’s litteraly the best of all time

    • FQ
      FQ Před 11 měsíci +4

      @Sam Poliskey thats why he said he cant hang with the top 155ers

    • Sam Poliskey
      Sam Poliskey Před 11 měsíci

      His last 3 losses are to 2 of arguably the best 155ers of all time lol

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo Před rokem +1

      What a beautiful thing to say about the guy in the audience whos battling cancer. A gentleman.

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama Před rokem +2134

    Poirier’s best line and also a true statement “This guy is a dirtbag”.

    • Azymight HH
      Azymight HH Před 2 měsíci

      @Emotionalvideos those fans are just some irish people desperate to cling on connor for making ireland famous thats all .. sort of a superhuman race rave narrative … something like that … but majority of irish dont like him .. see him as a thug, esp after he sucker punch an old men senior citizen for not wanting to drink his whiskey brand.

    • Ū M4LIK
      Ū M4LIK Před 6 měsíci

      @Frisland Mayaut how is he supposed to know? Is he supposed to look down at his ankle while fighting? D*mbass

    • z
      z Před rokem

      _Conor getting wheeled along on trolley stretcher:_
      *"Choo Choo MotherFokers"*

    • The Otaku Dragon Slayer
      The Otaku Dragon Slayer Před rokem

      @B P They have been for a while now to be honest

    • Shahzad Sultan
      Shahzad Sultan Před rokem

      I will Smash your chicken !!! Khabib was right abt chicken legs lol 😂

  • SB1
    SB1 Před rokem +142

    Conor's lucky he broke his leg cause the fight was not going in his favor.. Easier for him to claim it on a "Freak accident" than to explain why he got beat legitimately!

    • Ū M4LIK
      Ū M4LIK Před 3 měsíci

      @Stephen Butler ye it looks like Dustin got a cheap win by doctors stoppage but he probably would've win in a much better style

    • Stephen Butler
      Stephen Butler Před 3 měsíci +1

      Yh but we wernt lucky was we ... plus if poirer would of knocked him out then connor would of looked even more pathetic but it was only gonna go 1 way

    • Niall Finan
      Niall Finan Před 5 měsíci

      Well usually Dustin does better when he doesn’t start off well and this time he did so who knows

    • Ū M4LIK
      Ū M4LIK Před 6 měsíci

      Especially a second loss

    • ZTG
      ZTG Před 10 měsíci +2

      @Anantam Bisht At what point was Poirier in trouble lol

  • Jessica
    Jessica Před rokem +2

    Respect for this man he could of took it to a different level but he didn’t, he was the bigger man and kept it civil, the best man won.

  • Derek Henderson
    Derek Henderson Před 11 měsíci +7

    Dustin is a real gent, good guy who loves his family and cares about others. McGregor is done ! Karma has caught up to him.

  • Mark Sealy
    Mark Sealy Před rokem +45

    This was just a way for the good lord to show a bitter little loud mouth who is really in control,and a way for the world to see how being humble and patient is the winning way. Congrats DP

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny Před rokem +6795

    Conor before the fight: “I can’t stand poirier”
    Conor after the fight: “I can’t stand, poirier”

    • Hassnain Ali
      Hassnain Ali Před měsícem

      That's Genius

    • CityOfGhosts
      CityOfGhosts Před 11 měsíci

      @mongo mongo I just can't believe somebody with the name mongo mongo doesn't laugh often.

    • Derek Henderson
      Derek Henderson Před 11 měsíci

      Conor before the fight : "I cant stand Poirier". Conor after the fight : "I cant stand".

    • Tornike Tetrashvili
      Tornike Tetrashvili Před rokem


    • Angel
      Angel Před rokem


  • The Hairy Snot
    The Hairy Snot Před rokem +101

    Let's get one thing straight for people, Connor has his little fanboy club who follow him everywhere, but 90% of Ireland are ashamed of him

    • erwaldox
      erwaldox Před 10 měsíci +3

      @Chelsea Bob Wtf are u talking about troll

    • The Hairy Snot
      The Hairy Snot Před rokem +5

      @Conor Malone along with Leo and Michael

    • Chelsea Bob
      Chelsea Bob Před rokem +3

      100 percent of people are ashamed of your comment 😆

  • Brannan Burdette
    Brannan Burdette Před rokem +6

    Honestly I’ve never really cared for poirier as I thought he was a boring fighter but after this he HAS ALL MY RESPECT ✊! Dude can definitely fight and on top of that he’s got love and humbleness that I could only hope to have! Great guy and great fighter. Glad he won!

    • Sagar Jain
      Sagar Jain Před rokem +1

      Poirier's style is a sure shot entertaining one. I havent seen a single boring poirier fight...atleast not since 2017...mans got 7 fight of the night too...go figure!

  • Dr Trilogy
    Dr Trilogy Před rokem +528

    Poirier: "I hope this guy gets back to his beautiful family."
    McGregor: "YOUR WIFE IS IN MY DM'S!!!"

    • tranaya
      tranaya Před 2 měsíci +1

      connor disrespected mans wife and his own in the same rush, he shouldn’t be proud to announce that he’s noticing other women in his dms🤣

    • Mitozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      Mitozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Před 4 měsíci


    • Burrito Dog
      Burrito Dog Před rokem +1

      @J P direct messages. on social media sites like instagram. so apparently she sent private messages to connor

    • J P
      J P Před rokem

      DM's ?

    • Francisco Duarte
      Francisco Duarte Před rokem +13

      Got smashed inside octagon and latter at home by his wife.

  • mike yates
    mike yates Před rokem +2

    A gentleman and great personality 🙏🏻

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Před rokem +3691

    “Dirtbag” is exactly the right description, a horrible little man & an embarrassment to Ireland - sincerely, an Irish man

    • Edvin Parmeza
      Edvin Parmeza Před 11 měsíci +1

      @jimbo slice hahaha I could put him in the beginning anyway, it doesn't matter

    • jimbo slice
      jimbo slice Před 11 měsíci

      @Edvin Parmeza The great Michael Collins jammed in-between Colin the shagging machine Farrel and Cillian Murphy..he'll be turning in his grave hahaha Thanks though pal I'm glad this mcgregor clown hasn't completely ruined our reputation 😂🙏

    • deSaad
      deSaad Před rokem

      @Wings OfFatness still sad. Depressed. 😥 please don't be upser Connor worshipper .

    • Calvin Joy
      Calvin Joy Před rokem

      @Scott Wall Ahahaha that's a good one

    • Mandy Dunn 🇬🇧
      Mandy Dunn 🇬🇧 Před rokem

      McGregor is a ballbag.

  • Joe Argueta
    Joe Argueta Před rokem +4

    Much respect to Dustin✊

  • fenrisian wolf
    fenrisian wolf Před rokem +10

    What a man Dustin is. Now people like that deserve attention and prizes. :)

  • Misbah Uddin
    Misbah Uddin Před rokem +2

    Why people still follow Connor I’ll never understand. Mad respect to Pourier. Very class act!!

  • M G
    M G Před 5 měsíci +2

    Dustin: "I hope this guy gets home safe to his beautiful family."
    Also Dustin: Jumps on a man laying on the ground with a broken leg and proceeds to land punches on him with 5 seconds left in the round.

  • JWR
    JWR Před rokem +1970

    Dustin is a role model, has Conor saying all what he has said and still states he wants him to go home to his beautiful family, adrenaline pumping and tries to help people in Uganda and gives a shout out to a lad with cancer.....this is who people should be aspiring to be, absolute gem.

    • Felix Well
      Felix Well Před rokem

      @Aaron King so what..??

    • Aaron King
      Aaron King Před rokem

      @Felix Well Even if he ‘was’ fake. It’s better than Someone like conor

    • Ryan barth
      Ryan barth Před rokem

      @Did Jesus have a cat? yes there’s no disputing that. He’s getting old and is past his prime. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not enjoying the show still.

    • Did Jesus have a cat?
      Did Jesus have a cat? Před rokem

      @Ryan barth personality plus ability sells shows surely? Based on latest evidence Conors abilities are in decline

    • Ryan barth
      Ryan barth Před rokem +1

      @Did Jesus have a cat? it sells shows. There’s a reason conors as big as he is.

  • Axmed Bahjad
    Axmed Bahjad Před rokem +2

    Congratulations to Dustin for being a gentleman throughout the entire fight while the BT was immoral.

  • Jae KiDd TV 508Hood News
    Jae KiDd TV 508Hood News Před rokem +2

    This guy is the definition of sportsmanship

  • Ben Crabtree
    Ben Crabtree Před rokem +2

    What a true gentleman Dustin is.

  • socialpirate keyboard warrior

    Love this guy proper manners and respect ✊

  • MSK
    MSK Před rokem +5656

    The irony of McGregor leaving on a stretcher....

    • Nameless
      Nameless Před 2 měsíci

      @Pawan ShreStha dont mess with GOD

    • z
      z Před rokem

      ... while saying: *"Choo Choo MotherFokers"* 🤡

    • golden
      golden Před rokem

      Man porter prayed before that fight God broke conors ankle how epic

    • Manz
      Manz Před rokem

      @young yoda yeah. He will be clowned on forever. Legend

    • Shamsudeen Kasim
      Shamsudeen Kasim Před rokem

      Indeed what an irony, the guy that predicted that Poirier will be stretched out... He's still talking trash while on the canvas, he has not learned his lessons 🙄

  • Charass
    Charass Před rokem +4

    Respect for Dustin. I love how he is toying with him during the fight :)

  • Shaolin Zen Dragon
    Shaolin Zen Dragon Před rokem +7

    Dustin... Mad Respect.
    That's a good dude right there. 💯

  • Knuckle-sandwichMMA
    Knuckle-sandwichMMA Před 9 měsíci +2

    dustin: he put his fingers in my glove to throw the up kicks (did it once on upkick that didnt even hit him)
    also dustin: sticks his toes in the cage to get out of the guillotine

  • C7 PO
    C7 PO Před rokem +8

    1:39 Dustin's response is awesome here.

  • Ar Ze
    Ar Ze Před rokem +3121

    Conor is sitting there totally destroyed and he is still talking about Dustin's wife from the corner. Disgusting.

    • Josh Brown
      Josh Brown Před rokem

      That fight with Mayweather was fixed so he wouldn’t destroy McGregor in the first round. I’m sure Dana White put up money for the fix, since the UFC’s top draw getting knocked out would have sunk the business.

    • ノイレ
      ノイレ Před rokem

      @Alex Rai now that he was injured? Its easy for someone to punch him the face than him proving his curse to dustin.

    • Badshah Khan
      Badshah Khan Před rokem

      @Captain Thunderbuns Lol yeah but she's the one who DM'd him first.

    • Captain Thunderbuns
      Captain Thunderbuns Před rokem +1

      I’m guessing Connor spends A LOT of time ‘thinking’ about Dustin’s wife.

    • FishFire_2
      FishFire_2 Před rokem

      He was ? Unbelievable

  • 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?

    When McGregor starts insulting a man’s WIFE,and says he wants to KILL Poirier...a broken ankle couldn’t happen to a nicer douchebag.

    • Anna Ferhuri
      Anna Ferhuri Před rokem +2

      Heart Attack would be nicer

    • Vincenzo
      Vincenzo Před rokem

      That's not nice to douchebags?

  • G
    G Před rokem

    A ton of y'all hating on Dustin here for having no class when the man just literally wished for Connor's safety back to his family. Granted, he still called him a dirtbag, because that's what he is.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Před rokem +2317

    Dustin is a Class Act

  • MrCakocalypse
    MrCakocalypse Před rokem

    Dustin is a gentlemen, a real man, allways humble and kind, even as he was fighting with Khabib, i was for Khabib but i loved this guy, hes so humble and full of respect💪

  • Claudio Viana
    Claudio Viana Před rokem +2

    Que imagem linda ver a cara do derrotado

  • Mason Hardy
    Mason Hardy Před rokem +1

    At one time I loved Conor McGregor. But, the way he handled himself with Khabib and Poirier is very distasteful.

  • Rob Langada
    Rob Langada Před rokem

    "I hope this guy gets home safe to his beautiful family". Keeping it classy while also saying something he knows Conor will absolutely hate.

  • Jason Eyermann
    Jason Eyermann Před rokem +8

    After that interview I’m so happy Dustin won. Now my feeling is Conor is a dirtbag. He should be showing respect after losing. That’s the unwritten rule

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson Před rokem +9

    That last bit was really wholesome ❤️

  • The Walking Dad
    The Walking Dad Před rokem

    Imagine how embarrassing and humbling this must be for Connor,sat there on the floor incapacitated, listening to every word.

  • Nandeesh V
    Nandeesh V Před rokem +3

    Dustin looked very much confident on the third fight 👌

  • Skello Bero
    Skello Bero Před 10 měsíci +2

    dustin is a man with class 💪

  • M H94
    M H94 Před rokem +1673

    Conor being humbled infront of the world yet again. A great sight to see.

    • z
      z Před rokem

      _Conor getting wheeled along on trolley stretcher:_
      *"Choo Choo MotherFokers"*

    • Lee
      Lee Před rokem

      @L D Finished crying yet son?

    • Luke y
      Luke y Před rokem

      Humiliated or humbled?

    • majestco
      majestco Před rokem

      Think that’s the least humble after a loss I’ve ever seen him. running his mouth as usual

    • L D
      L D Před rokem

      @Yer Daddy nah just all these fools who hate conor trying to say dustbins victory was deserved. your a fool mate

  • Lee Weston
    Lee Weston Před rokem

    The billy strut had me dead 💀

  • Ragner Louthbrok
    Ragner Louthbrok Před 11 měsíci +2

    3 months already!! I remember this like yesterday lol, how time flies...

  • S w E n e K A f
    S w E n e K A f Před rokem +5

    i love Connor even through hard times like now , the UFC owes him so much , he is the reason why Dustin is a millionaire today

  • April Kraft
    April Kraft Před rokem

    The fact that Dustin Poirier thought he won from knocking Connor that was mest up.

  • katung hill
    katung hill Před rokem +1198

    Dustin is a great ambassador for MMA sports for that matter he's a great great champion and deserve all the success that he has achieved he's a wonderful human being and I hope he continue to have success in every and anything that he does. It's not often that the good guys win but it sure is refreshing to see that the good guy won this time

    • hhova29
      hhova29 Před rokem


    • Tsali Eastern Naga
      Tsali Eastern Naga Před rokem +1

      When attitude become higher than his performance looser always behind him.

    • MistSilence-
      MistSilence- Před rokem

      Idk bout that one chief, hes much worse he mocked his fighter who had a broken foot not a real W… absolutely poor sportsmanship

    • salah eddine
      salah eddine Před rokem +1

      Nah he's not

    • Peter Balac
      Peter Balac Před rokem +4

      @Gary B I've already had a tounge lashing for calling Dustin a class act this morning, what's not to like about him I was just stating a fact.

  • Joey Vargas
    Joey Vargas Před rokem

    I lost so much respect for Conor and my views towards him are totally different he showed his true colors he is a selfish bitter man who lets his ego destroy him

  • u m
    u m Před rokem +8

    Conor sitting on the floor gritting his teeth. Hilarious.

  • T Dian
    T Dian Před rokem

    as a brit i was expecting to watch this and be backing McGregor but Poirier seems like a decent guy

  • Hemant Sarkar
    Hemant Sarkar Před rokem +7

    Conor got humbled 3 times in a row... He does not deserve one more fight against poirier

  • Tenzi
    Tenzi Před rokem +329

    Conor was lowkey getting tossed around 😂

  • Jintaro Kensei
    Jintaro Kensei Před rokem

    When Conor showed up in the beginning clowning around like some sidewalk circus everyone bitching at me for not liking him.
    I can't believe the level of disrespect that man had to show before people cought on to how much of a joke he really is.
    He made a lot of money and didn't really need to fight, so good on him for keeping up the going, but that's as much acknowledgment I can give the guy.

  • theiviaster2
    theiviaster2 Před rokem

    What an incredibly decent interview

    KANISHK KASHYAP Před 9 měsíci +3

    He was mocking him when Conor's leg was broke. He must have been in terrible pain and Dustin mocked him. That's pretty terrible thing to do idc what y'all say.

    • AQ Kratos
      AQ Kratos Před 8 měsíci +1

      Not after a man taunting your wife for weeks. Mocking his chicken leg is the least he deserved.

  • DCR
    DCR Před rokem +1

    Always good to see Connor get what he deserves 😂

  • TechOutAdam
    TechOutAdam Před rokem +708

    Dying laughing at Dustin mocking Conor's walk 😂 give him a bonus for that.

    • DaManAce8
      DaManAce8 Před rokem

      YES!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀

    • TechOutAdam
      TechOutAdam Před rokem +2

      @Jefke Theboss LOL! Joke of the day!

    • ikwan jamal
      ikwan jamal Před rokem +1

      @Jefke Theboss u see connor ever giving respect to anyone ever? Dude seriously.. Reflect on your life

    • TechOutAdam
      TechOutAdam Před rokem +1

      @Stance_ MXFIA That would have been epic and the highlight of the year. lol!

    • Steven DiP
      Steven DiP Před rokem +1

      @Jefke Theboss the absolute delusion😂😂😂😂

  • Bruce File
    Bruce File Před rokem

    Wow! What a classy dude....all the respect to him!

  • Red pill 💊
    Red pill 💊 Před rokem

    Connor cant even knock an old man out with a cheap shot ffs !!!😂

  • magic man
    magic man Před rokem

    My respect to Dustin !

    JIREN GAMING Před rokem

    That walk though😂🤣😂🤣

  • Sylar
    Sylar Před rokem +2577

    Lost all respect for Conor. Congrats to Dustin, a true class act.

    • z
      z Před rokem

      _Conor getting wheeled along on trolley stretcher:_
      *"Choo Choo MotherFokers"*

    • 🇬  s 🇩
      🇬 s 🇩 Před rokem

      @Robert Hunt Lmao my point is doing those actions betray that fake "nice guy persona"... It shows Dustin putting himself on the level of Conor, while he's trying to fit his charitable nice guy attitude at the same time.
      Again, stooping to his level while giving charitable pep talks look stupid

    • Darren Reddix
      Darren Reddix Před rokem

      @greg riveiro
      That I have to agree he didn't have to attack the bus full of innocent people.

    • Darren Reddix
      Darren Reddix Před rokem

      50 year old but yeah he shouldn't have hit him.

    • Md. Ayan Rohman
      Md. Ayan Rohman Před rokem

      @Humayun Ali a

  • Oyin Tasing
    Oyin Tasing Před rokem +1

    I love Conor he is definitely a fighter beast but for sure an incomplete fighter. That left hand power and accuracy is to gg but his leg contribute less.

  • John Snow
    John Snow Před rokem

    0:07 funniest thing ever 😂

  • MrOsmanaujiram
    MrOsmanaujiram Před rokem +3

    How was Connor still talking with a broken leg? Boy these guys are tough!

  • Gorilla Datalabs
    Gorilla Datalabs Před rokem

    Dustin is a real one. Mad respect.

  • tonycornflakes
    tonycornflakes Před rokem +1184

    When McGregor starts insulting a man’s WIFE,and says he wants to KILL Poirier...a broken ankle couldn’t happen to a nicer douchebag.

    • clgasto 8490
      clgasto 8490 Před rokem

      justice served that he had to sit there in the ring and listen to it all

    • Kyle O'Callaghan
      Kyle O'Callaghan Před rokem +1

      Tbf people get emotional and say a lot of stuff they don't mean. I'm not a mcgregor fan. And I don't claim to be a good person but the way I am trying to think now is nobody deserves an injury like that

    • Amarah
      Amarah Před rokem

      Underated 😄


      I mean, at this point Conor is just digging himself a deeper hole

    • John Tran
      John Tran Před rokem +1

      @Young Loud poop quit. Music

  • Le Mat
    Le Mat Před rokem

    Poirier seems like a nice guy. Keep fighting!

  • TechniSch
    TechniSch Před rokem

    Poirier really stepped his game up, and all the while he get it G. I really believe Conor thought he could take Poirier easy 2 second time they fought, but he was dead wrong that time and this time

  • skrrt prrt
    skrrt prrt Před rokem +2

    Dustin being humble and humiliating conor at the same time is the best 🙈🙉

  • Gage Butler
    Gage Butler Před rokem

    Where I was at everybody started booing when Dustin walked out and started cheering for Connor and I was so happy when Dustin won and Connor broke his ankle

  • A B
    A B Před rokem +443

    Whilst Mcgregor abandoned the sport that made him, Poirier was training and fighting and surpassed McGregor. He's the better fighter these days, simple as that.

    • Wormy
      Wormy Před rokem

      @alca pone elbows wasnt that hard if he was heading into round two dumbass

    • alca pone
      alca pone Před rokem

      @Wormy not one second showed he was better " as poirier was elbowing Connors face so hard on the ground that there's probably an imprint of his face in the canvas. Stop being delusional.

    • Sober 185 lb Costa Undefeated 14-0
      Sober 185 lb Costa Undefeated 14-0 Před rokem

      @Wormy So is that why 2 judges scored the round 10-8 Poirier?

    • Shawn Khoo
      Shawn Khoo Před rokem

      It’s the other way round brother. Mcgregor made the sport

    • zeu xlaught
      zeu xlaught Před rokem +3

      yup finally someone understood it wasn't "unmotivated conor" ,its just that there are way better fighter than him

  • Gareth Ferguson
    Gareth Ferguson Před rokem +3

    funny how they had so much respect for eachother in the last fight and it somehow turned into this

  • Calla CTM
    Calla CTM Před rokem +10

    Connor before the fight: " i cant stand poirier "
    Connor after the fight : " i cant stand "

  • cool kid kyle
    cool kid kyle Před rokem

    I like how Dustin kept punching him after snapping Conors leg in half

  • Aurang
    Aurang Před rokem

    00:08 Joe trying not to laugh lmao!

  • Alec Coinneach Dreyer
    Alec Coinneach Dreyer Před rokem +1531

    Dustin's so good his opponents are finishing themselves now

    • BlackOutEmzZ
      BlackOutEmzZ Před rokem

      @Hisoka I agree.

    • Wdf1987
      Wdf1987 Před rokem

      @MOKA Perfectly said

    • Skorpion
      Skorpion Před rokem


    • MOKA
      MOKA Před rokem +6

      conor didnt finish him self, Dusting allready had him, conor was getting owned, if anything conor can be happy that his gotta excuse now to brag about what ifs

    • Hisoka
      Hisoka Před rokem +38

      @multi talent gamer Everyone looked like a fool against khabib, But dustin did the best out of all of them

  • Jerónimo
    Jerónimo Před rokem +4

    0:07 Epic Mcgregor walk.

  • Jaset Wells
    Jaset Wells Před rokem

    “Dustin is leaving on a stretcher”
    I’m not a superstitious person but if that’s not karma I don’t know what is

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith Před rokem

    A real fighter wouldn’t be satisfied with a win like this , the opponent couldn’t stand and wasn’t at full fighting capacity

  • Adam Ashmori
    Adam Ashmori Před rokem +41

    when conor lost and mentioned dustins wife dming him was the moment his career was over

  • Romeoz06
    Romeoz06 Před rokem +3191

    After all that Conor is leaving in a stretcher. The irony is unreal.

    • Uchiha Killua
      Uchiha Killua Před rokem

      @braden taylor cry

    • Seyid A
      Seyid A Před rokem +1

      @rchyngyzr Call it McFracture. Rolls off the tongue nicely with McStretcher. I see potential for a franchise here.

    • Agent Grey
      Agent Grey Před rokem

      LOL Imagine being a Conor fan is 2021😂🤣😂

    • Manny M
      Manny M Před rokem +2

      Mack hit em up with the old fashioned slip n sleep 🤣🤪
      Goodnight McGregor..

    • GyroLamb
      GyroLamb Před rokem +9

      @Neutral they aren't mad that hes successful, they're mad that he's a douchebag and he haas earned his humble pie and karmic debt, so yeah we laugh at him when it happens and nobody knows this more than people who are actually from Ireland. Regardless what nugget or his stans say, he's not respected, not even in Ireland. Ask a Dubliner what they think of him. Do they not like him because he's successful or because of his own actions in his life around town?

  • Joe Lirag
    Joe Lirag Před rokem

    My favorite MMA fighter. May his reign be long and successful.

  • Sean KhmerSight
    Sean KhmerSight Před 2 měsíci

    Pound for pound - Dustin was crazy and smashing Connor on the ground. Made it look so easy.

  • Sonofawil
    Sonofawil Před rokem

    I haven’t really been following this fight but that interview was pretty classy.

  • Rhine
    Rhine Před rokem +5

    Wow they cut out so much of what he said, what great journalism

  • Kane
    Kane Před rokem +4065

    McGregor gonna have some serious nightmares. The Connor of old died in the cage with Khabib

    • Kevin Sanchez
      Kevin Sanchez Před rokem

      Other sentence made no sense lol

    • z
      z Před rokem

      _Conor getting wheeled along on trolley stretcher:_
      *"Choo Choo MotherFokers"*

    • Lil Rewb
      Lil Rewb Před rokem

      Nah Conor was gone after mayweather. He acted the same in the Khabib press conference. Delusional and emotional not zen and confident. Money and drugs inflated his ego and ruined him.

    • Mucky Moe
      Mucky Moe Před rokem

      Maybe if he concentrated less on fighting old men who don't want to drink his dutty whiskey in pubs. Loser of a human conor is

    • ZeeZ
      ZeeZ Před rokem

      saifMSK khabib taught him how to respect people.Made him look even more stupid

  • cas786 a
    cas786 a Před rokem

    Well done dustin well deserved 💯💯🔥🔥

  • Gerard Cortz
    Gerard Cortz Před rokem

    Conor was saved by the bell in the first round , Dustin totally dominated Conor again just like in the second fight , Conor is done in the MMA world