The Button is BACK!!

  • čas přidán 10. 07. 2022
  • thank u cut gods
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  • Cut
    Cut  +58

    You are very welcome, Cody Ko...

  • Grace 23
    Grace 23  +46

    Would love to see a collab between The Cut and Cody where Cody takes the place of the button and does the voice instead

  • Elizabeth Brent

    they need to blindfold the contestants so we can get some decent conversations

  • Novaboltz

    The way these girls didnt give any of the guys a chance and then the guys just smashing the button out of revenge for the other rejected guys was hilarious.

  • Elisabeth Packham

    We need a separate Cut series that shows them after they get rejected and all the rejects talk to each other in the other room

  • u
    u  +7

    Like other commenters have said, this is truly the only way I have EVER watched a Cut video. I will only ever watch these through Cody Ko because I too desperately need someone to soften the cringe on these before I consume them. Thank you for taking that bullet for us, Cody. You dropped this King 👑

  • L
    L  +2

    I envy the pure confidence of solid 2s.

  • Sly Sly
    Sly Sly  +2

    the first lady: rejects because she doesn’t like guys with long hair

  • Er K
    Er K  +916

    That aggressive button smash was w the force of the 4 previous men in the back. Good for him.

  • ThisIsACrappyUsername

    I feel like all my limbs have receded and shriveled into my body every time I watch this series 🥰

  • Busy
    Busy  +4

    Is nobody gonna talk about how the button has a new, more human voice?

  • Twisted Queen

    Cody should definitely come on for an episode and voice the button, that would be hilarious

  • Griffin
    Griffin  +14

    i physically cannot watch the button without cody’s commentary. the secondhand embarrassment is too severe. cut should just send all their final cuts of this show to cody to do commentary over and send back & have that be what they upload

  • daylightx

    Dang Joel actually seemed like he wanted to give people a chance to talk

  • Taryn Mckinney

    god there was nothing more justifying then watching Gabrielle get buzzed after she couldn't even give that one guy a chance. buzzing before it was even red, gave me such a gross vibe

  • min.
    min.  +835

    "i don't like guys with long hair"

  • Pluto Eros
    Pluto Eros  +752

    Even as a furry I saw that guy come in and I just couldn’t comprehend why someone would do that. Respect for the balls of going out in that and being that open, but for speed dating, maybe not.

  • omgthisissoawesome

    "Are we vibin' right now?" Cody and the Button enemies to lovers arc

  • Peyton _

    When Cody intervenes with commentary, it helps my body regulate from cringing so hard.

  • Connor Peterson

    went to visit a friend in Seattle last year and it just so happened that she lived right across the street from the Cut studio. I walked past it every day and just couldn't believe that such a nonchalant building housed some of the greatest cringe minds this internet has ever seen