I can’t handle this drama

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  • TikTok star claims she was denied entry by Deep Hollow Horse Ranch because of her weight
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  • Ray William Johnson
    Ray William Johnson  Před 26 dny +19472

    This an abbreviated version of this story for CZcams shorts. The full story is on my YT channel: czcams.com/video/6yyH11UJCIM/video.html 👍

    • X the ninja
      X the ninja Před 26 dny +52

      Hello ray

    • Jesus Almazan
      Jesus Almazan Před 26 dny +26

      BR HI RAY

    • Jesus Almazan
      Jesus Almazan Před 26 dny +23

      BRO HI RAY

    • mxc99
      mxc99 Před 26 dny +347

      I can’t click this on the app 😢

    • Dreamzz
      Dreamzz Před 26 dny +779

      @ScpRpplayer2025it’s so dumb, they made it so links aren’t clickable anymore so people don’t get scammed

  • Ty
    Ty Před 26 dny +262185

    Bro, if the horses can't hold your then the horses can't hold you.

    • Oliver Reams
      Oliver Reams Před 26 dny +6359


    • Ms10000123
      Ms10000123 Před 26 dny +10895

      Which is fine, but they don't need to be dicks about it. Being civil isn't a high standard.

    • Physics
      Physics Před 26 dny +14777

      ​@Ms10000123well she refused to use her head and got their ranch bombarded with shitty reviews. I don't see a reason to be civil towards someone like that.

    • Snowparody
      Snowparody Před 26 dny +9372

      @Ms10000123 she literally was the one who started it. She was the one who wasn't civil

  • Kamilly
    Kamilly Před 26 dny +296192

    Bro never skipped chin day

  • T_P_W and Pups!
    T_P_W and Pups! Před 26 dny +14339

    I'm on the horses side.

  • John Noonan
    John Noonan Před 26 dny +34903

    Under 240, you ride the horse. Over 240, the horse rides you. This is the fair way to do it.

  • Kaokeron
    Kaokeron Před 26 dny +139223

    They were both kinda unnecessary about it ngl 💀

    • ♡Strawberry Tea♡
      ♡Strawberry Tea♡ Před 26 dny +742


    • Just don't
      Just don't Před 26 dny +9380

      I mean the business got review bombed so it affects their business...

    • RhodesBob
      RhodesBob Před 26 dny +5223

      NAA she asked for it

    • Cheese
      Cheese Před 26 dny +2197

      Imagine affecting a business.

    • tommytomato
      tommytomato Před 26 dny +2277

      Bro she asked for it

  • lowearthsurfer
    lowearthsurfer Před 26 dny +138031

    That Gigachad chin

    • pj plays Gaming
      pj plays Gaming Před 26 dny +814


    • BigWheel
      BigWheel Před 26 dny +1846

      He responded like a Chad.

    • A-
      A- Před 26 dny +695

      @BigWheelchads don’t put people down

    • andrive
      andrive Před 26 dny +253

      He has that iphone 14 chin

    • ABootLaTributi
      ABootLaTributi Před 26 dny +191

      Bro think he’s GigaChad 💀

  • Nugget
    Nugget Před 26 dny +97196

    His chin spoke for him

  • dodgehemimopar
    dodgehemimopar Před 26 dny +71722

    Didn't know this was a thing till iwent to one. I was nearly denied cause i at the time was 235. it's for the safety of the horse and i was understanding if they didn't let me go.

    • josie
      josie Před 26 dny +3646

      From what I recall, she wasn’t upset that there was a eight limit, just on how it was handled and how she wasn’t informed.

  • thatdudeEd
    thatdudeEd Před 26 dny +23068

    So she never considered why the limit was in place in the first place.

  • rosy rr
    rosy rr Před 26 dny +67942

    She needs to go find those special horses, Shaq was able to ride a horse 😂

    • XKimi KimjaX
      XKimi KimjaX Před 26 dny +5019

      A clydesdale? Shaq is a big dude. Wouldve had to be one of the huge ones like that.

    • Kay A
      Kay A Před 26 dny +1929

      Who's going to tell Shaq that he can't?😂

    • rosy rr
      rosy rr Před 26 dny +381

      Not me!! 😂

    • Bespoke Penguin
      Bespoke Penguin Před 26 dny +2228

      @Kay A The horse probably.

  • did you pray today
    did you pray today Před 26 dny +92568

    "Giggity giggity" 💀

  • Dark
    Dark Před 26 dny +1899

    People who bombed the ranch clearly don't care about the horses

  • bolognese
    bolognese Před 26 dny +48471

    I figured it wasn't safe for the horses, but that response was absolutely not the way to handle it. you can tell he's the owners son and not there on his own merit 😂

    • Nick
      Nick Před 26 dny +2513

      it was the way to handle it

    • AJ
      AJ Před 26 dny +2373

      @Nickthat’s gonna repel business even more not attract it. These businesses thrive on families especially, no one is gonna wanna go there just to be insulted, which is the expectation from that response.

    • Ashcool
      Ashcool Před 26 dny +1258

      Sure, because a calm, measured response explaining why they turned her away would have gone viral.

    • David Ramjag
      David Ramjag Před 26 dny +65

      @Nick fr

  • Cypher_Hypher_MetalSonic1533
    Cypher_Hypher_MetalSonic1533 Před 26 dny +35859

    He took it personally💀

    • VertexVortex
      VertexVortex Před 26 dny +1940

      She took it more personally 😂

    • Idgaf
      Idgaf Před 26 dny +527

      So the cow did it too

    • Darth Lemon
      Darth Lemon Před 26 dny +1850

      I mean if your business was review bombed by an entitled person you’d take it personally as it jeopardizes a lot of peoples jobs.

    • darkest night
      darkest night Před 26 dny +414

      Of course it's personal

  • Himtherealone
    Himtherealone Před 26 dny +32709

    Literally the smartest tiktok followers💀💀

  • Risad Lupine
    Risad Lupine Před 26 dny +16688

    They remind me of 2 kids fighting in a school yard, lol.

  • Bubbles lovebird
    Bubbles lovebird Před 26 dny +7063

    So in other words she would rather shame a stable for caring more about there horse's health then her feelings.

  • Everett Entertainment
    Everett Entertainment Před 26 dny +3671

    I like the part where the reviewers know nothing about horses.

  • BuffDucks
    BuffDucks Před 26 dny +3864

    Bro’s got the chin of buff squid ward

  • WavyToad
    WavyToad Před 26 dny +7268

    I mean, obviously they're not going to let you ride the horse. But that response was INSANE

  • Malo Otua
    Malo Otua Před 26 dny +1125

    She didn't care about the horse.....

  • lyktah lyktah
    lyktah lyktah Před 26 dny +400

    I would think the limit is for the horse’s safety to not injure the animal

  • Stephen
    Stephen Před 26 dny +4129

    I feel like she deserves it ngl

    • JustJamie0811
      JustJamie0811 Před 26 dny +236

      Wtf no she doesn’t

    • Gerjoleara
      Gerjoleara  Před 26 dny +37


    • NotReallyKnown
      NotReallyKnown Před 26 dny +1265

      ​@JustJamie0811nah she does she started it she should have just left and not say anything

  • its 3 am and i lost my password

    As a plus size woman, I totally understand why they denyed her, it's for the ANIMALS SAFETY it isnt fatphobic. But the owner's response is inappropriate

  • BloodLeaf
    BloodLeaf Před 26 dny +988

    As someone who loves big girls and horses, there's a reason I never went on a horseback riding date

  • Jacob Parkin
    Jacob Parkin Před 26 dny +1590

    It’s the Crimson Chin! Dang dudes walking around with a lethal weapon on his face!

  • Jay Moon
    Jay Moon Před 26 dny +1507

    Why the older son look like that one guy from Family Guy Glenn Quagmire😅

  • Greed
    Greed Před 26 dny +389

    The son of the ranch: 🗿

  • Lazershark111
    Lazershark111 Před 26 dny +1306

    Imagine getting mad because people care about their horses and don’t want the horses backs broken because of a whale sitting on them

  • Heather Yllanes
    Heather Yllanes Před 26 dny +100

    Imagine being so entitled you think your feelings are more important than a living beings health and safety

  • Cody Haak
    Cody Haak Před 26 dny +2322

    Why didn't they tell her ahead of time? Maybe they weren't aware and just wanted to keep the horses safe.

  • La bum James
    La bum James Před 26 dny +449

    Makes sense for the horses safety

  • trulou
    trulou Před 26 dny +196

    It was for the horses safety

  • H3 O
    H3 O Před 26 dny +1025

    Im siding with the ranch on this one

  • Two wings
    Two wings Před 26 dny +130

    Well the horses can only take so much.

  • Nick Animations
    Nick Animations Před 26 dny +1550

    she doesnt need to ride a horse
    she needs to become one of the horses

    • Cats Are The Future
      Cats Are The Future Před 26 dny +77

      You have NO shame 😭🔫

    • LegitTrinidadian
      LegitTrinidadian Před 26 dny +193

      She doesn't need to become one of the horses, she needs to become a bull or elephant

    • KC
      KC Před 26 dny +20


    • David Ramjag
      David Ramjag Před 26 dny +10


  • Nobody
    Nobody  Před 26 dny +462

    I can respect the employee, he wasn’t scared to say the truth even if it was little vulgar

    • sSlugs
      sSlugs Před 26 dny +88

      The truth was not vulgar he was just being ride

  • JamesOppa
    JamesOppa Před 26 dny +134

    If you weigh over 240 and expect to be on a horse, then you have a problem.

  • Thatguyoverthere
    Thatguyoverthere Před 26 dny +966

    When you weigh more than the horse it’s pretty much a no brainer

  • Rakshita v raj
    Rakshita v raj Před 26 dny +473

    As someone who weighs almost as much as her I would never expect anyone to let me climb on their horse when I weigh that much. That said the ranch has to mention this when people contact them.

  • navya shah
    navya shah Před 26 dny +871

    We should think about the horses and not the company...lady...is overreacting

  • Rueket
    Rueket Před 26 dny +1006

    I would not want to see a horse flattened thank you

  • Kenny Walter
    Kenny Walter Před 26 dny +718

    Isn't yelp a food reviewing site??

  • Delia 1980
    Delia 1980 Před 26 dny +51

    I mean…kudos for them for taking care of their horses. It is not being mean; it is to protect the poor horses.
    However, the owner’s son response makes me wonder how poorly they handled the situation that day

  • Audrey
    Audrey Před 26 dny +460

    The guy seriously has a whole set of chins. 😳

  • Bokobro2
    Bokobro2 Před 26 dny +826

    “She’s got a big audience” 😂😂😂

  • Albas
    Albas Před 26 dny +120

    Here it is, human interaction at it's finest 😊

  • Helen Martin
    Helen Martin Před 26 dny +161


  • Emily
    Emily Před 26 dny +571

    Imagine if she got on the horse and the horse got mad and then threw her off😂

    • Mick Lee
      Mick Lee Před 26 dny +121

      Wouldn't be strong enough probably!

    • Gonen Kitaroo
      Gonen Kitaroo Před 26 dny +102

      The horse would crush his own bones

  • BigFatCat
    BigFatCat Před 26 dny +459

    They saved her from paying for the horses life

  • Alexandria Winter
    Alexandria Winter Před 26 dny +112

    They don't want over work their horses.

  • Archana Jain
    Archana Jain Před 26 dny +627

    I am on that guy's side cause horses are living things and they also have limits

  • Torin Roberts
    Torin Roberts Před 26 dny +214

    Every influencer be like

  • Moms Fridge Rat
    Moms Fridge Rat Před 26 dny +377

    Bruh the ranch had a legitimate reason to turn her away but that dude just dug his own grave

  • Susie Kim
    Susie Kim Před 26 dny +93

    They saved her from embarrassment by not allowing her to kill the horse by siting her big ass on one.

  • Darla Sutton
    Darla Sutton Před 26 dny +70

    She should've never taken it so personal. She knows she's big and it should've been the 1st question she asked them when booking her horse adventure. This would be called gas lighting I'm thinking. 🤔. Obviously she needed a story for her tik tok. Js

  • Lilly_Doughnuts
    Lilly_Doughnuts Před 26 dny +113

    “A big audience”😂😂😂

  • Vera Liberman
    Vera Liberman Před 26 dny +13

    It's so dumb how news take stories from tik tok...

  • Goku
    Goku Před 26 dny +162

    It’s her fault she weighs more than the actual horse itself

  • Jackie
    Jackie Před 26 dny +9

    She needs to ride a treadmill😅

  • Crazy Man Cam
    Crazy Man Cam Před 26 dny +97


    • josie
      josie Před 26 dny +29

      It’s not as much as you think. It fully depends on the person, their build, and their muscle mass. A lot of athletes weigh that much.

    • D V
      D V Před 26 dny +125

      ​@josienah a woman weighing over 100kg is insane anywhere in the world
      Only Americans think it's normal

  • D V
    D V Před 26 dny +402

    This whole ordeal could've been avoided if both sides were respectful

  • Milkomeda_TheSpiralGalaxy
    Milkomeda_TheSpiralGalaxy Před 26 dny +129

    It’s about the horses. We shouldn’t let horses suffer because someone just says they’re fatphobic horses😂

  • Poonam Bhandari
    Poonam Bhandari Před 26 dny +38

    What if someone over 240 pounds sits on you.

  • 🤡🔪avg human
    🤡🔪avg human Před 26 dny +66

    A hippo can't ride a horse😂

  • TheotƎ
    TheotƎ Před 26 dny +152

    “Girl hates on Horse Ranch because she can’t go there, what happens next is shocking”

  • Arlen Reyes
    Arlen Reyes Před 26 dny +76

    😂 poor horse got saved

  • Sinister
    Sinister Před 26 dny +163

    I promise she will be eligible for elephant ride 💀💀💀

  • Daniel Eduardo Guzman Urbina

    Ridding a horse like that should be considered animal cruelty.

  • Logen Vestfold
    Logen Vestfold Před 26 dny +128

    Just ride an elephant, lady

  • Shane channel
    Shane channel Před 26 dny +38

    It's an animal not a bus

  • CrashMan27
    CrashMan27 Před 26 dny +56

    250 pound woman paints herself orange. The pumpkin jokes write themselves.

  • Youbones
    Youbones Před 26 dny +61

    When whales try to ride horses

    ARCHER PRO Před 26 dny +29

    The owner saved those horser from severe injury.

  • Quinton Bottoms
    Quinton Bottoms Před 26 dny +48

    It’s not their fault you can’t put down the donuts

  • Araiguma Alice Kiruno
    Araiguma Alice Kiruno Před 26 dny +33

    i feel sorry for the horse, i mean the ones on the ranch 😭

  • anthony 🫤
    anthony 🫤 Před 26 dny +62

    somehow she can buy beauty products but not a gym membership

  • gillian marfell
    gillian marfell Před 26 dny +95

    Look after for the horse . She is too heavy

  • Arachnophobia👑 🎗
    Arachnophobia👑 🎗 Před 26 dny +299

    I get it if she was too heavy for the horses, but they could've been nicer, and that guys response was so unnecessary💀

    • Bev Maxwell
      Bev Maxwell Před 26 dny +252

      It was a bit over the top but she totally started it.

    • ExiledDullahan
      ExiledDullahan Před 26 dny +242

      @Bev Maxwellyeah agreed it’s a bit much, but the moment she made a whole lil video and put it on TikTok it was fair game I feel like 😂

  • Everyone
    Everyone Před 26 dny +16

    Should be all about the horse... there gotta be a limit, poor creature!

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez Před 26 dny +7

    When you weigh as much as a horse you shouldn't be allowed to ride a horse 🐎😂

  • hellobaby1971
    hellobaby1971 Před 26 dny +74

    I suppose the ranch didn't have any draft horses for her (those huge working horse breeds)...

  • terrell anderson
    terrell anderson Před 26 dny +50

    His response was valid

  • Saul Stryver
    Saul Stryver Před 26 dny +20

    If only they own shire horses ,a large horse breed, they could have given her a ride.

  • Axistype
    Axistype Před 26 dny +80

    At least he said the truth 😭😭😭

  • Sean V
    Sean V Před 25 dny +155

    man looks like he's a cartoon character that hasn't finished swallowing a brick

  • SomeThingGaming
    SomeThingGaming Před 26 dny +72

    Shout out to the employee

  • Sir Pugsford
    Sir Pugsford Před 25 dny +73

    "My name is Glen Quagmire and i say giggity, giggity giggity, giggity giggity"

  • Valéntin Marquis
    Valéntin Marquis Před 26 dny +16

    You can ride whatever horse you want, it just needs to be *big enough* for you.
    Imagine a 240lb person jumping on you- You ain't going anywhere.

  • Stella Reeber
    Stella Reeber Před 26 dny +70

    Too bad they don't have any Percheron, Clydesdale or other draft horses. They make excellent riding horses and they are much bigger than average. She would have been just perfect for one of them!

  • The Bull Moose Progressive
    The Bull Moose Progressive Před 26 dny +46

    He’s a real life Stan smith. That chin!!!!!

  • Spulcipher
    Spulcipher Před 26 dny +39

    Bro, all it takes to be under 240 lbs is not shoving big macs down your throat

  • CoryHatfield
    CoryHatfield Před 26 dny +117

    That response was golden. I'd definitely ride there.

  • Adrian Alvarez
    Adrian Alvarez Před 25 dny +59

    He took that to the chin

  • Lʌɩñʛʜʌ
    Lʌɩñʛʜʌ Před 26 dny +131

    The chin, the camera angel, the line, nah he's a real life gigachad...

  • Caleb Hamilton
    Caleb Hamilton Před 26 dny +12

    What is up with his chin though

  • Mr. Lee
    Mr. Lee Před 26 dny +12

    He can win fights by getting punched in the chin.

  • Dylan Afton
    Dylan Afton Před 26 dny +85

    Handsome squidward through puberty 💀

    • E M
      E M Před 26 dny +2


  • Akuma
    Akuma Před 26 dny +150

    No body shaming her just observations from what I saw she looked about 2 times the size of those horses