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  • Moldy beer and unholy fanart! Send Papa fanmail here: Papanomaly Lagerstedt, PO Box 10, BML 1910, Cospicua, Malta

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  • Miguel Cardozo

    The studio looks fantastic, i can't wait to see it slowly get dirtier and full of cans and garbage

  • XuRgam 109
    XuRgam 109  +395

    imagine someone packs a person in a box and sends him to Malta and an anomaly forgets there for 2 years and then opens fanmail

  • Shiroi Duhuen

    I love how people love papa more eventho he's the creator of the fat creation

  • Axel
    Axel  +475

    Whiteclaw? "Super famous beer" That's when you know Anomaly is a legit non alcholic like papa

  • LizIsMis
    LizIsMis  +238

    Thank you for always opening my packages. Just got diagnosed with dyslexia so expect a lot more fantsy writen mispelled packages in your po box xoxo - Liz the lesbian 😘 💖

  • said sereapple


  • w1se
    w1se  +59

    I love how papa's english has improved so much over the years

  • ui_wizard
    ui_wizard  +26

    Are people just going to ignore the fact that the handwriting on that letter at

  • [MFS] MarineOP69

    I miss when Papa said “Hello”. He only says YES now.

  • Sp00kst3r
    Sp00kst3r  +53

    anomaly's apartment is the first in history to actually get cleaner after mold was introduced

  • No Šak Ja ne?

    Sending something to anomaly is like putting it in a time capsule

  • ekcl
    ekcl  +18

    when papanomaly started to chew after anomaly asked why there is one ED pill missing i laughed so hard

  • Глеб Абросимов

    I just love this format. I wish there were more of it!

  • Wolf.
    Wolf.  +1

    Anomaly was on FIRE with the jokes this episode. Almost spit my drink out several times. 😂😂

  • Mirrar _

    The additional go-pro angle deliveres real cinematic value to the unboxing videos

  • Max_op
    Max_op  +4

    With each episode Papanomaly looks more and more depressed

  • xoknight
    xoknight  +47


  • A S
    A S  +5

    Nice to see a Dutch supermarket bag

  • Xander Niles

    Opening fan mail from a year ago hahaha, how did you guys let that happen? Anyways, the drawings were really good I must say.

  • Osmotar ᛉ

    Imagine sending your number to anoo and papano and forgetting and saying 'wrong number'