What country do you live in?😌🤔

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    Welcome to the Shop that has therapy for you!
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    The Cringe Button that destroys this video - 160 likes
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    Kids who do not simp and destroys THE HECK OUT OF THIS VID - 590 likes
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    Army of haters from this vid - 2500 likes
    The guy who paid for everyones therapy (Spacewolf) - 4900 likes
    Giving the ppl in the background an oscar for not looking at them (except for the woman who looked) - 5000 likes
    Jesus - 1M likes
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  • Khristi Flatley
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    💜 This guys needs an oscar
    I’ll pay everybody’s therapy who needs it

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      Report the bot

    • Adam Avenido
      Adam Avenido Před 13 hodinami

      Uhhhh ur profile is that okay

    • Soma Osman
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      You are crucifix iam team allah❤❤🇰🇷🇰🇷iam for korean

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      Technically I should be the one paying for a therapist for YOU looking at that profile picture

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      That profile is sus

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    I'm paying for everyone's therapy. 💀😭

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    I’ll pay for everyone’s therapy 💀

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    She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing💜

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    Petition for earth to get therapy

  • Jules Harris
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    • Carson
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      I read it all

    • salome\ luciana
      salome\ luciana Před dnem

      te preguntaron?

    • YOINKZ!
      YOINKZ! Před dnem

      ​@salome\ lucianabasically a 5y searching "what to watch"

    • Kevin Mcgrath
      Kevin Mcgrath Před dnem

      Ummmmm what the 😅

    • Charles-the-man
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      I’ve literally seen this post on a different video THE EXACT COPY😮

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    Search History : DELETED
    Phone: YEETED
    Bible: NEEDED

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    Ban botton

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    O'vídeo nãoé para vamos tirar um momento para apreciar quanto esforço ele coloca em conteúdo para nós

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    Free therapy button

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      Where is jesus

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      Help please 😭

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      TYSM FOR THIS😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
      ah man...i became the therapist of my therapist

    YABOYALEX Před dnem +3

    I’m paying for everyone’s therapy and don’t worry bc they can handle anything

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    i’ll pay for everyone’s therapy 😊

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    Team Allah✝️☪️🕉

    • Amal Ali
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      Yes sir I'm muslim

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    Search history : DELETED
    phone : YEETED
    Therapy : NEEDED 😂

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    People who reported

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    Imagine the people just walking by 💀

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    Team Allah/God:

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    If you felt disturbed af

  • Mee_bay
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    as a therapist, i can confirm after i heard the guy watching this shorts i need another therapist and the therapist needs another one

  • Queeneth Igbinoghodua
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    I will pay for everyone's therapy..including the therapist💀

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      Ay yo😮

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    i showed my therapist this now im his therapist when i watched it again we both needed a therapist

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    If u want me to pay for ur therapy

  • Adventures with Annabelle 🤩

    I’ll pay for everyone’s therapy and new eyes
    👇 (thx for 3.1k likes 😅)

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      Thank you 😃 can I get bleach too?

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      I need to be a whole new person after seeing this

    • i love inqsitormarter 😁
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      Yeah I need bleach water medicine everything that burns your eyes please let me

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      bleach as well😊

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    I'm paying for every one's therapy

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      Bru huh and I’m block ing this person Chanel

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      Me too dude like wtf

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    another report button

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    The fact she's doing it in public-
    Cringe button

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    Use me as wtf did i just watch button

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    Bro youtube be getting weird af

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    That’s enough
    CZcams for today….

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    Gang button 🥷😉

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    Cringe button
    264 thx
    Thx for 466
    2.4k thx u are the best!!
    3.1k guyssss thxxx

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    CZcams needs a therapist feature

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      There is an more Than this video and its even not Disgusting

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    welcome to my store, made for these videos.
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    Who needs a therapist😂

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    Holy water=needed

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    Yeonjin safezone : 445883676366 seats left

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    Cringe/uncomfortable button

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    Bro don’t change the subject and ask what country we live in💀😩

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      I have reaport 💀

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      And just like that uv been blocked heheh and just like that uv been blocked 😒

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    Like those who didn't simp 🗿

  • TheGirlStuckIn2019
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    Bro casually asks us what country we live in after making us witness that.

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    Find God button

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      I am Muslim

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      That's why I disliked. God can't be found if he doesn't exist.

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      Good button 👍

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    If you ever feel useless, remember this video

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    I'm here to pay for everybody's therapy, who needs it?

  • Nathan Brown
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    People who don’t understand wtf is happening right now

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    Therapy button:

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    that report button looking mighty fine today 👀

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    I will pay for everyone’s therapy 💀

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    Paying for everyone’s therapy

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    Oh I live in the country called “SOMEONE GET ME TO THE THERAPIST!!” 😊

  • 🎃Alpha Tonos 2023🎃
    🎃Alpha Tonos 2023🎃 Před 15 hodinami

    why is nobody telling the country you live in it’s not like getting kidnapped💀

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    1 like means one holy water 🗿🍷

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    “You’re supposed to use that to relax your muscles-“

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    Now my therapist needs a therapist

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  • Tesla fan
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    The mall really said:”Today we introduce THE BALL TICKLER 3000💀💀💀

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    Bro I'm literally a therapist and I need a therapist

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  • ;𝐃 𝐞 𝐑 𝐩 𝐒;
    ;𝐃 𝐞 𝐑 𝐩 𝐒; Před 4 hodinami

    Me if I saw that in public:I have the urge to commit ARSON

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith Před 11 hodinami

    "I just wanna rolly rolly rolly with a dab of ranch. I already got some designer to hold up my pants." 💀

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    I'll be paying for everyone's therapy 4,999 spots left 💀
    Edit: Thanks for 1.1k patients 3.9k more to go 💀

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    Transformers FBI Button 👇

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    The report buttons looking real good today 💀

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    People who need holy water

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    Malls security must be blind💀

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    Welcome to the shop!
    A bible-19 likes
    Holy water-257 likes
    A cross-1.1K likes
    Bleach-2.4K likes
    Thank you for coming to my shop!:3
    Dang I’m not like those people but, 808 likes! Tysm!
    Edit: TYSM FOR 1.3K LIKES! I’m not like those people BUT TYSM THIS IS THE MOST I HAVE EVER GOTTEN!💕🩷💜💙💚❤️🫶

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    💜Eu amo essa música, essa batida!Que coisa
    maravilhosa ver uma criança preocupado com a
    preservação da natureza!Lindo de ver! Parabéns Eve e

  • Azmairaqueen
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    Ppl who need therapy,holy water

  • Child of god
    Child of god Před 2 dny

    Holy water:needed

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    Ight I’m paying for y’all’s therapy
    2000 seats remaining

  • ▪︎fishfingergacha▪︎

    Nah bro I ain't paying for ANYONES therapy. I'll pay for that gorls funeral tho 🙃🙃

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    The kid in the back walking with their mom- . . . MOMM-

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    People who feel disgusted

  • Paul yt the strongest battlegrounds grounds gamer

    Report button and cringe button

    CRYPTICV01D Před 13 dny +514

    Worlds Cringe button here

  • Rabbit150k
    Rabbit150k Před 8 hodinami

    I hope I can help, sorry in advance for such words, thank you!
    Button "Complain" About Sexual Character is not for children😅🎉

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    Holy water=Needed

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    Everyone in behind the camera-man: 🌝🌕🌔🌓🌒🌑🌚💀