Can My Dog SOLVE These Puzzles?! (Levels 1,2,3)

  • čas přidán 26. 07. 2022
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    Today, I'm putting my dog's puzzle solving skills to the test! I bought him different puzzles ranging from levels 1-4 to see if he can figure them out and get a treat! Enjoy!
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Komentáře • 402

  • Jake
    Jake  +241

    Interesting how he actually solves the puzzles. My labradors would probably just pick the puzzle up and shake it till all treats come out 😂

  • Sarah Sellers

    The hot dog really got him going he looked to happy 😂

  • Amanda Collins

    I’m a licensed vet tech and this is in no way cruel. It’s actually amazing! He’s engaged and learning, while getting treats at the same time! For a dog that will eat quickly, as you mentioned, this is a great way to slow them down so they don’t throw it all back up. Great entertainment for him!

  • Attuned Enchanter

    If we get another one of Obi’s puzzle solving vids will there be an timer for puzzle completing time? Give him the setup too. ( 100% good boy )

  • Khalilah D.

    Obie is such a humble genius. Not too pompous and yet so talented. We need a part two 😂

  • Casey M
    Casey M  +30

    I got a level 2-3 puzzle for a cat last Xmas. He absolutely loved it! He used his voice buttons to demand puzzle treats constantly. The puzzle had options to make it more difficult as the cat understood it better. But he could solve it at level 3 within five minutes. I’m not saying cats are smarter than dogs, but MY Black Jack was brilliant.

  • 12 Feet Up

    Now Chris knows how we feel when he's struggling with a puzzle and those of us watching have already figured out the next step.

  • Grunto Polouski

    There’s a company that makes an interactive game for dogs, that gets progressively tougher as the dog figures it out. You might get them to send you one for review!

  • Nick DeVriese

    😂 That’s awesome. He will soon be solving level 10’s before you.

  • Dewar
    Dewar  +23

    'Just give me the damn hot dog dad!'

  • Ham Plays
    Ham Plays  +36

    Chris: STOP chewing the hotdogs umbilical cord!!!

  • Heather Kemp

    I always help my dogs with the 3rd puzzle and one of my dogs finds level 4 easier. All their brains are different just like ours xx

  • Darlene Kersey - Kersey Krew Zoo

    This was such a fun video. Getting your dog in on the puzzle solving action is good content AND great for Obi, especially since he snarfs his food down like my dogs do. I have one of the “snuffle mats” similar to the 3rd puzzle in the video but I haven’t tried it out with them yet. This makes me want to film them trying it out just in case they do something interesting while using it.

  • Evelynn Vernaz

    "Stop pulling on the hot dog's umbilical cord"

  • Kat W
    Kat W  +3

    My cats love the second puzzle! I got in on a whim at the pet store. I wonder if they'd be interested in the other ones 🤔 I'd love to see more dog content!

  • ☺smylyface☺

    First of all, the second level 2 puzzle might as well be a hot dog toy because the moment he saw that thing the treats lost all of their puppy appeal. 🌭💕 I also believe that he would have gotten the level 3 puzzle on his own if you had waited for him to get a little hungry and let him do it all by himself. I don't think your "helping" him was really helping. He's not just a good boy. He's also a smart boy! So smart that he knows if he sits there long enough Daddy will do it for him.

  • jmg999
    jmg999  +5

    This was so much fun! It's definitely one of my favorite videos that you've made. Obie's just adorable, and it was really interesting watch him problem-solve. It was also hilarious watching him play w/ the second puzzle. I think that level three puzzle was poorly designed, however. The puzzle didn't weigh enough, so it kept sliding around, the drawer handles didn't stick out far enough, and it wasn't far enough off the ground for Obie to get underneath it. The other puzzles were perfect, though, especially the second one, since it set up the conundrum of, "Do I play w/ the hot dog, or do I find and eat the cookie?"

  • Coloring With D

    This was cool. I didn’t know they had these. I could have used it when my dog was young. Thanks for the video 🌞🌞🌞

  • graeme uden

    Awesome idea for a puzzle video! Cool seeing his temperament change when he decided to give the hotdog a hiding and when he got fed up on the last puzzle.

  • Christie Kuester

    Just like his dad. Gets frustrated when he can't figure out the puzzle. Lol!!