This Thing is Crazy Fast - Smarter Every Day 286

  • čas přidán 13. 05. 2023
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    Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
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Komentáře • 0

  • @smartereveryday

    The employees of Kodak really showed up for this series! They were so fun to talk to. Which part of this process is most interesting to you?

  • @IDeronME
    @IDeronME  +861

    I love when Destin asks if he can touch something in the middle of touching it 😂

  • @zollotech
    @zollotech  +862

    Almost forgot about this series. Thanks for sharing. Incredible seeing how much goes into it.

  • @jamesway5707

    Thank you Dustin for coming to visit us in 35 MM Film Finishing. As a Group Leader in this area, I'm very proud of our company and especially our part of it. You did a fantastic job in showing the what we do from start to finish, and my coworkers did a fantastic job in explaining our processes. Your enthusiasm for film is so awesome, and your positivity and super friendly demeanor is infectious ! Thanks again !

  • @Matlock69
    @Matlock69  +413

    Tim clearly wasn't thrilled about the tour today, but Tim still did a really good job! Thanks Tim!

  • @isavedtheuniverse

    I'm totally amazed how open Kodak was throughout all this, running machines, letting you see the inside...everything! What an absolutely amazing staff too.

  • @AntneeUK
    @AntneeUK  +68

    I love how Destin will talk to the people who put boxes on a pallet as much as the engineers and make them all feel important (they are)

  • @kentslocum

    This series is the ultimate advertising campaign for film, and Kodak in particular. I am so blown away by the shocking complexity of the entire process that I can't believe film is even remotely affordable. And yet, the complexity is what makes massive production runs possible.

  • @nealmichal6978

    Destin - This has been an amazing three part series. Kodak is an amazing company focused on engineering. I had the pleasure to work with two of their engineers at the Web Handling Research Center at Oklahoma State University. They both worked in the Web Conveyance team. Zig Hakiel developed the first computer model of a wound roll - first published in 1987. The same technique is used in 2023. Kevin Cole was the other engineer. He was so knowledgeable and willing to share technical insights. The scope of what they and countless other engineers developed over the years is staggering. I now work as a web handling consultant. I stand on the shoulders of giants. I love manufacturing. It is great to hear Kodak is still smashing it.

  • @TheScubacamper

    Love it, Destin! It’s like those old “How It’s Made” shows, only a hundred times better! Well done, brother! :)

  • @kenbrown7334

    It's great how the employees are so knowledgeable and friendly and seem to be happy with their jobs. Kudos to Kodak, seems like a great place to work.

  • @EMvanLoon

    As a photographer myself, it's great to see that the production of film is getting sped up. And of course seeing the production process is awesome! Nice job!

  • @LiamFruzyna

    An absolute ringer of a series, s/o to Kodak for letting us see so much!

  • @vananything

    As a film photographer, I find this series just incredibly valuable. So much of the joy of it is the joy of holding, touching, using the physical objects involved. Knowing where they came from just ramps that up incredibly for me. Thank you!

  • @coloradospacegeek4226

    I am so glad to see the Kodak plant is still going. This is an utterly amazing manufacturing process and film still has a visual quality that digital doesn't quite match.

  • @njdevfan
    @njdevfan  +88

    It's so cool that you came to Rochester to do this series (as well as the stop at our Coast Guard station). What I don't think people outside of NYS understand is how important Kodak was (is) to our city. I'm in my 50s and when I was growing up, literally everyone I knew had a family member that worked for Kodak. It was the lifeblood of our community, every aspect of life here was touched by it. I still have relatives that work there. If you had a parent or close relative that did, your summer work was at Kodak. Kodak was on at least one piece of clothing you owned. The name was everywhere you went on billboards, storefronts, and buildings. Entire communities revolved around where the particular plant building was. Everything is different now with Kodak being so much smaller than it was years ago. Much of what was once a kodak building in various parts of the city are now other businesses, sometimes spinoffs, and what's left is Kodak Park or basically the area where you were filming. It's awesome to see that film is still alive here since it basically made this city what it is and I think that anyone who grew up here or even lives here now and has no idea what goes on at the plant, should sit down and watch this series to understand the hard work and amazing engineering that built Rochester. Thanks Destin!

  • @matejfoltyn

    It's so inspiring seeing young engineers taking interest in a company like Kodak. I hope they stick around for a long time because this company does not run on turnover - they truly are a family!

  • @MrLuigi-oi7gm

    Destin, I love how you treat all the employees with the same level of respect. As much as I enjoyed seeing the engineering behind the fabrication of a roll of 35mm film, I enjoyed watching you interact with all the folks at Kodak with respect and kindness even more. ❤️

  • @fijiwater3151

    i love in these videos where there's an employees that's a little bit reserved but Destins enthusiasm is too infectious and they always end up loosening up a bit ahaha

  • @TheFonzo

    Having had some real bad days with anxiety, this video really helps. Thank you Destin.