How To Take The Stairs When You're On A Surron 😳

  • čas přidán 4. 09. 2023
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Komentáře • 0

  • W0lfytzu
    W0lfytzu Před 25 dny +94583

    "Off the bike!" OK. hahahahaha!!!

    • Caden M.
      Caden M. Před 18 dny +465


    • Lil Big
      Lil Big Před 18 dny +338

      I think he said walk the bike maybe I’m trippin tho

    • Voke Mxnos Expert Modding
      Voke Mxnos Expert Modding Před 18 dny +206

      Said “awesome bike!” But posters ego is too over inflated to realize it.

    • Aaron Lawrence
      Aaron Lawrence Před 18 dny +144

      ​@Voke Mxnos Expert Moddinghe said "walk the bike"

    • Pnkly Smooth
      Pnkly Smooth Před 18 dny +390

      @Aaron Lawrenceno he said forward the reich

  • Narjdk
    Narjdk Před 7 dny +3315

    “Why you hate cyclists” explained.

    • Greenvolksi
      Greenvolksi Před 4 dny +67

      Not a cyclist. A motor cyclist

    • Brian Ricketts
      Brian Ricketts Před 2 dny +22

      @Greenvolksi not a bicycle, an electric motorcycle. You have to pedal bikes and Surron's have a throttle and no pedals.

    • poncho power
      poncho power Před dnem +5

      ​@Greenvolksinot even close bud

    • Kevin
      Kevin Před dnem +7

      ​@Brian Rickettshe has the mentality of a cyclist. Which means when he gets cleaned up off the pavement we will all cheer and laugh.

    • Cascade_Skyline
      Cascade_Skyline Před dnem +1

      He's not a cyclist and there's nothing to hate here. He's not riding in the road.

  • AdrianColumbus
    AdrianColumbus Před 9 dny +918

    This is the dude that ruins e-bikes for everybody...

    • Be n
      Be n Před 12 hodinami +5


    • Jibbe Tallon
      Jibbe Tallon Před 12 hodinami +4

      @Be n was just about to say the same thing bro haha

    • Lorelius Hoggledorf
      Lorelius Hoggledorf Před 6 hodinami +1

      @Be ndid you even watch the video 😂😂😂😂 cops hate e-bikers bc of people like this who say “Okay” and then blatantly ignore the cop for riding through an area you’re not supposed to

    • AJ
      AJ Před 6 hodinami

      @Lorelius HoggledorfGet over it?

  • Lewiss Stevens
    Lewiss Stevens Před 16 dny +6767

    This guy is the reason you will all end up paying for licensing and insurance.

    • ZombieCSSTutorials
      ZombieCSSTutorials Před 15 dny +41

      And who the f*ck is going to comply with that?

    • Arbiter Of All Things
      Arbiter Of All Things Před 15 dny +289

      ​@ZombieCSSTutorialsYOU, you little coward! That's who!

    • Mark Levesque
      Mark Levesque Před 15 dny +91

      Soon they will be banned, have to follow same rules as internal combustion engine bikes, just a matter of time

    • Lewiss Stevens
      Lewiss Stevens Před 15 dny +69

      @ZombieCSSTutorials They said the same when drink driving was made illegal and seat belts mandatory and helmets for bikers etc etc.

    • Troll
      Troll Před 14 dny +16

      @Arbiter Of All Thingsnot all of us voted blue calm down buddy we aint u

  • Shahid anwar
    Shahid anwar Před 9 dny +585

    This is equivalent to car driving recklessly

    • Cornicaphobia
      Cornicaphobia Před 6 dny +20

      not even close

    • Rodrigo Alvarez
      Rodrigo Alvarez Před 5 dny +5

      No, it's not.

    • yusufnakh
      yusufnakh Před 2 dny +2

      Yeah you hit the barn with this one...

    • robvalentine
      robvalentine Před 23 hodinami

      except drivers never think they are driving recklessly

    • MisterChelonian
      MisterChelonian Před 20 hodinami

      If his state considers the bike a motor vehicle, then it sure is...legally that is.

    SCHIZOMOBA Před 8 dny +269

    bro making a documentary for his Jail time 💀

  • Khias Draconis
    Khias Draconis Před 12 dny +17154

    This dude blowing through through pedestrian areas is probably the same kind of guy to yell at pedestrians as soon as they set one foot in a bike lane

  • Nicholas Eldridge
    Nicholas Eldridge Před 4 dny +164

    This guy is exactly what's wrong with society.

    • Frankie-Z08
      Frankie-Z08 Před 19 hodinami +1

      awesome get rid of him them

    • Jesse
      Jesse Před 16 hodinami +2

      you’re what’s wrong

  • neal vance
    neal vance Před 8 dny +897

    May the clothsline find you in your time of speed.

    • RandomKitty
      RandomKitty Před 3 dny +20

      May his wheel deflate during a down slope as well.

    • Monsieur Hadou
      Monsieur Hadou Před 3 dny +9

      May his chain break as he climbs a hill.

    • IndicaHybrid
      IndicaHybrid Před 2 dny +6

      May the same air he breathes as us deflates as well

    • Class tilton
      Class tilton Před 2 dny +7

      May a nail find his tire in the middle of nowhere

    • Midweek Centaur
      Midweek Centaur Před 2 dny +2

      I am the clothsline

  • Malcom
    Malcom Před 14 dny +7776

    This guy singlehandedly raised everyone's situational awareness

    • Watain
      Watain Před 14 dny +89

      Ebikes in my area have raised situational awareness. Bombing red lights, lane splitting and flat out going full R worded on them.

    • Mr6060
      Mr6060 Před 14 dny +9

      ​@Watainthat sounds like a proper fucking gas motor not an ebike

    • Saxon
      Saxon Před 14 dny +5

      @Mr6060lmao that must be embarrassing because this is a surron it’s EV.

    • Mr6060
      Mr6060 Před 14 dny +9

      @Saxon why must it be embarrassing? I described what I heard so what if I'm wrong?

    • S. H.
      S. H. Před 13 dny +4

      @Mr6060damn bro i didn’t know you were chill like that 👍

  • Muhammad Rayyan
    Muhammad Rayyan Před 8 dny +71

    Type of guy who calls others karens when he himself is the problem

  • AlienatedJam
    AlienatedJam Před 5 dny +15

    How to be an asshole step by step

    • ZDitto
      ZDitto Před 12 hodinami


  • Doug Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome Před 15 dny +9686

    Wants to be treated like a car on the road, proceeds to cut through a mall. Genius.

  • _Mr_ Curiosity_
    _Mr_ Curiosity_ Před dnem +8

    He's like a cat when you tell them not to do something.

  • Akuchi
    Akuchi Před 10 dny +21

    Never thought I’d hate someone more than inconsiderate bikers

  • Dylan Coric
    Dylan Coric Před 13 dny +6113

    Bro literally rode a motorized vehicle through a mall 😭

    • Jameson
      Jameson Před 12 dny +106

      Bro actually called an e-bike a motorized vehicle

    • Gregory Martin
      Gregory Martin Před 12 dny +197

      @JamesonI guess he said it because they are powered by an electric motor. Usually a 250w motor. Though some countries allow a more powerful motor on their e-bikes.

    • TheCamps10
      TheCamps10 Před 12 dny +62

      @Jameson Does it run on a motor?

    • Jameson
      Jameson Před 12 dny +21

      @TheCamps10 It runs on an electric motor. E-bikes by law aren’t classified as motor vehicles just like you wouldn’t classify an electric scooter as a motorized vehicle.

    • Dylan Coric
      Dylan Coric Před 12 dny +47

      @Jameson cause it is 🤣🤣

  • yuiko499
    yuiko499 Před dnem +8

    He should be in jail. What a reckless person 🫵🫵🫵🤣

  • GambinoFactory
    GambinoFactory Před 10 dny +5

    And cyclists wonder why we don't like them.

  • Mr. Lahey
    Mr. Lahey Před 21 dnem +17405

    Everybody remember this guy when they get banned

    • Em K
      Em K Před 20 dny +152

      Some of the only reasonable comments here.

    • George B
      George B Před 20 dny +304

      It's already happening here in SoCal. This is the exact reason it'll ruin it for us responsible riders. Dudes like this are the problem

    • THE-HOG
      THE-HOG Před 18 dny +44

      Yes because it’s definitely not like it’s already not allowed to ride there

      VIBES_GAMING Před 18 dny +10

      @George B okay I’m the type of person to do wheelies but I make sure behind me and in front of mes clear and then I wheelie I’m not super responsible but like what he did wasn’t the best idea but still it’s hard to cut through city traffic

  • NivolDica
    NivolDica Před dnem +3

    This is the kind of situation, where if you're walking inside the mall and see the guy coming... what ever you have in your hand say, and umbrella, backpack etc, you might just accidently swing the thing on your back, or twirl the object on accident right when he passes by.

  • ExM
    ExM Před 9 dny +6

    This is why I say we don’t need bike lanes. They only use them when they’re the most convenient otherwise they’re all over the road or sidewalk.

  • ggManatee
    ggManatee Před 16 dny +18287

    "Why do people hate me on my e-bike?"

    • VWLZ
      VWLZ Před 15 dny +407

      These people think they own the world fr

    • Bryson
      Bryson Před 15 dny +210

      @VWLZyes because 1 person riding a bike in a huge building is effecting you and your familys day at the mall

    • _CIREK
      _CIREK Před 15 dny +622

      ⁠@BrysonFirst of all it’s affect, not effect. Secondly, there’s *literally* a family in the video itself. They grab their child and pull them closer. All it takes is one blind corner.

    • TracerHD
      TracerHD Před 15 dny +111

      Exactly my thoughts, fuck is he thinking.

    • RedMaeX121
      RedMaeX121 Před 15 dny +77

      beacause he and his shit is more imorportant than the others safety

  • LiL MopHead
    LiL MopHead Před 10 dny +1

    This the type of guy that throws a bitchfit when someone steps into the bike lane 😂

  • UTuber
    UTuber Před 7 dny +1

    Suspension of the bike left the chat 😂

  • Pryay
    Pryay Před 11 dny +6298

    This is the typical guy who hits you with his bike and yells at you but runs away in case you call the police

    • BarnBoxLax
      BarnBoxLax Před 8 dny +31

      So eloquently put. Sums it all up .

    • Robstep 1904
      Robstep 1904 Před 7 dny +1

      Yes jajaja

    • gVэrifiedи sCДI731
      gVэrifiedи sCДI731 Před 7 dny


    • TH H
      TH H Před 6 dny +13

      And if they do hit you and they go down and you manage to get up quick enough you should have every right to fuck up there bike and rider.

  • gVэrifiedи sCДI731
    gVэrifiedи sCДI731 Před 7 dny +1

    To be honest. I hate this guy. He is literally risking people's lives unnecessarily by going high speed in pedestrial areas. And not stopping when someone tells him to. He needs some jail time.

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User Před 2 dny +4

    You better watch out for a flying chair while driving through pedestiran zone

  • Cnfcavazos
    Cnfcavazos Před 17 dny +4664

    This is why e-bikes get banned because of idiots ruining it for everyone.

    • Pio Papae
      Pio Papae Před 16 dny +35

      This is not a bicycle but a motorbike

    • Awesome Sause
      Awesome Sause Před 16 dny +60

      That's weird logic. He shouldn't ride e-bikes in an area where they are banned because it might get them banned? Too little too late there.

    • Kai Vegas
      Kai Vegas Před 16 dny +13

      😣😣😣 cry more

    • Vicereatto G
      Vicereatto G Před 15 dny +5


  • Jadon Harper
    Jadon Harper Před 10 dny

    “Off the bike” *proceeds to ride it through the entire mall*

  • GAKtionX86_64
    GAKtionX86_64 Před 8 dny

    this is the kind of guy to swerve left on the road instead of right. Basically asking drivers "please, run over me"

  • David R
    David R Před 14 dny +4522

    Berate pedestrians in bike lanes, ride thru pedestrian-only areas. 👌🏽

    • D
      D Před 14 dny +16

      They have no legal standing as pedestrian only, nice false equivalency tho

    • Chelo
      Chelo Před 14 dny +353

      @D They do because the rules of the private property dictate that there be no riding bikes inside, as shown by the reaction by the security. Dont be a smartass when you dont know diddly squat about how private property and "legal standing" works.

    • Neian
      Neian Před 13 dny +66

      @Chelo lmfao I love when idiots like that get put in their place

    • Kadenze
      Kadenze Před 13 dny +89

      @Dfym no legal standing 😂 by that logic anyone can legally drive a car into my house

    • Chris Livengood
      Chris Livengood Před 13 dny +66

      Just another video showing why no one likes bicyclist

  • Damian Frickel
    Damian Frickel Před 9 dny +1

    How to take the stairs as an idiot...

  • Xinglei Ni
    Xinglei Ni Před 6 dny +1

    “Off the bike”, ok………..*cycles even faster

  • Seneca Falls
    Seneca Falls Před 15 dny +2034

    "This is the hard part, getting up this, with my electric bike. It's pretty hard."

    • koby
      koby Před 14 dny +11


    • Sky Scraper
      Sky Scraper Před 14 dny +5


    • William Pena
      William Pena Před 14 dny +5


    • Rox yu
      Rox yu Před 14 dny +5

      Pretty hard to repair, yes

    • GAVN
      GAVN Před 14 dny +11

      It's not the peddling that's hard 💀

  • Gabitopitocoloritoo
    Gabitopitocoloritoo Před 3 dny +4

    Seeing this guy makes me want to study

  • L U F F Y
    L U F F Y Před 9 dny +1

    Nostalgia of That GTA Vice City Mall 🙂

  • alfie
    alfie Před 17 dny +5725

    “Why dont people like us?”
    This, this is why.
    Please read all the other dumb replies before leaving yours.

    • Hov
      Hov Před 16 dny +45

      Why can’t you just let people have fun? I swear some people just want everyone else to be as sad as them

    • Miguel Guerrero
      Miguel Guerrero Před 16 dny +197

      @Hovwhy can’t he just afford to have his own property and do it there? Poor people smh.

    • alfie
      alfie Před 16 dny +233

      @Hov so lets play a game, youre out for a walk with your 1 year old daughter, youre going down some stairs when suddenly a dickhead on a electric bike rides over your daughter.
      But no, his fun more important that everyone elses safety right? Theres a reason these bikes arent allowed in places like that

    • RpR-Aquatic
      RpR-Aquatic Před 16 dny +109

      ​@HovBruh what it's technically a vehicle bc you can go up 50 so you tell me do you want some kid getting hit bc of this dumbass. And it's safety for others idfc if you want to ride but putting others people safety at risk is a problem

    • Not Tired of Winning
      Not Tired of Winning Před 16 dny +66

      @Hov Grow up.

  • Luca Giusti
    Luca Giusti Před 3 dny

    Countries that consider it a motorbike:

  • Ricky Finn
    Ricky Finn Před 9 dny

    When your dealer knows what hes doing

  • BigManInKanto
    BigManInKanto Před 11 dny +4013

    how to piss off people unnecessarily: a guide

    • Lantun44
      Lantun44 Před 6 dny +43

      if you would see him on the streets, WHY would you be pissed off? like is that generally a bad thing? Of course its dangerous, but does this affect you as long youre not walking in his riding lane on purpose?

    • Dustin
      Dustin Před 6 dny +67

      @Lantun44 what riding lane!? He is driving that thing up and down stairs!

    • Jerome Gut
      Jerome Gut Před 6 dny +22

      And thru a mall... I'm a security, too. And there is one thing I hat... When i should enforce the house rules and all I get is disrespectful answers and disregard. Always remember, we would also like to have more fun. However, rules are here to be followed and without them it would be dangerous for children, for example, to go to the mall or other public places without supervision.
      The only goal is it, to keep everyone safe!

    • Bbufkinator
      Bbufkinator Před 5 dny +8

      ​@Lantun44I've had mfs do this shit in stores. When I have to dive out of the way to avoid getting hit by some ass hat like this, yeah I kinda want him to stop doing that shit.

  • John Osborne
    John Osborne Před 3 dny

    Yep. We should ban E-bikes.

  • Charles Clay
    Charles Clay Před 8 dny +1

    This is why people don't respect bikers on and off the roads... yall make the actual good people just trying to enjoy their day look bad

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob Green Před 20 dny +11122

    This is why people get a bad name with these bikes

  • Tyler Vincent
    Tyler Vincent Před 7 hodinami

    When you make fun of a security officer for losing his temper, remember these are the pole smokers they have to deal with every day.

  • DawgFL
    DawgFL Před 4 dny +5

    I sent this clip and his info to the nearest police station in the area and i finally got a reply saying theyve now got a file on him and will be on the lookout!

  • MrLimit9000
    MrLimit9000 Před 14 dny +4746

    Ride through the mall at 10 mph with people around but gets mad when he gets cut off on the road

    • Ok bloe
      Ok bloe Před 13 dny +23


    • Kiwiッ
      Kiwiッ Před 13 dny +3

      Don’t cry

    • CaRdUdePeRsOn
      CaRdUdePeRsOn Před 13 dny +11

      10 mph is nothing

    • Misty Cloud
      Misty Cloud Před 13 dny +107

      @CaRdUdePeRsOnWould u like to stand infront of a 10 mph bike then sir?

    • CaRdUdePeRsOn
      CaRdUdePeRsOn Před 13 dny +11

      @Misty Cloud yes, very easy to take a step to the side

  • Kiki Rodriguez
    Kiki Rodriguez Před 8 dny +1

    I can’t imagine why most people dislike e-bike riders. I Just have no idea. Think about others for once and do what’s right not what makes you happy. You’ll be a man someday. 😊

  • Leonard Washington
    Leonard Washington Před 2 dny +1

    The chances of you hitting and unaliving a baby are actually relatively high. You think it can’t/won’t happen till it does. Then your life is a downward spiral of misery and regret after that. Stop putting other peoples lives in danger. It’s not to late to stop being a narcissist.

  • Hank The Hound
    Hank The Hound Před 15 dny +5308

    Type of dude who would flatten a child, then blame the parents.

    • a.m.
      a.m. Před 14 dny +52

      where did this happen?

    • ilyxakai
      ilyxakai Před 14 dny +66

      how do you flatten a child with a bike?
      edit: this was just a question pls don’t get angry at this comment

    • HiOnDubs
      HiOnDubs Před 14 dny +264

      ​@ilyxakaiThe wording is hyperbolic, but if a child did step out in front of this vehicle, it would definitely cause an injury at the very least. This guy is basically running a dirt bike through a mall. If you're too inept to see it as a problem, do us all a favor and never get behind the wheel of a vehicle or have children.

    • Vino
      Vino Před 14 dny +28


    • Shem Well
      Shem Well Před 14 dny +50

      ​@Vinosomeday i hope you get into the problem with wreckless driving and see the point

  • Jay_Gamer26
    Jay_Gamer26 Před 9 dny +2

    If laziness was a person

  • ChiefKeef
    ChiefKeef Před 2 dny

    Holy shit he’s clean with it.

  • Cain
    Cain Před 11 dny +1006

    You better not be one of the guys that starts screaming if a pedestrian takes his foot on a bike lane.

    • Sketchyowl
      Sketchyowl Před 3 dny +34

      Guaranteed he is

    • Rodney
      Rodney Před 3 dny +1

      ​@Sketchyowltis the life of a bi-PEDAL 😂😂😂

    • palmer king
      palmer king Před 2 dny +2

      @Sketchyowlhe’s most definitely not, he’s been riding street for a while. dudes been in the bike game for some time. security and people actually trying to hit you are a different story.

    • /-A TAMIM Siddiqui
      /-A TAMIM Siddiqui Před 2 dny

      ​@palmer kingwhat is that bike ? It looks good for short distance travel

    • Tom Havendon
      Tom Havendon Před 2 dny

      @/-A TAMIM Siddiqui Really? I thought the opposite…. Short distances barely take effort to cycle, I’d only use this bike for when I’d be riding all day long

  • Jonas
    Jonas Před 7 dny

    That's the kind of guy that will complain about people on the bike lane.

    JOHNNY HALLIDAY Před 6 dny +5

    Hahha I love your content bro, it motivated me to get out of the government matrix and drink and drive in school zones.

    • Lorelius Hoggledorf
      Lorelius Hoggledorf Před 6 hodinami

      i hate when the government randomly spawns 4 year olds in front of my car when i happen to be drinking and driving (i always drink and drive)

  • Josh Manwaring
    Josh Manwaring Před 23 dny +5478

    Rails it up the stairs, gently guides it down the curb right after

    • Dj Tripp
      Dj Tripp Před 20 dny +122

      I’m so glad someone mentioned this, so funnny I was totally thinking the same thing

    • Mr T
      Mr T Před 19 dny +44

      wym? he did a stoppie off the stairs

    • Clarity
      Clarity Před 18 dny +38

      Need momentum

    • God
      God Před 18 dny +40

      @ClarityGet off the internet, you are too smart to be here. I love encountering fellow intellectuals though that understand basic physics. So maybe stay awhile ☕️

    • Nick bakula
      Nick bakula Před 18 dny

      @Mr Tthats what i was thinking too

  • JustPosi
    JustPosi Před 4 dny

    How to act like youre 12 when youre a grown ass man

  • Ernie Burruel
    Ernie Burruel Před 8 dny +1

    I never understand people who post themselves being an ass

  • Kingdom of Statonia
    Kingdom of Statonia Před 13 dny +113

    Rides through a shopping mall at unsafe speeds like an asshole instead of going around the block like a normal person

    • Fdsa Fghj
      Fdsa Fghj Před 9 dny

      He knows what he's doing

    • wildca1x1
      wildca1x1 Před 9 dny +6

      @Fdsa Fghj No he doesn't. If he knew what he was doing, he'd not be riding a bike in a tight pedastrian area with unclear sight lines where there's no expectation of a fast moving bike.
      He's likely a good cyclist, but that doesn't mean he knows what he's doing

    • Dennis Mayer
      Dennis Mayer Před 9 dny +2

      Lack of respect. If we as a society are going to live and enjoy our time here, we all need to respect one another.

    • Adam Lanza
      Adam Lanza Před 9 dny

      ​@wildca1x1the guy literally knows exactly what hes doing....😂

  • Colin Butts
    Colin Butts Před 3 dny

    No the real hard part is looking at yourself in the mirror every day.

  • Glass Grizzly
    Glass Grizzly Před 4 dny +1

    Ah yes, just.. needlessly harassing people for internet fame. Very cool.

  • Chris V
    Chris V Před 12 dny +780

    You’ve lost all rights to complain about people in the bike lane

  • 1chuck23
    1chuck23 Před 3 dny

    How to be a public nuisance 101: written by Guy Yon Byke

  • Ar Za0
    Ar Za0 Před 9 dny +1

    What is that electric bike? Looks fun to ride in.

  • steven heckert
    steven heckert Před 15 dny +1398

    Next video, “get out of MY bike lane “

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Před 13 hodinami

    The comment section restored my faith in humanity. Take note my guy.

  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia Před dnem

    He felt really cool when he said "ok"

  • Test
    Test Před 15 dny +1025

    "How to be a douchebag"

    • MeanwhileinnaCreek5
      MeanwhileinnaCreek5 Před 14 dny +8

      How is he being a douche bag he just rode the bike upstairs not harming anyone wtf dym😂

    • NecramoniumVideo
      NecramoniumVideo Před 14 dny +23

      @MeanwhileinnaCreek5 By driving through a mall that is not meant for bikes

    • mikeshogunlee
      mikeshogunlee Před 14 dny +5

      Lets go through a thought experiment. When an idiot runs over or hits someone when riding through a school / store / mall.
      Do you think they were thinking the same thoughts, this guy had in the start of the video.

    • CarInhabitant
      CarInhabitant Před 14 dny +2

      ​@MeanwhileinnaCreek5And some day a kid is on these stairs and then in the grave.

    • Jacob Ryan
      Jacob Ryan Před 14 dny

      ​@Mac Kit isn't pathetic it's allowing the entitled cyclist to say that they're allowed to be on the road now that they can go 30 miles an hour instead of just 10 to 15.
      It still has a regular chain it's just something so it's a bit easier to use, pedaling 8 hours a day can actually be tiring but at least this person has a mindset of of working. According to a cyclist trying to ride a bike is almost as dangerous as being a Bering Sea crab fishermen

  • Jason Zheng
    Jason Zheng Před dnem +1

    This video is gonna be linked when they pass law banning these things

  • Dangerous D 27 !
    Dangerous D 27 ! Před 10 dny

    Definition of "Strollers will need gas soon"

  • Le Duck
    Le Duck Před 15 dny +4240

    The mother shielding her kids from you says a lot

    • Dannyrheone
      Dannyrheone Před 15 dny +33


    • A C
      A C Před 14 dny +46

      Oh my G, I hope they're okay😅

    • K-Fed
      K-Fed Před 14 dny +7

      About other bikers perhaps?

  • Eric Ryckman
    Eric Ryckman Před 6 dny

    "Why the hell do they have so many rules against bikes?"
    This guy:

  • Jonathon Wiedmer
    Jonathon Wiedmer Před 2 dny

    That was straight up illegal and reckless. While riding an ebike (technically any type of bike in most states)you have to follow the rules that a car would.
    People that do this give cyclist and especially ebikers a bad name

  • Le reddit silver member
    Le reddit silver member Před 14 dny +3508

    This is the type of guy to yell and purposefully hit someone because they walked into a bike lane after he does all this

  • Austin Rooks
    Austin Rooks Před 9 dny +1

    That’s gotta be a good glute massage

    FRANK45CASTLE Před 5 dny

    That is a really awesome bike. I have a Aventon electric street bike. I was really surprised how much power electric bikes have. They are a ton of fun.

  • RM 5000
    RM 5000 Před 14 dny +516

    Some people don't realize they arent 6 year olds anymore.

    • Caine Scouten-Chappell
      Caine Scouten-Chappell Před 13 dny +7

      A lot of people never realize that.

    • Climate Change doesn't bargain
      Climate Change doesn't bargain Před 13 dny +1

      Living > dying

    • Silicon
      Silicon Před 13 dny +8

      This right here is the perfect example of how fragile society has become. Do something differently than the massess and boom, youre weird and dont fit.
      Yall need some professional help and at least a good 360 hours of that.

    • pat gerry gee
      pat gerry gee Před 13 dny

      Where's Gandalf the Grey??? Sauron is here😢

    • quill
      quill Před 13 dny +1

      ​@Silicontrue people like to displace their anger at the most minute things, goes to show how the majority of people in society are delusional.

  • JandCandO
    JandCandO Před 7 dny

    Public menace. You're the reason they will ban ebikes.

  • SimonDoesmath
    SimonDoesmath Před 8 dny +1

    It should be legal to deck him

  • The Mayor Of Trusham
    The Mayor Of Trusham Před 16 dny +719

    Riding a motorbike through a shopping centre. Clever guy.

    • Darth Sidious
      Darth Sidious Před 15 dny +6

      Electric bike arnt you clever to.

    • Riley Meinke
      Riley Meinke Před 15 dny +1

      It’s a just a regular bike lol

    • JO47
      JO47 Před 15 dny +59

      @Darth Sidious electric motor is still a motor bruh

    • CT
      CT Před 15 dny +4

      ​@Darth Sidiousthe irony

    • Dislike Button
      Dislike Button Před 15 dny +29

      ​@Darth Sidiousare electric cars still cars or nah?

  • Michael Edmunds
    Michael Edmunds Před 8 dny +1

    And this is why those bikes have such a bad reputation, could seriously hurt pedestrians or kids

  • KinOfTheCosmos
    KinOfTheCosmos Před 8 dny +1

    Sir thats a pedestrian area you seriously could have went another way

  • Colton K 0618
    Colton K 0618 Před 16 dny +746

    Definitely "I'm more important than you" or "I don't care if my carelessness gets someone hurt" type shit to me

    • Sean MacGuire
      Sean MacGuire Před 15 dny +12

      If is see someone doing this I'm definitely pushing him off it

    • YourAngerFuelsMe
      YourAngerFuelsMe Před 15 dny +6

      @Sean MacGuire This sounds like it will be used in a future criminal case, but okay...

    • Steve Sharpe
      Steve Sharpe Před 15 dny +1

      Colton is definitely a Karen

    • Moozly!
      Moozly! Před 15 dny +2

      ​@Sean MacGuireunhinged bald man

    • Tylor Smith
      Tylor Smith Před 15 dny +1

      @YourAngerFuelsMe Its not criminal to be run into by a bicycle when a person is riding it where they are not supposed to.

  • Bailee Perkins
    Bailee Perkins Před 4 dny

    "Get off the bike" "ok" 😂😂

  • PeepinClark
    PeepinClark Před 14 dny +4719

    This is like a Karen recording her freak out and posting it like she’s in the right.

    • Metal Face
      Metal Face Před 13 dny +96


    • TheWildNine
      TheWildNine Před 13 dny +101

      What? There was no freak out what so ever. He posted a video of him on his bike. He didn't even say anything besides a few words. For example, "the hard part is getting out of here."

    • bossyskate
      bossyskate Před 13 dny +176

      He can potentially hurt someone. Just because he’s the one using the camera doesnt make
      It correct.

    • Tide Pods
      Tide Pods Před 13 dny +7


    • nana
      nana Před 12 dny +15

      Tf u mean he didnt freak out, he knows what hes doing and he just goes through 😊😊😊

    PURGE EVIL Před 9 dny

    Things like this were fun when we were 13. This a grown man

  • Lantern
    Lantern Před 13 dny +2248

    Classic rebellious teenager becomes classic douchious adult

    • Olli Vainionpää
      Olli Vainionpää Před 11 dny +28

      At what point did this guy became something else than 'classic rebellious teenager'. Seems to me that he still is.

    • William Ferron
      William Ferron Před 11 dny +16

      Y’all don’t do anything out side of societies standards do you 😂

    • Andrew CrankyPants
      Andrew CrankyPants Před 11 dny +6

      Still a virgin. Just like he was back then.

    • Mid Gard
      Mid Gard Před 11 dny +5

      ​@William Ferron"Societies Standards" sounds a revolutionary statement to become a arsonist

    • William Ferron
      William Ferron Před 11 dny +5

      @Mid Gard facts. Why not? Live a little and rebel. Burn a house down… the fact you relate arson to this video tells me everything about you. You okay everything in life safe and don’t take risks.

  • One Time
    One Time Před 2 dny +1

    Then when these clowns hit someone, they blame the other person. Too bad hit didn’t fall.

  • Online Child
    Online Child Před 4 dny +1

    Comments such snowflakes, this dude knows what hes doing and the people either gonna forget in 5 minutes or think it was cool.

  • Peyton Killer
    Peyton Killer Před 16 dny +206

    How to say "I'm a dick that doesn't care about anyone's safety" without saying it

    • ZombieCSSTutorials
      ZombieCSSTutorials Před 15 dny +3

      Cry more.

    • Dannyrheone
      Dannyrheone Před 15 dny +2

      hes going 5 mph and did not hurt anyone why r u so pressed

    • Keinlieb
      Keinlieb Před 15 dny +30

      ​@Dannyrheone did not hurt anyone "yet". Just wait.

    • Dan Kan
      Dan Kan Před 14 dny +24

      The fact that anyone would try and defend this selfish behavior is embarrassing

  • The Pretender
    The Pretender Před 20 hodinami

    Respect humble workers man, probably you made a hell of a day for them and got fired.

  • Matt Plata
    Matt Plata Před 3 dny

    People record themselves being prices of garbage.

  • Z3e
    Z3e Před 14 dny +2352

    If you ever feel useless know this guy exists

    • A Random Man
      A Random Man Před 12 dny +35


    • Outsider Labs
      Outsider Labs Před 12 dny +85

      ​@A Random ManYeah, rules are for other people. Idiots on bikes should just be allowed to speed through malls. Unemployed behaviour at its finest.

    • James Bennett
      James Bennett Před 11 dny +16

      bros having fun in the city what u doing sitting on youtube with the need to say something to someone go outside

    • Jakub Wiszowaty
      Jakub Wiszowaty Před 11 dny +1

      But the hard part…

    • Gamer_Wolf
      Gamer_Wolf Před 11 dny

      if you ever feel usless... theres no help you are sry my guy

    UNOGIRI Před 10 dny

    Honestly never follow security guard orders. I believed talking shit over was a thing but nahhh fam. Bro made me take the long way home, and asked if i was high when i was scared outside at 5 AM so i tried to sit outisde a hospital with lotsa light n shit. Bro was pretty mean for no real reason

  • CosmicCreations DIY
    CosmicCreations DIY Před dnem +1

    Same dude probably complains when people are walking in the bike lane ...

  • Derek Constantino
    Derek Constantino Před 12 dny +861

    Type of guy who would blame others when he crashes into them

  • Seebie Construction
    Seebie Construction Před 7 dny

    Guy is an absolute menace

  • Slimeyy_Void
    Slimeyy_Void Před 10 dny

    I've never wanted to be a delivery biker so bad lmao

  • Mark French
    Mark French Před 11 dny +2636

    As a cyclist, I hate people like this. They give us a bad name when they're basically motorcycle riders.

    • Saber
      Saber Před 9 dny +104

      Isn't that weird though, that you feel that way? When a driver does something stupid, we say the driver was stupid. We don't say that he's giving all drivers a bad name. But when it's a cyclist, for some reason it's giving all cyclists a bad name. Why?

    • MonPlatz
      MonPlatz Před 9 dny +123

      at least we don't dress in gay skin-tight clothes

    • Saber
      Saber Před 9 dny +17

      @MonPlatz Hey, us cyclists got the idea from football players. So if our clothes are gay, they're super gay because they do it professionally. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay.

    • Mark French
      Mark French Před 5 dny +9

      @SaberRiryi Good question. I suppose being part of a minority doesn't help. Also, there's a general perception that cyclists are above the law, and that ALL cyclists are the same, just because they can "get away with it."

    • Coastaku
      Coastaku Před 5 dny +9

      @MonPlatz Most Cyclists don't wear that, most are just normal people getting from Point A to Point B in a much more climate and efficient manner, and hell, faster than you too in your living room on wheels. I can lane split and filter and use bike lanes in cities while you're stuck in traffic on 5th Avenue.
      Also, how old are you? Calling something Gay cause you think it's bad is so 1980, grow up

  • Willy Anderson
    Willy Anderson Před 10 dny

    Thankfully the “don’t recommend” button exist…

  • R-K-H
    R-K-H Před 3 dny

    Surrons in America :😃
    Surrons in UK : 🥷