goodbye, Riverdale...

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    • Riverdale is a mess
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  • GoblinGuy
    GoblinGuy Před měsícem +19219

    This feels like the end of an era. RIP Riverdale, you weren’t the show we wanted, but you were the nightmare we needed.

    • Acciobambi
      Acciobambi Před měsícem +87

      Bahaha yes

    • Theexpendaple Blitz
      Theexpendaple Blitz Před měsícem +243

      Started as one hell of a show (ofc with some weird ass scenes and cringe here and there)...but sad to see it go, you shall be missed

    • R&Soul
      R&Soul Před měsícem +64

      The nightmare we needed 😂

    • Trina Q
      Trina Q Před měsícem +113

      Agreed, thankfully, the actors will be freed from the shackles of this ludicrous show.

    • zaria
      zaria Před měsícem +30

      very poetic

  • Anis
    Anis Před měsícem +3333

    Thank you Alex Myers for allowing me to experience Riverdale without actually having to watch Riverdale.

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck Před měsícem +94

      He suffered so we wouldn't have to!
      Alex is a saint.

    • Ruby Sparks
      Ruby Sparks Před měsícem +20

      Hahaha, my sentiments exactly!

    • Tré Jones
      Tré Jones Před měsícem +23

      LOL I'll quad that sentiment. Never watched a single episode, but I still somehow feel connected to the show thanks to watching all of Alex's coverage of it

    • purple_eyes
      purple_eyes Před měsícem +2

      ​@jeck jeckwhy are you still hate watching?

    • Shreejal k. C.
      Shreejal k. C. Před 27 dny +1

      ​@jeck jeckdaam right 😂😂

  • Apollo XVI
    Apollo XVI Před 29 dny +695

    Its because of selfless heroes like Alex why we all can happily say we watched riverdale without carrying the trauma of watching the entirety of riverdale 🙏🙏

    • Shreejal k. C.
      Shreejal k. C. Před 27 dny +4

      Facts 😂😂😂

    • Chunchunmaru
      Chunchunmaru Před 16 dny +1

      Him and Friendly Space Ninja really gave me the whole Riverdale experience minus the wasting hours of my life cringing at the actual show lmao

  • Mother Glover
    Mother Glover Před měsícem +649

    Wow. That song was REALLY fantastic. The different art forms and epically hilarious. Riverdale would be proud!

    • czerwony kwadrat
      czerwony kwadrat Před 28 dny +5

      Also contains a reference to Tom Baker survives april. Seriously, go check it out

    • m
      m Před 28 dny +6

      the smooth jazz still alive cover is legendary

    • Synic Tea
      Synic Tea Před 19 dny +1

      Especially the abs

  • Santiago Cadena
    Santiago Cadena Před 26 dny +137

    The ending of this video was more emotional and well written than the ending of the entire Riverdale show. Thank you, Alex.

  • Hadessah Lalin
    Hadessah Lalin Před měsícem +165

    As someone who worked on the show. (I started watching your videos in Season One for a good laugh) I really appreciate you and how you have grown.
    Thank you

    • Hanmacx
      Hanmacx Před měsícem +11

      "Then it's time for another
      Sister or a Brother" 😅

    • Shreejal k. C.
      Shreejal k. C. Před 26 dny +1

      ​@Hanmacx😂😂😂 yeaaaa

    • J S
      J S Před 3 dny +1

      Oh wow. What was your role on the show?

    THE DOCTOR Před měsícem +5425

    In the next century, no one will remember Riverdale but they will remember the brave man who endured through them all. Thank you, Mr. Meyers.

    • Ultimatum602
      Ultimatum602 Před měsícem +49

      Alex Meyers psyche is the only thing stronger than Archie's abs.

    • Sirmel11
      Sirmel11 Před měsícem +3

      "Endured"? This show literally isn't that bad.

    • Chronic Patch Kids
      Chronic Patch Kids Před měsícem +14

      On the contrary I think this show will become a cult classic

    • Randypl
      Randypl Před měsícem +1

      Riverdale season 1 was really good

    • Dama Tamama
      Dama Tamama Před měsícem +6

      ​@RandyplI actually remember seeing the first season and thinking it was too grounded in reality. I was hoping for the comics archie mysteries. Then they took it further

  • JG
    JG Před měsícem +108

    I love how when Betty is in the afterlife she's welcomed into Pop's by Jason Blossom, who's wearing an employee uniform, implying that he's stuck working at a 50's diner for all eternity

  • JonelaRen
    JonelaRen Před měsícem +205

    Kinda bittersweet. I only watched season 1 to 3, but have been watching you since the beginning of your Riverdale reviews, cause I knew for a FACT I wasn’t the only one who thought this show is absolutely batshit crazy. 😂 And it was so comforting to have you through the years, even when I stopped watching the show myself, I was still on this rollercoaster ride with you. So… thank you. ❤

    • Shreejal k. C.
      Shreejal k. C. Před 27 dny +1

      I can totally ❤️ whole heartedly get you. 😂😂😂

  • Sabrina René
    Sabrina René Před měsícem +236

    the song at the end is amazing!!! great work guys. thanks for suffering through Riverdale all these years so we didn't have to Alex :)

  • -Rayn-
    -Rayn- Před měsícem +88

    That production y'all did for the song at the end is INSANE, amazing work everyone!!!

  • Dianela H.
    Dianela H. Před měsícem +54

    That end musical is a work of art. Loved the inclusion of Glados' song, never would have expected to find it in the Riverdale commentary 😅

    • A Person
      A Person Před 3 dny

      I thought he would do the portal to song at the end of this one, but it was great nonetheless

  • Mildred
    Mildred Před měsícem +3489

    Alex put more effort into that musical at the end than what the writers did for all of Riverdale. It was iconic.

    • fuzzycat31
      fuzzycat31 Před měsícem +14


    • Daphne_488
      Daphne_488 Před měsícem +12

      He really did!

    • Matthew Lang
      Matthew Lang Před měsícem +10

      It seems to be multiple homages to musical-style/popular songs @21:15 is from family guy's FCC song, @21:50 is the Portal game song etc. But that animation effort must have been something extensive!

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck Před měsícem +10

      Riverdale had writers?!

    • LillyLou
      LillyLou Před měsícem +3

      @jeck jeckYeah, Alex mentioned three orangutans 😂

  • T0xXx1k
    T0xXx1k Před 26 dny +30

    You're animation skills have come along way over the years you should be Hella proud of what you've accomplished
    And thank you for roasting a show that truly had it coming. Makes me feel like I didn't suffer alone and assures me it wasn't a fever dream lmao🧡🦇
    Edit: the puppets!! Omg😂

  • Frantasia :3
    Frantasia :3 Před měsícem +91

    This is it. My watchparty and I, the "Riverbabes", finally finished Riverdale together 1 hour ago. It for sure was a ride. And throughout it all, you have been with us. This actually got me so emotional and the musical at the end was incredible. Thanks for living through this with us. (also, your reaction to fangs was EXACTLY the same as one of us)

  • Heeyyyy
    Heeyyyy Před 9 dny +2

    Wow…I’ve watched every single Riverdale video of yours and I can’t believe it’s over. Thank you Alex for making me laugh countless times through these videos! That ending was the most theatre kid finale ever with incredible artwork and I’m so glad I randomly found your channel through my dad’s beat up phone in 5th grade 😂❤

  • Michael Biscay
    Michael Biscay Před měsícem +27

    I think I probably speak for a large number of people here when I say that I've never watched a single episode of this show and have no intentions to do so. But watching these videos have provided so much more entertainment than this show ever could have. I'm going to miss avoiding Riverdale by vicariously hate-watching it through you.

  • HafizhWK
    HafizhWK Před 20 dny +21

    It's quite sad to see Riverdale finally end after all these years, but I'm sure, give it a decade or two, this show will definitely be a cult classic that everyone has a sweet spot on. Also, the musical bit near the end is the best thing I've ever seen in your entire career. Well done, Alex and team!

  • Greasy Bumpkin
    Greasy Bumpkin Před měsícem +1885

    There's something beautiful about a guy spending 6 years ruthlessly mocking a show, only to conclude how over time he has come to respect it and how it's given something to the world even if it was just a bunch of laughs for us watching this channel.
    Thank you Riverdale, I never even watched you, but thanks to you and Alex I have been cheered up after hard days at work and given a brief release from just being overwhelmed with life bullshit.

    • Raximus3000
      Raximus3000 Před měsícem +12

      The funny thing is he thinks people will remember it. No, they will not. It is the kind of thing that gets dated in a few years in a decade it will be another thing lost to time.

    • Jacqueline
      Jacqueline Před 24 dny +3

      @Raximus3000I’m pretty sure people will remember it. The entire absurdity of it gave it enough of a cult following (people who actually watched it to the end and people who just followed along through videos like Alex’s or some other means) that it’s going to be memorable for a large enough group of people. They hit the “if you can’t make it good, make it so bad people can’t look away” sweet spot.

    • Raximus3000
      Raximus3000 Před 24 dny

      Considering the nuber of shows like this, it will not stand out.

  • DeineMutter
    DeineMutter Před 26 dny +2

    I sobbed watching the last 2 episodes bc I knew this was the end 😭 thank u so much also hope u can keep it up even without this beautiful mess of a show

  • Grammy
    Grammy Před 6 dny +3

    Riverdale was a GREAT show and exactly what I pictured every season before they introduced "Rivervale" everything after that seemed like a prolonged wait until the end 😭👍🏼

  • Adriana Bel Chikhani
    Adriana Bel Chikhani Před měsícem +48

    I watched all of s01 when it aired thinking it´d be like PLL bacause of the deaths and mistery. When s02 happened I tried to keep going but it didn´t sit right with me, so i started watching your videos to kind of keep up with it out of curiosity. Now after 6 years I never went back to watch Riverdale, but i did keep watching your videos. This final video has felt so emotional and I loved it, you put Riverdale on a whole other perspective.

    • abbie white
      abbie white Před 25 dny +2

      Exactly the same as me - thought it would be different to what it was

  • Ishika Shrimali
    Ishika Shrimali Před 29 dny +21

    The production of this video is really something. I absolutely loved how you incoporated your previous songs into this one. You Alex, made the perfect finale.

  • Megan Novotny
    Megan Novotny Před měsícem +32

    Didn't love Riverdale but love your series Alex! The songs, the animation, the abs, love it all! RIP Riverdale!

  • ♡a l y s s a♡
    ♡a l y s s a♡ Před měsícem +2187

    It’s amazing how we’ve finally reached the end of Riverdale and I _still_ haven’t seen a single episode.

    • Edgar Nello
      Edgar Nello Před měsícem +106

      As you shouldnt 💅🏼😘

    • Ditto
      Ditto Před měsícem +32

      Same here

    • Yellowish Green Dragon .-.
      Yellowish Green Dragon .-. Před měsícem +31

      I stopped watching beginning of season 3.

    • Unapologetically Muslimah
      Unapologetically Muslimah Před měsícem +14

      ​@Yellowish Green Dragon .-.I watched up to like 10 episodes into season 4 before I decided that it was shit lmao

    • Oscar Guerrero
      Oscar Guerrero Před měsícem +5

      @Unapologetically Muslimah same here lol

  • Divine U
    Divine U Před měsícem +18

    Wow the finale of riverdale genuinely made me cry because I literally started watching this show when I was about 12-13 years old and it was the best thing on television at the time, in my opinion, because I was a HUGE fan of the comics and the comics really shaped me throughout primary and secondary school. It was all me and my friends would ever read ( which probably rotted some part of our brains but who cares) so to hear Betty talk about life and how you should take it in because moments pass yada yada yada I cried. Alex’s goodbye is equally as sentimental! I appreciate how he acknowledges how long this show has been around and how it’s really the last of its kind

  • Avalie
    Avalie Před 21 dnem +6

    I just don't understand why they had to go back in time....??? But man has this been a wild ride. Your Riverdale videos are definitely some of my favorite!

  • Rosalia Ritchie
    Rosalia Ritchie Před měsícem +16

    I’ve been here since your first riverdale video… I was 14 and now 21! I’ve loved your take on riverdale all these years:)

  • nead o d
    nead o d Před 24 dny +7

    I've loved seeing the improvement of your editing over the past 6 yrs. That finalé song really brought it all to the forefront 👏🏻👏🏻

  • queendsheena1
    queendsheena1 Před 27 dny +8

    Stuck with you throughout. It was an honor to ride through the Riverdale waters with you, Alex.

  • Trina Q
    Trina Q Před měsícem +3341

    There will never be a show as ridiculous or random as Riverdale. Thank you, Alex, for giving us something to mock for the past six years, and for putting yourself through it so that we didn't have to!

    • NukeNade
      NukeNade Před měsícem +28

      oh...give it a year or two. somethings gonna come along to replace it

    • Frankie
      Frankie Před měsícem +27

      supernatural walked so riverdale could run

    • Christina Bryant
      Christina Bryant Před měsícem +6

      We hope there's never any other show like this

    • Maubeerbluffin
      Maubeerbluffin Před měsícem +6

      wow... I cannot believe it's actually over.
      a part of me is convinced there will be another reboot out of nowhere at some point. I mean... this has become the show that never ends, no matter how ridiculous it gets, for me. And now it did end.
      not that I'm particularly attached to it. I watched like.. maybe 2.5 seasons?
      but I didn't want to just stop watching without knowing how it ended, and that's how I found your videos. and I have watched most of them, if not all of them and learned to love your animation and your commentary. it's unique and threw me off at first, but it also drew me back in. its uniqueness makes it special. also helped by the fact that you're actually funny and your animation is also great.
      anyhoot, thank you so much for sticking with this show, Alex, and making videos about it, so we didn't have to keep watching all of it.
      you're awesome, keep doing your thing.
      and now that we're done with Riverdale, I'm excited to possibly see more different videos from your channel ❤

  • hypnojon32
    hypnojon32 Před 12 dny

    First of all, just wanted to say, Y'all nailed it out of the park with that musical number at the end. Filled me with so much joy! You are a great animator and a great entertainer

  • Just Drawn That Way
    Just Drawn That Way Před měsícem +25

    I love the work, care, and dedication you put into this final Riverdale video. It truly is the end of an era. I stopped watching the actual show in 2020, but I've seen every video you've made about it. Riverdale is how I found your channel, and I will cherish the show, if only for that reason.

  • Danielle Folk
    Danielle Folk Před 15 dny

    I’ve watched every single one of your Riverdale video’s! It’s nice to have someone also realize this show is nuts! And that’s putting in lightly. Thank you so much for putting in the effort to make these video’s, you are truly one of a kind! To the end of Riverdale 🍻

  • Kelly
    Kelly Před 24 dny

    I watched every one of these videos! The only Riverdale content I consumed 😆 thanks Alex for the laughs, the conclusion, & the dedication to the bit for so many years! These videos are the stuff of legend 😌

  • ActuallyTasha
    ActuallyTasha Před měsícem +1

    I still remembering finding Riverdale in 2017 on netlix. It wasn’t advertised at all in the uk but I began it, final year of uni. Getting ready for a night out and needing something to watch. I was drawn to it Purely because Cole Sprouse was in it and I’ve loved him since I was a teen. I wasn’t used to Netflix shows not having entire seasons out so I was hooked by the end of episode 1 and ready to watch another but it wasn’t out yet. Truly been there from the beginning of it. I discovered you shortly after too. End of an era for sure.

  • Sam Hoover
    Sam Hoover Před měsícem +2241

    Can we all just take a quick moment and applaud Alex on how far his animation has come over the years?! Looking back at the original Riverdale video to this finale video is insane how much he has improved as an artist-- congrats Alex on the professional growth. Loved the video! ❤

    • V
      V Před měsícem +23

      It was a collab!

  • Thea Mahboob
    Thea Mahboob Před 27 dny +5

    I just finished watching Riverdale and one of the only reasons why I continued watching it was simply because of your videos and how great they were. These videos will always sticks with me. Thank you for entertaining us these years, Alex.

    • Shreejal k. C.
      Shreejal k. C. Před 26 dny

      Similar situation ❤ indeed and true ❤

  • iwolf6645
    iwolf6645 Před 22 dny

    You introduced me to Riverdale around season 3 and I've been invested in both you and the show since then. It truly is the end of an era.

  • Allegra Anegra
    Allegra Anegra Před 27 dny +5

    I made so many jokes about them needing to cancel this show because it seemed like the writers were grasping at straws but I’m so sad right now. I’ve been watching Riverdale since the 7th grade and I’m a college sophomore now this is so bittersweet

  • Alyce QuinnFire
    Alyce QuinnFire Před 28 dny +2

    Late to this one but just wanted to say thanks Alex, I've been here since day one for the riverdale things and it's been amazing watching your videos on it, I can honestly say you're the only reason I'm sad it's over because laughing at it with you has been such a riot, when you made your first video on it who knew you would have kept it up for the entire show but I'm so glad you have. Wow to think this has been a journey I've been with you over the past 6 years and you still continue to entertain me with your videos. I just want to say seriously thank you and well done for your growth.

  • itspeyday
    itspeyday Před měsícem +11

    the way i’m actually emotional over this…i’ve never watched a single episode but i’ve seen all of your riverdale videos so i’m strangely attached to the show😭

  • Michael Fraser
    Michael Fraser Před měsícem +2950

    The core four being in a four-way relationship is literally the only way this show could end.

    • Mxltihosizzie
      Mxltihosizzie Před měsícem +13


    • AJ
      AJ Před měsícem +141

      Not really considering Veronica and jughead is random as hell

    • flamemasterelan
      flamemasterelan Před měsícem +172

      @AJ Yeah, but considering the writers' talent and priorities, it's the only logical place.

    • Bg Os
      Bg Os Před měsícem +29

      @flamemasterelan what talent?

    • Istoria Blanket
      Istoria Blanket Před měsícem +35


  • Sean Walker
    Sean Walker Před 28 dny +10

    "Let's make her more half-which kinda like what Netflix does with all of their black characters". This resonated with me and I am unapologetically black. ❤

  • the chaos of caffeine
    the chaos of caffeine Před měsícem +6

    i've been watching your riverdale videos since 2018, and i've seen the show vicariously thorough your recaps, alex
    thank you for your dedication, effort, and losing your sanity so we don't have to. it's been fun seeing you grow as a content creator!

  • Midnight Prowl
    Midnight Prowl Před měsícem +19

    I only recently found your channel, but I have to say you did an excellent job covering Riverdale, it really sucks that it ended. Hats off to you for enduring it, you lasted one season longer than I did.

  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf Před 26 dny +2

    What a ride it was, watching this show and sitting through every video as well. Consider myself a mad man for doing so but damn did I enjoy every bit of it. Thank you Riverdale and Alex for a crazy several years!

  • Cecilia Faith
    Cecilia Faith Před měsícem +6

    5:18 As a member Gen-Z, I feel extremely called out. 😂
    Anyways, I never watched Riverdale, but I’ve been keeping up with your videos on the subject. It’s strange to think it’s finally over, but thank you for your time and dedication for the sake of our entertainment. :)

  • Rati Singh
    Rati Singh Před měsícem +2

    That musical at the end was a million times better than the series finale episode! This is how you say goodbye!! Incredible incredible work, Alex!!

  • Sean Fox
    Sean Fox Před měsícem +11

    I had a ginormous smile on my face during the musical number this time, brilliant work alex!

  • CCA
    CCA Před měsícem +2

    Been following along since the first video. What a wild ride it’s been! Thank you Alex for all the laughs and songs. Looking forward to whatever comes next!

  • Tara C
    Tara C Před měsícem +1

    Not a musical at the end?!?! We do not deserve you! That was too epic!

  • KaffeePinsel
    KaffeePinsel Před měsícem +8

    My god... the love that went into the animation in this is insane. Kudos, kudos, kudos 👏👏👏. The abs and pecks live on indeed

  • Sashane Bell
    Sashane Bell Před měsícem +1433

    I really love how the song at the end showed how much Alex's animation style has progressed through the years through the eyes of Riverdale. Top notch Alex. Honestly ❤

    • Tofan Purnomo Waisaka
      Tofan Purnomo Waisaka Před měsícem +43

      I think it's a team effort of the secret group project for animators Alex posted in the community tab some time ago.

    • Orion h
      Orion h Před měsícem +21

      Yup, the credits in the video description. Great work still

  • Dane Roberts
    Dane Roberts Před měsícem +5

    That last episode actually sounds very sweet and nostalgic (for the most part)

  • Freakopath
    Freakopath Před 22 dny

    I can't thank you Alex enough to have put up with this show so we don't want to. I love that I found you through riverdale 2018, you're hilarious and I will patiently wait until you find a new show that's crazy and upload 53 videos about it🤩 this time has been amazing

  • Honey Beaver
    Honey Beaver Před měsícem +16

    What a finale. All the animation styles all the singing just WOW

  • alyzu
    alyzu Před měsícem +8

    OMG, the puppets!!!! 😍
    That musical number was better than all 7 seasons of the show put together. 🥰

  • Trina Q
    Trina Q Před měsícem +2998

    At least I can thank Riverdale for helping me to find Alex's hilarious videos. I will miss him unapologetically making fun of it!

    • Kendra Hansen
      Kendra Hansen Před měsícem +34

      I found found his channel around the same time he started Riverdale and i just stayed through it all because i was suprised to see someone actually had the same opinion on the show as i did, when the show was popular all i heard people talking about were the atractiveness of the characters and literraly nothing else it was frustrating

    • AJ Studios
      AJ Studios Před měsícem +8


    • Sunspot Mill
      Sunspot Mill Před měsícem +5

      I think it's safe to say that most of us wouldn't have discovered his channel without Riverdale. lol

    • WhiteShadow
      WhiteShadow Před měsícem

      ​@Sunspot Millyep! And then there's a few like me who discovered Riverdale through this channel 😂

    • Onceafetus
      Onceafetus Před měsícem +3

      Wow, nice to see you here again Trina

  • Aaron Michael
    Aaron Michael Před měsícem +5

    This last season was seriously the best the shows ever been. That finale hit me like a train!!

  • mayoo
    mayoo Před měsícem

    the ending made me more emotional than I could have ever anticipated being

  • Publishing and Poltergeists

    .. why am I crying? I only ever watched season 1 of Riverdale and loved it. But after watching this, I have the sads. Great recap!

  • Millie
    Millie Před měsícem +1

    I began watching Riverdale myself after I saw your first video came out. Yes it was a bit cheesy but it seemed like a good kinda mystery teen drama; I was then along for the ride and the storm of whatever the hell followed afterwards. I stopped watching Riverdale for the plot and watched it because it was insanity, and the whole time I looked forward to seeing your all too realistic summaries.
    It doesn’t feel real that this show is finally over. But it is, so farewell Riverdale, I will probably just end up watching again in like 2 years anyway.😊

  • smokeythepandit
    smokeythepandit Před měsícem +1

    The musical towards the end was magnificent!!

  • callmecristal
    callmecristal Před měsícem +2047

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