NEW: Rank Up Extremely Fast in Call of Duty Ghosts! Best Method and Gamemode for XP!

  • čas přidán 3. 11. 2013
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  • Louise Muddleton
    Louise Muddleton Před 8 lety +1

    AK 12 and IA-2, Ameli, M27-IAR, MSBS are the best guns

  • Dro Diaz
    Dro Diaz Před 8 lety +1

    I think that the MSBS and AK 12 are the best.
    I did have a 15 kill streak with the MSBS and with the AK12.

  • Chilly
    Chilly Před 9 lety

    I mod everything in for PSN add CaTcH_iT5 for free mods

  • Sjakiel Rameswar
    Sjakiel Rameswar Před 8 lety


  • CR15
    CR15 Před 9 lety +1

    You can level playing offline??? help plis

    • Winter Bacca
      Winter Bacca Před 9 lety +1

      You can not you can only gain xp online when your playing in a game

  • Sander
    Sander Před 8 lety

    Can u tell me what the best class is in cod ghosts multiplayer thanks !!! Grtz

  • zenco
    zenco Před 9 lety

    Man... U earned a sub :)

  • Tyler Laws
    Tyler Laws Před 9 lety

    Hey dude I was wondering if u can give me 10th on ghost my Psn is V6_forcee

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez Před 8 lety

    Before I watched this video i like search and rescue

  • Matthew Buchan
    Matthew Buchan Před 8 lety

    i'm gonna pop some tags but... i've only got $20 in my pocket!

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez Před 8 lety

    I almost always play search and rescue

  • Sander
    Sander Před 8 lety

    My psn : terielekst add me

  • Jennyy
    Jennyy Před 7 lety

    when i play i don't rank up ;3 why?

  • bad belco
    bad belco Před 8 lety

    i am looking for people to join KOBK clan add me on xbox360 badassbelco22 are add me or youtube

  • Frederik Vestergaard
    Frederik Vestergaard Před 9 lety

    Anoing end

  • Jason Wolfe
    Jason Wolfe Před 8 lety


  • Ok Po 2
    Ok Po 2 Před 9 lety

    Lol h didn't pick up the last tat, BAD BOY!

  • Project D Racing
    Project D Racing Před 9 lety


  • foxriders917
    foxriders917 Před 9 lety

    Aqeosme thanks!!

  • kyle
    kyle Před 9 lety

    stop yelling

  • BrxIghtside
    BrxIghtside Před 9 lety

    i got all the tag pickups for my team last night bc everyone was being a FaZe wannabe and sniping

  • Vampz
    Vampz Před 9 lety

    3rd lol

  • Brian SPIESS
    Brian SPIESS Před 9 lety

    I know its late but how do u get a early copy of ghosts or any game

  • Alan Koshaba
    Alan Koshaba Před 9 lety


  • Antivenomkid
    Antivenomkid Před 9 lety

    No what's funny I saw a video that said the same thing and it was posted before this 1 and u copied that utuber word by word

  • DeucePlayz
    DeucePlayz Před 9 lety

    im going to sub ur fucking amazing

  • TJCT
    TJCT Před 9 lety

    Hello y'all if you want a master prestige account just check my video where there is a massive 20 account giveaway

    • ashley swift
      ashley swift Před 9 lety

      can i have one
      my gt is itzz x reloads

  • Nicholas Wilkinson
    Nicholas Wilkinson Před 8 lety

  • Intel Doge
    Intel Doge Před 8 lety

    If you're a decent player, simply hop into a game of Kill Confirmed and/or Search and Destroy, get a decent amount of kills, and you'll get around 13,000 XP every game. I got 30,000 once.

  • JustInception
    JustInception Před 9 lety


  • Carl Joshua
    Carl Joshua Před 9 lety

    Can you rank up in private matches with a lobby of bots?

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  • Bensturgill
    Bensturgill Před 8 měsíci +6

    Who here in 2022 because of ESPN?