Scotland 1-3 England | 150th Anniversary Heritage Match Highlights | Scotland National Team

  • čas přidán 11. 09. 2023
  • Highlights from tonight's 150th Anniversary Heritage Match against England at Hampden Park.
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  • Fūçk m€ bÃB¥
    Fūçk m€ bÃB¥ Před 21 dnem +4737

    Respected by opponents,
    Feared by teammates.
    - Harry Maguire.

    • Dennis Martinez
      Dennis Martinez Před 21 dnem +18


    • Kola Kareem
      Kola Kareem Před 21 dnem +62

      Loved by opponents you mean😂😂

    • juan altredo
      juan altredo Před 21 dnem +3

      disRespected by opponents you mean

      JOSH ADRALE Před 21 dnem +21

      Economic Maguire 😹

    • BF Computers
      BF Computers Před 21 dnem +48

      Even if opponents are struggling to score, Maguire will find means to score for them

  • BakanoTV
    BakanoTV Před 17 dny +27

    For a moment, I thought that Harry Maguire had lost his magic, but what a striker. The legend is still alive🎉

  • Alma Wilson (NedsYou)
    Alma Wilson (NedsYou) Před 18 dny +73

    Maguire can do what most defenders cannot do throughout their careers in just 45 mins. Legend

  • Marshall Muyembi
    Marshall Muyembi Před 20 dny +344

    That Bellingham guy is pure quality. Best England player I have seen in years definitely not overrated

    • Benny Butterfingers
      Benny Butterfingers Před 20 dny +9

      Was wayne Rooney overrated ?

    • ya Allah
      ya Allah Před 20 dny

      📷👍⚽🎬 viral

    • Charlie
      Charlie Před 20 dny +14

      ​@Benny Butterfingersno way, rooneys a legend

    • Jordan Malisiak
      Jordan Malisiak Před 19 dny +5

      Phil is better than him by a few inches

    • joshua
      joshua Před 19 dny

      kane is better

  • Hristo Petroff
    Hristo Petroff Před 20 dny +331

    Harry Maguire is absolutely legend. Give this man a golden boot

    • Mohd Faizal
      Mohd Faizal Před 19 dny

      R right

    • Sujil Devkota
      Sujil Devkota Před 19 dny +3

      Robertson defending is much more poor than Harry Maguire but no one will talk about it

    • Danny
      Danny Před 19 dny

      dead horse

    • Drrrrrrrrrrrr
      Drrrrrrrrrrrr Před 18 dny

      Damn! Hard luck for Maguire😢

    • Steven Owen
      Steven Owen Před 18 dny

      Yes give him golden boot , up his very own

  • 9I8
    9I8 Před 19 dny +77

    Imagine being such a legend that your teams rivals give you a standing ovation for scoring an amazing goal like that... Mad respect to Harry maguire 🤩🤩

  • Ramlee Hamdin
    Ramlee Hamdin Před 21 dnem +4305

    Maguire is a kind of player that will not celebrate when he scored a goal. Such a humble human being.

  • Temir Esengulov
    Temir Esengulov Před 18 dny +45

    Гарри Магуайр даже не празднует гол который он забил. Ностаящая легенда!!!

  • Albert Chan
    Albert Chan Před 20 dny +63

    Perfect goal from Maguire. The first touch, reaction and his confidence is perfect.

  • Chris Davidson
    Chris Davidson Před 19 dny +25

    As a Scotsman, can only applaud that England team, they are the best England team I have seen in my lifetime - sometimes you just got to admit when you're second best in a game.

    • Jupiter
      Jupiter Před 16 dny +1

      We will demolish your goal posts at a later date.

    • Graeme
      Graeme Před 15 dny +2

      If only they had a manager that understands you cant play with only a plan A when other managers at 0 - 1 down will roll out their plan B, C and D against you while you defend your 1 goal advantage as if defending the Alamo. Or play favourites who cant get a gig for their club. If only.

    • SBakerNYC
      SBakerNYC Před 14 dny +3

      Which is crazy because this is rhe best Scottish team for 25 years or so

    • Scott Johnston
      Scott Johnston Před 12 dny

      ​@SBakerNYC Good point, mate .

  • Cnoc 500
    Cnoc 500 Před 20 dny +172

    Let's be honest, we were humbled last night. England's all round play was far superior to ours. Steve Clark and the lads deserve huge credit for where they have taken us to, and I'm sure even they admit that England's performance is the type of example we want to aspire to.
    Take it on the chin, learn from it and move on Scotland.
    Well played England 👏👏

    • David
      David  Před 20 dny +10

      think some supporters and also players got too emotionally involved which can weaken resolve

    • ulical
      ulical Před 20 dny +2

      Wait until Scotland visit Seville on 12 October (Spain's national day). Spain is playing there for a reason. Last time Germany played there under similar circumstances, Spain drubbed them 6-0.

    • Name at Random
      Name at Random Před 20 dny +15

      Yous lads done well considering your top league is Pub Quality

    • Cnoc 500
      Cnoc 500 Před 20 dny +9

      @Name at Random 🤣 sometimes it's not even that good

    • coloneldecker
      coloneldecker Před 20 dny +8

      ​@nameatrandom9234 what's wrong with pubs? Pubs are great.

  • Sam DeZain
    Sam DeZain Před 20 dny +67

    Bellingham is sensational.the way he just go past defenders,how he made that assist for last goal.making a 360 degrees

  • Beni Marta
    Beni Marta Před 21 dnem +2384

    Maguire is a legend. Even scotland manager clapped his hands to respect Maguire at minutes 67 👏👏

    • Andrew S
      Andrew S Před 21 dnem +136

      Respected by opponents, feared by teammates

    • NL 1
      NL 1 Před 21 dnem +22

      He must be a decoy at this stage. Only shot yous lot had on target 🤣

    • Jothi Narayanan
      Jothi Narayanan Před 21 dnem +5


    • n kamalia
      n kamalia Před 21 dnem +5


    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan Před 21 dnem +6


  • A.M. Armstrong
    A.M. Armstrong Před 20 dny +6

    Harry Maguire is a picture of composure when slotting home from close range. Many strikers can learn from him.

  • Luxury Channel
    Luxury Channel Před 20 dny +39

    I did not see this coming. Jude is Unbelievable. The young guy can play. What a transformation. Hopefully he can become one of the greats in the world of football.

    • Kurt Brendel
      Kurt Brendel Před 19 dny +2

      Yeah he looks supernatural here (I know these are highlights)

    • Justin Chetham-Strode
      Justin Chetham-Strode Před 19 dny +4

      Unless the boy is struck down by injuries he will become one of the best English players ever (he's well on the way right now, with his performances at Real Madrid), and he's already the most highly rated young player in Europe. Jude is the most naturally talented player we've had since Gazza, and he's got a better head on his shoulders than Paul ever did.

  • SN
    SN Před 20 dny +19

    Maguire can be defender and a striker at the same time in the same game. What a gifted player he is, just a phenomenal

  • Dosthyn Urtu
    Dosthyn Urtu Před 20 dny +8

    La combinación Jude y Kane en el tercer gol, nos da una idea de lo que pudo y no llegó a ser en el Real Madrid.

  • Zlatko Matezovic
    Zlatko Matezovic Před 20 dny +4

    Svaka čast na pjevanju himne!!!👏👏👏🤜

  • Lyings on XBL
    Lyings on XBL Před 20 dny +25

    the scottish national anthem being sang was absolutely beautiful no matter where you are in the world you have to admire the passion and love for their country you see it in their faces. brilliant

    • Tim Dickson
      Tim Dickson Před 18 dny +3

      They bizarrely omitted to play the English (ie British) national anthem and the shameful response from the Hampden crowd - still quality shows on the pitch

    • Marko Miki
      Marko Miki Před 18 dny


    • Alfie Clash
      Alfie Clash Před 18 dny +2

      England are not allowed their own that would too much to ask for and of course...very racist🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

    • Cymru Emergency Responder
      Cymru Emergency Responder Před 8 dny

      @Tim DicksonIt was a wonderful response.

  • Exir Dsun
    Exir Dsun Před 15 dny +1

    Kane is a modern-day hero in Bellingham and a legend. What a gift!

  • ไม่รู้ ไม่บอก

    "Goal is a goal no matter side" Harry Maguire

  • Old Mr T
    Old Mr T Před 20 dny +4

    Maguire's instinctive finishing can't be taught. Class act 👍

  • CheriTheBery
    CheriTheBery Před 17 dny +2

    What a beautiful finish from Maguire, dude's been practicing!

  • Xxx Vargation
    Xxx Vargation Před 21 dnem +1109

    Never judge a goal by its side
    Harry Maguire

    • Mickey Red Nose
      Mickey Red Nose Před 21 dnem +27

      As an England fan, we really wanted to give Scotland a chance by bringing Maguire on at half time!

    • rolando vivar
      rolando vivar Před 21 dnem


    • Stucsr
      Stucsr Před 21 dnem +20

      Another brilliant goal by Harry Maguire! 😂

    • Faisal
      Faisal Před 21 dnem +7

      Harry maguire is such ever player in the galaxy

    • The Dark Knight Racist
      The Dark Knight Racist Před 21 dnem +2

      @Mickey Red Nose what the f is england fan, it's a nation, not a club, you either english or you ain't

  • Ricardo Ghiani
    Ricardo Ghiani Před 18 dny +12

    I'm from Portugal. Your Scottish anthem is absolutely beautiful especially with the way the fans sing along. Gave me goosebumps 👋

  • Julio Costa Rica
    Julio Costa Rica Před 20 dny +18

    Nobody scores from his own box like Maguire, he's the living legend

  • Zain
    Zain Před 19 dny +7

    Kane is a legend and Bellingham modern day great. What a talent!

  •  Před 20 dny +7

    Bellingham celebrating with VAMOSSS goes to show how in tune and committed he is to Real Madrid. the boys is gold!

  • Trinitatis Sanctorvm
    Trinitatis Sanctorvm Před 19 dny +10

    as a Portuguese i felt goosebumps during the Scotland National Anthem... i hope i can visit your country one day

  • robert williams
    robert williams Před 21 dnem +666

    Maguire was totally unmarked. Took it well but you cant leave a player like Maguire without cover.

    • Palash
      Palash Před 21 dnem +3


    • Idham
      Idham Před 21 dnem +9

      Truly venomous striker! England totally disrespected him by not marking the goat 🔥

    • Paokai Haokip
      Paokai Haokip Před 21 dnem +1


    • Steve Araka
      Steve Araka Před 21 dnem

      😅 you're sick! 😂😂😂

    • enjoythestruggle
      enjoythestruggle Před 21 dnem


  • John Baptist Akado
    John Baptist Akado Před 19 dny +2

    Bellingham is a real talent!

  • Javier Zelada
    Javier Zelada Před 20 dny +69

    It is very gratifying and emotional to see the two teams that gave birth to this magnificent sport called football in such a meaningful celebration. Greetings and respect from Argentina.

    • Dennis Morgan
      Dennis Morgan Před 20 dny

      None of these players had anything to do with that. That was over a 150 years ago

    • Natasha Jones
      Natasha Jones Před 20 dny +6

      Football is an English invention nothing to do with Scotland

    • Garry Smith
      Garry Smith Před 20 dny +2

      @Natasha Jonesyou think English were the first to kick a ball around?

    • K
      K Před 20 dny

      Maybe I am being too cynical, but your comment sounds almost sarcastic. I mean Argentina won three World Cup in the last 50 years, while England hasn't even reached any finals in that span. Maybe England was the birthplace of football, but they haven't been very good at it lately.....

  • _A1
    _A1 Před 20 dny +4

    what a finish from Maguire!! best Scotsman on the pitch by far.

  • King Lim
    King Lim Před 20 dny +20

    Harry, Harry quite contrary. He is a magical player! He has deft touch of the ball, cool-headed when he scores, and has a big heart! He didn’t want to leave the Scots empty-handed. Good lad.

  • andreia veiga
    andreia veiga Před 20 dny +5

    Bellinghan é um monstro

  • 𝓚𝓪𝓵𝓬𝓸
    𝓚𝓪𝓵𝓬𝓸 Před 21 dnem +569

    "A goal is a goal, it doesn't matter which end it's at." - Harry Maguire

    • EASWAR
      EASWAR Před 21 dnem +4


    • Manav Chauhan
      Manav Chauhan Před 21 dnem

      This is such an unoriginal and old comment, stop it for humour's sake mate. Respectfully saying.

    • Desmond Pratt
      Desmond Pratt Před 21 dnem

      😂😂😂 Guy, stop this!😂

    • H. Y.
      H. Y. Před 20 dny

      may be the main quote of Maguire's biographical book

    • anti-troll2019
      anti-troll2019 Před 19 dny

      Sad troll

  • Anurag Sarkar
    Anurag Sarkar Před 17 dny +1

    Maguire what a player ! What a legend !...You pass the ball to him he will score at the nearest post.

  • Sudharshan v e
    Sudharshan v e Před 18 dny +1

    That assist by Robertson to Bellingham is just....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kenji Def
    Kenji Def Před 20 dny +18

    How hé can score so easy against any goalkeeper is truly wonderful to see no wonder he is loved by his opponents and feared by his teammates that's what you expected from THE GOAT Maguire

  • Mohomed Azath
    Mohomed Azath Před 20 dny +14

    England fans were cheering Harry to score a goal! But unfortunately kane couldn't hear them! But Maguire did! Such a humble guy never disappoints his fans❤

    • Vicki Summer
      Vicki Summer Před 19 dny

      But Harry Kane did score. What are you on about?

    • laugh away
      laugh away Před 19 dny +1

      ​@Vicki Summer It still works bcuz Maguire scored before Kane

  • Kaizoku LI
    Kaizoku LI Před 18 dny +2

    Harry showed them levels again. GOAT🐐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Balian Rompies
    Balian Rompies Před 21 dnem +310

    “A goal is still a goal no matter which side you're on”. King Maguire 👑

    • hom0phobic
      hom0phobic Před 21 dnem +6

      As an American, my suggestion to England would be to consider using Maguire as a striker. I believe he has the potential to outscore Kane.
      currently he just plays on the wrong side of the field

    • Constipated Parker
      Constipated Parker Před 21 dnem +1

      Bro did the wrong goal but still has good finishing

  • dislecsyk991
    dislecsyk991 Před 17 dny

    English here. I've enjoyed seeing Scotland in the qualifiers this time around, the togetherness of the team is great to see, and there have been some superb results.
    I expected Scotland to win this one. But once the game got going, there was a clear gulf in technical quality and we were so far superior, just didn’t expect it.
    Hope you guys get the results you need though. You're not going to run up against players playing like Bellingham and Foden did in this game very often.

  • m0t3ki
    m0t3ki Před 19 dny +1

    It does not matter which side it is , a goal is a goal -harry maguire

  • Amen Stal
    Amen Stal Před 20 dny +3

    Maguire is a natural own goal scorer. To think that Man United has once made him their Captain is just UNTHINKABLE ! It's just a matter time he'd score an own goal for his Country after initially getting some in for United.

  • Kunkan _APP
    Kunkan _APP Před 20 dny +1

    Robbo's assist, Maguire's finishing. What a duo !

  • GraceThroughFaith 1Corinthians 15:1-4

    listening to the Scots singing their national anthem sends goosebumps through my entire body!

  • Master
    Master Před 21 dnem +791

    The fact that Maguire can get standing ovations from the opposing fans every game is impressive!

    • Joseph Kerema
      Joseph Kerema Před 21 dnem +11

      it might be that they will be appreciating him for scoring for them

    • redstar19
      redstar19 Před 21 dnem +2


    • XerxesGammon
      XerxesGammon Před 21 dnem +2

      Did that happen when he was subbed in? Or you mean the goal?

    • S Turik
      S Turik Před 21 dnem +12

      Maguire took it personal 😂 he wanted a revenge against Ramsdale

    • Patrick Kelly
      Patrick Kelly Před 21 dnem

      Did Robinson get a ovation for setting up Bellingham.

  • Sleya Raze
    Sleya Raze Před 20 dny +2

    Bellingham is insane in every match

  • C0rN_G0d
    C0rN_G0d Před 19 dny +5

    It's absolutely stunning seeing how Maguire pulled through for Scotland despite England's domination. He is a beautiful player to watch. And Bellingham.. what absolute class of a player

  • Brad Lawson
    Brad Lawson Před 20 dny +12

    Bellingham is already world class. The way he just glides past defenders reminds me of Kaka in his pomp. Central defense is the one area where someone needs to come into the team and raise the level for them to win a major tournament in this next cycle.

  • joe zhau
    joe zhau Před 20 dny +4

    Speechless for our lord maguire

  • Claude Fazio
    Claude Fazio Před 18 dny

    Jude Bellingham is becoming one of the best 10s in the world. His dribbling skills are superb.

  • KarmaKahn
    KarmaKahn Před 20 dny +469

    Scotland struggled, but Maguire found a way. What an amazing player!

    • ya Allah
      ya Allah Před 20 dny +3

      Eng 👏👏👏👍🏟️📷🏆🕶️

    • ya Allah
      ya Allah Před 20 dny

      Enggak boleh 👍👍 mantap Gurp

  • Crispy Crisp
    Crispy Crisp Před 19 dny +1

    Great to see my team - Crystal Palace - with a starter at the very first international and the 150 anniversary. (And all those major trophies we’ve won in between!)
    I was just delighted to see the fixture again. I grew up with it and my dad loved the rivalry and going to Wembley for the game in the 50s, 60’s and 70’s.
    And no, as a kid I never saw the Scottish fans of the 70s as dangerous. They were down to have fun. It was like a proper working class festival of drinking, singing and bad sun burn at Wembley weekend.

  • Sisanda Gumede
    Sisanda Gumede Před 19 dny +2

    Jude Bellingham, WHAT A PLAYER

  • Demian Bamu
    Demian Bamu Před 20 dny +2

    Bellingham is just unbelievable

  • Raúl César
    Raúl César Před 20 dny +2

    Jude is on fire 🔥 🔥. GREAT player

  • Dan Imansyah
    Dan Imansyah Před 20 dny +1

    Harry Maguire is really a legend, he should be nominated for Ballon D'Or this year as best defender plus striker. 👍

  • Jasper Kokx
    Jasper Kokx Před 21 dnem +786

    Bellingham and Maguire were just both outrageous. I don't think there are any players in the world that can match the impact they have on a football pitch.

    • ThatRacingGuy
      ThatRacingGuy Před 20 dny +16


    • Leonard Mwanza
      Leonard Mwanza Před 20 dny +35

      It's an atrocity to put both of them in the same sentence 😂

    • figure108
      figure108 Před 20 dny +21

      Don’t disrespect Maguire like that, no one should be put in the same sentence as him.

    • Uchechukwu Michael
      Uchechukwu Michael Před 20 dny +2

      @figure108 lol

    • roni zamro
      roni zamro Před 20 dny +3

      😂😂😂😂😂 yeah he is a special one

  • Dale Dan-Irabor
    Dale Dan-Irabor Před 19 dny +3

    Bellingham playing with authority is just beautiful to watch!!!

  • Zhaoyu Zhong
    Zhaoyu Zhong Před 20 dny +3

    Maguire is really the most talked about man , he’s a true legend

  • Miraç ÖZTÜRK
    Miraç ÖZTÜRK Před 20 dny +5

    Maguire never disappoints..

  • AlienXNA65
    AlienXNA65 Před 20 dny +1

    As a England fan, pleased that we got the result last night - Jude B. outstanding (remember folk criticising Birmingham City for retiring JB's squad number on leaving after 1 season, guess we know now). Anyway, genuinely pleased that Scotland football is getting back up to where it should be - Steve Clarke and the current squad showing grit and determination (old enough to remember Lorimar, Gemmil, Dalglish, Souness, Burns in their prime) so am sure you'll be at the Euros.

    DION KUNGU Před 20 dny +1

    How do you keep Maguire quiet. This guy never disappoints 😊

  • Tuna Strata
    Tuna Strata Před 20 dny +2

    Maguire goal, robertson assist. What a game!

  • The Elegant Masters
    The Elegant Masters Před 19 dny +1

    What a humble human being, not celebrating a tap in that duped the keeper to go to the other side!

  • Dani Soler
    Dani Soler Před 16 dny

    Grande Escocia 👏🏻se hicieron sentir ,saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪🙌🏼

  • Old Seadog
    Old Seadog Před 17 dny +1

    Say what you like about Harry Maguire, but you can't doubt his finishing ability in the 6 yard box.

  • Thien Bui
    Thien Bui Před 20 dny +2

    Maguire a ấy ghi bàn không bao h ăn mừng. Thật khiêm tốn❤

  • Umer M.
    Umer M. Před 20 dny +666

    Harry Maguire is magician. He scored the goal and even Scotland fans praised him.
    True Legend

    • jambo skinner
      jambo skinner Před 20 dny +4


    • ya Allah
      ya Allah Před 20 dny +3

      Id tiok tok level 2023 👍👍👍👏✌️ mantap Gurp boleh ⚽🎬

    • ahmed elewa
      ahmed elewa Před 19 dny +3

      bro it happens

    • Blazing_Zari
      Blazing_Zari Před 19 dny

      @ahmed elewait happens...ALL THE TIME.

    • アマ
      アマ Před 19 dny +2

      @Blazing_Zari According to his stats he scored 2 own goals in his career and scored 7 for England and 11 in the PL.
      So it doesn't happen EVER. He did contribute to a lot of the opponents goals but overall he's a great defender. If you deny that you're speaking against the facts, his market value, his stats, even pretty much every neutral expert opinion. If you want an even better defender that's fair, you can say that, you want the best in the world, but just making up things doesn't help.

  • Scott L.
    Scott L. Před 19 dny +2

    Ramsdale had absolutely no chance of stopping that finish. Such expert placement!😮

    • Douglas Green
      Douglas Green Před 14 dny

      Only one place that ball was going..😂" Back of the net" 😂😂 ( Alan Partridge) 😂

  • Lenny Momanyi
    Lenny Momanyi Před 20 dny +2

    I love the Euro qualifying performances, there are gifts from every Scottish National Team players

  • Borderican
    Borderican Před 20 dny +2

    What an assist by McGinn. He seen the false defender and took full advantage

  • Dennis Sykes
    Dennis Sykes Před 20 dny +6

    Even the Scotland coach is in awe of Maguire

  • TheSJVF
    TheSJVF Před 20 dny

    Maguire, the gift that keeps on giving

  • Not Nice
    Not Nice  Před 21 dnem +667

    The consistency of Harry Maguire is on another level, technically gifted that his own goalkeeper wouldn’t guess when he is likely to score. Man making a clean sheet idea a myth for his goalkeeper. I can imagine when he hung-up his boots, looks back to his career goal tally and say “yeah, I smashed the record””what a legend of the game.

    • Gabor Fodi
      Gabor Fodi Před 21 dnem +18

      Man I'm crying on this side of the phone. 😂😂. Please stop!

    • Shaffy
      Shaffy Před 21 dnem +3

      This made me literally lol 😂

    • Uchenna Nworie
      Uchenna Nworie Před 20 dny +2

      😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣,bro stop please.

    • Wasiu Alatise
      Wasiu Alatise Před 20 dny +2

      Why is Britain becoming none white & why do you only have blacks in your English football Rugby & Cricket teams is it crime based if so why no Muslims Polish Romanians Chinese etc

    • Sangan 76
      Sangan 76 Před 20 dny +11

      what a weirdo the one above me is sigh!

  • Lukas Jose
    Lukas Jose Před 14 dny

    This touch....this touch guys
    It requires talent to do what he does and continue playing like nothing happened (again)

  • Drop Review
    Drop Review Před 20 dny +1

    Maguire did his regular job to scoring own goal. He doesn’t regret at all after that because he has so much own goal in his career

  • Why so serious?😎
    Why so serious?😎 Před 18 dny

    The Scotland national anthem - one of the most beautiful anthems in the world. What a powerful singing from the crowd of the anthem. It means alot to me this anthem, One of the schools in my hometown- Hilton College use this tune as their school song. We used to hear them sing it when we played them in rugby.

  • T Roberts
    T Roberts Před 20 dny

    Say what you want about Maguire but he sure knows how to find the net. Genius!!!

    VINCENT NGUYEN Před 20 dny +2

    Legend Harry Maguire ! he "scored" very important goals

  • HeyitsAbi
    HeyitsAbi Před 20 dny +333

    Look at the reaction of Harry Maguire after scoring that goal, Dude is really proud of himself, what a legend

    • Flavour Amos
      Flavour Amos Před 20 dny +7


    • L T
      L T Před 20 dny +14

      Atleast he had more shots on target than any of you Scots 😆

    • Yat Tsang
      Yat Tsang Před 20 dny +3

      It seems he said "Shut Up!"

      PAUL ROGERS Před 20 dny +2

      THATS WHY HE LOOKED.......COOL...AS...... A TOOL!

    • bisyri samsuri
      bisyri samsuri Před 20 dny +3

      Hes trying to keep tha balance of everything, giving the opponent a goal they need

  • Vanilla
    Vanilla Před 19 dny +1

    "Frankly speaking, Maguire is the toughest opponent I've faced in my career."
    - David De Gea

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave Před 20 dny

    Everyone is talking about the Maguire goal but that assist from Robertson to Bellingham was gold

  • Szilveszter Császár
    Szilveszter Császár Před 20 dny +1

    This Bellingham kid is absolutely sensational.

  • Douglech Henry
    Douglech Henry Před 20 dny

    Magure is the most kindest human i know he always gives his opponents a fighting chance

  • redstar19
    redstar19 Před 21 dnem +372

    after scoring an own goal, he shouted to his team mates "stay calm"
    what a leader!

    • Ray Smith
      Ray Smith Před 21 dnem +2


    • Brick top
      Brick top Před 21 dnem +2

      Even Steve Clarke clapped for him!
      Lol....what a man.

    • Conrad Omoding
      Conrad Omoding Před 21 dnem


    • Kalid App
      Kalid App Před 21 dnem


    • Thomas Foster
      Thomas Foster Před 20 dny +1

      Made andy feel a bit better slab. 8mill..andy. 80 mill.harry.😴😴

  • Juan Velasco
    Juan Velasco Před 4 dny

    Respetado por los oponentes,
    Temido por sus compañeros.
    -Harry Maguire.

  • Sander Oscmar
    Sander Oscmar Před 19 dny +1

    lord magire rises to the occasion. what a player. Give this guy the golden ball

  • bisyri samsuri
    bisyri samsuri Před 20 dny +2

    Here to watch Lord Maguire, what a player, deadly on the penalty area.
    His own penalty area

  • Toby Teddy's TV
    Toby Teddy's TV Před 20 dny +2

    The best performance by maguire..what a game he play

  • Dan C
    Dan C Před 19 dny

    GOAT did it again....Maguire is truly unbelievable

  • Md Jisan
    Md Jisan Před 21 dnem +572

    'A goal is a goal, doesn't matter on which side you score ' Lord Maguire ❤

  • My Dancing Life
    My Dancing Life Před 20 dny

    Thank you Scotland ! This MacIntyre sees you going further than you have in decades!!!

    ANONYMOUS Před 18 dny

    Harry Maguire showing its full potential 🎉

  • Mustafa Fazal
    Mustafa Fazal Před 20 dny +1

    Love how 99% of the comments are about Harry Maguire, the gift that keeps on giving 🤣🤣

  • Ian West
    Ian West Před 19 dny +1

    From an english man
    The passion in the singing of flower of Scotland is 2nd to none ...

  • talkandplay
    talkandplay Před 21 dnem +492

    The roar from the Scottish fans when Harry Maguire announced as goal scorer...brillant!

    • MikeFraser
      MikeFraser Před 20 dny +8

      He should have roared back at them announcing .."my career is over"

    • Ricardo Hoàng
      Ricardo Hoàng Před 20 dny +5

      True Scottish son from Harry Maguire 😂

    • Ant Sudbury
      Ant Sudbury Před 20 dny +2

      The oppositions ace in hole,,,,Harry Maguire,,,

    • millsy 1872
      millsy 1872 Před 20 dny +7

      Lol lol that's how bad we are that the only crumb of joy we can celebrate is an own goal . 😂😂😂 is it any wonder the English laugh at Scottish football if that's the highlight we live off of when playing England 😂😂😂

    • stellen11
      stellen11 Před 20 dny +4

      Watching them crawl away and go home after englands third was even better.

  • Nick Lim
    Nick Lim Před 20 dny

    Now people know how ‘lucky’ you have Maguire in your team