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  • Today I'm going to attempt to solve this Level 10 Jigsaw Puzzle by Yuu Asaka. This puzzle contains 29 pieces 5 of which are corners?! They are also transparent which adds a bunch of options to the solution... Wish me luck!
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  Před 3 lety +26548

    The intro is the reason I love what I do.

  • iykwim
    iykwim Před 3 lety +24041

    Pro tip: melt the.pieces and pour onto the board

    • Monday Star
      Monday Star Před měsícem

      @Rowena Amon what was the point of the r/? You're not on Reddit, it doesn't link anywhere

    • NikotheNeko
      NikotheNeko Před 8 měsíci


    • James The Arsonist
      James The Arsonist Před rokem


    • Jaykau Dens
      Jaykau Dens Před rokem

      Pro tip: my board also melted after this,now its cooling into a huge pile of plastic

    • Joy
      Joy Před rokem

      @Eternal Bai IT’S A JOKE

  • Manny Brum
    Manny Brum Před 2 lety +5346

    When you realize all of the pieces can be flipped over as well...

  • Kushal Dornahalli
    Kushal Dornahalli Před 2 lety +4984

    ‘There are 5 corners in this square puzzle’
    Geometry: ight imma head out

    • Mljp YT
      Mljp YT Před 10 měsíci

      @Cotton Candy Gacha! when you dont listen to your 3rd grade teacher

    • Code_Red
      Code_Red Před 10 měsíci

      @kennko3 and also you just saying it’s about shapes doesnt make it clear enough, most people would interpret that as “oh I’m just learning about shapes and what makes it a square or whatever”. There’s a reason why it’s a high school class

    • Code_Red
      Code_Red Před 10 měsíci

      @kennko3 it’s not just shapes as one would expect, you learn different bisectors, dilations, translations, transformations, angles, rotations, reflections, proving congruency, mid points, midsegments, etc but as you can see it’s really just not about shapes

    • Masztufa Ä.
      Masztufa Ä. Před rokem

      possible on a manifold with negative curvature

    • Emmett Jaakkola
      Emmett Jaakkola Před rokem

      @SPSheep hyperbolic plane.

  • But-Like-Why-Though
    But-Like-Why-Though Před 2 lety +3182

    CZcams: wanna see a guy do a puzzle?
    10 million people: *yes*

    • Monday Star
      Monday Star Před měsícem

      Yep, that's how it works. Did you just figure out that people watch what they want now?

    • Cliff Smith
      Cliff Smith Před rokem +1

      12.7 million wow

    • Wei Chen
      Wei Chen Před rokem

      12 millon*

    • FrostMonolith
      FrostMonolith Před rokem

      we've been watching this even before quarantine my dude

    • Alvacka97
      Alvacka97 Před 2 lety

      That's very original and not copypasted at all

  • Malkidrs
    Malkidrs Před 2 lety +63

    the sounds of the puzzle clipping together just sounds so satisfying...

  • TheShadowKing
    TheShadowKing Před 2 lety +681

    This betrayed my trust in corner pieces

  • Eta
    Eta Před rokem +183

    this would be even more excruciating if the pieces looked like they could form a picture, but in the real answer the pictures wouldn’t align

    • Arthur Pendragon
      Arthur Pendragon Před rokem

      @Cas van Wetten and on one side its the image is rotated 180 degrees :P

    • Frodo
      Frodo Před rokem +6

      imagine that but for some pieces images match and for others dont making abstract shit which will drive you insane

    • Sheridan
      Sheridan Před rokem +2

      That would be called "hell"

    • Goman552
      Goman552 Před rokem +8


  • Bill
    Bill Před 2 lety +896

    Gordon Ramsay: Absolutely No Patience

    • Mushroom_king
      Mushroom_king Před 2 lety

      And it took 2 hours

    • Franzi
      Franzi Před 2 lety +6

      Ramsay Bolton: Cutting off Bodyparts

    • JaxxTheZeraora
      JaxxTheZeraora Před 2 lety


    • xXPurple Lynx05Xx
      xXPurple Lynx05Xx Před 2 lety +9

      Aslo Chris Ramsay: 8:52

    • OneHouseofCards
      OneHouseofCards Před 2 lety +27

      Bill ! He does have patience, just not for people who think cooking is a joke, but watching nightmare kitchen or (might get this wrong) hell’s hotel, you can see that he doesn’t like being lied too or something. nice meme tho

  • Kurumi
    Kurumi Před rokem +119

    Imagine if someone just sent him a few dozen bullshit random pieces and told him it fit together

    • Switch Statement
      Switch Statement Před rokem

      @Conall Prince True, it would be better if a puzzle maker made one that really cannot be completed.

    • Shawty
      Shawty Před rokem +1

      @Switch Statement that would be so messed up lol

    • Switch Statement
      Switch Statement Před rokem +9

      Imagine if someone took a legit one, sandpapered some of them so it cannot be completed anymore and then sent him

  • Fleur De Ruiter
    Fleur De Ruiter Před 2 lety +6052

    You know you’re going mad in quarantine when you’re watching someone you don’t know solving a puzzle for 27 minutes...

    • VoidBite
      VoidBite Před 9 měsíci

      @DC yuyuNARI He/She meant that he/she watched him solve a puzzle for 27 minutes.

    • Gadiza Fiorenza
      Gadiza Fiorenza Před rokem


    • -mako-
      -mako- Před rokem

      i mean, do you know any youtuber? yeah, exactly

    • Aleksandar Gjoreski
      Aleksandar Gjoreski Před rokem +1

      its very intresting tho :D gl hf

    • crazypantaloons
      crazypantaloons Před rokem

      A 29 piece puzzle...

  • PJMcD
    PJMcD Před 2 lety +8

    I can understand how the 7 year old solved it. From experience, we know that male pieces fit with female pieces. However, in this puzzle there are connections that usually never work. With a lack of jigsaw knowledge, this puzzle becomes easier

  • Laurasia
    Laurasia Před 2 lety +3

    This channel gave me more hope in being a puzzle collector. I don't only love solving puzzle but like how artists admire art with feelings you cannot express, I feel the same way whenever I face challenging puzzles.
    I'm not financially ready to be a puzzle collector but by watching your videos, I have this hope to be able to save up and gradually fulfill this part in my heart that is meant for puzzles. 💓

  • Speak of the Devil
    Speak of the Devil Před 2 lety +29

    I swear every time I try to do a puzzle where I have to think outside the box, I end up going like " maybe...the trick is... I'm not SUPPOSED to solve it " :/

  • Aryan Raut
    Aryan Raut Před rokem +1

    Hey @ChrisRamsey
    I really like your videos, especially the ones where you solve extremely hard puzzles. So this I think will be quite easy for you, but maybe this can be a 'starter' challenge or something - split a 7x7 grid, into 9 squares, they don't have to be the same size, but they have to be squares (obviously).
    P.S. You're amazing and it is possible.

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes Před rokem +5

    Never would I have imagined a 29 piece jigsaw to be so hard.

  • Mackenzie Clair
    Mackenzie Clair Před 2 lety +8

    Awesome job Chris and I can see where your head was when you couldn’t wrap your head around the amount of pieces that can fit on the board but you have to remember that the pieces aren’t all the same size and length so if you ever come across another crazy puzzle keep that in mind 😂 I love your videos

  • David McGlynn
    David McGlynn Před rokem +4

    I just enjoy hearing the thought process as you work your way through these puzzles (this one in particular). Just the continuous thread of thoughts, similar that the ramblings of a madman haha

  • Wendy Clark
    Wendy Clark Před rokem

    Your intros are so amazing. They really add to the fun, mystery and showmanship of your videos.

  • Jloc
    Jloc Před 2 lety +944

    Now imagine this, but with as many pieces as a typical jigsaw puzzle.

  • Hashem Sioufi
    Hashem Sioufi Před 2 lety +462

    Video Summary:
    *"Boom" "it really fits" "That doesn't fit"*

    • Lexhibition
      Lexhibition Před 11 měsíci

      Boom! Tetris for Jeff!

    • 32u
      32u Před rokem

      @Aizek Kemp Boom stop ruining non sexual jokes with a sexual addition

    • Aizek Kemp
      Aizek Kemp Před rokem

      Booom that’s what she said

  • Alex Zolotov
    Alex Zolotov Před rokem

    Hey! I fly love your jigsaw puzzle videos. Especially because it's really relatable to my work. I work in morgue and due to covid 19 morgues are pretty packed. So you're basically solving a jigsaw every day trying to pack all these corpses in a confined space :)

  • Alec Whitenack
    Alec Whitenack Před 2 lety +62

    He literally talked about the little girl who solved it and how she “may have done it” but didnt take any of his advice until the very end😂 he literally gave himself the mindset he needed to solve it but didnt use it😂

  • Marilu Rivera
    Marilu Rivera Před rokem +1

    I don’t know why I thought I’d be able to solve it quickly after seeing this video, i sat down for a couple days and had to take breaks. Great puzzle!

  • Skyyz
    Skyyz Před 3 lety +8888

    "This is definitely not a traditional puzzle" well no shit Chris, a traditional puzzle has a picture on it so you don't go insane trying to do it

    • Ghawali Ahmed
      Ghawali Ahmed Před rokem

      @Andy Stein wait what did i say i legit dont remember lmfao im sorry

    • Andy Stein
      Andy Stein Před rokem

      @Ghawali Ahmed he never said he could lol. Why you going at him

    • Andy Stein
      Andy Stein Před rokem

      @Bryce Hodo they came at you because you went at the guy originally. He didn't do anything wrong

    • TheCakeTubby
      TheCakeTubby Před rokem

      what the f*ck happened here

    • Neek
      Neek Před rokem


  • Alicia Cloudfield
    Alicia Cloudfield Před 2 lety

    I've actually solved that puzzle multiple times! It's pretty easy when you start thinking outside the box 😋

  • fireflyserenity31
    fireflyserenity31 Před 2 lety +49

    "There's something very unconventional about this puzzle." -- Chris 2020

    • AndyBandy
      AndyBandy Před 2 lety +1

      fireflyserenity31 bro right when i read this he said it

  • ٓ
    ٓ Před rokem +1

    1 year later, i saw this video. when he mentioned somewhere at 13 minutes that a 7 year old girl solved this puzzle made me realise how different kids see this world from adults. they don't overthink stuff and find simple, obvious solutions that may not come on an older minds head, because they're overthinkers, it fascinates me.

  • Benjamin Carter
    Benjamin Carter Před 2 lety

    What a great intro. That puzzle is rough. I've shared it with both family and friends who like jigsaw puzzles.

  • Kendric Mbo
    Kendric Mbo Před 3 lety +5175

    I was scared when he was struggling with the 2 last pieces I thought he would start all over again🤣

    • Diego Lucano
      Diego Lucano Před 3 lety


    • Calaclulla a la Flulla
      Calaclulla a la Flulla Před 3 lety

      something really scary has been happening lately, basically my friend Barney came over and told me he had to shit and when he left there was a full-sized traffic cone in my toilet and i made the mistake of touching it and now i have the flu and then i didn't wash my hands so now everyone i know has the flu and the bathroom still smells like spiders and ass and i am so scared right now

    • demertknight
      demertknight Před 3 lety

      @Hey Jamie fullscreen ;)

    • chihuahua0965
      chihuahua0965 Před 3 lety +1


    • BackinBoliet
      BackinBoliet Před 3 lety +1


  • Nicho
    Nicho Před 2 lety +32

    Imagine you get to the end and theres a single piece missing

  • Ulrich Warthen
    Ulrich Warthen Před 2 lety +1

    He would've solved it so much sooner if he realized how symmetrical the solution was when he started working on his second attempt

  • Rebecca B
    Rebecca B Před 2 lety

    Jigsaw-type puzzles are my favorite to watch!

  • Scarlet Kuyn
    Scarlet Kuyn Před 2 lety +8

    i love the fact that it took you 4 minutes to finally get 2 pieces to fit together

  • Avery Dulas
    Avery Dulas Před rokem

    I really want to try this puzzle! Like it is literally A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! It is impressive though that it took you less than two hours

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Před 2 lety +11

    one of the few vids i watched that i figured out, being a pretty savvy jigsaw puzzle do-er myself, the giveaway for me right away was that the male ends were not rounded :) cheers!!!!

  • Эдуард Пауль
    Эдуард Пауль Před rokem +1

    Fun fact: when he started from the beginning after first hour those two side chains were combined correctly

  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro Před měsícem +1

    Dude you definetly are really the best puzzle solver on CZcams 😂😂😂👏👌

  • Esyy
    Esyy Před 3 lety +2543

    I never thought I'd ever watch a 27 minute video of someone putting together a puzzle 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • time
      time Před 2 lety +1

      @AUZ i have this and my little cousin f*cked it up on thxsgiving
      I'm not mad...
      It only took me *like 2 hours*

    • Mason
      Mason Před 2 lety

      27 minutes and 15 seconds

    • AUZ
      AUZ Před 2 lety

      @Eben Waterman Lol it's always simple to say something is easy when you haven't done it

    • Brett H
      Brett H Před 2 lety

      Especially a 29 piece puzzle with no pictures...

    • 7
      7 Před 3 lety

      it was worth every second of my time tbh.

  • Emerald Gilana
    Emerald Gilana Před 2 lety

    Chris (7:41): “You guys enjoying this video so far? You enjoy watching me struggle my life away?”
    me: Why yes, yes I do! And honestly these jigsaw puzzles are my favorite!!

  • Marcela Rodríguez
    Marcela Rodríguez Před 2 lety

    Well done!!! Impressive!!! I clapped at the end!!!! I was stressed just looking at those pieces!!!

  • Ralph Dennis
    Ralph Dennis Před 2 lety

    Great one! Really enjoyed this puzzle!!

  • MDO puzzle
    MDO puzzle Před rokem

    Amazing puzzle. Loving the icy blue tint!! Anyone know of similar puzzles to this?...

  • sanne sam
    sanne sam Před 3 lety +1750

    it's 2.30 am and i watched a man make a puzzle for 27 minutes with full concentration it was awesome

    • Sadie Kinney
      Sadie Kinney Před 2 lety

      sanne sam literally the exact same 😂😂

      BEAST CREW Před 2 lety

      Omg it’s 2:40 am and I am watching him I swear
      Are we telepathic

    • MariSeto
      MariSeto Před 2 lety

      Well now it’s 5:18 AM

    • Tonio
      Tonio Před 2 lety

      @ro_ghoul 1account same

    • Tonio
      Tonio Před 2 lety

      Its 5 :07 am rn lol

    FANCY G-P Před 2 lety +4

    I always start by doing random parts together, I never knew people did corners first

  • dennis pugh
    dennis pugh Před rokem +1

    I love when we got to like 23mins and it looked like he only needed to put 5 more pieces in to solve, but he had 11 pieces left....😂😂😂

  • _Nines
    _Nines Před rokem

    I love this because it makes you take everything you know about normal puzzles and just throw it out the window

  • Malikite Blackthorn
    Malikite Blackthorn Před 2 lety

    @Chris Ramsay you should try your hands on those original 3D crystal puzzles by Bepuzzled. I think the level 3 puzzles will take you just as long if not longer than this jigsaw you did, and you end up with cool little works of art perfect for shelves.

  • Casandra Hampton
    Casandra Hampton Před 2 lety +1306

    The real puzzle was editing 2 hours of footage down to 27 minutes.

    • 3dgar 7eandro
      3dgar 7eandro Před měsícem


    • savannah
      savannah Před 7 měsíci

      Ofc it took him 2 hours because if he didn't edit this video it would take too long to watch! So are you willing to spend your 2 hours just to watch it? Haven't you seen the video was stopping and resuming together with the time? He clipped some of video for sure.

    • MaxOnGod
      MaxOnGod Před 7 měsíci


    • Ishan Khan
      Ishan Khan Před 8 měsíci

      Thats for sure

    • zhonglis wallet
      zhonglis wallet Před rokem

      29 min would've been better ngl

  • Alejandro Darias_Puzzles TV

    Can't believe this is so difficult to solve. There are some specific forms that don't fit elsewhere.

  • Nokujiro
    Nokujiro Před 2 lety +181

    Teacher: The test is easy
    The *Test* :

    • cly
      cly Před rokem +1

      @Lyra "amirite"

    • Lyra
      Lyra Před 2 lety +4

      "my kid can do this and shes younger than you"...

  • Aibar Kiehs
    Aibar Kiehs Před rokem

    I love this video! Please make many more jigsaw videos- they are so cuwl

  • saskiapanter
    saskiapanter Před 2 lety

    Wow that was fun. Love the brainteasers. 😊👍

  • Lord Yeetos
    Lord Yeetos Před 3 lety +1489

    I think the hardest jigsaw puzzle would be completely transparent so you have to feel the pieces

    • Adam Clements
      Adam Clements Před 3 lety +1

      @Ay-Leck Isn't that just called the government?

    • Eric
      Eric Před 3 lety +1

      I'm here to spoil the mood... you'd still be able to see it due to refraction unless of course the refraction index of the perspex or whatever material it is made of is the same as the air you breathe and only then would it be completely transparent, also it needs to be clean, meaning no dust particles may be on it... but in your scenario you could just give someone this puzzle and give them a blindfold... I'm not too sure how rigid Aerogel is but due to its name I'm assuming it's not too rigid but that might be a material that could be used to fool your brain in some way?...

    • USAGI
      USAGI Před 3 lety

      @QuasiELVIS air

    • USAGI
      USAGI Před 3 lety

      @Asian Pikachu every jigsaw puzzle is gonna be harder for a blind person

    • Shenanya
      Shenanya Před 3 lety

      put a colored page under it and ull see it

  • Alexander Elderhorst
    Alexander Elderhorst Před rokem

    This was an amazing puzzle, wow.

  • Gem Bonham-Horton
    Gem Bonham-Horton Před rokem +1

    I loved this puzzle it's the first one I actually want to own

  • TeaJay
    TeaJay Před rokem

    I think it would be way easier to organize all pieces first. Sort them by type and then start with the border pieces.

  • Paularized
    Paularized Před rokem +5

    I get stressed out by my side pieces. It’s a lot to juggle.

  • Jurjen Bos
    Jurjen Bos Před 3 lety +1248

    This puzzle would be a good introduction for people who want to do science: it helps you to question your assumptions, but keep going on with what you have discovered.

  • Joseph R3grET
    Joseph R3grET Před rokem

    Whats most crucial is that these pieces dont have a clear front or back, they can go either way. So one piece could potentially have 2 ways to place it.

  • Paul Fox
    Paul Fox Před rokem

    I once did a jigsaw puzzle in under 2 hours, Admittedly, it took me longer than I thought it would but eventually I managed to get both pieces to fit.

  • Hello There
    Hello There Před 2 lety +1

    Did you notice that what you had at 14:30 and threw away was correct? You just didn't know the sides should be the way they were and gave up.
    Was still great fun to watch you solve!

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star Před 9 měsíci

    Now imagine if this was a 10k piece puzzle, it would take months or years to solve lol

  • SulfuR `
    SulfuR ` Před 3 lety +2670

    When the puzzle says 2 years plus, but you eat the whole thing in thirty five minutes.

  • j haidary
    j haidary Před rokem

    I'd love to try this but not for $40. I've done 3-D crystal puzzles and liked them a lot.

  • steff
    steff Před 2 lety

    That’s a beautiful puzzle! 😍

  • Coco K.
    Coco K. Před rokem

    One time i was taken unawares by a fifth corner in what i thought was a normal puzzle. It blew my mind but was very satisfying when i finally put it in its place

  • Te'a Davies
    Te'a Davies Před 2 lety +1

    If you could tell that when you were putting together in middle and on the outside before you did the middle, all of the price were pretty much the same shape on each side.

  • notsostrong
    notsostrong Před 2 lety +1503

    "We're coming up on an hour, and it's like we just begun."
    Me when I try to do my homework.

    • Simi Tutu
      Simi Tutu Před 3 měsíci


    • Porter Casperson
      Porter Casperson Před 2 lety

      Ive lost all motivation for doing schoolwork and its currently the middle of my last week of work.

    • micael muñoz
      micael muñoz Před 2 lety +1

      just when i read your comment he said it in the video.

    • Project Zeta
      Project Zeta Před 2 lety +2

      you do homework?

    • Will B
      Will B Před 2 lety +2

      notsostrong I’m literally doing homework right now...

  • MuStCoMmEnT09
    MuStCoMmEnT09 Před rokem +1

    Clever puzzle, basically specially designed to screw with puzzle experts lol

  • Ab Steng
    Ab Steng Před rokem

    Me: Thinking I'm a genius for solving a 4 piece puzzle
    Chris: Solving the hardest jigsaw puzzle

  • tantaluss68
    tantaluss68 Před 2 lety +1

    I noticed how concentric all the pieces were when he was working on the side

  • Nick Rupert
    Nick Rupert Před rokem

    at 13:40 or so you already have a pretty good clue from the piece just to the right of the bottom left corner. the piece that attaches to that must gave a tongue going into a non-groove on its left.

  • RsTn
    RsTn Před 3 lety +1745

    “Fits like a glove”
    10 minutes later
    “There is an extra notch here”

  • DR3W 23
    DR3W 23 Před rokem +3

    The pain I felt when you dumped it was unimaginable

  • Hollis Williams
    Hollis Williams Před rokem

    Interesting, I never thought of jigsaw puzzles as being brain teasers either.

  • Alisha N
    Alisha N Před rokem

    That puzzle was amazing would love to get one love how frustrated you got with wone me over in the end like the puzel

  • Pauline Reynolds
    Pauline Reynolds Před 2 lety


  • Marc T
    Marc T Před 3 lety +2059

    This is 1am and i've just watched a 30 mins video of a man doing a puzzle.
    I don't regret it, honestly.

  • hapax1337
    hapax1337 Před rokem

    From top down view this puzzle is a mirror image. The two supposed he had were right. If he had left them then started that middle it would have lived up for him. U see the opposite pieces flipped either from top to bottom or side to side!! Cool puzzle.

  • Microwaved Goods
    Microwaved Goods Před rokem +1

    I love how far he goes with the intros, like dang.

  • Anthony D'Andrea
    Anthony D'Andrea Před rokem

    I had a puzzle known as the most difficult. 629 pieces. Printed on BOTH sides, same image, reverse side it was rotated 90 degrees! THAT was a difficult puzzle! They even went so far as to cut it using dies from BOTH sides so you could not tell which side was which!

  • JakeExternalz
    JakeExternalz Před rokem

    Every time he mentions "how 29 pieces fit if its 5x5 puzzle" makes this video more funnier as it progresses.

  • jromezz
    jromezz Před 3 lety +5220

    Chris: "This is the hardest jigsaw puzzle in the world."
    7 yr old girl: *hold my juicebox*

    • Roynel Cardenas
      Roynel Cardenas Před rokem

      @Live Life ok boomer

    • Tasman Baker
      Tasman Baker Před rokem

      i could finish that in like 5 minutes its easy bro

    • Artena1144
      Artena1144 Před 2 lety

      @Bcyx _ I'm just saying, getting attacked by a billion people saying ok boomer can get frustrating, yes being the bigger man by backing down is what youw ant others to do, but it is hard. What Sam was doing doesn't help her in her case but it lets off steam, put yourself in others shoes, it's difficult to back off and you can't just tell someone to do that and them listening. Childish as it seems, it's hard to control your temper for others.

    • alternaterealitygamejerk
      alternaterealitygamejerk Před 2 lety

      @Samantha Weber clown zoomers trying to look like teens be like: Ok BoOmEr

    • Pryzm
      Pryzm Před 2 lety

      Live Life ok boomer

  • Zef Davenport
    Zef Davenport Před 10 měsíci

    I already saw Mr. Puzzle solve one of these, so when he was like "Aha! It fits and that's the corner" my brain was like "Hehehe, lets see how long it takes for him to see it".

  • Ramon Hamm
    Ramon Hamm Před 2 lety

    Is it so hard because so many pieces fit into multiple pieces? Good job!

  • name name name name name name

    I loved that part where he was solving the puzzle

  • Andrew S. Y. H.
    Andrew S. Y. H. Před 2 lety

    6:23 to 6:26When Chris is in a moment of astonishment, and getting ready for the rest of the solving.
    25:05When Chris is getting as excited as DJ Khalid here haha

  • misterpresident1111111
    misterpresident1111111 Před 3 lety +185

    I think what also makes this so confusing and hard is that you are not used to that each piece has more than 4 possible orientations, actually there are 8. In a conventional jigsaw puzzle you will have a printed and a unprinted side. This fact is missing here wich simply doubles the amount of possible arrangements. Additinally the puzzle has a unique way how the pieces interloce with each other, that also goes against your intuitive way of thinking how a jigsaw puzzle has to work. It makes sense that a child will do much better on this than a grown man who has probably solved a lot of traditional puzzles and is heavily primed in his thoughts. Compliment to the artist! What a beautiful piece of art!

    • a h
      a h Před 3 lety

      @Trif 55 good thought but if you look at other pieces that aren't part of the outer edge many have flat tops that are less rounded as well. They look very similar to the pieces that do fit along the edge. So it looks like the creator accounted for that little detail.

    • Raymond Alcantara
      Raymond Alcantara Před 3 lety

      He does mention in the description that the pieces are transparent.

    • Fire Spongebob
      Fire Spongebob Před 3 lety


    • Trif 55
      Trif 55 Před 3 lety +7

      I think there may have been a big clue in the fact that the lobes of a lot of the unexpected "edge" pieces must have been visually very flat instead of rounded?

  • Anonymous bub
    Anonymous bub Před 2 lety +2

    The center was fairly symmetrical.

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang Před rokem

    When I was in 3rd grade; my teacher purchased a jig-saw puzzle for us to solve; and she said if we could solve it before the year's end; we'd all have a party. I still remember it to this day.. It was a picture of an entire table full of the little Reese's Pieces; 1000 pieces.. but it was.. ON BOTH SIDES. We all worked on it during recess, and we never finished it before the year's end..

  • Fantom MC2
    Fantom MC2 Před rokem +2

    Intro had me. I thought it was a puzzle that was made using some kind of dangerous element :,)

  • Paul J. Morton
    Paul J. Morton Před 4 měsíci

    I bought this puzzle and I loved it until I noticed that the extra corner piece isn't an exact 90 degree corner. It's slightly less, so it's immediately clear which piece isn't a real corner piece. Kinda boring that way.

  • J D
    J D Před 3 lety +198

    Twenty-nine pieces and took almost two hours. Imagine a 500-piece version of this.

  • SelinaS
    SelinaS Před 9 měsíci

    When doing this type of puzzle ALL pieces must be visible so you can scan through them and find the correct piece. I WANT ONE

  • Drachenbauer
    Drachenbauer Před 2 lety

    the trick is, a knob of a piece has not always to fit into a gap of another piece.
    sometimes a corner-overhang goes into a gap and a knob goes between two other pieces and sometimes makes a timy piece of an outer edge

  • Another Normal Canadian
    Another Normal Canadian Před 2 lety +1

    Watching someone combat my worst enemy and beating them is super satisfying

  • andrea jane
    andrea jane Před 2 lety

    where did you get this? amazing job!

  • harry headland
    harry headland Před 3 lety +127

    This is probably your best video (in my opinion). 1: That intro was sick. 2: The fact its a jigsaw we actually know exactly whats happening, like we don't have to feel any clicks or movement, etc to understand whats going on and all. Great work Chris, keep it up!

  • Maisie Botwright
    Maisie Botwright Před 2 lety +1

    I got so heated and was yelling at him to turn the pieces over when he said none of the side pieces fit. 😂