Every ADORABLE Performance from Amber and the Dancing Collies | Britain's Got Talent

  • čas přidán 13. 08. 2022
  • From the moment we met them, we fell in love with Amber and her very talented pooch pal Nymeria.
    We were even treated to an appearance from Nymeria's friend, Ruby! So enjoy every paw-tastic performance from Amber and the Dancing Collies.
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Komentáře • 48

  • soulseeker aka sandy wolf

    Wow!! What an act👍🐕👏👏

  • Валентина Крылова


  • Piddy 3825

    just goes to show you, that some dogs are better oerformers than most people!

  • Roma food


  • Ana Sebe

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  • 宮本大輔


  • Edward Abou Nassar

    Magnificent performances.

  • Daniel Illingworth

    I love dancing dogs bgt

  • Ana Sebe

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  • lazycatlv



    Amazing dogs

  • Ana Sebe

    BUNĂ Seara edti minunata esti Fantastica Bună


    Dog's Marvelous Audition.

  • Alex A.

    She did an incredible job training then, but I feel like her own showmanship is a bit lacking. I know it's more about the dogs than her but If she worked on her own stage presence a bit it would be significantly better imo.


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  • Jemmah's Dolls

    When dogs are more intelligent then you are

  • المضحك

    الاخلاق +الاحترام+ المحتوى + نجاح=

  • Ana Sebe

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  • Ana Sebe

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