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  • čas přidán 27. 05. 2024
  • This was insane, I'm very happy with the new camera! :D
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  • @nashascientist
    @nashascientist Před rokem +1097

    Idk how you convince someone to this level of torture 😂😂

  • @-07
    @-07 Před rokem +546

    thank you anomaly for not only showing fake passport but also how to operate a grenade launcher in malta

  • @JjacjobJjacjob
    @JjacjobJjacjob Před rokem +501

    My chronical depression got way worse after this, thank you, Anomaly

    • @ZOCCOK
      @ZOCCOK Před rokem +2

      ah yes, the ancient and legendary depression

  • @yeye3375
    @yeye3375 Před rokem +201

    Now make a slow mo of you running on a treadmill for once

    • @CEKARY
      @CEKARY Před rokem +7

      They should do a timelaps of that

    • @juliuskrokslettdrums
      @juliuskrokslettdrums Před rokem +9

      @@CEKARY it would be hard to watch a timelapse that last for 0.01 second

    • @kami7131
      @kami7131 Před rokem

      @@juliuskrokslettdrums 💀💀💀💀💀

    • @JulianCBlancas2
      @JulianCBlancas2 Před rokem +1

      He would die thinking of it

  • @emirhanovich
    @emirhanovich Před rokem +42

    using a flamethrower indoors with curtains around is very wise of you Ludde xD

  • @MrTongen
    @MrTongen Před rokem +31

    i actually felt bad for papa on the boxing glove punch :(

  • @ivanogojevic611
    @ivanogojevic611 Před rokem +65

    papa:gets shot with tens of bbs
    anomaly:you saw my mask it got indented

  • @L1TEXD
    @L1TEXD Před rokem +80

    These videos make me depressed when i feel good thank you anomaly

    • @SgtJohnRemairez
      @SgtJohnRemairez Před rokem +2

      For a moment I read this as the video making depressed, but then I read it again and- oh god...

  • @joselopez-jj6we
    @joselopez-jj6we Před rokem +88

    The faces papa is making 😂

  • @ODDdiddle
    @ODDdiddle Před rokem +134

    You should make a movie. Just you torturing Papa in slowmotion.

    • @desandesan7989
      @desandesan7989 Před rokem +2

      You are fucking Gad dame right

    • @taisteluhelikopteri
      @taisteluhelikopteri Před rokem

      @@desandesan7989 no, it's just "social experiments"

    • @pinki3715
      @pinki3715 Před rokem +4

      also make it black and white and 4:3, filmbros gonna luv that

    • @j-d0g
      @j-d0g Před rokem +3

      What kind of film are we talking about💦

  • @gtdriver721
    @gtdriver721 Před rokem +43

    Thanks for showing what basically 99% of us would do with a slow mo cam

  • @Dr.Kaktus
    @Dr.Kaktus Před rokem +3

    papa looked like Mike Ehrmantraut when he jumped in slow-motion xD

  • @intrucible
    @intrucible Před rokem +8

    papa is like a north korean convict when he tries to buy 2 potatoes instead of 1

  • @blizzed5858
    @blizzed5858 Před rokem +52

    Papa was for sure the kid in school who whenever the popular kids said something like “you would be so cool if you stole candy and give it to us” and just agree

  • @tehbananaman2422
    @tehbananaman2422 Před rokem +4

    when papa jumped in the air he looked like van gogh's painting

  • @ersteimmer
    @ersteimmer Před rokem +1

    the og slo mo guys soundtrack hits my nostalgia

  • @bartekjemiol7695
    @bartekjemiol7695 Před rokem +2

    TheSlowMotionGuys sounds are a nice addition!

  • @StuffedLemon
    @StuffedLemon Před rokem +10

    There's only one problem with this video, and that is that it's too short.
    A YLYL Slow-Mo edition would be hella cool

  • @danielamaral7469
    @danielamaral7469 Před rokem +2

    Now Anomaly can go to the gym in slow motion

  • @arixcy7181
    @arixcy7181 Před rokem +2

    Alternative title: "Anomaly brutaly abuses his dad for 12 minutes [GONE WRONG]"

  • @mr.shameless1886
    @mr.shameless1886 Před rokem +2

    if you close your eyes. "papa, go stand in the firing line" sounds like it has an extremely different scenario

  • @liamthorberg3340
    @liamthorberg3340 Před rokem +1

    Papa turned in to palpatine when jumping

  • @TheMisteurG
    @TheMisteurG Před rokem +3

    I love this new evolution of the Slow Mo Guys

  • @hippaposk762
    @hippaposk762 Před 9 měsíci

    i like the fact that you've used the same track for the slow-mo parts as slowmo guys use :D

  • @__-ge5sl
    @__-ge5sl Před rokem +1

    ngl ive been following ludde for YEARS now and Its the 1st time I saw him shot the airforce guns feels good man W video rip papa L+raito

  • @Pokker-Gamer
    @Pokker-Gamer Před rokem +1

    "ok so papa now i am going to use this flamethrower on you and we'll see how that looks like in slow motion!"

  • @stewbdo4853
    @stewbdo4853 Před rokem

    Dude exactly what i needed at 3 in the morning thanks Anomaly

  • @Knarkamel
    @Knarkamel Před rokem +3

    When papa jumped he looked like he aged 40 more years lol

  • @Lilroman124
    @Lilroman124 Před rokem

    now i know that there is a connection between green gas and anomaly like how kurt cobain theoretically could've played doom

  • @AjayXD__
    @AjayXD__ Před rokem +1

    The new competitors to the slow mo guys.

  • @Samantha_d2
    @Samantha_d2 Před rokem +1

    Budget slo-mo guys is better than i thought...

  • @xEl_Chapo69
    @xEl_Chapo69 Před rokem +1

    i can already see some face screen shot memes out of this 😂

  • @headass00
    @headass00 Před rokem +1

    Papa's beard looks amazing :D

  • @tecic_
    @tecic_ Před rokem

    hands down best youtuber

  • @alfiekendell482
    @alfiekendell482 Před rokem

    Love that you used the slow mo guys sound when it's slow mo

  • @restardedd
    @restardedd Před rokem

    i love papas current beard and mustache suits him very well

  • @GnomeKr
    @GnomeKr Před rokem

    Alternate title: Adult millenial bullying an old boomer in slow mo

  • @3zic447
    @3zic447 Před rokem

    HAHA this was so funny keep the good work up man!

  • @StreetManTV
    @StreetManTV Před rokem +4

    Bro my cam shoots up to 1000 fps, u need to try it for part 2!!

  • @hypnotize3776
    @hypnotize3776 Před rokem

    Love the vids. I just want to ask you if your going to come to South-Afrika in the near future?

  • @mr.shameless1886
    @mr.shameless1886 Před rokem +2

    anomaly "im not gonna pucnh to hard"
    also anomaly: **proceeds to knock out his dad**

  • @Tenmo8life
    @Tenmo8life Před rokem

    Slow-mo guys have seen better days

  • @drk_blood
    @drk_blood Před rokem +1

    Anomaly: super-ultra-slow-mo 300 fps..
    Gav & Dan at 300.000fps : is this a joke?

  • @ChaosPromotions
    @ChaosPromotions Před rokem +2

    pls disable deinterlacing if slow mo :) I've seen so many people leave it on and it DESTROYS the quality force-blending frames together lol. You a pro though you already know this mr anomaly love you tehe

  • @whodis4531
    @whodis4531 Před rokem +1

    The redditors got some good stock footage from this

  • @fostoriadistrictrailfan3907

    This is the only man I've found that cures all my depression and removes insecurities
    When papa dies (if he's not fucking immortal) it's gonna reawaken my depression from within.

  • @Pawsesxd
    @Pawsesxd Před rokem +1

    this video should've been called ''bullying and torturing papanalmolly while also filming it in slow-motion''

  • @SimenW
    @SimenW Před rokem +3

    Thanks anomaly for teaching us how to make illegal passports in slow mo!

    • @BOT_AHHHH
      @BOT_AHHHH Před rokem

      But I didn't see it (I know is a joke ok)

  • @eemil835
    @eemil835 Před rokem

    Thanks for these business tips awesome stuff

  • @max_op64072
    @max_op64072 Před rokem +1

    4:08 Police chief in Poland simulator

  • @20Nik
    @20Nik Před rokem

    That was actually VERY COOL!

  • @manuelwong3275
    @manuelwong3275 Před rokem

    3:56 So thats why Anomaly's friend built him an Auschwitz in Minecraft, it all makes sense now

    @CAZEGAMING Před rokem +5

    papa best reaction time🙏

  • @DualflowAOT
    @DualflowAOT Před rokem

    The mold growing on anomalys walls approve

  • @stomkas
    @stomkas Před rokem

    The slow mo guys background music is amazing

  • @ButtaNBread
    @ButtaNBread Před rokem +1

    I love you guys keep your guys head up ❤❤

  • @disist3238
    @disist3238 Před rokem

    New myth busters episode is epic

  • @MaybeKoshka
    @MaybeKoshka Před rokem

    Thank you mr. anomaly showing us to make a fake passport in slow motion and escaping the government in slow motion

  • @lorddiofrogpower8161
    @lorddiofrogpower8161 Před rokem

    I hate myself for watching Anomaly videos while eating

  • @Fraser142
    @Fraser142 Před rokem

    i came here for papa's floppy cheeks yet i was lied to
    ill cope tho. New camera is dope af hope you do some silly stuff in slowmo soon!

  • @yorifai4147
    @yorifai4147 Před rokem +4

    Poor papa. He had too much of this shit. I'm willing to die only from watching this.

  • @a.rus1k
    @a.rus1k Před rokem +1

    7:06 when the snapchat group chat got leaked

  • @Unknown-dq6hr
    @Unknown-dq6hr Před rokem

    Idk whats those sounds when youre seeing the video in Slow motion but its so relaxing

  • @brankovr1
    @brankovr1 Před rokem

    >skim video
    >doesn't abuse linda
    >go next

  • @baigaliinhuns4122
    @baigaliinhuns4122 Před rokem

    If anomaly got his tummy hitten in slow mo that would have been great data for jiggle physics

  • @zebbew95
    @zebbew95 Před rokem

    Papa jumping looks like Josef Fritzl

  • @wtfjayden6180
    @wtfjayden6180 Před rokem

    the goatee goes hard af on papa

  • @storm8248
    @storm8248 Před rokem

    Alternative title: abusing my father in slow motion

  • @timurabaguette7444
    @timurabaguette7444 Před rokem +1

    The Slow-Mo Guys have entered the chat

  • @pyroboss3099
    @pyroboss3099 Před rokem

    Pov buying a superexpensive cam to only use it for once and leave it in the storage room for years after.

  • @drk_blood
    @drk_blood Před rokem +1

    The Slow Mo Sweeden.

  • @wernerwerner8055
    @wernerwerner8055 Před rokem

    This is the content i need

  • @sfisch56
    @sfisch56 Před rokem

    this is now papa's channel, anamoly is the cameraman

  • @denisbraescu370
    @denisbraescu370 Před rokem

    in the first 2 minutes of the video papa looks like heisenburger

  • @amirhj5920
    @amirhj5920 Před rokem

    the fact
    papa is saying NICE to anomaly fart with brown tongue😂

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem +15

    Now this will be epic. Very nice.

  • @joep6stuijt
    @joep6stuijt Před rokem

    Casually lighting a flamethrower inside

  • @SgtJohnRemairez
    @SgtJohnRemairez Před rokem +3

    Not only is Ludwig aiming at his father with a 40mm Grenade launcher...but he is also aiming for the head. Look at those stone cold killer eyes at 5:07 when he's pulling the trigger at his dad

    • @balsa0108
      @balsa0108 Před 5 měsíci

      Hahaha yeah, "Ice Cold Killers" kind of guy

  • @zabuza0136
    @zabuza0136 Před rokem

    why does papa look like a 80 year old hulk hogan

  • @boozerrr
    @boozerrr Před rokem

    with every scene papa was ageing more

  • @YeagerBomb115
    @YeagerBomb115 Před rokem

    Papa got that Ho Chi Minh beard

  • @Big_chillin
    @Big_chillin Před rokem

    Papa definitely got head trauma after this one

  • @tavgt1933
    @tavgt1933 Před rokem +3

    Ive been depressed for a very long time you guys are just awsome I just want to say thank you for making my life better

  • @ultimateduck8724
    @ultimateduck8724 Před rokem

    Netflix: are you still watching?
    Someone’s daughter: 1:48

  • @Lospe123196
    @Lospe123196 Před rokem

    ngl, I was shocked to see Anomaly punching Papanomaly😂

  • @TheFacelessStoryMaker
    @TheFacelessStoryMaker Před rokem +1

    Anomaly+Papanomaly & Slo Mo Guys when?

  • @sant0nio121
    @sant0nio121 Před rokem

    papa is not getting paid enough

  • @ugnegames
    @ugnegames Před rokem

    papa looks like he would play in an asterix and obelix movie

  • @belkov5334
    @belkov5334 Před rokem

    Papa with goggles looks like walter white

  • @muhamadpaundrabagaskara7048

    love the thumbnail. Papa got punch by mike tyson

  • @ZeD69420
    @ZeD69420 Před rokem +1

    Thank you for teaching me how to make fake passports.

  • @le_baghette7997
    @le_baghette7997 Před rokem

    Imagine having a neighbor whit a flame thrower

  • @julian9579
    @julian9579 Před rokem

    The video title should be "torturing papa in slow motion" 😂
    Papa watching the replays and just thinks why am i doing this shit 😂, he really should have knocked your ass out when he got to punch you 😂

  • @serpens97
    @serpens97 Před rokem

    Now we should see papa punching anomaly :)

  • @s6sa1
    @s6sa1 Před rokem +1

    *NOT A REAL GRENADE LAUNCHER* Nahhhh, I though he will use a real one 💀

  • @poselok
    @poselok Před rokem

    Now Slow Mo Guys have the opponent

  • @Dzejkej222
    @Dzejkej222 Před rokem


  • @staubsX
    @staubsX Před rokem +1

    Why does papa look like the KFC guy

  • @vero_dev2286
    @vero_dev2286 Před rokem +1

    3:53 this basically describes this entire video 😂

  • @Marcel.Debski
    @Marcel.Debski Před rokem

    This video should be called: Torturing my father until he passes out