Peyton Manning to sign with Miami Dolphins? New York Jets? Arizona Cardinals? Washington Redskins?

  • čas přidán 7. 02. 2012
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  • David Gasper
    David Gasper Před 10 lety +1

    Kind of funny how you never mentioned the Broncos!

  • Bernie B
    Bernie B Před 11 lety +2

    Phins UP!!!

  • APizzle90
    APizzle90 Před 11 lety

    @NFLYMCMBSWAD Oh man. I can imagine it now. Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne, Reggie Bush, Jake Long, and Peyton Manning on the same team

  • Omar Raja - ESPN
    Omar Raja - ESPN  Před 11 lety +1

    @vaporeizied8 Defense was great for Final 9 games. Look it up.

  • MrAndres503
    MrAndres503 Před 11 lety

    @MKSENOJable you mad we got lbj chris bosh d wade jose reyes and peyton manning get out of here

  • Dinyah Ahh
    Dinyah Ahh Před 11 lety

    @crowofdebt and we have one of the best offensive lines in the league with just to name jake long and vernon carey thats all you need

  • October31st1517
    October31st1517 Před 11 lety

    J-E-T-S!!! I hope this wakes Sanchez up.

  • APizzle90
    APizzle90 Před 11 lety

    @Man18Colts Dolphins O-Line for next year = Long, Incognito, Saturday, Pouncey, & 1st round draft pick if we get Peyton

  • Driftracerr35
    Driftracerr35 Před 11 lety

    @dolphinzrwj1 Shhhhhhhhhh.

  • mangoKush12
    mangoKush12 Před 11 lety

    imagine bush and tebow in the same backfield.. options all day

  • Anvalentin21
    Anvalentin21 Před 11 lety

    I can see it now peyton manning with d wade and lebron

  • cbikin
    cbikin Před 11 lety

    you just jinxed it lol but your right the dolphins did find away to fuck it up lol

  • weston martin
    weston martin Před 11 lety

    the skins!!!!

  • Nathan House
    Nathan House Před 11 lety

    i like seeing what players would look like in other uniforms

  • Kingk0brajfs
    Kingk0brajfs Před 11 lety

    Dolphins are a QB away from the superbowl ;)

  • Anthony Plana
    Anthony Plana Před 10 lety +1

    He should come to the fins dolphins

  • Brodcastb0t
    Brodcastb0t Před 11 lety

    @vaporeizied8 Defense was ranked top 15. moron. stfu.

  • MahnDough
    MahnDough Před 11 lety

    He should play for Cards..I Mean..Fitzgerald Needs a Legend QB Like Peyton.

  • ecruz5827
    ecruz5827 Před 11 lety

    Even with Tom Brady, what if the Patriots signed Peyton Manning at the last minute as the surprise team?!

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin Před 11 lety

    @DXBryan100 Not really, the Colts owner sees Peyton as expendable with Andrew Luck taking over. The Cardinals would be the best fit for Manning, ofcourse staying in Indy is what the fans want.

  • pete sum
    pete sum Před 11 lety

    @IcePic7 ya,im sure he is just as good as he was the year before.who knows..maybe his arm is strong enough to get you into the playoffs but either way you'll be looking for a new QB in a year or 2 just like you are right now.he's nothing more than a temp fix...if he can play at all.

  • godzilla1077
    godzilla1077 Před 11 lety

    @ChrsL1987 You can start laughing now, Peyton personally said no this morning. What was funnier though was when Washington wanted to talk to Manning, he said no right away before Snyder got a word in edgewise.

  • pWgonzo2821
    pWgonzo2821 Před 10 lety

    LOL should have come to ZONA Peyton, I bet you're second guessing that whole Denver decision right about now!

  • cbikin
    cbikin Před 11 lety

    Its cards or broncos and I think the cards have a slight advantage with dome stadium and fitz and up and coming defense

  • pete sum
    pete sum Před 11 lety

    well congrats to will now have a washed up QB with a weak arm and be looking for a QB in say...12 months from now.

  • AAron
    AAron Před 11 lety +1

    he looks good wearing a dolphins uniform,,,,not saying he's going there though

  • Paul N.
    Paul N. Před 11 lety

    That Manning Dolphins Jersey looks sexy in the video icon. Washington Redskin fans are going to be very disappointed because he isn't going there.

  • Matt Creevey
    Matt Creevey Před 11 lety

    @GeorgeVreelandHill Dolphins have been a qb away from being serious contenders since marino retired...they have a good o-line, good defense, good running game and good recievers...hed fit their good

  • Joey Piccolo
    Joey Piccolo Před 11 lety

    @Pat9201 a washed up quarterback that carried a 2-14 team to the playoffs the year before? A weak arm that holds countless records and quite possibly could be the greatest arm to ever throw a football? yea i think i'll take my chances.

  • BigVOLdaddy
    BigVOLdaddy Před 11 lety

    and ofcourse adam and the media are ALWAYS BABY

  • dolphinzrwj1
    dolphinzrwj1 Před 11 lety

    the dolphins will screw it up somehow and not get him

  • Bad Boy Canes
    Bad Boy Canes Před 11 lety

    @vaporeizied8 You are a fucking idiot.

  • John Lampros
    John Lampros Před 7 lety


  • johncena0954
    johncena0954 Před 11 lety

    @crowofdebt lol Dolphins better sign FA Matt Flynn because of the new coach and stay away from Manning if they smart! Why would Peyton play in the AFC East? did he forgot about Brady & Pats lol. Peyton will not go to Jets because he don't run his mouth like Rex Ryan that team all talk but don't back it up! Cardinals got Kolb & was injured I don't trust their line but Skelton played good. Peyton Should go to Broncos so Tebow learns from him & what players Peyton asks for Elway will go get them.

  • Alexander Majewski
    Alexander Majewski Před 11 lety +1


  • arsonwars
    arsonwars Před 10 lety


  • Greendude33
    Greendude33 Před 11 lety

    @fukinblowme I am neither a fan of Arizona or Miami... Having said that Arizona is the better fit for Peyton, even though both teams have an elite WR Arizona overall has a better O-line and with the right Defensive drafts are in title contention with Manning. They proved what they can do with Warner and Peyton is better than Warner.
    Peyton has shot at a title right off the bat with Arizona, the Dolphins need more work, either way I think Moore deserves at least one more season.

  • kraigthorne
    kraigthorne Před 11 lety

    @vijayramraj97 The Jets are the best fit for him, because they are SB favorites with him (I think only GOD can make the Dolphins make the playoffs). I do not think he wants to play his brother in the regular season and I think he would like to live close to family for the first time in his adult life.

  • APizzle90
    APizzle90 Před 11 lety

    I hope and pray that its the Dolphins

  • Goodykos
    Goodykos Před 11 lety +1

    I say Texans

  • Michael Vlassis
    Michael Vlassis Před 11 lety


    KANG JAMES 23 Před 11 lety

    im a colts fan,i was pretty dissapointed they're going to release him but its what it is.As a colts fan i think the dolphins deserve him. hope you guys do get him.You deserve it!

  • MyFavoriteJoeyVids
    MyFavoriteJoeyVids Před 11 lety

    @vaporeizied8 AZ has the worst line of all the possible suitors. Look that up.

  • Laurent O.
    Laurent O. Před 8 lety


  • Fallen Star
    Fallen Star Před 11 lety

    i think manning is probaly going to the dolphins like your theory it would be the death of his career though i would like him to go to the jets or seahawks

  • Damon Spagnola
    Damon Spagnola Před 11 lety

    @vaporeizied8 stop being such a hater.yes,skilled positions.brandon marshall,reggie bush-as for the o-line,perrenial pro bowler jake long.they could very easily pick up a rg or rt in the draft.don't forget pouncey ay center who will be for the cardinals,you must have bumped your really sound like you don't know anything at all about your stats before you make an ass of yourself again.GO PHINS

  • BeauKnows
    BeauKnows  Před 10 lety

    he did

  • MKSENOJable
    MKSENOJable Před 11 lety

    fuck miami

  • John Smith
    John Smith Před 10 lety

    damn i get got a free jersey from this website, you can find it by doing a google search for 5S2785X

  • David Mincey
    David Mincey Před 11 lety

    Didn't the dolphins beat the Jets with there superbowl quarterback and coach

  • ApeRadio
    ApeRadio Před 11 lety

    skilled position players and good def!! R U NUTS- the dolphins ranked 25th in defense and need MAJOR HELP- 23rd in offense and NEED MAJOR help- if manning wants to retire and collect from the NFL become a dolphin- after the first game and the O line cant protect him, HES DONE- only reason they looked good last season is because the JETS SUCK- PM should go to AZ where he can actually play for more than a year and not worry that each play could be his last

  • Jiltedin2007
    Jiltedin2007 Před 11 lety

    The Redskins would be a perfect fit for Peyton Manning.

  • LilBlacJac510
    LilBlacJac510 Před 11 lety

    He should play for the Raiders if he goes to the Raiders he will definitely get a ring with the Raiders the Raiders have the best O-line and we have the fastest guys

  • inm
    inm Před 11 lety

    Dont worry guys... he can still go to miami for vacations...!!!!! LOL

  • Joey Piccolo
    Joey Piccolo Před 11 lety

    @Pat9201 maybe we will be, but as a Dolphins fan, I want to see some sucsess from this franchise. The 2008 season was a fluke with the wildcat. Finally we have a chance to get a Hall of Famer on our team again who can win us some games. We will deal with finding another quarterback when that time comes. Right now Peyton is our answer.

  • Kara Black
    Kara Black Před 11 lety

    Nooo, the Dolphins are going to get Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning is going to go to the Cardinals. They are a complete team with a good offense that lacks a QB, a good defense and a great special teams unit. The Cardinals will be far better than they were in 08 and 09 w/ Kurt Warner. They will go from being just a good offense to an elite offense just like that.

  • bossman
    bossman Před 11 lety

    Def. To Miami

  • Driftracerr35
    Driftracerr35 Před 11 lety

    @ChrsL1987 No. As Miami fans, we all know that Ireland will screw up all chances if there were any in the first place. And no we are not favored, Denver is.

  • Ninja Dammit
    Ninja Dammit Před 11 lety


  • arsonwars
    arsonwars Před 10 lety

    hmmm... he probably wants to play behind a solid o-line, unlike the Colts, unlike the Viks- hey Viks- way to kill Favre, only a team as bad as you could have destroyed the best

  • Scott Christopher
    Scott Christopher Před 11 lety

    Please don't go to the's only going to make these fools talk more and more..the newspaper is already shit to begin with..why oh why do you need more of it?anywhere but the jets!..Go Giants! Go New York!

  • Freddy Ortiz
    Freddy Ortiz Před 11 lety

    man the YETS suck every year had to be a yet fan talking trash already i just love seeing fat ryan fail to make the superbowl every year hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah yets suck

  • ano f4ears
    ano f4ears Před 8 měsíci +3

    First comment sincelike 2016

  • RobbyCR7
    RobbyCR7 Před 5 měsíci