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  • čas přidán 1. 10. 2023
  • Today Michael Wyetzner of Michielli + Wyetzner Architects joins AD for an in-depth look at how bridges transformed New York City into the thriving metropolis we know today. Once upon a time, ferries were the only way to travel between New York’s five boroughs but thanks to the construction of major bridges, like The Brooklyn Bridge and The George Washington Bridge, the city became connected. Join Michael for a closer look at how five bridges helped shape NYC into the bustling city we know today.
    00:40 The Brooklyn Bridge
    05:05 The Hellgate Bridge
    08:25 Macombs Dam Bridge
    11:18 The High Bridge
    14:07 The George Washington Bridge
    Gregory Grice III,
    Director: Hiatt Woods
    Director of Photography: Charlie Jordan
    Editor: Tristen Rogers
    Host: Michael Wyetzner
    Producer: Skylar Economy
    Field Producer: Alyssa Marino
    Associate Producer: Landrie Hatcher; Chloe Leung
    Production Manager: Melissa Herber
    Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
    Camera Operator: Cloud Corredor
    Sound Mixer: Gabe Quiroga
    Production Assistant: Patrick Sargent
    Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
    Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew
    Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow
    Assistant Editor: Andy Morell
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  • BlueSaphire70
    BlueSaphire70 Před měsícem +797

    I loved this episode, not only because of the content, but because it was presented by Mr. Wyetzner. He's the best!

    • Jennifer Adams
      Jennifer Adams Před měsícem +18

      I appreciate all of them but Mr. Wyetzner is my favorite. His expressiveness, especially with the hands, is what does it for me.

  • vikram lakshminarayanan
    vikram lakshminarayanan Před měsícem +439

    This running series of videos on New York Architecture by Mr.Wyetzner is such a cool concept. Love everything about it.

    • Utkan Dora Öncül
      Utkan Dora Öncül Před měsícem +1

      I really love it

    • kyle2
      kyle2 Před měsícem +1

      @Utkan Dora Öncülit makes me go 😊

  • Marlon Sanchez
    Marlon Sanchez Před měsícem +294

    Mr. Wyetzner is really the best. He simplifies the complex construction projects that’s really easy to understand. He’s a gem.

  • Jon Forsythe
    Jon Forsythe Před měsícem +122

    The next 5 NYC bridges I'd like to see discussed by Mr. Wyetzner would be: the Manhattan Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge, the Queensboro Bridge, the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, and the no-longer-standing King's Bridge.

    • Trope
      Trope Před měsícem +4

      Yes! more of this would be great

    • Dr. Woozie
      Dr. Woozie Před měsícem +7

      Manhattan and Williamsburg are my favorites because subway trains go across them.

    • Jacob Rath
      Jacob Rath Před měsícem +5

      @Dr. Woozie There used to be trains that went over the Brooklyn Bridge, but those train lines were some of the elevated BMT lines that got taken down.

    • Nick
      Nick Před 4 dny

      I’d like to hear Mr. Wyetzner’s story for why the Tappan Zee bridge was built at virtually the widest point possible on the Hudson River.

  • Joe Santa Maria
    Joe Santa Maria Před měsícem +114

    This guy nails it. He has the facts, presents them in an interesting and engaging way, and dumbs down the information to us plebs perfectly.

    • yuckyool
      yuckyool Před měsícem +1

      I took civil engineering in college and the the story of the Brooklyn Bridge was told to us over and over again (Frank . . .) "Stella!!!" paintings too.
      Wyetzner explains the process of the caissons quickly and understandably.

  • Daniel Shea
    Daniel Shea Před měsícem +28

    Absolutely fascinating. I simply cannot get enough of these architectural videos about New York. You mentioned the wonderful bus station at the Manhattan end of the George Washington Bridge, and said that nobody knows about it. Maybe you could do a video about that and other forgotten treasures of New York. In any case, more please...

    • Randy Astle
      Randy Astle Před 5 dny

      Yes. I’ve walked past it thousands of times but gone inside much less-usually just for a restroom-so when it’s described as a marvel I wanted to hear more about why. (My son’s school bus went past the west side every day, under the end of the bridge, which the kindergarteners named the Tunnel of Doom. We still call it that while he’s a college sophomore.)

  • Artsy12
    Artsy12 Před měsícem +74

    Great video, very interesting.
    Would be great to see similar breakdowns of other famous bridges; the Tower Bridge in London, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, the Charles Bridge in Prague, or the High Bridge in Amsterdam.

    • William
      William Před měsícem +1

      Millau Viaduct is really cool too.

    • Alphamikee
      Alphamikee Před měsícem

      the Sydney Harbour Bridge happens to be a carbon copy (pun intended) of the Hellgate bridge

  • Dr. Woozie
    Dr. Woozie Před měsícem +22

    I appreciate that he included less popularly known bridges. There are so many structurally unique and interesting bridges in NYC that you could make a whole series about them.

  • Matt Sterling
    Matt Sterling Před měsícem +26

    I am a huge fan of NYC history and a novice/curious fan of architecture. My Dad worked in commercial construction for years so I really enjoy every one of these videos. Particularly since I used to live in Manhattan and miss being surrounded by inspiring architecture!

  • maxinator2002
    maxinator2002 Před 2 dny +1

    I’d love to see some other US cities’ bridges covered by an incredible video like this! Perhaps a miniseries, featuring cities like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

  • Emily Idina
    Emily Idina Před měsícem +52

    The Verrazano bridge, Midtown Tunnel, Holland Tunnel and of course the 59th Street bridge…. DUH Amazing episode as always. Thank you for another history lesson about one of the greatest cities in the world NYC Bby ❤

    • motary
      motary Před měsícem +3

      Yes! The queensboro bridge is incredible

    • MrSloika
      MrSloika Před měsícem

      The bridges that connect Staten Island to New Jersey.

  • BruinPhD2009
    BruinPhD2009 Před měsícem +4

    Thank you so much for this content. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing all these bridges, but I have to admit the GWB is my favorite of them all. I had “The Little Red Lighthouse at the Great Gray Bridge” as a little kid and as a teenager, I was thrilled to discover it was real when I saw it in person.

  • Carol Freeman
    Carol Freeman Před 8 dny +1

    What an interesting and fun presentation! Learned so much. I don't know how many zillions of times I've passed the George Washington Bridge - never noticed the lighthouse. Also so interesting to know that the area near Highbridge was once an active recreational site. My father used to drive me to school along the Harlem River Drive, and it always seemed like such a quiet and unknown part of the city.

  • Yoan Mitov
    Yoan Mitov Před měsícem +5

    Loved this episode! Would be interested in hearing about 5 more bridges. Manhattan, Triboro, Verrazano narrows, Queensboro, Williamsburg bridges to name a few.

  • Jon
    Jon Před měsícem +6

    as an uptown resident i loved seeing my neighborhood and surrounding areas through time through the history of these bridges, would love to know more about the GWB Bus terminal!

    • Randy Astle
      Randy Astle Před 5 dny

      Same! I’ve seen it thousands of times, but would love to hear why an architect admires it.

  • Pauline Dudley
    Pauline Dudley Před měsícem +4

    I love these videos, as well as the walking tours. It's so interesting to hear the history of the areas and how the structures came to be made.

  • William Berdine
    William Berdine Před měsícem +46

    Would love to see a video about the Pittsburgh area bridges.

  • R Garlin
    R Garlin Před 24 dny

    Every one of these presentations makes me love NYC even more than before I watched them - and I cannot envision a time when this increasing love will ever cease. Thanks a ton Mr Wyetzner for bringing my favorite city to life so wonderfully!

  • Azeez Oyewale
    Azeez Oyewale Před 7 dny

    Love the history & I appreciate the minds & the workforce behind these great big staples called bridges.

  • Pyroboi9
    Pyroboi9 Před měsícem

    These videos are so amazing. Keep em coming!!! It would be nice to learn about the remaining bridges.

  • Deborah Davis
    Deborah Davis Před měsícem +2

    Fantastic !! I have read a book that goes extensively into the process of building the Brooklyn Bridge, including all the wire being produced in Trenton, NJ and the details you mentioned about the Roeblings, the politics at the time, and so much more. Absolutely incredible history! So glad to learn a bit about the other bridges too! TY

  • AJ Ingoglia Films
    AJ Ingoglia Films Před 11 dny

    This was absolutely fantastic. As a life long New Yorker I never heard any of these stories. Incredible.

    EMMETT J. MAYER, JR. Před měsícem +2

    I thoroughly enjoyed your episode on the New York Bridges. It would be interesting to see some of the older bridges that were designed to cross over the Mississippi River, such as the Eads' St. Louis Bridge , H.P. Long Bridge in New Orleans.

  • yommish
    yommish Před měsícem +1

    I’d be interested to hear about the Broadway Bridge. I always thought it was interesting that a subway line crosses a lift bridge. Also the Manhattan Bridge, University Heights Bridge… every bridge please.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Před 25 dny +2

    I'd love to see a follow up including the Triborough Bridge, the 59th st Bridge, and the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. Videos are engaging and wonderful, as always

  • G. Carnell
    G. Carnell Před měsícem +1

    That was fascinating. Thank you for providing these very educational moments. I’m a native New Yorker (Bronx), but learn so much each time you present your masterclasses.

  • Marcus Bressler
    Marcus Bressler Před měsícem +3

    Very interesting and well done. According to David McCullough's "The Brooklyn Bridge", only the Brooklyn side tower sits on bedrock. On the Manhattan side, they stopped 27 feet short of bedrock. leaving the tower to sit on the sand bottom. Guess it was a correct decision by Washington Roebling and it probably saved more lives (as it hasn't collapsed yet - lolz)

  • GrotrianSeiler
    GrotrianSeiler Před 26 dny +1

    That was a fascinating history lesson. Thank you. Maybe you could cover the Queensboro and the Williamsburg sometime

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith Před měsícem +12

    Having been born in NY Hospital and living in the area for the next 45 years, I always enjoy learning of its history. Mr. Wyetzner did a fantastic job of bringing that history to life and for that I am truly greatful.

  • Gigi H.
    Gigi H. Před měsícem

    Fascinating!! Love the history and engineering - all presented so interestingly by Mr. Wyetzner. Thanks!

  • OBi Fox
    OBi Fox Před měsícem +20

    You have made a great combined story of engineering, art and history. Thanks!

  • IOAFan
    IOAFan Před měsícem +5

    What a fantastic video! I especially enjoyed the info on the Hellgate Bridge and the GWB. Thank you for the wonderful videos in this series.

  • Carol Driscoll
    Carol Driscoll Před měsícem

    Thank you so much for your vivid descriptions, recognizing the era each bridge was in, and the difficulties that ensued. What remains is magnificent!

  • Marcia Raff
    Marcia Raff Před 23 dny

    Thank you for telling this story so beautifully. I'd love to hear you talk about Santiago Calatrava's bridges.

  • akinkie
    akinkie Před měsícem

    This series is fascinating and Mr. Wyetzner is such a great host! Thank you so much!

  • Luke Strickland
    Luke Strickland Před měsícem +2

    Excellent tutorial and overview.!! Please do more on NY bridges.. I LOVE these informative vids! So cool. Thanks for making them. .

  • Grant Davidson
    Grant Davidson Před měsícem +45

    Feed me more of these videos so I can continue to architecturally digest!

  • Caldwell Smith
    Caldwell Smith Před měsícem

    Im visiting Edinburgh Scotland for the first time, and I think it would be great to see a deep dive on the forth railway bridge. Loved the video!

  • Pictoru
    Pictoru Před měsícem

    No clue what other bridges I want to see, but for sure I want more content just like this. Wonderful all around ❤

  • Don Riepe
    Don Riepe Před měsícem

    Great episode and narrator. I'd like to see the history of the Triboro ( JFK ) and Whitwstone bridges as well as the Marinw Park ( Gil Hodges) bridge which connects Brooklyn with Riis Park in Rockaway , Queens.

  • Matthew Solorzano Rincon
    Matthew Solorzano Rincon Před měsícem

    this guy is great! i would love a segment about the railway tunnels and such with him, im sure he would make it fascinating

  • Éric Michel
    Éric Michel Před měsícem

    Both informative and entertaining! Excellent content thanks Mr Wyetzner

  • Harvey Wier
    Harvey Wier Před měsícem

    Absolutely fascinating - engineering miracles we drive by every day and take so much for granted but rely upon for so much - thanks for a great entertaining presentation!

  • brmnyc
    brmnyc Před měsícem

    I would suggest videos about the two great bridge builders of New York City: Gustav Lindenthal and Othmar H. Amman. Between the two of them they built most of the iconic bridges after Roebling's Brooklyn Bridge.

  • tall treesinc
    tall treesinc Před měsícem +6

    I LOVE these informative vids! So cool. Thanks for making them. ❤

  • Chris K
    Chris K Před měsícem +3

    Great video. Bridges I’d like to see discussed on this channel: Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Pulaski Skyway, Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Sunshine Skyway, SF Bay Bridge (new eastern span)

  • Julie Deprez
    Julie Deprez Před 13 dny

    Great episode, so interesting - can't wait to come back to New York and go check these bridges out!

  • Julia Ann Cuthbertson
    Julia Ann Cuthbertson Před měsícem +2

    The Dames Point Bridge in Jacksonville, FL! It is the second longest concrete cable-stayed bridge in the western hemisphere. Interesting local history behind the strip of land it crosses, as well.

  • Maninderjit Ghotra
    Maninderjit Ghotra Před měsícem +1

    The history aspect is absolutely fascinating. What's the story like behind the tunnels?

  • hozie22
    hozie22 Před měsícem +4

    Excellent tutorial and overview.!! Please do more on NY bridges.

  • Charlotte West
    Charlotte West Před 13 dny

    Love the history of infrastructure in NYC! 🗽❤

  • Fluffy Puffy Puppy
    Fluffy Puffy Puppy Před měsícem +33

    RIP to the men who built the beautiful Brookly bridge. 😔😔

  • moonwalker091000
    moonwalker091000 Před měsícem

    Its always a pleasure to watch these videos. I always learn something new and I am so happy that the little red lighthouse was saved :o) Already looking forward to the next one.

  • And then one day I became an EXO-L

    I need more of your videos on whatever architecture topic. Seriously, love the way you describe it all.

  • Justin Strickland
    Justin Strickland Před měsícem

    If I may challenge your guest host to speak on a couple bridges outside of NYC… the spans of the former Cincinnati Southern Railroad (today’s Norfolk Southern) between Chattanooga and Cincinnati. Not only does it hosts three beautiful high bridges over fantastic vistas, I’m pretty sure they held world records when built in the 1880s

  • * Pavana *
    * Pavana * Před 24 dny

    So well researched. Appreciate all the before times photos and paintings. Thanks so much!

  • Jules Perchet
    Jules Perchet Před měsícem

    I'll never have enough videos about New York with this guy, he's amazing !

  • fred fredburger
    fred fredburger Před měsícem +2

    This was really cool and interesting. How do the ends of that rotating bridge meet the land without the corners hitting as it rotates?

  • Maiden_Michigan
    Maiden_Michigan Před měsícem

    Really dig your videos. Interesting bridge history!
    Well done.

  • Bradford Barrett
    Bradford Barrett Před měsícem +1

    Outstanding job - fascinating engineering feats of US history.

  • Mauro Eckhardt
    Mauro Eckhardt Před 16 dny

    This is still the most beautifully made format on the internet to just dive in and be entertained & informed

  • Zane Pointon
    Zane Pointon Před 14 dny

    Great video. Would like to hear about the Verrazano, Triborough, Throgs Neck, Manhattan and Queensboro bridges next

  • Sam Aronow
    Sam Aronow Před měsícem

    I'd love to see a breakdown of New York's airports.

  • ThatSothoGuy
    ThatSothoGuy Před 20 dny

    I've never been to the states, but I enjoy all this content around it's history, art and architecture as if I have seen all of it before LoL.

  • William Hanway
    William Hanway Před měsícem

    Great video! Always informative....and I grew up in the city and claimed to know its history.

  • Karine Tyrrell
    Karine Tyrrell Před 24 dny

    Fascinating. Thank you for a great story about a great city and its bridges.

  • Alphamikee
    Alphamikee Před měsícem

    I'm surprised they didn't mention the fact that the Sydney Harbor Bridge is an almost exact replica of the Hellgate bridge because they loved its design so much

  • LES Yankee61
    LES Yankee61 Před měsícem +2

    As a native New Yorker, thanks for mentioning the Little Red Lighthouse. I had the book as a child and still remember the story.

  • J
    J Před měsícem

    I say it every time, Mr Wyetzner is amazing. Please keep bringing him back!

  • Gregor Bingham
    Gregor Bingham Před měsícem

    Could you compare some of the worlds original bridges, the forth rail bridge compared to other bridges of it's type, the suspension bridges like the golden gate and what came before and after?

  • Keith G.
    Keith G. Před 3 dny

    I loved this episode! Having just visited Central Park, how about an episode on the bridges of Central Park?

  • Randy Astle
    Randy Astle Před 5 dny

    I’ve walked across the Macomb’s Dam Bridge hundreds of times, seen the Hopper paintings and sketches at the Whitney retrospective last year, read all about its history, and have a lot of sentimental attachment to it. And evidently I’ve been pronouncing it wrong the entire time! Since 2007. Sheesh. Thanks for setting me straight!

  • David Frischknecht
    David Frischknecht Před měsícem

    I was expecting to see the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge talked about. That bridge was an amazing feat of engineering.

  • Neil
    Neil Před měsícem

    Fantastic video. I wasn't aware of a couple of those, but they're all lovely bridges. Still partial to the Manhattan bridge though. It's ornate steel towers look so strong and elegant.

  • Jacob Rath
    Jacob Rath Před měsícem

    I love that you mentioned the Little Red Lighthouse! When I was in 2nd grade my teacher read that book to our class, and then took us on a field trip to visit it.

  • Noelle King
    Noelle King Před měsícem

    Please make this a series!! Incredible job signed bridge aficionado

  • Amnesi Antoinette
    Amnesi Antoinette Před 24 dny

    I am just so grateful for such quality content. Thank you AD!

  • kathy Thompson
    kathy Thompson Před měsícem +15

    Fascinating and so very interesting! NYC rocks and so do you! Thank you very, very much!

  • Cesar Rivera
    Cesar Rivera Před měsícem +1

    The Highland bridge reminds me of a bridge we have here in Minneapolis called the Stone Arch Bridge. Definitely have to take a walk on the Highland bridge whenever I go back to NYC

  • Emiliano Serrano
    Emiliano Serrano Před měsícem

    Would love to see a video about the Pittsburgh area bridges.. RIP to the men who built the beautiful Brookly bridge. .

  • Terry Gibbs
    Terry Gibbs Před měsícem

    As a Londoner I found this episode fascinating and it illustrates just how different the bridges in this city and New York are. I

  • Claudia Mann
    Claudia Mann Před měsícem

    That was fascinating. So sad that the one bridge was torn down although understandably so. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Women of Wealth & Luxury
    Women of Wealth & Luxury Před měsícem

    I just want to say thank you to the brave men who labored and lost their lives building something so valuable. Thank you!

  • Arnella Mahoney
    Arnella Mahoney Před 25 dny

    The bridges I would like to see discussed are the Kosciusko Bridge, Whitestone Bridge, Throgs Neck Bridge, RFK Bridge and the 59th Street Bridge.

  • Stephen Lafferty
    Stephen Lafferty Před měsícem

    This was a great video! I hope that you review the bridges of Portland Oregon in a future video!

  • Elena Yee
    Elena Yee Před měsícem

    I would love to learn more about the bridges in the Hudson Valley in New York

  • Dusty
    Dusty Před měsícem +8

    This was really interesting and so was full of fascinating information that when it finished ... I watched it again!

  • Goli Ensan
    Goli Ensan Před měsícem +2

    Love these series. you’re fantastic and so all your picks

  • MrMtanz
    MrMtanz Před měsícem

    Great video! Could you cover the bridges in DC? Lots of history there!

  • yuckyool
    yuckyool Před měsícem

    Terra cotta ornamentation . . .
    I read something in one of my local (Princeton NJ) historical society journals about a Terra Cotta (clay) factory in Rocky Hill that created (fake) stone ornamentation to Manhattan buildings.
    I think it was quite common before post-modernistic took over.
    Also, the Greenwich St. side of what used to the American Stock Exchange, that labels this massive, building, the "NY Curb Exchange" fascinates me. Are there other existing huge no-longer-used anachronisms in NYC?

  • Monaco winner
    Monaco winner Před 17 dny

    I've traversed on every single 1 them & haven't thought about the history behind them so thanks for this !

  • Space Elf Downlink
    Space Elf Downlink Před měsícem

    Pittsburgh could be another interesting city to cover, Its another city of bridges.
    Brooklyn Bridge might be far overshadowed now by other much longer bridges but it will likely remain one of the most famous in engineering history. Its certainly one of the best looking.

  • Eduard van Dijk
    Eduard van Dijk Před měsícem

    Another excellent New York vid!
    Can you do a video about all the fascinating parks in the city?

  • Brian Coady
    Brian Coady Před měsícem +1

    This is what makes NYC the greatest city in the world, and Manhattan it’s centerpiece. Getting there is not a trivial thing. And once you go through that rite of passage, you feel like you ate in a unique place.

  • Ultra EK
    Ultra EK Před měsícem

    Makes me proud to be a native New Yorker lol. So much history in these bridges!

  • dcseain
    dcseain Před měsícem

    The Francis Scott Key Bridge connecting Georgetown, Washington, DC to Rosslyn, Arlington, VA, which replaced the older Aqueduct bridge which was upstream of the current structure, but still carries the Washington Aqueduct into Arlington, VA, as well as carrying US 29 across the Potomac River. It and Chain Bridge, further upstream, are the two most iconic bridges north of US 301 across the Potomac.

  • Matthew Offenbacher
    Matthew Offenbacher Před měsícem +1

    One of the types of videos that's so worthwhile watching. I'm slowly getting more content via social media that feeds my mind, and heart.❤

  • Keith McKenzie
    Keith McKenzie Před měsícem

    The Seattle bridges would be great to learn about.

  • lonebison
    lonebison Před měsícem

    LOVE this video! I could listen to Mr. Wyetzner all day! Fascinating content.

  • SOULY&Co Jewelry
    SOULY&Co Jewelry Před 14 dny

    As a" Bronxite" I often bring up the significance of the bronx and its land mass. Great episode.