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  • čas přidán 3. 10. 2023
  • Snuggle up up and relax with baby sloths in Sloth Preschool at Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica! Watch as they take naps, snuggle in their buckets, go for an adventurous climb, and even get fed by our caretakers! Usually live between 7am PT to 3pm PT.
    Toucan Rescue Ranch has always been extremely thoughtful and meticulous about the animals that we announce to the world. This is because the animals that you see at our center are all rescue cases - usually coming from serious situations such as traffic accidents, electrocution from power lines, illegal pet trade (suffering from malnutrition, abuse, and so forth), and other serious issues such as deforestation. With all of this in mind, everyone must understand that each animal in our care is recovering from said incidents.
    When you are watching Sloth Preschool, you are watching animals who are in a nursery hospital. This means that all sloths are undergoing some form of treatment and are under 24/7 care. Many of the orphans we care for may have lung issues, underdeveloped organs, and the list is exhaustive. All cases require a veterinarian and a very detailed treatment plan based on their condition.
    With that being said, we have always had a rule to not announce an animal until we knew they were stable and strong. However, the difference of and Sloth TV, is that you are getting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at animals that are in sometimes, intensive care. So, sadly, due to this, together, we may experience the death of an animal - even doing everything in our absolute power to save them... sometimes nature has another plan in store.
    Toucan Rescue Ranch's Channel: / slothmom
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