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  • čas přidán 17. 11. 2022
  • Thank you again Mr. Crossout for sponsoring! :D Play Crossout for FREE on PC, PS®4 and Xbox One: playxo.link/anomalypapanomaly...
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  • @AnomalyPapanomaly
    @AnomalyPapanomaly  Před rokem +66

    Thank you again Mr. Crossout for sponsoring! Play Crossout for FREE on PC, PS®4 and Xbox One: playxo.link/anomalypapanomalyxo2022

  • @bardenhick2121
    @bardenhick2121 Před rokem +173

    Time for Anomaly to customize his mobility scooter like a Crossout vehicle

  • @Sjutik
    @Sjutik Před rokem +228

    Anomaly can CROSS OUT his morning run cuz he ain't never gonna do it amirite xDDD

    • @R4K45H1_GAMING
      @R4K45H1_GAMING Před rokem +5

      Comedy moment xddddd

    • @el.jihad.
      @el.jihad. Před rokem +4

      lulllzz soo funny xDDD

    • @ripple_bbx6209
      @ripple_bbx6209 Před rokem

      You very funny yes forgot to laugh hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahha

    • @roli087
      @roli087 Před rokem

      I think i have alzheimers because i dont remember asking

    • @M4rk4yy
      @M4rk4yy Před rokem

      Lé funny has been deployed

  • @xdomixq
    @xdomixq Před rokem +54

    8:14 that trickshot was insane

  • @spartansavage1066
    @spartansavage1066 Před rokem +15

    i love the relationship that you got with your papa i wish mine was the same

  • @michaelwesten4624
    @michaelwesten4624 Před rokem +73

    anomaly already ate all the food and they need the sponsor money to feed him...

  • @greenhaze420
    @greenhaze420 Před rokem +10

    always love this father/son relationship they have.

  • @D_A86
    @D_A86 Před rokem +57

    12:50 Papas ptsd is pushing him to drastic actions 😅😅😅

  • @vetefan338
    @vetefan338 Před rokem +5

    Älskar dina videos❤❤❤

  • @felixblhf1181
    @felixblhf1181 Před rokem +6

    5:56 the joke got me good 🤣

  • @ignisXD
    @ignisXD Před rokem +16

    you should build a car that has the same weight and body composition as you. you would be the most indestructable blob on the block, however with a very small cannon...

    • @realkilju
      @realkilju Před rokem +4

      A car with double chin then? 💀

    • @ignisXD
      @ignisXD Před rokem +2

      @@realkilju at least, at least XDD

    • @RE-zl7sy
      @RE-zl7sy Před rokem

      @@realkilju u mean 10?

    • @ignisXD
      @ignisXD Před rokem

      @@RE-zl7sy there is not enough space when assembling a car to contain all of Luddes chins

    • @RE-zl7sy
      @RE-zl7sy Před rokem

      @@ignisXD hes chin is so big naploeon's canons can use hes chin is a canonon ball (sorry for my english)

  • @ImotekhtheStormlord-tx2it

    this game is a world when anomaly doesnt suck up any sponsored games. mad max desert planet without money

  • @RealGamerNerd
    @RealGamerNerd Před rokem +4

    4 years ago on this day it was my b day and u released a video and replied to me happy b day ;3 wont ever forget That ♡

  • @petarkresimirkrmpotic8631

    Anomaly and Papanomaly when they have any sort of mellee weapons they always beat each other

  • @lfgelfge9953
    @lfgelfge9953 Před rokem +1

    Yess finaly a crossout vid again

  • @IAmYred
    @IAmYred Před rokem +5


  • @Skeleton.Gaming
    @Skeleton.Gaming Před rokem +1

    it's my soul game. That's why I made a CZcams channel about this game. It's a shame that it's not too well known. The whole secret is to set a goal and stick to it. That is, if you want to craft a certain weapon gather the necessary resources and invest the resources just to craft that weapon. and don't forget to have fun while doing this.

  • @dylanglazzard1365
    @dylanglazzard1365 Před rokem +2

    got a small feeling that papanomaly has had a nice drink before this video

  • @CourtsVVorld
    @CourtsVVorld Před rokem

    This remembers me to a p2w game that I loved so much called Robocraft

  • @rumenrumenov9570
    @rumenrumenov9570 Před rokem +1

    bro u just make my day better

  • @Joshiiie77
    @Joshiiie77 Před rokem +1

    Greetings from Lithuania🇱🇹❤️

  • @ragingre4per242
    @ragingre4per242 Před rokem +2

    loved this game back in the day until i realised it takes ages to progress unless you spend money

  • @holinator6500
    @holinator6500 Před rokem +7

    Did Crossout really just copied Tanki Online ? :D

  • @vitonamous
    @vitonamous Před rokem

    crossout is so fun used to play bedlam and met new people it was fun till suddenly almost no one plays the game
    its sad tho

  • @Slayer-sq6ou
    @Slayer-sq6ou Před rokem +12

    0:39 Papa finally fights back

  • @aXentOG
    @aXentOG Před rokem +1

    I would love for them to some how do a Vigilante 8 or Twisted Metal crossover

  • @CupheadAleks
    @CupheadAleks Před rokem +1

    Not gonna lie, this game looks awesome

    • @tobiasnilsedalen3908
      @tobiasnilsedalen3908 Před rokem +4

      its cool in the start but its impossible to get far without paying and the safety is super bad both me and my firends got our users hacked twice and lost our shit

    • @rjsc2006
      @rjsc2006 Před rokem

      @@tobiasnilsedalen3908 I had it for years, it’s great fun but p2w after a while

    • @tobiasnilsedalen3908
      @tobiasnilsedalen3908 Před rokem

      @@rjsc2006 yep

  • @SeMDesu
    @SeMDesu Před rokem

    Dave504: Bassist
    Anomaly: Assist

  • @mikkelschning7997
    @mikkelschning7997 Před rokem

    For example, you can construct a house to store equipment and restart if you die. Unlike the tranquil landscapes of CUM,

  • @darius_13566
    @darius_13566 Před rokem

    Bruh Anomaly is just... COLD Af

  • @Igorilianu
    @Igorilianu Před rokem +2

    Greatest duo of all time

  • @tomjerrygaming5074
    @tomjerrygaming5074 Před rokem

    Anormaly : papa
    Papa : yes

  • @Philscooper
    @Philscooper Před rokem

    Anomaly in a coma while dreamimg about being in war

  • @willeboy6classon190
    @willeboy6classon190 Před rokem

    Best youtuber 😂

  • @januszsiema4377
    @januszsiema4377 Před rokem +1

    first sponsored game which is worth to consider downloading

  • @Inexpressable
    @Inexpressable Před rokem +2

    i like the game up until you get auto aiming guns and like 400 different things on the vehicle. small vehicle battles are the most fun for me

  • @petergorka2625
    @petergorka2625 Před rokem +1

    Thats legit Robocraft but in HD+

  • @men6074
    @men6074 Před rokem

    Ive been playing crossout for years, if you dont have good weapons or skill dont go over 10K power.

  • @MrFloribe
    @MrFloribe Před rokem +2

    Crossout, more like Sellout 🤣

  • @Cigaro_
    @Cigaro_ Před rokem

    ngl... if the game is not p2w looks pretty good

  • @flanzie
    @flanzie Před rokem +3

    I love Papas reaction about the game: he knows its a very shit game but it pays🤣😅

  • @awesome-boy214
    @awesome-boy214 Před rokem

    editor add mortal kombat and fightning music and boxing effect when anomaly fights his dad

  • @sandboy5880
    @sandboy5880 Před rokem

    It's like robocraft when it was still good.

  • @kodemix4159
    @kodemix4159 Před rokem

    you can set every gun for some keys

  • @GhostStalker16
    @GhostStalker16 Před rokem +1

    dont bother with this game. anomoly probably got $5000 worth of parts to use for the video and you will NEVER be able to use the high end parts you see. the game is the definition of P2W

  • @LatvianAesthetics
    @LatvianAesthetics Před rokem +2

    5:56 ok thats dark

  • @ompalompa
    @ompalompa Před rokem

    the schoolbus be like 5:03

  • @ghouldr1964
    @ghouldr1964 Před rokem

    my god, haven't plays Crossout since it was released and I did NOT know there were PVE

  • @deniiliev3105
    @deniiliev3105 Před rokem

    Love you 💗 big fan

  • @OrvidekiRonaldo
    @OrvidekiRonaldo Před rokem +1

    hello papa!

  • @ViktorA-sm2gq
    @ViktorA-sm2gq Před 10 měsíci

    yay I have the ballong, nej they took the ballong

  • @AsRa_TV
    @AsRa_TV Před rokem

    0:41 maybe papa should which from guitar to drums

  • @NewManLps
    @NewManLps Před rokem

    Hello … anomaly yes🤨

  • @JeiskiDNG
    @JeiskiDNG Před rokem

    -Lude, Lude
    -Yes papa
    -Playing shitty games
    -No papa
    -Telling lies?

  • @gfm.3
    @gfm.3 Před rokem

    love you man

  • @challeFX
    @challeFX Před rokem +1


  • @bigpapa1050
    @bigpapa1050 Před rokem +1


  • @georgetommson5641
    @georgetommson5641 Před rokem

    Cool vid men

  • @g.o.a.t2132
    @g.o.a.t2132 Před rokem

    did papa play in some metal bands?

  • @wildiwt
    @wildiwt Před rokem +2

    warthunder next bro

  • @AsRa_TV
    @AsRa_TV Před rokem +1

    8:08 personal timestamp

  • @robbenog6021
    @robbenog6021 Před rokem

    Hans und Fritz are back

  • @thefithway330
    @thefithway330 Před rokem

    Now this is early 15 seconds

  • @lehumptydumpty6416
    @lehumptydumpty6416 Před rokem +1

    That first 1 min

  • @umutyigitturkmen9824
    @umutyigitturkmen9824 Před rokem

    Bro is this game still alive? I was playing that when i bought in my ps4 because it is free

  • @vladimirzafiroski6874

    Papa had enough of anomaly bullshit and just whip out the revolver

  • @aoifw_
    @aoifw_ Před rokem

    already watched the whole video

  • @mastoripap
    @mastoripap Před rokem +1

    very good

  • @melosmelly
    @melosmelly Před rokem


  • @FRGT69
    @FRGT69 Před rokem +6

    looks like gaijin very desperate advertising their game by literally giving all the items available in game to anomaly also maxing out his level lol i guess here only anomaly is the winner while gaijin gonna take a huge L

  • @jeg8867
    @jeg8867 Před rokem

    Wtf. 8:14 Anomaly Jedi confirmed

  • @busterbeans3025
    @busterbeans3025 Před rokem +2

    Nnn is doing well until now

  • @givemeyouryogurt
    @givemeyouryogurt Před rokem

    1:24 footage of new maruti suzuki in forza 6 (maruti arabic)

  • @joosuone8206
    @joosuone8206 Před rokem

    "i DON'T MAKE FAKE PASSPORT VIDO" and has guns in thumbnail

  • @matyass1183
    @matyass1183 Před rokem

    high budget WoT

  • @swagrid3649
    @swagrid3649 Před rokem

    8:36 oh gogg

  • @alexanderporfert544
    @alexanderporfert544 Před rokem


  • @Zlachry
    @Zlachry Před rokem

    Matrix is real

  • @zombiehunter8164
    @zombiehunter8164 Před rokem

    Hello papa!

  • @nykrev
    @nykrev Před rokem +1

    When next Lego Movie?

  • @MrMario6055
    @MrMario6055 Před rokem

    i looked away for one second and i noticed after 2 minutes the "penis" written on papa's head...

  • @F.R.O.X.U
    @F.R.O.X.U Před rokem

    0:45 man wtf xddddddd

  • @tristanfox1099
    @tristanfox1099 Před rokem

    Hi #1

  • @norbertkovacs8633
    @norbertkovacs8633 Před rokem

    Hell yeah budfy

  • @RizzBrigitte
    @RizzBrigitte Před rokem


  • @norr1n
    @norr1n Před rokem


  • @tudi_2523
    @tudi_2523 Před rokem +2

    Average car in Ohio

  • @wilmahugs
    @wilmahugs Před rokem

    Yes 👍🏻

  • @finawe9167
    @finawe9167 Před rokem +6

    Sad to see one of my favourite youtubers selling out :(

  • @UltimateMrKing
    @UltimateMrKing Před rokem

    Anamoly got shot 6 times by papa. This is the last video

  • @Meh-..
    @Meh-.. Před rokem

    Anomaly can u travel to norway next?

  • @TheQueue
    @TheQueue Před rokem


  • @Suttediss
    @Suttediss Před rokem


  • @kereikuc9880
    @kereikuc9880 Před rokem +1

    Thank you and your alfonso sugar dady boyfriend for this amazing fake passport tutorial and giveaway of american visa

  • @arushmendhe4096
    @arushmendhe4096 Před rokem


  • @benmaster8373
    @benmaster8373 Před rokem +1

    ahahahhahahahahah col game

  • @Otorkad
    @Otorkad Před rokem

    go sweden do pulka vlogg in winter

  • @adaskoblondynek7262
    @adaskoblondynek7262 Před rokem

    so now maybe war thunder or enlisted?

  • @thevoid2413
    @thevoid2413 Před rokem


  • @SW7K
    @SW7K Před rokem

    Fr [for real]