Fiat (ft. Matt Miggz)

  • čas přidán 15. 09. 2022
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    Prod. Matt Miggz & Cody Ko
    Prod. Co: Theory Productions
    Director of Photography: Shane Sackett
    Producer: Cecelia Hubbard
    Gaffer: Trevor Hollander
    1st Assistant Camera: Jonathan Maurer
    Key Grip: Ryan Pham
    Production Designer & Wardrobe: Monica Baronia
    Art Assist: Maria Skakun
    H/MU Artist: Sarah Faubert
    Production Assistant: Mikael Fonantez
    Suzanne Gutierrez-Hedges
    Beth Geiger
    Graciela Valderrama
    Garon Grisby
    Les Enloe
    Cynthia Pride-Glamore
    Craig Smith

Komentáře • 1 855

  • DilliedAlly

    these produced videos are so fun, the level that cody and noel are going to recently is crazy

  • Preston Garvey

    Cody and Noel going from making joke songs to making legitimately good, and well produced music is so impressive. Shows the effort they actually put into what they do.

  • Cole Rolland

    The Gary Vee samples are the perfect addition to this 😂

  • Ten_2_Life
    Ten_2_Life Před 18 hodinami +2

    Not even gonna front with you here Cody, and I'm an experienced writer myself...... you got a platform here already. When you're ready, take this shit seriously. You got it. You got bars. You got delivery. Production. The videos. As I said the platform. and again the DELIVERY. I fuck with your voice and your energy. Keep it up and best of luck to you.

  • Tyler Yok
    Tyler Yok  +684

    "Did you earn these G's? Cause you burned these trees" is a killer ass line

  • Roger
    Roger  +235

    "tell me how you gonna make bitcoin rain" is single-handedly the argument that sold me on fiat for life.

  • Dylan Lokatys

    You've outdone yourself again Cody. Matt sounded fire too, holy fuck this slaps

  • Player
    Player  +621

    “Meta verse that’s not a thing”

  • Toobad
    Toobad  +366

    This fucking hits my guy. I love how perfectly succinct this is. Also, that chorus slap. You are honestly such an inspiration with all the shit you exploring and accomplishing. We are fucking HERE FOR IT

  • Joey
    Joey Před 2 hodinami

    This song slaps so hard

  • wazoopack
    wazoopack  +173

    A remix of this with Noel would be insane

  • Alyssa McNerney

    Cody just seems like he’s happier and doing the stuff that he loves and it’s working so well for him like this song is a fucking bop

  • ally
    ally  +4

    cody is just hitting DIFFERENT lately

  • Philippe du Preez
    Philippe du Preez Před 6 hodinami

    This song actually slaps

  • yawn
    yawn  +29

    Hearing Cody talk about how hard it was to shoot this on the pod and him being nervous about the final cut, it came out so good! I hope he had more confidence producing things on his own now. It’s only up from here

  • Lil Rollie
    Lil Rollie  +187

    This actually not bad bro the mixing is fucjing insane and the bars are Hitting every line let’s gooo Cody this is upgraded as hell

  • Jacob Ebersole

    I don't know what type of sub genre of rap this is but this right here is Cody's element this fits his voice and cadence so well, I would love to hear more of this style from him

  • Kael Kay

    The talent in the backup actors in the office is great

  • Hayden Elliott

    It’s been wild seeing Cody’s growth as a rapper over the years this was really good

  • Anna S.
    Anna S.  +28

    Proves you don't need a massive budget video when the song is a banger.