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The Voice TOP 10 Blind Auditions Worldwide 2013 - 2018 - Emotional, Sweet and Inspiring

  • čas přidán 16. 08. 2018
  • I got myself here stuck into the tears and deep feelings hearing these sweet and emotional songs.
    So i decided then to fixed up my top 10, "the most emotional, sweet and inspirational video of audition of the voice" Worldwide , from 2013 until 2018 for you guys.
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    Pictures appear in Title: End of Comoro River, Bebonuk Sunset - Dili Timor Leste.
    Application used: Wondershare Filmora v.8.1
    Scenes according to the appearences
    1.The Voice Australia, 2018 - Mikayla Jade - Dancing on My Own - CALUM SCOTT
    2.The Voice France, 2017 - Lou Mai - Bohemian Rhapsody - QUEEN
    3.The Voice Autralia, 2013 - Harrison Craig - Broken Vow - JOSH GROBAN
    4.The Voice Australia, 2018 - Maddison McNamara - I Will Always Love You - WHITNEY HOUSTON
    5.The Voice France, 2018 - Mennel Ibtissem - Hallelujah - LEONARD COHEN
    6.The Voice Russia, 2017 - Anton Belyaev - Wicked Game - CHRIS ISAAK
    7.The Voice China, 2016 - Cui Tianqi - Mad world - GARY JULES
    8.The Voice Germany, 2017 - Kim Friehs - Sign of The Times - HARRY STYLES
    9.The Voice America, 2018 - Stephanie Skipper - Piece by Piece - KELLY CLARKSON
    10.The Voice France, 2018 - Elsa Roses - Somewhere Only We Know - KEANE
    Please see the Link for the more information you need to know;
    Thank You
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Komentáře • 1,7K

  • @MarcosGomes-py8xl
    @MarcosGomes-py8xl Před 5 lety +371

    Cadê os brasileiros pra deixar um like no vídeo?

  • @jc9552
    @jc9552 Před rokem +28

    The girl with the turban looks like an angel. Just very beautiful and pure.

    • @nino.records
      @nino.records Před rokem +1

      She was excluded from the competition because of her Turban (hijab), ridiculous french people

    • @aaBb-tf2ux
      @aaBb-tf2ux Před 7 měsíci

      ​@@nino.records5:14 5:14 5:15

    • @sasannategh8059
      @sasannategh8059 Před 6 měsíci

      @@nino.records ۳ت

    • @sasannategh8059
      @sasannategh8059 Před 6 měsíci


  • @me4you72
    @me4you72 Před 5 lety +141

    Not only is the song Hallelujah one of my favorite songs ever, but the woman that sang it was absolutely stunning and breathtakingly beautiful!

    • @ghostfighter6689
      @ghostfighter6689 Před 5 lety +4

      I thought everyone was calling Muslims Terorrists... Or just because of a pretty Muslim girl everyone changed their mind?

    • @amberburkett1972
      @amberburkett1972 Před 5 lety +5


    • @me4you72
      @me4you72 Před 5 lety +1

      @@amberburkett1972 yes I agree totally!

    • @BookishChass
      @BookishChass Před 5 lety +7

      Ghost Fighter well you thought wrong. Not everyone thinks that ya know

    • @reen964
      @reen964 Před 5 lety +8

      Ghost Fighter You just had to right? You think you have the right to speak for everyone? Idiot fire starter

  • @sylwiablacha1
    @sylwiablacha1 Před 5 lety +14

    The man playing the piano for his child was the one that got me good

  • @rajdhillon4722
    @rajdhillon4722 Před 5 lety +209

    Lady singing hallelujah - sang it absolutely beautifully, and she is so so beautiful

    • @non-zi7hh
      @non-zi7hh Před 5 lety +3

      Raj Dhillon she is Arabia girl she have to be beauty all of them like that 😍

    • @christopherbedford9897
      @christopherbedford9897 Před 5 lety +3

      Naah didn't like the arrangement. People called Leonard Cohen "depressing" but it's not it's beautiful - she however made this song depressing. Or at least boring.

    • @odinthewiseone1335
      @odinthewiseone1335 Před 5 lety +2

      @@christopherbedford9897 Cant disagree on that, what you said its totally true.

    • @kirkdaigle
      @kirkdaigle Před rokem +2


    • @guillermomartinez7557
      @guillermomartinez7557 Před rokem +2


  • @carmenwilley8858
    @carmenwilley8858 Před 5 lety +16

    The girl who sang I will always Love You--wow!

  • @isabeleandrade3781
    @isabeleandrade3781 Před 5 lety +559

    Não existe magia maior que a música. Ela alcança os corações não importando o idioma. Ela acalma a alma, transmite amor. Abençoado seja quem tem o dom.

    • @fiammapsicologa65rodrigues70
      @fiammapsicologa65rodrigues70 Před 5 lety +2


    • @dinvia4395
      @dinvia4395 Před 5 lety +1

      Asdfgjjkkkhfndhnxbdhehdfjndbckdnxbshjxjxjxnnxxjbebfjwnfjwjcnskncksnxos cjenfnfvjjgjfhfjfjfjfjffjjgjg+%bxnlxxmldkdkdmncnmcmmcnccnnvm'??'?'?'?'

    • @blessed-1
      @blessed-1 Před 5 lety +8

      And I don't speak your language yet I understood every word you just said ❤

    • @k1ng535
      @k1ng535 Před 5 lety +2

      Melhor Comentario 💜

    • @SnaypGold
      @SnaypGold Před 5 lety +1


  • @LeaVionne
    @LeaVionne Před 5 lety +162

    the girl with scarf has beautiful eyes, she sounded so amazingly smooth as well!

    • @meganishere
      @meganishere Před 5 lety

      Yes she did 😍

    • @TONYMLT
      @TONYMLT Před 5 lety +3

      I concur. She is mesmerizing. A good word choice. @Joseph Yoder

    • @joeldeoliveira8525
      @joeldeoliveira8525 Před 5 lety

      Talentos de Deus

    • @puravidahoy
      @puravidahoy Před 5 lety +1

      Mennel Ibtissem is a first generation French citizen of Syrian origins and incredibly gifted. While she was poised to win given her natural talent, she was asked to withdraw when tweets about her political views were made public.... she is magical and will go far but shame on TF1 ( government owned channel for censoring her)

    • @LeaVionne
      @LeaVionne Před 5 lety

      Pura Vida she's asked to quit?!!!!!!!! such a shame! she's incredibly talented.. i honestly feel so gutted right now

  • @tokivisohe8200
    @tokivisohe8200 Před 5 lety +391

    The girl that sang hallelujah could melt any men's heart with her looks alone

  • @RustyBobbins
    @RustyBobbins Před 5 lety +16

    I’ve never heard heard anyone sing Whitney’s song as good as Whitney... This woman NAILED it!

  • @knowyourkismat
    @knowyourkismat Před 5 lety +335

    The Chinese girl has an INCREDIBLE voice , I can’t believe it took them so long to turn

    • @arcadia5607
      @arcadia5607 Před 5 lety +2

      And a body to match

    • @Ny1x
      @Ny1x Před 5 lety +18

      its normal in the voice of china, they have to deal with large amount of contestants due to their population. if you notice, contestants from the voice china sings the whole song while most of the other country's the voice sings half the song. this is to allow china coaches to think long and hard if they want the contestants or not.

    • @todorokishoto7990
      @todorokishoto7990 Před 5 lety +5

      WT COLLECTOR way to objectify women again..

    • @alliyahsgalaxy
      @alliyahsgalaxy Před 5 lety +4

      I agree. Like the best on there. So original.

    • @katlady5000
      @katlady5000 Před 5 lety +9

      I agree that way she changed her voice made it interesting to listen to. I really enjoyed her.

  • @lass-inangeles7564
    @lass-inangeles7564 Před 5 lety +17

    What talent! If it were not for CZcams, we would never hear these glorious voices!!

  • @kouamearmandkouame8495
    @kouamearmandkouame8495 Před 5 lety +150

    " hallelujah" what btfull eye and voice??? Amazing 😮

    • @cesarsangbaramou3583
      @cesarsangbaramou3583 Před 5 lety +1


    • @smsbackupcarlos
      @smsbackupcarlos Před 5 lety +3

      She is pretty good, but a better one would be that one fat kid who was send back by david from Britain got talent came back and kill it. his version is probably better.

    • @sarmdalkhory
      @sarmdalkhory Před 5 lety +3

      Manal from Syria

    • @fiammapsicologa65rodrigues70
      @fiammapsicologa65rodrigues70 Před 5 lety

      She is maze!!!😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • @nebhiikram2618
    @nebhiikram2618 Před rokem +6

    The girl who sing hallelujah just wooow her voice is so beautiful as much as her face ❤️😍

  • @armstronglance
    @armstronglance Před 5 lety +51

    I think the Voice can single handedly bring the youth from all over the world together! Love seeing singers like the Asian girl here. So awesome!

  • @heatherwhitfield3977
    @heatherwhitfield3977 Před 5 lety +57

    Jesus, the lady who sang I will always love you knocked it out of the damn park!

    • @masonwheeler9211
      @masonwheeler9211 Před 5 lety

      Heather Whitfield why did only George's chair light up when they all turned

    • @arianakhosravani4592
      @arianakhosravani4592 Před 5 lety

      Mason Wheeler, their chairs turned red. I think that means George blocked them so that he would automatically get her on his team.

    • @masonwheeler9211
      @masonwheeler9211 Před 5 lety

      @@arianakhosravani4592 he can do that

    • @arianakhosravani4592
      @arianakhosravani4592 Před 5 lety

      Mason Wheeler yes, assuming the Australian Voice is like the US Voice. They just added the button last season. Each celebrity got one chance to block each of the other celebs if they really wanted that singer and didn’t want to worry about who the singer might pick. Looks like George used his all at once. Still I’m just guessing, between the red chairs and the sarcastic Thank you George got, seems like he blocked them.

  • @saramiranda5820
    @saramiranda5820 Před 4 lety +42

    Toda vez que vejo esse vídeo a emoção é a mesma! ❤️❤️😍 A Japonesa então, performance arrepiante! ❤️❤️❤️😍

  • @andreiarochaalonso2379
    @andreiarochaalonso2379 Před 5 lety +66

    Top alguém em fevereiro 2019

  • @christinesutton6507
    @christinesutton6507 Před 5 lety +422

    The woman in the scarf... An angelic voice and face.

    • @crystalwaters2525
      @crystalwaters2525 Před 5 lety +1

      Doppelganger or same person? czcams.com/video/ZHOcXxW6XBA/video.html Imagine four years difference.

    • @khaledjones6237
      @khaledjones6237 Před 5 lety +9

      She is originary from syria and france.she was kicked out because of hère scarf.

    • @yongpotato8176
      @yongpotato8176 Před 5 lety +5

      @@khaledjones6237 seriously?????????? That shouldn't be an issue...they are even phobia lolllllllll

    • @onecatfromhell2391
      @onecatfromhell2391 Před 5 lety +2

      @@yongpotato8176 And it was not the issue at all!

    • @onecatfromhell2391
      @onecatfromhell2391 Před 5 lety +8

      @@khaledjones6237 You're just manipulating the facts! She was not kicked out (it was her decision to leave) and the polemic had nothing to do with her wearing a scarf!

  • @shanycehenley6079
    @shanycehenley6079 Před 5 lety +122

    i absolutely love the girl for the voice china.....her voice is so freaking beautiful

    • @trendy_nails
      @trendy_nails Před 5 lety +2

      Shanyce Henley mega-powerful voice

    • @Eadyt87
      @Eadyt87 Před 5 lety +4

      I think the Muslimah girl in scraf singing Hallelujah is the best the most beautiful

    • @jasonnolis5445
      @jasonnolis5445 Před 5 lety +1


  • @shayla1179
    @shayla1179 Před 5 lety +18

    The girl who sung hallelujah sung with so much heart and her voice was so stunning it was just beautiful she didn’t need to shout or hit high notes to see she was incredibly talented. She was absolutely beautiful too.
    The other person who melted my heart was Harrison Craig. I honestly think his voice is incredible. He sings with so much power and just demands attention with his vocals. His voice is deep but can range quite well and he sings with emotion. His vibrato is also very good. It also helps the little backstory, Harrison Craig actually has a stutter and his voice sounds so clear.

  • @eloetepinho7235
    @eloetepinho7235 Před rokem +20

    Olha eu aqui , em 16 de setembro de 2022 assistindo essa preciosidade , que programa lindo !!!!
    É tudo maravilhoso ❤️
    Daqui de Florianópolis 👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

  • @annah5592
    @annah5592 Před 5 lety +46

    The Chinese girl needs nothing added....she's incredibly talented and the most natural performer I've seen.

  • @kanunivestern7959
    @kanunivestern7959 Před rokem +3

    Супер! Я получил массу приятных эмоций, от этих божественных голосов!

  • @cesaritovs2t
    @cesaritovs2t Před 5 lety +102

    pela música.... isso é muito lindo.... a moça que cantou " i will always nove u"Hiiii arrepiou....

  • @claudiodossantos3149
    @claudiodossantos3149 Před 5 lety +15

    Bárbaro, fantástico, sensacional...impossível descrever esses talentos em uma unica palavra, imensurável!!! Amo tudo isso...

  • @rogeriaalmeida3287
    @rogeriaalmeida3287 Před rokem +5

    Não saberia escolher! Um melhor que outro! Não vivo sem música nem imagino minha vida sem ela. Agradeço tds os dias poder ouvir, muito mais que falar, rzsss Tbm acredito nessa relação de aproximação com Deus através da música, e algumas delas, são mesmo quase uma oração!!!!

  • @3dgar7eandro
    @3dgar7eandro Před 5 lety +9

    That Chinese girls give me gosebumps. Incredible talent and the guy playing the piano was also very good... This people actually do it almost better that the original

  • @abeliever6602
    @abeliever6602 Před 5 lety +5

    I thought I was no crier until she sang hallelujah!
    And the guy afterwards, love his voice too.bravo..👏👏👏

  • @McStoolio
    @McStoolio Před 5 lety +99

    The girl singing Bohemian Rhapsody.....exceptional. Could listen to her all day

  • @choma816
    @choma816 Před 5 lety +81

    Mis respetos para todos estos cantantes. Q voz tan espectacular tienen.

  • @viniciusarruda1988
    @viniciusarruda1988 Před rokem +32

    5:38 Isso é insano, nunca vi alguém cantar tão perfeitamente assim. SENSACIONAL

    • @andraderafaele
      @andraderafaele Před rokem +3

      Pra mim é a mais emocionante de todas as apresentações. Ela canta com o sentimento.

    • @gabrielalvarenga3462
      @gabrielalvarenga3462 Před rokem +2

      É de fechar os olhos e simplesmente chorar!!
      Muito entrega e foi do coração!!

    • @ruandcarmo5676
      @ruandcarmo5676 Před rokem +2

      De fato impressionante!

    • @paulojr.5910
      @paulojr.5910 Před rokem +1

      99,9% igual, assustador e uma alegria.

  • @WesleySilva-ds2he
    @WesleySilva-ds2he Před rokem +5

    Uma coletânia excepcional. Um dos melhores vídeos dos últimos tempos.

  • @ernajoef9229
    @ernajoef9229 Před 5 lety +13

    The voice china that girl was so amaizing what a voice in that body

  • @RicardoAono
    @RicardoAono Před 11 měsíci +4

    Belas canções sem dúvida! De lavar a alma e encher o coração!

  • @pauloalexandre0074
    @pauloalexandre0074 Před 5 lety +6

    As interpretações foram perfeitas, certamente um presente do céu.

  • @marquesvieira3699
    @marquesvieira3699 Před 5 lety +11

    eu chorei na musica aleluia. Alem da mulher ter uns olhos, a voz foi suave principalmente na linguagem propria. Muito lindo.

  • @claramatilde3589
    @claramatilde3589 Před 5 lety +13

    Maravilhosamente esplendoroso! Vou dormir como um anjo depois dessas audições. ....isso sim é música, é amor, é talento e é alma....👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤

  • @fabianomenezes89
    @fabianomenezes89 Před 5 lety +6

    Você tem o privilégio de ouvir tanto talento e de graça! Shou

  • @zxaddictxz
    @zxaddictxz Před 5 lety +3

    Mennel Ibtissem, Voice France, looks like an angel. Halleluja!

  • @solochristo65
    @solochristo65 Před 5 lety +7

    As much as they each have such beauty in their voices..... myself, I am always taken by a voice like the first girl. Mikayla Jade. Love it.

  • @beccap2815
    @beccap2815 Před 5 lety +2

    Can I just say that the guy who sang Broken Vow is absolutely adorable and he had such a smooth voice??? Cause I wanna say it

  • @sanjuanaluna8818
    @sanjuanaluna8818 Před 5 lety +171

    The girl that sang Whitney song wow u have an angel's voice

    • @redddbaron
      @redddbaron Před 5 lety +3

      I had tears streaming

    • @frob2525
      @frob2525 Před 5 lety +1

      Almost like hearing the late Queen herself. Thank you for bringing her back for that brief moment.

    • @redddbaron
      @redddbaron Před 5 lety +3

      @@frob2525 5:38 you can replay it over and over.

    • @angelaadams1858
      @angelaadams1858 Před 5 lety

      So emotional

    • @Lucinka58
      @Lucinka58 Před 5 lety +3

      @@frob2525 Actually she sang it far superior to Whitney... she actually sang and felt it... Whitney just sang and screamed it as a robot...
      This girl obviously listened to the Dolly's original version too and understood the emotion and meaning of the song.

  • @precious14830
    @precious14830 Před 5 lety +20

    This performance of Mad World, was the ABSOLUTE BEST I'VE EVER HEARD. Mad Mad LOVE to this woman!

    • @colleenoconnor4099
      @colleenoconnor4099 Před 5 lety

      I liked the version but that is definitely not her voice and she’s lipsinkkng

    • @precious14830
      @precious14830 Před 5 lety +1

      @@colleenoconnor4099 No she is not lip synching. It is her voice because I've heard it with other songs she's done. You can tell when someone is lip synching...and that is definitely not this chick.

    • @precious14830
      @precious14830 Před 5 lety

      @@colleenoconnor4099 look up Cui tianqi here on you tube, and you will see for yourself it's her voice.

    • @precious14830
      @precious14830 Před 5 lety +1

      @@colleenoconnor4099 you only think it's lip synched because the video is poor quality and the sound barely matches with their words...it happens when its reposted lots....kind of similar to when people record over a tape (back in the day)...whether vhs or music...it takes away from the original quality of the actual tape, and then messes up what is seen and heard.

  • @MauricioAlmeida10
    @MauricioAlmeida10 Před 5 lety +14

    Apaixonado pelo canto da Mikayla Jade desde sua primeira apresentação.

  • @tudixcontato7655
    @tudixcontato7655 Před 2 měsíci +1

    A moça que cantou Witney é inacreditável!

  • @travelswithauntieann2551
    @travelswithauntieann2551 Před 5 lety +17

    That first girl..............bloody brilliant 💕

  • @jaquelinepereira5777
    @jaquelinepereira5777 Před 5 lety +19

    Gente, fiquei arrepiada do começo ao fim. Obrigada ao dono do Canal por essa experiência incrível ❤😍

  • @patrickgoncalves6395
    @patrickgoncalves6395 Před 5 lety +8

    Mano que vozes, passo o dia escutando 💕🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Deus abençoe tremendo suas vozes

  • @cecyradijaludk7712
    @cecyradijaludk7712 Před 5 lety +12

    Escutando muito ,que seleção de talentos você compilou !!! A primeira cantora..que tatento. Ahh veja : mini e Josephine. Essas duas jovens arrebentaram cantando Creep

  • @maynascimento6260
    @maynascimento6260 Před 5 lety +3

    May Nascimento, from Brazil: They are all sing marvellously 💖 Congratulation.

  • @IronBobcat
    @IronBobcat Před 10 měsíci +1

    Just amazing! Iron Bobcat///Very nice!

  • @rosirene647
    @rosirene647 Před 5 lety +6

    Choro,vibro e me emociono junto.

  • @lindjones225
    @lindjones225 Před rokem +4

    O garoto da Austrália literalmente canta e parece com um príncipe, meu Deus trás ele pra Curitiba pfv

  • @raquelpfp6651
    @raquelpfp6651 Před 5 lety +25

    É para chorar, vamos chorar e lavar a alma

  • @mariacristinatrindade389
    @mariacristinatrindade389 Před 5 lety +7

    Minha Alma agradece este momento. Que vozes maravilhosas! gratidão.

  • @Carla-2291
    @Carla-2291 Před 5 lety +6

    É de arrepiar, perfeitos!!! 😲👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤

  • @Lucky_Oyem
    @Lucky_Oyem Před rokem +3

    sharing love from NIgeria

    • @RagnarokPKXD
      @RagnarokPKXD Před 2 měsíci

      Why did you write is like that? Capital NI
      Why not Nigeria

  • @jacklafary3398
    @jacklafary3398 Před 11 měsíci

    wow. i felt that twisted with it and moved in it's direction where she took it. damn. amazing

  • @ronyshot3552
    @ronyshot3552 Před 5 lety +11

    O mundo tem muitas vozes maravilhosas. não so na Austrália e França na América do sul também tem👍

  • @beteflores9233
    @beteflores9233 Před 5 lety +7


  • @doryfurtado1445
    @doryfurtado1445 Před 5 lety +22

    Todos cantam muito bem. Eu gostei do russo, da chinesa e da que canta música da Whitney. Caraca arrepiei!!!!

  • @sanjuanaluna8818
    @sanjuanaluna8818 Před 5 lety +4

    You all were blessed with ur voices

  • @urusumee
    @urusumee Před 5 měsíci

    Шедевр. Браво, Маэтро!

  • @rebeccamatusalem5847
    @rebeccamatusalem5847 Před rokem +1

    i can't help not to cry

  • @diadianamotoca7605
    @diadianamotoca7605 Před 5 lety +4

    Que bela interpretação de i will Always Love you 👏👏👏👏

  • @harrystyles1250
    @harrystyles1250 Před 5 lety +16

    Awesome all them.

  • @valneicosta412
    @valneicosta412 Před 5 lety +2

    Uma voz de responsa essa meninas se revelando contando belíssimas canções...😍😍🤗👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • @srenwiller9738
    @srenwiller9738 Před 5 lety +2

    Hallelujah!!! Most beautiful shocking eyes i ever seen !!

  • @alunchurcher7060
    @alunchurcher7060 Před 5 lety +4

    the Chinese girl was excellent ty for showing us this

  • @joyceraimundo4568
    @joyceraimundo4568 Před 5 lety +4

    ❤️😍 é pra chorar de felicidade cada música perfeita

  • @cristinadisponivel
    @cristinadisponivel Před 5 lety +4

    Maravilhoso essas vozes .Que talento coisa de Deus.

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    • @Lucinka58
      @Lucinka58 Před 5 lety +1

      I think she sang it far superior to Whitney... she put much more emotion and feeling into that song than Whitney ever did or could. She put Dolly's emotion into the Whitney version which improved it a lot.
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