• čas přidán 25. 09. 2022
  • We planned the adventure so well but it was all foiled due to these very spooky creatures.

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  • Big00
    Big00  +1

    Thank you anomaly for teaching us how to enter private sea territory just by using a supreme boat

  • McSqueezy

    the long awaited continuation to the kayak saga

  • peepsbates

    The Jellyfish probably thought you were the biggest human he's ever seen, too.

  • Lincoln
    Lincoln  +412

    anomaly basically leaves his house and goes 1m far away at night and calls it an adventure... that is what I call social distance!!! Thumbs up!

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg  +645

    Seeing Papa and anomaly pump up a supreme boat is definitely something I expected to see today.

  • Erêbus
    Erêbus  +545

    the shark edit at like

  • Autistic Kid 123

    >be anomaly

  • irfan_5713
    irfan_5713  +161

    Now to continue the kayak saga with Linda 👀

  • Johannes K.

    What nobody is considering: How a ship smaller than the Wonder of the Seas can even hold this swedish guy for more than 5 minutes above the surface.

  • Gamersheep

    only anomaly can go on an "adventure" just outside his house and fail and still upload a video of it

  • Sugma Nuts

    I've been watching this channel for literally 7 years and this is the first video where he actually speaks normally with a proper tone instead of screaming his lungs out xD

  • vukker
    vukker  +23

    Anomaly in his calmest form ever

  • Iceaatana
    Iceaatana  +69

    Having same vibes as in the "Anomaly goes kayaking and get lost" video

  • mrspeta
    mrspeta  +3

    As a LIDL employee im glad we finally convinced Anomaly to get sponsored.

  • Gabriel Sparks

    Papa always lookin like a snack 😂🎉

  • Grqfes
    Grqfes  +6

    other youtubers would have scrapped this video and anomaly made it 11 minutes long. this is why we love anomaly

  • Matthew Weston

    I can not wait to see this very epic and dangerous adventure.

  • xRob
    xRob  +19

    swimming at night is never a good idea since all the creepy ocean monsters come up

  • SteaZy
    SteaZy  +42

    i love how anomaly call the mediterranean sea an ocean

  • The Wizard Tim

    The ending was the most "I have free Healthcare" thing I have ever witnessed I would not think of going to the hospital till my foot was already partially detached from the rot.