Yung Gravy is back yall 😏


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  • Slugger20
    Slugger20 Před 29 dny +51618

    We need more micd up of young gravey

  • BRUTAL M18
    BRUTAL M18 Před 16 dny +4587

    Bro accidentally slips and goes through that tunnel 💀

    • The Diamond Sword
      The Diamond Sword Před 4 dny +81

      I was waiting for that

    • SunStone_XD
      SunStone_XD Před 4 dny +157

      He is the master of the waterparks, he would and could never

    • devon lovelace
      devon lovelace Před 3 dny +28

      I have done this it’s unfortunate running up the stairs soaking wet

    • Nathaniel James Corpus
      Nathaniel James Corpus Před 3 dny +1


    • NIX
      NIX Před 3 dny +3


  • Besties
    Besties Před 6 dny +1697

    “ 👹AHHHHHHH👹” got me dead 😭😭

  • CharmingLlama41
    CharmingLlama41 Před 17 dny +11569

    This is the water park instructor we need! The other ones don't talk, and they just smile and look away.

    • The Magic Carrot
      The Magic Carrot Před 15 dny +155

      dude I had one that happened to change the ride he was instructing right before I went on it and saw me then he yelled "You Again!?" in an angry tone

    • Elijah Herrera
      Elijah Herrera Před 14 dny +40

      I KNOW!!!! And all I usually say is that they look hot. THEY NEVER RESPOND!!! Just sweat

    • aare pelaa
      aare pelaa Před 14 dny +127

      ​@Elijah Herreraa weird thing to say to some stranger, anyways maybe you're being ironic idk.

    • 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
      乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 Před 14 dny +17

      ​@The Magic CarrotI would said the same thing but with a chuckle and a smirk

    • iagan foss
      iagan foss Před 14 dny +23

      I was a lifeguard at a waterpark over the summer and i LOVED chatting up strangers, everyone was so nice to me it was a really fun job

  • _s
    _s Před 15 dny +580

    Introvert me could never cope with this guy

    • ClickPause
      ClickPause Před dnem +10

      What you’re describing sounds closer to social anxiety than introversion

    • Brandon Goodman
      Brandon Goodman Před 9 hodinami

      @ClickPause nah, this guys is just way to over the top, Ive never suffered from anxiety but dudes energy would be to much for a lot of people. me included. Bros just putting on a front for his content.

    • KahWahEe
      KahWahEe Před 7 hodinami +1

      ​@Brandon GoodmanUhh you dont go outside then lol

    • Brandon Goodman
      Brandon Goodman Před 5 hodinami

      @KahWahEe hmm, please explain. Because I work at a gas station my man, about the most public place there is to be and trust me. 0% of people are like this lmao.

    • KahWahEe
      KahWahEe Před 5 hodinami

      @brandongoodman270 Yeah uh gas station isnt what I mean by 'going out'.
      I mean anything that has hype. Amusement parks. Bars. Comedy clubs...
      Places where personality shows up.
      Unless youve literally never met any extrovert in your life.

  • Aaron Lowe
    Aaron Lowe Před 4 dny +119

    This is a guy who fully understands his job.

  • Tim_VR_ 1432
    Tim_VR_ 1432 Před 29 dny +27593

    That ain’t Yung Gravy That’s old biscuit

    • Your mom
      Your mom Před 29 dny +167

      Underrated comment

    • No
      No Před 28 dny +57

      So funny

    • Harry Harris
      Harry Harris Před 28 dny +117

      Nah bro it ain't young gravy it's old curry

    • RynLvrr
      RynLvrr Před 27 dny +26


    • Armani
      Armani Před 25 dny +10


  • Dom O Rama
    Dom O Rama Před 15 dny +227

    That's the happiest lifeguard I've ever seen

  • •《♤Hicham_DZ♤》•
    •《♤Hicham_DZ♤》• Před 15 dny +53

    The "YESS"voice crack 😂

  • Arctic Fox Ace
    Arctic Fox Ace Před 20 dny +4729

    We need all life guards like this

    • jsmith42690
      jsmith42690 Před 17 dny +47

      Yeah, watching this guy kinda makes me feel guilty about my time doing his job. I definitely did not exude the positive energy this guy does. 😔
      For those of you who were handled by me at Avalanche Bay Indoor Water Park, I'm sorry I wasn't this professional and enthusiastic. 😔

    • THE DEED
      THE DEED Před 16 dny +15

      Listen I know that those people are usually there for a bag and so I don’t expect them to put on a fake mask
      However… water park life guards from my experience are just hella bitter for no reason 💀
      Nigga you work at a water park why are you so mean 😭

    • Justice235
      Justice235 Před 16 dny +5

      @THE DEEDtrue tho bro “WAIT ON THE LIGHT” bro I’m just getting ready to get on the-WAIT ON THE LIGHT

  • Hayden Trudgill
    Hayden Trudgill Před 14 dny +13

    You were made for this job, dude. I mean the with the most respect. What a lad.

  • Zen
    Zen Před 13 dny +7

    Finally a lifeguard that doesn’t just say no and do hand signs

  • Aldwin Surbano
    Aldwin Surbano Před 23 dny +3911

    Imagine he kicked the tube ad he fell in the water slide💀💀

    • James_Games123
      James_Games123 Před 19 dny +125

      That's what I was thinking💀

    • KiloBravoGaming
      KiloBravoGaming Před 18 dny +50

      Was thinking that the whole time. 😂

    • Star
      Star  Před 18 dny +19

      I thought the same thing the whole time

    • JulianGameZ
      JulianGameZ Před 18 dny +18


    • aiden willey
      aiden willey Před 18 dny +56

      @JulianGameZmore like dumb way to get minor injuries

  • Vanessa Dominguez
    Vanessa Dominguez Před 9 dny +3

    "I Need Some Energy I'm Too Tired This Morning" Had Me Rolling On The Floor😂

  • Edwin the Cat In A Suit
    Edwin the Cat In A Suit Před 23 hodinami +2

    This is better than all the lifeguards that are silent the entire time and make you feel uncomfortable until they say you can go.

  • 2nd Place
    2nd Place Před 22 dny +6826

    The only water slide operator that talks to you and doesn’t make you feel like they’re angry at you.

    • CheshireBean
      CheshireBean Před 21 dnem +87

      I love making people think that I'm mad at them. Makes them leave me alone it's not as fun as people think being a slide operator

    • Mason Cordischi
      Mason Cordischi Před 20 dny +163

      @CheshireBeanyou’re just not fun😂

    • CheshireBean
      CheshireBean Před 20 dny +59

      @Mason Cordischi you try being in the 100°F sun while you have Karen's yelling at you and occasionally throwing a tube at you cause they decided to wait in line for an hour with an infant who's very much too short for the slide

    • weze la
      weze la Před 20 dny +16

      Yeah they always sound angry even though I know that they aren't

  • bklynfinest
    bklynfinest Před 10 dny +5

    this is all i needed in my childhood this man was raised properly

  • JMH2010
    JMH2010 Před 4 dny

    Every water park needs someone like this

  • Lex Krånglin
    Lex Krånglin Před 18 dny +6271

    We need more lifeguards like him😂

    • Michael Wuethrich
      Michael Wuethrich Před 16 dny +25

      Unfortunately not to many 20-25 year olds want to be lifeguards they actually have goals in life😂

    • DelicateTruth
      DelicateTruth Před 16 dny +43

      @Michael Wuethrichit doesn’t have to be your job for life it can be a side job while your in college just so you can make some extra money

    • Morro Barry
      Morro Barry Před 15 dny +6

      lifeguards filming kids and posting it lol

    • Mel M
      Mel M Před 15 dny


    • I Saw Something on the Internet
      I Saw Something on the Internet Před 15 dny +1

      We need more concerned parents asking why they didn’t have to sign a media release waiver for some dude to post vids of their kids in bathing suits on the internet. Just sayin’

  • Daxon
    Daxon Před 13 dny

    This guy deserves a raise

  • Manuel Hiraldo del Castillo

    This makes me want to be a lifeguard.
    The positivenesss and the smiles of kids are just wholesome,and not to say you have other friends and teams
    Its cool,i think imma do that as a part job when i get to university

    TRASHxARTIST Před 17 dny +4050

    That "YES" was personal 💀

    • Gael Moctezuma
      Gael Moctezuma Před 14 dny +5

      I think the same thing jajajajaja

    • creamjuicer
      creamjuicer Před 12 dny +2

      Cringe people.

    • Rvng Sevrzity
      Rvng Sevrzity Před 12 dny +5

      @creamjuicerscreaming is cringe?

    • De Naso
      De Naso Před 10 dny +2

      The Lord is coming soon. He will take away those who his children, all those who believe in jesus for the forgivness of their sins. Tomorrow or the next day he could come, we all should be on watch, and for those who have not yet repented and received forgiveness and salvation should do it at this time with a genuine heart. Many will be taken by suprise, and will not have expected him, and for those who are left behind 7 years of tribulation upon the whole earth awaits. He will test everyone, and many will die, and many will be saved through him. Awake, you are dead and asleep, awake and repent to him and receive forgiveness and salvation, be transformed through him, be made a new creature, reborn not through a women by by the spirt of God he will dwell all those who believe, and he is you're salvation, the light of God within you, the light that brings clarity to darkness and overpowers it.

    • Kole Driver
      Kole Driver Před 9 dny +4

      @De Nasoi love god, but ur random asf

  • Christor A
    Christor A Před 4 dny

    This is the kind of worker we all want and need

  • TyIzIt
    TyIzIt Před 16 dny +3

    We all need this type of lifeguard everywhere

  • Saige Fawdon
    Saige Fawdon Před 23 dny +1154

    "hold on to those handles"
    Immediately takes her hand of the handles as she says bye to the camera

    • Planet-Z
      Planet-Z Před 20 dny +12

      I was looking for this comment lol 😂

    • SteathGhost101
      SteathGhost101 Před 19 dny +3


    • LeonTheOcto
      LeonTheOcto Před 18 dny +3

      She's got her priorities straight

    • Hunter LePage
      Hunter LePage Před 18 dny +1

      It looked like she hit her hand on the slide too lol

    • Planet-Z
      Planet-Z Před 18 dny +2

      @Hunter LePage oof

  • kids welding
    kids welding Před 13 dny +3

    We need more lifeguards like this

  • Bil Family
    Bil Family Před 4 dny +1

    The perfect loop doesnt exist-

  • •maesfx•
    •maesfx• Před 25 dny +8097

    He said wave to the camera and she did and he told to hold onto the handles💀💀😭😭

    • Floyd • 20 years ago
      Floyd • 20 years ago Před 21 dnem +61

      Other way around wave to da cam also hold on to da handles afterwards

    • Hina
      Hina Před 21 dnem +14

      ​@Floyd • 20 years agoyou know you can edit ur comments😅

    • A6
      A6 Před 21 dnem +28

      She took it off to wave again 😂 she ain't having them rules

    • Phantom Shitter
      Phantom Shitter Před 20 dny +6

      Wave to the camera!.. WAIT NO WTF ARE YOU DOING!?

    • TheOutsider Jess
      TheOutsider Jess Před 20 dny +3

      As he was pushing he told them to hold on

  • Onii
    Onii Před 5 dny

    That is the type of lifeguards I want at the waterpark

  • Adolf rizzler
    Adolf rizzler Před 20 dny +4356

    The most chill life guard ever
    Thanks for the likes guys i dont wanna be that guy it means alot 😊

    • Cabbage Boi
      Cabbage Boi Před 17 dny +46

      - Most Chill Lifeguard

    • Xercuses
      Xercuses Před 16 dny +6

      This is most of us 😅😊

    • HeaveScreed
      HeaveScreed Před 16 dny +2

      ​@XercusesI was going to say I've never met a not chill lifeguard

    • Xercuses
      Xercuses Před 15 dny +2

      @HeaveScreed even the assholes are chill mostly because they dont wanna do anything lol, like id rather yell at you 4 times then fix you up or save you haha

    • McFidge
      McFidge Před 7 dny +2

      wtf why is hitler wahsadd;awda huh?

  • Matthew Sevier
    Matthew Sevier Před 3 dny

    I need to be a kid again and come through this line just to encounter this dude. Love his energy.

  • Stethacanthus
    Stethacanthus Před 10 dny

    Truly a master of his craft.

  • Jackko Tv
    Jackko Tv Před 17 dny +938

    As a former ride operator this type of energy is the only thing that gets you through a 10 hour shift

  • Z Man
    Z Man Před 16 dny

    We found the one lifeguard that isn’t an NPC

  • Bepperlen AJ
    Bepperlen AJ Před 2 dny

    This is so cute, I’m usually too scared to respond and freeze up when there’s a guy like this talking and being rlly nice (especially since they’re almost always the hot ones who act like this) but they make the experience much more enjoyable

  • MyNameJeff
    MyNameJeff Před 17 dny +818

    That's a man who loves his job

  • Shaed The Moron
    Shaed The Moron Před 4 dny

    This man is so much better than the majority of Waterpark workers.
    He likes his job.

    OSIRIS DRAGON Před 13 dny

    Man if I was a lifeguard like that I’d be commentating and talking with everyone😂

  • Eh
    Eh  Před 17 dny +841

    We need more life guards like you

  • Brennen Hrebeniuk
    Brennen Hrebeniuk Před 16 dny

    Give this man a raise

  • Jimbob4291
    Jimbob4291 Před 16 dny

    This man needs a raise

  • Alyssa Rose
    Alyssa Rose Před 19 dny +761

    bro we need more lifeguards like this😂

    • S. K.
      S. K. Před 16 dny +2

      true 😂

    • James Small
      James Small Před 15 dny

      Legit me this summer😅

  • Robert Hohman
    Robert Hohman Před 13 dny

    This is a guy who enjoys his job

  • Notorious
    Notorious Před 15 dny +1

    Hold onto those handles:
    Random girl: immediately waves

  • Ines Kheyi
    Ines Kheyi Před 28 dny +439

    We need more lifeguards like this😂😂😂😂

  • Helen Kordahi
    Helen Kordahi Před 4 dny +1

    I love coming across this video more and more. Keep it up guys!

  • Sorren2108
    Sorren2108 Před 7 dny +1

    We need more water park staff like this 😂❤

  • shaquille.oatmeal
    shaquille.oatmeal Před 20 dny +247

    These are the water park workers we need

    • TheSryBut
      TheSryBut Před 15 dny

      Yeah. Sadly they don't get paid enough to have that attitude naturally :/

  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez Před 14 dny +1

    These are the people that just make you smile so wholesome

  • E_Mon
    E_Mon Před 13 dny

    It's good to see people enjoying thier job.

  • Callie Corey
    Callie Corey Před 29 dny +912

    you guys are so fun to watch!!!!!

  • Elsa Lööf
    Elsa Lööf Před 15 dny

    "I said are you guys ready?!!! I need some energy. I'm too tired to-"

    SCOOP DUNA Před dnem

    LMFAO that’s a G of a lifeguard right there

  • Jordan C.
    Jordan C. Před 17 dny +308

    He's the type of life guard I'd have the fattest crush on when I was younger

    • Common Ground
      Common Ground Před 4 dny +4

      I gotta stop watching these or I'll develop a crush *now*

    • Just Kylie
      Just Kylie Před 4 dny +1

      100%. I'd see his friendliness as that he likes me back, and I'd obsess over him for about two weeks after our trip to the slide.

  • TheUniversalRetard
    TheUniversalRetard Před 7 dny

    okay now i wanna be a lifeguard at a waterpark

  • ZDFrostbyte
    ZDFrostbyte Před 13 dny +7

    this is every day for me over the summer, i don’t know how he has this much energy still

    • Splashway Waterpark & Campgrounds
      Splashway Waterpark & Campgrounds  Před 17 hodinami

      When you work at the best place on Earth, it’s easy! :)

    • ZDFrostbyte
      ZDFrostbyte Před 17 hodinami +1

      @Splashway Waterpark & Campgrounds i’ve worked at my waterpark for the last four years, love the place, and have given my everything for that place, but sometimes life just happens and it’s hard to be that energetic

  • Savannah Leahy
    Savannah Leahy Před 29 dny +645

    Best lifeguard 🙌y’all are so fun to watch

  • Malak Zeineddine
    Malak Zeineddine Před 13 dny

    He's giving Ken vibes 😂 Especially when he tried moving things with his mind

  • Draggypuppets
    Draggypuppets Před 13 dny

    Can we just appreciate their crocs on their wrists😂

  • Ihavenoskilledits💀
    Ihavenoskilledits💀 Před 17 dny +46

    I love funny and goofy guards like this guy,aquaparks just get better with people like him

  • Alex draws *I guess*
    Alex draws *I guess* Před 9 dny

    I love how enthusiastic he is

  • Venti The drunk
    Venti The drunk Před 15 dny

    Bro loves his job.

  • Yuli
    Yuli Před 22 dny +123

    *moves tube with mind*😂my new fav

    SAGE_ON_PAWS🌿🌱 Před 12 dny

    This guy has to be the best water park life guard- I don't want a straight stern look waiting for hand gestures 😂

  • souper
    souper Před 14 dny +1

    ive always wondered how the lifeguards dont fall down the slides

  • Legion oh no
    Legion oh no Před 29 dny +184

    I gotta know what state this place in. I gotta meet these dudes 😂
    Edit: I just found out it’s in Texas, I live on the other side of the country 😭

  • Rapture
    Rapture Před 11 dny +1

    This is the type of energy every life guard needs

  • Nicole Tighe-White
    Nicole Tighe-White Před 3 dny

    Most vocal life guard I've ever seen 😭 (most are quiet and weird)

  • Nothing
    Nothing Před 18 dny +48

    This is the most wholesome lifeguard I’ve ever seen❤

  • Jang Wonyoung
    Jang Wonyoung Před 5 dny +1

    Imagine if he fell in with the people 😭

  • LeoLionKing
    LeoLionKing Před 17 hodinami

    Bro really sent the first 4 kids into the goolag 💀💀

  • Its_me_11
    Its_me_11 Před 25 dny +149

    That’s such an amazing friendly life guard but weird question , what if the life guard accidentally slips while pushing the floaty onto the slide

    • nime
      nime Před 23 dny +29

      then hes going AWOOOP

    • Localobug
      Localobug Před 21 dnem +14

      He would probably be fine. Most waterslides are built with physics in mind to make sure they dont go flying upwards.

    • Jood Jamsheer
      Jood Jamsheer Před 21 dnem +5

      @nimeJUMP SCAREE

    • Idontwanna Makeagoogleaccount
      Idontwanna Makeagoogleaccount Před 21 dnem +5

      They go down the slide 😱💥

    • Its_me_11
      Its_me_11 Před 20 dny +3

      @Localobug thank you but some slides are made for a minimum of 3 ppl or smth bc otherwise they can slip off the slide if they are to light

  • Christian McBrearty
    Christian McBrearty Před 15 dny +1

    This is good customer service.

  • Liam ONeill
    Liam ONeill Před 15 dny

    "hold onto those handles"
    *girl takes hand off handles💀💀💀

  • dominicguerrrie
    dominicguerrrie Před 28 dny +75

    The croc hands im living for them 🙌🏼

  • AraticThe2nd
    AraticThe2nd Před 14 dny

    This is a 10/10 life gaurd

  • Luke P
    Luke P Před 6 dny

    He’s the kind of life guard that gives you boosts down the slide

  • Bellaboolovesu💋
    Bellaboolovesu💋 Před 29 dny +127

    He’s my new fav.

  • Someone
    Someone Před 3 dny

    This is the lifeguard we always wanted

  • strawberryjayden
    strawberryjayden Před 16 dny

    When I got asked to scream at the top of my lungs I straight up said I got you then proceeded to let out the most blood curdling scream😭😭 my choir teacher was not happy when I came back to school the next day💀💀

  • dark destroyer 58
    dark destroyer 58 Před 17 dny +39

    Your putting smiles on all off those kids faces keep doing what your doing, your creating memories for these kids for the rest off their lifes 😂❤

  • Gabrielle Drake
    Gabrielle Drake Před 6 dny

    He’s so good at his job !!

  • DemzLived690
    DemzLived690 Před 14 dny +1

    Imagine one day he himself falls down the slide, those pushes rlly got me nervous bro😂😅

  • marSUS
    marSUS Před 21 dnem +18

    You're so fun! We need more people like you.

  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson Před 12 dny

    I cant tell you how many water park employees ive seen with their arms behind their back lmao

  • hi lol
    hi lol Před 13 dny

    "my job is beach" vibes 😭

  • adyn
    adyn Před 19 dny +7

    If I had this job I would accidentally fall in 😂

  • DiengPrime667
    DiengPrime667 Před 6 dny

    That was literally the perfect loop

  • Ariana Mauery
    Ariana Mauery Před 14 dny

    I loved being a lifeguard because of stuff like this

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn Před 23 dny +10

    Yung Garvy is a whole mood

  • Sergeant Seagull
    Sergeant Seagull Před 10 dny

    Gotta love this dudes energy

  • Man_Spooders
    Man_Spooders Před 15 dny +1

    Bro is stuck in a loop

  • Crime Cheese
    Crime Cheese Před 17 dny +24

    We need more lifeguards that aren't abusing the smallest bit of power they can get and shouting at children

    • dud
      dud Před 16 dny +3

      bro immediately screamed at children

    • EmiiPxstelz
      EmiiPxstelz Před 4 dny

      @dudnot in a mean way though!

  • Duque01
    Duque01 Před 14 dny +1

    id much rather a waterpark employee like this guy than some guy thats just standing their sternly and giving me a thumbs up

  • Jose Leon
    Jose Leon Před 5 dny

    Bro has good spirt for being a lifeguard

  • Spark
    Spark Před 29 dny +23


  • Cat Smurf
    Cat Smurf  Před 2 dny

    We need more life guards like him

  • sph1nx
    sph1nx Před 14 dny

    “Hold onto those handles”
    Immediately let’s go to wave at camera

  • Trēēš Ãrę Âmåźîñg

    Dude my anxiety when he got too close to that edge 😭

  • Sue J
    Sue J Před 10 dny

    "Wave to the camera... also hold onto those handles"!! 😂