House of the Dragon: everything you need to know (no spoilers)

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  • Who are all these blonde people?
    An introduction to the characters and world of House of the Dragon, the new Game of Thrones prequel show, based on the book Fire & Blood.
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    0:00 House of the Dragon
    0:53 Targaryens
    02:29 Viserys Targaryen
    04:54 Daemon Targaryen
    07:34 Rhaenyra Targaryen
    09:18 Alicent Hightower
    10:01 Otto Hightower
    11:13 Corlys Velaryon
    12:53 Rhaenys Targaryen
    14:23 Laena & Laenor
    15:04 Criston Cole
    15:18 Mysaria
    15:40 Lyonel Strong
    16:09 Maesters
    17:14 History
    19:08 Grey characters
    HOTD and GOT content used under fair use.
    Valyria art by Ted Nasmith
    Aegon I, Rhaenyra and Alicent by Magali Villeneuve:
    Iron Throne, Daemon gold cloaks by Marc Simonetti:
    Balerion by Jordi Gonzalez Escamilla:
    Dragon dream by Mike S. Miller: / blacklistuniverse
    Dragons by Joshua Cairós:
    Yi Ti by Henrik Zähringer:
    Asshai by René Aigner:
    Valaena and Alyssa made with Artbreeder:
    Aemon, Jocelyn, Baelon, Alyssa by riotarttherite:
    Vhagar by John McCambridge:
    Seasmoke by Kawiku:
    Marwyn by sprrow:
    Gyldayn by Doug Wheatley: doug_wheatley
    Eustace and Mushroom by Rossy Does Drawings: rossysculpts
    Special thanks to Patrons Cameron Weiss, Michael Appell, Ryan Steele, Harry, Shane Veglia, NotGac, Tim Cunniff, T. Ledoux, Ilhuilkamina Urdiana, Ord X.

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  • Kings and Generals
    Kings and Generals Před rokem +3491

    I didn't think that it is going to happen, but now I am hyped. Thanks for the video!

    • Francesco Fontecchio 🇮🇹
      Francesco Fontecchio 🇮🇹 Před rokem +43

      I wish i could get hyped but statements made by the writers and producers make it impossible i know the show isn't gunna stick to the lore and certain themes are gunna be pushed that aren't in the books i actually dont think the show will even finish i think it'll get cut after a few seasons because of lower than expected viewership

    • Fr3nchy
      Fr3nchy Před rokem +62

      Omg Kings and Generals is here 2 Fucking hype :)

    • D2attemp
      D2attemp Před rokem +14

      Crossing my fingers that you guys do a battle video for House of the Dragon

    • hez
      hez Před rokem +81

      @Francesco Fontecchio 🇮🇹Condal took every script to George RR Martin(who happens to be the producer of the show) to make sure it feels accurate to the books. Not to mention the books isnt a story more like a history lesson filled with bias. People are being too negative about this when i know its going to be incredible. There are plenty of themes in the story that are for sure going to be in the show. A woman fighting to be in succession isn't some "woke propaganda" people love to throw around these days. Its essential to the story.
      Or women with power on a show. We know people are going to scream "WOKE LEFTIST PROPAGANDA" despite Martin the writer himself being cool with black Velaryons and even there being precedence for it making total sense.

    • demi bk
      demi bk Před rokem +48

      @Francesco Fontecchio 🇮🇹 ..what are you talking about? ryan condal is a big fan of martin’s work and has said that he wants to adapt it as faithfully as possible. martin himself has overseen the production and watched all episodes and has said it’s great. where are you getting this from?

  • vitaygeorgina
    vitaygeorgina Před rokem +2441

    When I last heard your voice it expressed disappointment and heartbreak over how awful the ending of GOT was. It's good to hear you back in action again. Love your videos.

    • GenSneaky81
      GenSneaky81 Před rokem +24

      He’s BEEN in action! LoL 😆

    • Sh0rtsYT
      Sh0rtsYT Před rokem +33

      I can’t even bring myself to rewatch GOT After that awful end

    • True Life?
      True Life? Před rokem +23

      @Sh0rtsYT first 4 seasons still hold up imo

    • Sh0rtsYT
      Sh0rtsYT Před rokem +32

      @True Life? They where amazing but knowing that it all leads to the worst ending in television history almost makes the journey meaningless

    • True Life?
      True Life? Před rokem +4

      @Sh0rtsYT totally fair and honestly I sorta feel the same... God damn it.. How did they fuck up as badly as they did? The later seasons are just so so so terrible :(

  • Asheen Singh
    Asheen Singh Před rokem +1302

    I haven't watched this channel in a bit as I'm not caught up with new shows but hearing the presenters voice again took me back to all those wonderful lore breakdowns and reviews of GoT. I love the tone of these videos and the way they present topics visually, thanks so much for these.

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon Před rokem +7

      I'm excited for Bran to make a multiversal cameo with blood raven powers, to give the Targaryens the gift of the Wheelchair

    • Full Metal Theorist
      Full Metal Theorist Před rokem +2

      @qopoy dnon Bran the warg or another Bran?

    • Full Metal Theorist
      Full Metal Theorist Před rokem +2

      callmecatalyst Kinda makes me think. Did Bran live the kind of life he wanted of being a knight and lord through past Brans? Does living a past life tke the same amount of time as living his current life or did he regularly dip in and out of the past versions of himself? And was he the mastermind behind all the major events in the story slowly shaping the past so that the future would turn out the way he did with him being king?

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief Před rokem +537

    This channel was part of my GoT experience, would not have been the same without it as I didn't know the depth and lore behind the characters and locations. I'll be honest, I never brought myself to watch the finale for GoT. I just couldn't believe how something that was part of my life for almost 8 years ended up. Anyways, had to watch this before tuning into the season premiere to tonight. Super excited to be back here and ready to dive into HoTD!!

    • l4nd3r
      l4nd3r Před rokem +6

      The plot points themselves aren't that bad in S08, the biggest issue was the speedrun, closing the two biggest plotines in a single 6 episode season was just too much. Sucks that the showrunners had a targeted number of seasons limit on themselves and running it was such big work.

    • avi
      avi Před rokem

      That's exactly me ! I didn't have the courage after gow GOT ended.

    • ANSELAbits x0b001
      ANSELAbits x0b001 Před rokem

      Just read the books, stannis is still in the running and will win in the end.

    • Nicholas Krancher
      Nicholas Krancher Před rokem +1

      There are still individual scenes and episodes that are brilliant even though as a whole the season was dogshit. You should watch it.

    • Xavier Alexander
      Xavier Alexander Před rokem +1

      @ANSELAbits x0b001 no chance, the books will end like the show

  • SacredDatura
    SacredDatura Před rokem +536

    HotD being pronounced as "Hot D" is kind of hilarious, especially when talking about all these serious political going ons.

    • Angel Montalvo
      Angel Montalvo Před rokem +1

      He didnt do the video

    • JMK
      JMK Před rokem +12

      I giggle every time he says it.

    • DragonSword
      DragonSword Před rokem +12

      I can imagine crying out "C'mon! If we don't hurry UP We're going to Miss that HOT D!!!"

    • Colossal Titan
      Colossal Titan Před 11 měsíci +3

      It's funny cos the initials HotD remind me of house of the dead, if anyone remembers that game franchise

    • Kelton Titan
      Kelton Titan Před 11 měsíci +2

      I like to pronounce GOT as “Got.”

  • LokumO13
    LokumO13 Před rokem +103

    Have to say, I was excited for this show mostly because of GRRM's increased involvement and it being adapted from a completed storyline, but I forgot how much excited I was for returning to this channel for videos like this!

  • issa phae
    issa phae Před rokem +7876

    when i tell you that i’m equally excited for the alt shift x videos on house of the dragon than i am for the actual episodes

    • Oliver Jenkins
      Oliver Jenkins Před rokem +66

      honestly, accurate

    • issa phae
      issa phae Před rokem +115

      @Oliver Jenkins they made getting through GOT S8 bearable

    • PhantomHalf
      PhantomHalf Před rokem +29

      Im not even gonna begin to watch it till at least after 2 eps of alt, just to see if its in the right hands before committing to it.

    • Chris Frizzell
      Chris Frizzell Před rokem +46

      I'm much *more* excited for the Alt Shift X videos than I am the actual show. They poisoned the well of Westeros so severely for me with season 8 I don't know if I can be bothered to really care. I'll watch the videos here, though. Notifications ftw.

    • HorkBork M
      HorkBork M Před rokem +58

      @Rektz 'Gone woke?' What does that even mean? Was Game of thrones asleep earlier?

  • Jacopo Abbruscato
    Jacopo Abbruscato Před rokem +443

    The first episode is out and it's pretty promising. Having Ramin Djawadi back on board for the soundtrack is great, but most importantly having GRRM take the front seat as an executive producer gives me hope

    • B88
      B88 Před rokem +13

      I hope that he has the spine to shutdown all the whiners

    • E.
      E. Před rokem +7

      @B88 he had the spine, just not the power

    • DickDickstein
      DickDickstein Před rokem +1

      @E. or the balls

    • Kelton Titan
      Kelton Titan Před rokem +13

      I hope Martin doesn’t step away again to “finish the books.”

  • Skippa Da Dippa
    Skippa Da Dippa Před rokem +118

    Daemon is what you want out of a fictional character even though the story is already written he is a unpredictable and emotionally complex character that can be hard to understand if he is good or bad or both

    • mankepoot
      mankepoot Před rokem +4

      Still everytime i see him i think: what is Dr. Who doing there and why doesn't he use the sonic screwdriver.

  • Gabby Valenciano
    Gabby Valenciano Před rokem +8

    To those that only stuck to just the series like me, GOTs no doubt looked like a throne made of iron with the design of having swords at the rest
    And HotD's really gave the impression of a conquerer's chair, with melted swords all around upto the very bottom of the steps where the blades also became a barrier of isolation, depicting absolute solo rule

    • Atlantis
      Atlantis Před 3 měsíci +1

      Still not book accurate

  • Elena
    Elena Před rokem +112

    the golden standard of this type of videos - beautifully done, flawlessly researched, well narrated.

  • OceanCat04
    OceanCat04 Před rokem +10

    I’m so glad I watched this before starting the new season. You explained all of this extremely well. Very clear.

  • koreanwizard
    koreanwizard Před rokem +3226

    I'm excited for Bran to make a multiversal cameo with blood raven powers, to give the Targaryens the gift of the Wheelchair

  • David Mikula
    David Mikula Před rokem +37

    I just love seeing the side-by-side book descriptions with the picture of the character in the series.

  • Lens Luiz
    Lens Luiz Před rokem +78

    13:52 Small note, Jaehaerys did have an older son than Aemon, Aegon, but he died shortly after birth. So Aemon was actually the 2nd son.

    • Aris Nikou
      Aris Nikou Před rokem +3

      Jaehaerys also had another child after Aegon and before Aemon, a little girl named Daenerys, but if I recall correctly she sadly died at 6 years of age due to an illness or smth

    • X Daisyfalls X
      X Daisyfalls X Před 2 měsíci

      @Aris Nikoucan we address there are too many mf’s with the same damn name? It’s really confusing, especially if you don’t refer to outside material to differentiate people.

    • Aris Nikou
      Aris Nikou Před 2 měsíci

      @X Daisyfalls X it shouldn't be surprising. We are talking about a 300year history of an entire dynasty, of course the names are getting repeated

  • Randomly Entertaining
    Randomly Entertaining Před 9 měsíci +33

    Cause Chaos and piss people off? Matt Smith was the perfect choice, as shown by his portrayal of The Doctor. While The Doctor doesn't usually intend to cause chaos and piss people off, that's how it usually goes and Smith was one of the best Doctors.

  • Carlin
    Carlin Před rokem +57

    I seriously hope Cannibal is one of the dragons we get to see in the show. According to the chart at 5:27, we will! Absolutely ecstatic to see this show!

    • Weg
      Weg Před rokem

      Who’s dragon is he

    • W Vin
      W Vin Před rokem +23

      @Weg The cannibal is no ones dragon, he is a wild dragon that hunts Dragonstone... he is the biggest and most horrific living dragon in the current House of Dragon setting. He may actually be the largest dragon in the GoT story universe as he may have been on Dragonstone before the Targaryens arrived there. The cannibal was a contributing factor for the decline in the number of dragons in the world as he would raid and eat the hatchlings and eggs of Dragonstone, he also ate dead dragons. He is just a menacing dragon, solid black scales with bright green eyes.

    • Weg
      Weg Před rokem

      @W Vin Thank you for the information.

  • Kyle Kent
    Kyle Kent Před rokem +5

    Loved episode one, been a while since Ive been excited for anything Thrones related. Also, Matt Smith is an incredible casting choice, he plays Daemon so well.

  • Senkey15
    Senkey15 Před rokem +2966

    The best thing about this new series is Alt Shift coming back to ASOIAF videos ❤️

    • David Wolfish
      David Wolfish Před rokem +94

      And the second best thing is that D&D have nothing to do with it lol.

    • LukasLambs
      LukasLambs Před rokem +19

      Honestly I am super excited, I loved Fire and Blood and I love Alt Shift X. Nobody brings his level of eloquence to ASOIAF content.

    • Mizael Oliveira
      Mizael Oliveira Před rokem +1

      @LukasLambs Thinking the same thing

    • Bernardo Mendes
      Bernardo Mendes Před rokem +2

      I couldn't agree more.

    • Theodore
      Theodore Před rokem +8

      goddamnit I guess I have to watch it then. fuck D&D

  • Johan T. Dirksen
    Johan T. Dirksen Před rokem +4

    Thanks for this video. I felt like I could appreciate the new episode much more because of it. I honestly feel very excited for the new series, which is in my opinion off to to a strong start

  • Char Rose
    Char Rose Před rokem +7

    Ahhh this is so class and so nostalgic!! Can’t wait to watch your weekly analysis again 😆

  • floworcrash
    floworcrash Před rokem +20

    The videos you put together are absolutely perfect. Looking forward to your Hot D coverage.

  • Equos
    Equos Před rokem +6

    First ep was absolutely awesome. The level of brutality was unexpected but amazing. Characters are great as well.

  • Elusory
    Elusory Před rokem +58

    I think the dragon metaphor is also used in the original series, seeing how Daenerys grows more dangerous as she takes more control of her dragons and how her advisors tell her to "be a dragon" in the last season. Dragons really seem to be the cause for doom in this universe.

  • Den Farc - TMD
    Den Farc - TMD Před rokem +39

    Excellent introduction of the characters. It's GOT season hype again. I'll be watching again your explanation and episode breakdown every episode. 👍👍

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon Před rokem +2

      the golden standard of this type of videos - beautifully done, flawlessly researched, well narrated.

  • Rebecca Jane Brown
    Rebecca Jane Brown Před rokem +25

    Thank you for this, I had no clue. I've seen lots about these characters in previous GOT videos and wondered where it all came from. It makes so much more sense now.

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G Před rokem +23

    So much for no spoilers! Thanks for the Laena/Vhagar connection! Yes, it's obviously in the books, but I had forgotten that until you mentioned it! Something to look forward to!

    ICK BRR Před rokem +3

    Loved the video and I'm so excited for the future ones as well as streams. Great work!

  • rowanirish
    rowanirish Před rokem +16

    Glad to see you back enthusiastic and passionate after that travesty that was Season 8. I look forward to your future videos.

  • Eru Ash-Arm
    Eru Ash-Arm Před rokem +881

    Honestly, I really wanna see how they eventually handle Cregan Stark, the Old Man of the North, and his role in the Dance. He's one of my favorite characters in the ASOIAF and is a rare instance of the Starks not getting completely shafted.

    • david lewis
      david lewis Před rokem +104

      He doesn't moderate his inner ice as much as Ned. He can be ruthless.
      When Cregan says 'Winter is Coming' it's a threat.

    • Eru Ash-Arm
      Eru Ash-Arm Před rokem +172

      @david lewis He is the reason the Hour of the Wolf was a thing. Man walked into King's Landing, said "get your shit together", executed a load of traitors as self appointed Hand of the King, then walked out and went back North like a badass.

    • Droman Kass
      Droman Kass Před rokem +64

      @Eru Ash-Arm indeed. On my other favourite channel for GOT and LOTR, In Deep Geek, the host, Robert describes Cregan Stark turning up at the end and 'just acting like a Boss'.
      He brings down an army of battel hardened Northmen, all of whom have a death-wish to die fighting rather than freeze in the harsh winter, and basically takes over King's Landing, lines up all those in court he deems traitors, acts and judge, jury and executioner of them. Even though the Tully lads had won an earlier battle and were on the same side as Stark, he still puts them in their place to. As the book says 'Compared to Lord Stark, they were boys, but he was a man'.
      Had it not been for the wisdom of the Lady Arryn of the Vale, Cregan Stark would have continued the Dance of the Dragons, and not stopped until he had utterly wiped out House High Tower, Baratheon and Lannister.

    • Patrick Sutton
      Patrick Sutton Před rokem +19

      We won’t see him for years

    • Alexam
      Alexam Před rokem +38

      @david lewis Ned was raised in the Eyrie, fostered by Jon Arryn alonside Robert Baratheon, since he was second son and was not to inherit. There he was taught of the values of honor and chivalry (As High as Honor), important lessons that marked his life and personality. He's and exception to the other important lords in the North history.

  • Felipe Pacheco
    Felipe Pacheco Před rokem +5

    God, I miss this, these videos, this feeling of watching new stuff from this universe, the fandom, the good, the bad, and everything in it. I felt I was missing something in the past 3 years and now its finally back !!

  • UOweMe
    UOweMe Před rokem +11

    I'm so excited to watch Alt Shift X summaries after each episode! Just like old times

  • Beau Chance
    Beau Chance Před rokem +13

    This was a really solid video, I appreciate you laying out all the history and lore in an easy to understand, neat, way.

  • myusernamethisiss
    myusernamethisiss Před rokem +5

    Hey man thanks for going so deep in detail. Really makes these shows so much better with your incredible amount of research.

  • Nai 2013
    Nai 2013 Před 11 měsíci +4

    I like that the video indicates where the interviews and quotes by the actors are. Well cited, though it would be even better if there were links to all the articles and interviews in the description. But overall an excellent video and introduction to someone who never read the novels.

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy Před rokem +404

    Dance of the Dragons is really a story about the mismanagement of a kingdom during peaceful times, which led to war, which is very similar to the game of thrones that commences after Robert died in the main series. If Jaehaerys just settled on the matter of succession as being primogeniture, regardless of sex, then the Dance may have not happened. Viserys is an even bigger fool. He came into power only because the female line was rejected, and yet he wanted to ignore the precedent and install his daughter as heir, without changing the laws and making it so that male primogeniture was not the law of the land. Even Rhaenyra, once she gets the throne, gives the seat of some major houses to male heirs even tho there are older women in line. Even she does not believe in women ruling as a matter of birthright, she only wants an exception for herself. This is why this is a tale with no heroes. They wage war only for themselves and their quest for power.

    • david lewis
      david lewis Před rokem +53

      in defense Viserys, he was long without a male heir save his volatile brother and had to go with the only horse he had for a heir, his daughter. To his credit, he stuck with his guns after the birth of Aegon and Aemond but... he really shouldn't have taken a second wife if he felt that strongly about it.

    • All The Artsy
      All The Artsy Před rokem +34

      @david lewis this is exactly it. if he really wanted his daughter to be the next and future queen, then he should not have fathered anymore children. if anything happened to his daughter, then his brother and his issue return in line as heirs to the throne. i can assume they're gonna do well by Viserys based on interviews, but i just have no sympathy for a weak king that caused so many lives through his inaction and indecision

    • david lewis
      david lewis Před rokem +14

      @All The Artsy I have a little sympathy, he does seem to have had good intentions like his grandfather (Jaherys) but was not as strong willed. Jaheryes was both, strong willed and bright. Along with charismatic enough to get people on board. (getting rid of Maegor, kind of helped).

    • david lewis
      david lewis Před rokem +3

      @All The Artsy also Rhae kind of caused the split in court to deepen when she shacked up with Daemon. There was a nice motley of people who really didn't want him that close to the throne.

    • RAZGR1Z
      RAZGR1Z Před rokem +16

      The Dance is just another case of women in power destroying everything again.

  • Kryonyde
    Kryonyde Před rokem +4

    This was finally the video where upon tuning in I realized you had long since earned a subscription. Love your content and really enjoyed watching through your whole back-catalogue.

  • Dru
    Dru Před rokem +5

    Nice video! Didn't know your channel yet but this summary in preparation for the new series is really neat. It has made me look forward to start watching episode 1.

  • True Life?
    True Life? Před rokem +18

    Ultimately I'm stoked by the first episode. My only gripe would be the dragons; they look a tad cheesy to me. I really hope they improve the effects in later seasons

  • Dol Vita
    Dol Vita Před rokem +2

    Your videos are so so good, no other channel compares for me! However im feeling very lost watching the new season of Westworld without your explanations haha 💖

  • Natalya Li
    Natalya Li Před rokem +1

    Alt Shift X, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Even though I enjoyed the 1st ep, I look forward more to your breakdowns !!!!

  • Schilddruse
    Schilddruse Před rokem +407

    I've tried to read the book and in preparation for the TV-series I've again tried to get to know the characters in order to fully grasp the show from the get go but failed miserably. There are just too many Targaryens with same or similar names and I never really got who is related to whom and in what way. But you have a really good way of explaining things with simple visuals. This was a really great summary!

    • Michael Henry
      Michael Henry Před rokem +36

      Use a family tree when reading Fire and Blood. That helps a ton.

    • MsAnjelica
      MsAnjelica Před rokem +12

      If you're not opposed to spoilers, the GoT lore video about this is on YT. It's not perfectly book accurate but gives a good summary of the whole mess.

    • eric carter
      eric carter Před rokem +5

      I read fire and blood when it first came out, it is a lot of information to digest.

    • reza F
      reza F Před rokem +5

      Wasn't that hard. And English isn't my first language

  • LoreCraft
    LoreCraft Před rokem +35

    Been watching for years - excited, and looking forward to your breakdowns. They help turn the episodes into a double event, providing depth, backstory, and clarity the show and producers can't do on their own. They really should add you to their payroll.

    • Ser Hunts Reviews
      Ser Hunts Reviews Před rokem +1

      Same. The man is awesome. Check me out on Sunday live at 10!

  • Mudaseki
    Mudaseki Před rokem +1

    It is amazing to hear the difference in your voice.
    Man do I love your videos, thank you so much.
    I will listen to every livestream after an episode with a couple of beers on a bench in sheer joy, thank you Alt-shift-X!

  • MegaKnight2012
    MegaKnight2012 Před rokem +3

    Looking forward to further analysis of this show. This channel's analysis are often more interesting to me than the initial writings because so much subtext goes over my head

  • Kyle Spencer
    Kyle Spencer Před rokem +6

    I'm excited for this.
    When I read this part of Fire and Blood, I couldnt put it down, and I hated when it was over.

  • Zipper Socks
    Zipper Socks Před rokem +3

    I’ve read all the books. You always give the perfect touch ups and recaps.

  • Fire Truck
    Fire Truck Před rokem +633

    OMG YES! You're back at it again with ASOIAF-related videos!! CAN"T WAIT!! YOU ARE LITERALLY WHAT MADE ME HYPE FOR THESE SHOWS!!

    • ludm
      ludm Před rokem +4

      im sure many can relate, but watching their videos is what got me interested in the books and ultimately reading them. now im finish off fire and blood (at least the parts related to the tv show) and i couldnt be more excited to see their videos. for once i've read the books before the show has come out. will be very exciting to say the least

    • Michael Bartley
      Michael Bartley Před rokem +1

      Could not agree more

    • Connor Werdel
      Connor Werdel Před rokem +1

      Temper your expectations

  • Tunturikuningas
    Tunturikuningas Před rokem +2

    This channel complements those series so well. Thank you for your hard work!

  • habirton
    habirton Před rokem +1

    Love Alt Shift X, but I can't bring myself to invest any more time on HBO adaptations after GOT.
    Maybe I'll watch it when the series ends and then I'll come back to watch these.
    Keep on creating awesome content! 👍

  • Preston Van Horn
    Preston Van Horn Před rokem +3

    I’m very excited. Stories about the times when the dragons were flying around are so cool 🐉

  • Claire P
    Claire P Před rokem

    Just great video, thank you so much. Can't wait for more videos as the show goes on, I'll wait for it just as much as I'll wait for the episodes of hot d. Please keep going your work is amaizing

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    It's like rumors, ones that have a 50/50 chance of being true, but of course they're always propagated in a gossipy manner for "entertainment purposes
    ". Eustace's accounts, on the other hand, make more logical sense. They sound like something a historian would write.
    They make the characters behave more like very calculating humans, or just just characters from renaissance or victorian age novels, and less like "animals".
    I guess Martin's point is that somewhere between these two versions lies the truth. And it's not 100% logical/calculated/romantic and not 100% animalistic/sexy/brutal.
    Smart man, but I doubt that anyone ever questioned that.
    Edit: Of course he kept in mind the characters' background and socioeconomical place in society. Eustace's motivations and background help him arrive to his version. Mushroom's, being very different, help him arrive at his. That's not to say that this makes either truer; afterall, the servants know EVERYTHING about what happens inside closed doors. Problem is, this information is passed between the help as currency, so there's no doubt, at least at one point, someone made something up to get ahead, or for other purposes (Revenge, for instance). But, some of it is probably still true.
    Eustace is more concerned with sounding proper, more logical, and probably frowns on any scandalous details. Even if he knew of some, he may have deliberately omitted them or recounted them in a less "scandalous" fashion.
    I can't help but draw parallels, on one hand, between Martin and Eustace, and on the other, between HBO execs and Mushroom. There have been frequent rumors about how HBO execs wanted for GoT to be more "scandalous and perverted" in attempt to boost ratings.
    If this was Mr. Martin's intention, then hats off to you sir! You slayed perhaps more so than any of your fictional characters.
    Having said all of that, Matt Smith is HotD indeed. 😂👌👏👏👏 (Slow clapping to the person who made the thumbnail to this video).

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    • david lewis
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    • AVerySillySausage
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