• čas přidán 2. 10. 2022
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Komentáře • 869

  • nvgirl
    nvgirl  +1

    Tobi's facial expression during the kiss is exactly how I felt, that poor woman

  • Rhythm Agrawal

    I am literally too addicted to the Sidemen

  • U
    U  +2

    Oh lord...that kiss one was the most awkward and cringe thing...I want to erase it from my mind.

  • bea
    bea  +873

    clip 1 and 3 will never fail to kill me on the inside

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz  +378

    This one had ALL the classics, bringing back some memories

  • Askesis Music

    Toby's laugh is gold

  • May
    May  +251

    Your videos need to be longer guys 😭 But thank you for making me laugh all the time in every video without fail

  • LifeIsMendo

    I can feel the awkwardness through the screen💀

  • Judson 92
    Judson 92  +44

    Tobi always gives GOATed reactions.

  • Summer
    Summer  +202

    Tobi looks more confident nd involved since the Charity match! Love that!

  • Matt J
    Matt J  +2

    That 1st and 3rd clip genuinely killed me, I'd have been happy going my entire life without seeing that.

  • spinning food

    can we all just appreciate the fact that sidemen never fail to disappoint us

  • QuantumRice


  • Reccesw
    Reccesw  +3

    I love these we need more of these cringe/awkward moments

  • 0fficial.$avanna

    Great video today sdmn 🔥🔥 you always make my day better 💜

  • Food Reacts

    I love tobi's laugh

  • RobloxGamer_1314

    Let’s just appreciate how much time they put into the videos and how much they get back for it this video was uploaded 3 minuets ago and already has over 2.8k views🎉

  • Tim Jalving

    The first one is our Dutch proudness 😂😭

  • ItsThesky division

    These type of reaction vids are elite 😂

  • Jack Tomej

    No sidmen reacts for 2 days???😢