The greatest paper plane in sports history!

  • čas přidán 8. 02. 2022
  • via crazywill02/TikTok

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  • Soggy Bun
    Soggy Bun  +59

    I think the greatest one was on a soccer match, and it actually hit a players head

  • Barry Lipscomb Jr

    Security"sir we're going to have to ask that you leave now".

  • chikkenbonz

    Dam those girls screaming! Like nails on a chalkboard....

  • Nabulations

    The two witches laughing in the back knowing they used black magic to make it fly

  • Speedo6677
    Speedo6677  +356

    Damn, that screaming cuts through my brain!!!

  • uniden070

    Fun times!!! Good stuff!!!! ❤

  • Youcantbeserious

    Umpire to security: “hey who threw that?”

  • netherlands

    The crowd went into IT too🔥♥️

  • Robert Pittman

    Great flight

  • MrDoubleU


  • Christ Follower

    Laughter is so infectious and pure joy!

  • Everton Teixeira

    Avião cai em estádio, até agr nem sinal de vidah kkkkkkk hahaha MT bom o cara

  • YxngAKx
    YxngAKx  +2

    The way he threw it tho, bro got them tactics

  • Margaret Jones

    Would be great story to talk about with friends at your favorite sports bar 👍👏👏👏

  • Music Life 4Ever

    Totally cool! I really enjoyed this! Lol

  • Ductual
    Ductual  +1

    This guy trained for years for this moment, perfecting his angle of throw

  • Jennifer Stisher

    That was a great paper plane and an awesome shot

  • FoeBane

    This is the wholesome shenanigans we need these days. ⚾️✌🏼

  • Makana
    Makana  +4

    News Reporter: To this day, the man seen in the video is still banned from Dodger Stadium for allegedly throwing objects onto the field

  • JW
    JW  +6

    It’s the little things in life lol