6 Drunk People vs 1 Secret Sober Person

  • čas přidán 10. 04. 2022
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Komentáře • 2 437

  • Reece Lauder
    Reece Lauder Před 7 měsíci +25436

    cody knows what he’s doin bruh, he can’t lose if he accuses every single person

  • Roderic Belmain
    Roderic Belmain Před 7 měsíci +2964

    As a Londoner I can confirm, Cody's impersonation of a drunk Brit is perfect

    • FoxyFoxlyn
      FoxyFoxlyn Před 19 dny +1

      @Caz Butterfly I hate it when people call it a British accent. This person says they are from England, and still can't get it right.... 🙄

    • Joseph Hinchliffe
      Joseph Hinchliffe Před 3 měsíci +1

      For sure, yeah

    • waffles ♡
      waffles ♡ Před 4 měsíci +1

      It’s so good I had flashbacks

    • Bee
      Bee Před 4 měsíci +7

      @Caz Butterfly Pretty sure he's from London.

    • Lycan
      Lycan Před 5 měsíci +3

      bro u from house bolton wym

  • John Galloway
    John Galloway Před 4 měsíci +637

    Hey Cody, my sister was “the mole” (sober person) in this video and she passed away over a month ago. Thank you for inspiring her, she loved you so much. She was so excited when she saw this video.

    • PK 457
      PK 457 Před 3 dny

      i just read the obituary thing what a nice person. do you mind telling us what happened?

    • darcy
      darcy Před 4 dny


    • aqua cat
      aqua cat Před 4 dny

      holy shit :( so sorry for your loss

    • jules! ♡
      jules! ♡ Před 10 dny

      my jaw dropped, my condolence bud :(

    • Mina
      Mina Před 16 dny +2

      Wow.. i did not expect to read this. I'm so sorry for your loss:(

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Před 7 měsíci +5766

    they all failed at the start by saying that they're drunk, a drunk person never admits they're drunk

    • Imaginary Highway
      Imaginary Highway Před 3 měsíci +1

      Yeah this major cap I always tell my friends shit like "I gotta tell you a secret... I'm druuuuuunk" every time lol

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy Před 4 měsíci

      But I'm really not that drnk

    • emma kistner
      emma kistner Před 4 měsíci

      I do all the time lol

    • morg •
      morg • Před 6 měsíci

      I would rather be the person that tells everyone they’re drunk because I’ve been blacked out while my SOBER friends let me drive because they couldn’t tell I was drunk. So, I’m 26 and immediately start telling people I’m with, that I’m tipsy so no one lets me drive even when we have a DD. So PLEASE as a bartender, I WANT YOU TO TELL ME YOUR DRUNK SO I CAN GET YOU A RIDE HOME IF YOU DONT HAVE ONE!!!

    • Madi Rose
      Madi Rose Před 6 měsíci

      whenever Im wasted I make in known to everyone around me that I’m not drunk even tho I absolutely am

  • Melt
    Melt Před 7 měsíci +2651

    They kicked the best guy off first

  • AreYou Skunked
    AreYou Skunked Před 7 měsíci +13497

    Being around drunk ppl sober is probably the worst experience ever ngl

    • Bri
      Bri Před 8 dny


    • Display Name
      Display Name Před 12 dny

      @Inanimatemist speak for yourself mr righteous

    • Ghosty
      Ghosty Před 13 dny

      @Mitchell T unfair assumption. Someone thinking drunk people are funny has nothing to do with their drinking and much less them thinking they are the funniest in the room when they’re drunk

    • kayla
      kayla Před 15 dny

      i saw somebody black out for the first time ts was scary and his gf was just twerking on him infront of his friends while he threw up 😭😭

    • Virginia Lane
      Virginia Lane Před měsícem


  • Daniel Vincent
    Daniel Vincent Před 4 měsíci +91

    Rest in peace Kelly, thank you for making us laugh, you’ll be missed by many ❤️

  • johanna
    johanna Před 7 měsíci +213

    As someone who always drives to whatever party is happening, I can tell you that it is pretty easy to act drunk around drunk people, because they are just so unaware of everything that isn't right in front of them. AND they just assume everyone's also drunk so I have to remind them that I'M DRIVING YOU HOME LATER LISA

  • Julia
    Julia Před 4 měsíci +55

    As a girl who used to do the splits drunk in high school, I can confirm that splits per hour are 100% a thing. It was as cringy as it sounds.

  • Jazzamundie
    Jazzamundie Před 7 měsíci +97

    Cody emailing himself was one of the most pure, authentic things I have ever seen. He was making it funny - but that shit was for him

  • Atlas
    Atlas Před 7 měsíci +15303

    My favorite thing about these videos is that 9 out of 10 times, Cody’s first guess is correct but then he changes it at the end and gets it wrong. But then he still acts like he was right and hypes himself up

    • Wolflover122
      Wolflover122 Před 7 měsíci +1

      I don’t think I’ve ever not done that tbh

    • Tima Glam
      Tima Glam Před 7 měsíci +6

      U know IF he was in the game, he had the chance to vote both out. So he would have technically won

    • Joel Villavicencio
      Joel Villavicencio Před 7 měsíci +3


    • Berenice Briones
      Berenice Briones Před 7 měsíci +4

      For realll he’s always right

    • Alexis Chambers
      Alexis Chambers Před 7 měsíci +23

      but he was right

  • Allyson Henry
    Allyson Henry Před 7 měsíci +39

    Watching this in the bath with a glass of wine and holy fuck I am having such a good time, thanks always for making me laugh my ass off Chodey!!

  • Ceri Winfield
    Ceri Winfield Před 7 měsíci +39

    how great would an episode where theres 1 drunk and 6 sober. everyone obviously can tell who it is, but they play along just to watch the drunk think they're winning.

  • Reid Jordan
    Reid Jordan Před 5 měsíci +7

    I love how the set manager was like "You can show it to them later" and he just immediately shows everyone

  • Wolfgang Peek
    Wolfgang Peek Před 7 měsíci +37

    This video is full of gems, the British drunk accent, the vape fiends when people are drunk. Good banter

  • Suburban White Kid
    Suburban White Kid Před 7 měsíci +14576

    Cody’s fiance is walking a dangerous line considering every haircut adds or decreases his age by 15 years

    • Tolietduck84 Pumbleless
      Tolietduck84 Pumbleless Před 15 dny

      @ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠwhy are you watching his channel if you find him unfunny

    • Sydney Berzon
      Sydney Berzon Před 5 měsíci +1

      i cant believe that people are getting triggered over others not knowing kelsey's name. they're acting like you did something as shitty as squeezing animals or whatever.

    • Edward Belen
      Edward Belen Před 6 měsíci +1

      @M maybe they forgot calm down 💀

    • atlanteanprince28
      atlanteanprince28 Před 6 měsíci

      @ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ u still lining his pockets though LOL

    • kaioken
      kaioken Před 7 měsíci


  • Hani Naser
    Hani Naser Před 6 měsíci +12

    Honestly your one of the only channels I laugh out loud to as a 37 year old man. LoL I have no shame . You crack me up brother

  • ||G3RM||
    ||G3RM|| Před 7 měsíci +10

    Cody fighting his alcoholic tendencies during this video made my day. lmao

  • Daisy
    Daisy Před 7 měsíci +37

    Cody: "It's not like one of these people is sober for life, they're just sober right now."
    Sober girl ends up revealing in Jubilee video that she never ever gets drunk.

  • Lexy
    Lexy Před 7 měsíci +3

    I hope they do more of these videos so you can react to them! This is definitely one of my favorite videos ever from you! 🤣 Hilarious!

  • Haley Thomson
    Haley Thomson Před 7 měsíci +22

    i feel like i’d nail this game if i was the secret sober person cuz for some reason i always match energies of intoxicated people around me

  • Cat Poyz
    Cat Poyz Před 7 měsíci +10

    Cody forgot to mention that if you didn’t have a friend who pretended to be drunk after one sip, you were that friend. Thanks for your time x

  • James Newman
    James Newman Před 7 měsíci +15

    As someone who can do the splits, it’s definitely easier when you’re drunk.

  • Agnes Koekkoek
    Agnes Koekkoek Před 7 měsíci +13

    as a british person, cody imitating the lawyer man was the funniest thing i have ever fucking seen

  • Amber Travis
    Amber Travis Před 7 měsíci +1968

    They literally voted out the 2 most clearly drunk people💀💀

    • Malice XVII
      Malice XVII Před 7 měsíci

      @BCC no just chatty and annoying. 💀💀

    • BCC
      BCC Před 7 měsíci +2

      @Malice XVII you go around promoting your brand of seltzer water when your drunk?

    • Malice XVII
      Malice XVII Před 7 měsíci +42

      @britch damn that's kinda how I am when drunk. good thing I usually drink alone. 😔😔
      Edit: just now realized that I don't go around smelling people's breath so yeah, nvm. I'm solid.

    • britch
      britch Před 7 měsíci +134

      I think they voted out the first guy just because he was annoying lmao

  • Alfredo
    Alfredo Před 7 měsíci +3

    i enjoy watching this sober person get dissapointed at how poor these drunk people's decision-making is

  • Erin McLaughlin
    Erin McLaughlin Před 7 měsíci +2

    Most people whilst drunk deny the fact that they're drunk. Like "Nah, I'm not wasted, I'm fine dude."
    Another thing when someone is drinking they typically are unable to smell alcohol on other people. It's the sober people that can smell the alcohol. So I don't know why the wasted dude kept asking to smell everyone's breath.

  • Izzy
    Izzy Před 4 dny

    This video had me laughing in my break room at work.

  • hannah jahn
    hannah jahn Před 7 měsíci +3

    cody's struggle to decide whether or not to drink is like every college kid on a somewhat nice day

  • Gamayun
    Gamayun Před 7 měsíci +6176

    The girl saying she's had 7+ drinks and still bouncing up after a perfect split should have been the most obvious red flag

    • Gregory Ford
      Gregory Ford Před 3 měsíci

      Obviously she was lying anyway but the “2 and a half mimosas” would’ve been from a pitcher. A lot of places have specials for brunch w cheap/bottomless mimosas that’re served by the pitcher.

    • Arturo Penuela
      Arturo Penuela Před 3 měsíci

      Yea AND she recited a shit ton of drinks before I don’t no about y’all but I wouldn’t remember all that if I’m drunk and it makes it looks like she drank a lot with the amount of alcohol she mentions

    • Rachael Zaniboni
      Rachael Zaniboni Před 4 měsíci +1

      She died

    • Devil's Advocate
      Devil's Advocate Před 5 měsíci

      @aa aa Absolutely true.
      Edit: Tbh, we actively try to forget sometimes how many.

    • Haley
      Haley Před 7 měsíci


  • Amber Connolly
    Amber Connolly Před 4 měsíci

    Aaaaaayyy!!! There’s a happy dad! I love Cody’s commentary. These kinds of videos never fail to make me laugh

  • DigitalHarmony
    DigitalHarmony Před 5 měsíci +1

    The second the mole opened their mouth in the chair I knew it was them. So damn obvious lol
    As for the Brit, drinking is a professional sport in the UK (can safely say that as an Aussie) both countries can hold their liquor better than an American lol

  • Corra
    Corra Před 7 měsíci +3

    This is the funniest video you've made in a while, I couldn't stop laughing!!!

  • Lilly Vanilley
    Lilly Vanilley Před 7 měsíci +1

    This was so fun!! Lol I love when you do these types of videos.

  • audrey •
    audrey • Před 7 měsíci +4596

    Can confirm as a shy person, when drunk, I am in fact still too self conscious to dance in front of others. Dancing in front of the bathroom mirror though? That’s a different story.

    • Virginia Lane
      Virginia Lane Před měsícem


    • erin marie
      erin marie Před měsícem

      if I was drunk and people made me dance I’d burst out in tears 🤣

    • nelly price
      nelly price Před 4 měsíci

      I bet you aren’t as bad as you think!

    • nicholas halliwell
      nicholas halliwell Před 7 měsíci

      Sounds like you+I are a match made in heaven. 😅🥹

    • washedblue
      washedblue Před 7 měsíci +1

      I'm picturing this like the Sims 4, watching as they get up after you give them full free will and a couple drinks and they start dancing for no reason with no music in the bathroom by themselves for 2 hours

  • Avrielle F
    Avrielle F Před 7 měsíci +1

    the fact that Cody managed to make me feel like an imbecile not even 2 minutes into the video
    I mean i’m an alcoholic but even sober I am a moron so I’d kick major ass at this

  • Azure
    Azure Před 4 měsíci +4

    “he seems the most coherent, the rest of us were spilling stuff”
    bro one of y’all did the fucking splits

  • Ruby O'Neill
    Ruby O'Neill Před 7 měsíci +6

    i never drink because alcohol just makes me sleepy and sad so i’m always the sober one, and it’s honestly not that bad. i’ve had my days of going out and getting obliterated and don’t miss it at all because i can actually enjoy a night out and remember everything. idk maybe it’s just me but i really enjoy being sober lol

  • Dog
    Dog Před 7 měsíci +7

    Cody is clearly trying to reach out to us and let us know about how he's a struggling alcoholic

    ALLIE XCX Před 7 měsíci +3178

    They should do 6 sober people vs 1 drunk person

    • Lily
      Lily Před 7 měsíci

      They will get them the first 2 second’s

    • Cecil
      Cecil Před 7 měsíci +3

      Im pretty sure they did one like that or at least similar. They had a bunch of sober people and a drink person and they had a cop come in and try to figure out who's drunk

    • Oskar Danielsson
      Oskar Danielsson Před 7 měsíci +2

      Yes. This is the real episode.

    • Liyah B
      Liyah B Před 7 měsíci +3

      @Kaia King I think there is a stoner one actually and they did the same thing

    • The Immortal Sun-kun
      The Immortal Sun-kun Před 7 měsíci +8

      @Powchow “drunck”
      I think you’re the drunk one.

  • SaLtYpOp
    SaLtYpOp Před měsícem

    This is the greatest video on CZcams when drunk. It’s somehow relatable and amusing at the same time!

  • etakhannah
    etakhannah Před 7 měsíci

    As a Brit, I can confirm that our accents get exaggerated when drunk, but it depends on where you’re from. I’m from the South (I sound like the British guy in this) and I get posher the drunker I get. My husband is from the Midlands, and his accent turns in to an inaudible series of grunts the drunker he gets 😂

  • urboygian
    urboygian Před 3 měsíci

    that entire video felt like what always happens at clubs when you're the friend group's dad who has to get everyone home safetly. just watching some dumb shit go down lol

  • Naz
    Naz Před 4 měsíci +3

    am i the only one that is "too self concious to dance" when drunk? i can literally be wasted out of my mind drooling but i still think of how others perceive me

  • Kostas Berd
    Kostas Berd Před 7 měsíci +2171

    I would really like to see a 6 sober people vs 1 secret drunk

    • Heather Edgcombe
      Heather Edgcombe Před 4 měsíci +9

      It would be really fun for one round- but if you have ever tried to act sober when you are drunk then you know it would last one round.

    • Sarlota Vojtassakova
      Sarlota Vojtassakova Před 4 měsíci

      Yessss please

    • yea
      yea Před 4 měsíci +1

      @Leviathan u don’t know that actually lol

    • Leviathan
      Leviathan Před 4 měsíci +12

      @yea the game would last 2 seconds though, what's the point

    • yea
      yea Před 7 měsíci +43

      that’s a much better idea then this one 💀 guess they didn’t give the idea enough thought. literally had to cut the video short lmao

  • Jada Shallow
    Jada Shallow Před 7 měsíci

    Watching Cody fight with rational thinking is everything 😂😭

  • KingTurk
    KingTurk Před 7 měsíci

    Cody couldn’t be more wrong the entire time and it was funny lol

  • Copyrighted
    Copyrighted Před 3 měsíci +1

    Honestly I was just waiting for him to give in and get drunk throughout this video

  • nick schoenfelder
    nick schoenfelder Před 7 měsíci +1

    i just binged watched like 4 hours of your videos i feel disgusted with myself for it but happy at the same time

  • Aneurin Davies
    Aneurin Davies Před 7 měsíci +4869

    I haven’t finished it yet but as a British person, i can fully get why the Brit didn’t dance, no matter how pissed I am I can’t bring myself to dance 99% of the time

    • KryptKrawler
      KryptKrawler Před 3 měsíci

      a whole mood

    • vheiissu
      vheiissu Před 4 měsíci

      I'm the same. I always say I will get naked before I ever dance or do karaoke. lol. No matter how drunk I am.

    • Arvak
      Arvak Před 7 měsíci +2

      I never dance in front of people, sober or smashed, I'm just too self-conscious

    • Kray Way
      Kray Way Před 7 měsíci

      try molly if u wanna dance

    • gonk
      gonk Před 7 měsíci +8

      yeah as a brit i can confirm id have to be completely plastered to *maybe* dance, however, climbing drainpipes or going fullspeed into a wall in a trolly? sign me up

  • DocRx
    DocRx Před 7 měsíci

    Haven't laughed out loud on these in a bit but the whole drink, don't drink had me dead!

  • steve anton
    steve anton Před 7 měsíci +1

    This would be so hilarious the other way around. One wasted person trying to act sober but it's super obvious 🤣

  • Doozy Dan
    Doozy Dan Před 7 měsíci

    I love the fact that i know i can always come to cody’s page and leave pissing myself laughing

  • issi
    issi Před 7 měsíci

    we have a huge drinking culture here in england. maybe it's because we can buy alcohol from the age of 18 instead of 21, or maybe it's because we're all so depressed that we can't handle going through life sober, but most people I know started drinking at 13, sometimes younger. i don't know what it's like in other countries but I'd love to hear any personal experiences! :)

  • JumpinJ
    JumpinJ Před 7 měsíci +3579

    This woman told us that she had:
    - 2 mimosas
    - 4 shots
    - 1/2 bottle of tequila
    They should've known it was her as soon as she said that. Also, if she was drunk when she did the splits, she would've actually shat herself

    • Petar Gačić
      Petar Gačić Před 6 dny

      She didnt say half a bottle doe

    • Ace360x .MLG
      Ace360x .MLG Před 9 dny

      With food this is manageable

    • Sydney Cook
      Sydney Cook Před 17 dny


    • silas
      silas Před 18 dny

      @RemingtonBeats they were drunk

    • Bruno Savastano
      Bruno Savastano Před měsícem

      most women i know would struggle to stand on their 2 feet if they drink that lmao

  • Nicholas Cicotte
    Nicholas Cicotte Před 7 měsíci

    The two guys who become best friends at a party out of no where is the best shit though, wholesome as hell 😂

  • yea
    yea Před 7 měsíci

    i been rly struggling and ik a cody video was the perfect medicine. so ty for the laughs cody. also i’m so mad even the drunk ppl didn’t realize or vote her first 😭 she doesn’t deserve a paycheck for being so proud of her terrible acting.

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Před 7 měsíci +1

    The Britt was right in calling out Green Dress for doing the Splits so cleanly. That would have been a lot sloppier if they were drunk.

  • Ben Shapiro’s left pinky toe
    Ben Shapiro’s left pinky toe Před 7 měsíci +4

    Being with drunk people is only fun when you’re drunk 💀 being the only sober person in a group of drunk people is like being at a toddler’s birthday party as a college student.

  • lauren wr
    lauren wr Před 7 měsíci +3092

    the mental gymnastics cody went through to try and convince himself it was too early to drink lmaoo

    • melvin
      melvin Před 7 měsíci

      @lauren wr he really cracked the code, didn’t he? 😔

    • lauren wr
      lauren wr Před 7 měsíci +4

      @Oskar Danielsson no way do you mean to say that this comedian i’ve been watching has been making jokes all this time? well let me be the first to register my absolute astonishment

    • Will 'LouisvilleWill' Sanford
      Will 'LouisvilleWill' Sanford Před 7 měsíci

      LOL right? My alcoholic ass was drinkin while watchin this. Ain't but 3pm

    • Donkey Donut
      Donkey Donut Před 7 měsíci

      I think he is just trying to drink less in general, mentioned something about it in the last podcast

    • Oskar Danielsson
      Oskar Danielsson Před 7 měsíci +3

      Oh yes mental gymnastics. Totally not just acting out a gag.

  • God of Yami
    God of Yami Před 7 měsíci +4

    Louie is the only one i KNOW is drunk but i love how they pick him first😂

  • LilLegoman
    LilLegoman Před 7 měsíci +1

    Cody is definitely one of the drunk ones, callin it now. Frictionless

  • Capt_Cxshew
    Capt_Cxshew Před 7 měsíci +2

    I love how cody just has a beer sitting there

  • Eric May
    Eric May Před 7 měsíci +1

    4 minutes in and this is the hardest i’ve laughed at one of his videos in a while

  • Kenneth Dobb
    Kenneth Dobb Před 7 měsíci +5771

    I like how Cody looks 5x younger with his new-old hair

    • Katie Wallen
      Katie Wallen Před 6 měsíci

      @byrnet down dude I know that I’ve been a Cody ko fan since vine it’s just such an old and overused joke. It’s not funny at all it’s like people just type it out of muscle memory now

    • byrnet down
      byrnet down Před 6 měsíci

      @Katie Wallen no there's an inside joke on his channel abt him being like 45

    • tyde
      tyde Před 7 měsíci

      @ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ why are you commenting this everywhere

    • Hiba B
      Hiba B Před 7 měsíci

      @JonLipton well that would be the case if he was in his 30s but papa Cody is actually in his 80s

    • Western South Dakota Railfan
      Western South Dakota Railfan Před 7 měsíci

      @ᙏɾ Uടടყ ಠ ͜ ಠ nobody cares lol

  • Gerry pender
    Gerry pender Před 7 měsíci

    Cody fighting his urge to get a drink at the start was far too relatable

  • Carter Berglund
    Carter Berglund Před 7 měsíci

    I love how Cody’s videos have changed and (blossomed?) over his CZcams career. I love it

  • Mo Gunz
    Mo Gunz Před 7 měsíci

    This video was incredibly funny this dude Cody really be hittin different

  • Katelyn Lowry
    Katelyn Lowry Před 3 měsíci

    I lost it at “I’ve had a lot happy dads in my mouth” 🤣

  • morgan Porter
    morgan Porter Před 6 měsíci

    I’ve literally seen a girl do a hand stand and walk around on her hands while drunk I was shocked 🤣💀

  • tedsticle
    tedsticle Před 7 měsíci

    Cody always falls for the editors' tricks

  • emily
    emily Před 7 měsíci

    you literally call it every time cody it's a talent

  • Rachel Gunning
    Rachel Gunning Před 7 měsíci +12

    POV: Cody learns about the hundreds of different British accents. The most entertaining drunk British accent is definitely the Glaswegian one fyi.

    • Erin Ash
      Erin Ash Před 7 měsíci

      All glasweigans sound the same drunk and sober wdym

  • ella charlotte
    ella charlotte Před 7 měsíci +1

    As a brit, the mocking of a drunk brit was spot on😭

  • purplewalrus34
    purplewalrus34 Před 7 měsíci

    it might be hard to pretend to be drunk, but you’ve gotta remember it’s the drunk people trying to figure it out

    VELVETEEN Před 4 měsíci

    If something funny happens repeatedly, I will laugh so hard, then I look drunk most of the time and I can't stop laughing

  • Memeityy
    Memeityy Před 7 měsíci

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