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Civil War | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24

  • čas přidán 19. 02. 2024
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    From writer/director Alex Garland and starring Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Cailee Spaeny. CIVIL WAR - In Theaters April 12, 2024.
    RELEASE DATE: April 12, 2024
    DIRECTOR: Alex Garland
    CAST: Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Cailee Spaeny
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Komentáře • 2,8K

  • @emiarganaraz905
    @emiarganaraz905 Před dnem +6144

    True science fiction is imagining an alliance between Texas and California.

    • @Headstacker
      @Headstacker Před dnem +237

      Californians have been migrating to Texas in droves the last few years

    • @pevy_sue
      @pevy_sue Před dnem +38

      @@Headstacker Following cheap labour thanks to immigrants, or?

    • @user-zs2tu5zq9k
      @user-zs2tu5zq9k Před dnem +333

      We allied with Russia during WW2. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." It's not that farfetched, in my opinion.

    • @fadethechannel
      @fadethechannel Před dnem +148

      You must not know..They’re actually very much alike outside of LA.

    • @seanmcallister2985
      @seanmcallister2985 Před dnem +29

      @@fadethechannel and SF and Oakland

  • @Kaszkieciorz_TG
    @Kaszkieciorz_TG Před dnem +1771

    This must have bigger budget than all previous a24 movies combined

    • @lil_dak_1587
      @lil_dak_1587 Před dnem +122

      I don't know about that, but it is the most expensive A24 movie so far ($50 million).

    • @koushikraja331
      @koushikraja331 Před dnem +46

      Please, this is just an average day in Florida.

    • @GuineaPigEveryday
      @GuineaPigEveryday Před dnem +20

      ​@@lil_dak_1587 what about Beau is Afraid? wasn't that like 300mil. But I'm glad they're willing to take a risk with a subject like this and focused on an artistic director, but also not waste too much money, like the way that Disney/Paramount would be piling on money like Disney/Paramount with 200-300mil+ IP films (The Flash, Mission Impossible 7, Indy 5). A good-looking mid-budget film is great, then u dont have insane studio intervention and bloated costs, a bit like how the Creator looks great with a decent budget

    • @akhilnair1137
      @akhilnair1137 Před dnem +24

      ​@@GuineaPigEveryday nope. That was just 35 million.

    • @hardy83
      @hardy83 Před dnem +5

      Quick Google says it's 50 million, which I doubt accounts for marketing.

  • @joshuamohlman
    @joshuamohlman Před dnem +679

    “War is sweet to those who have not experienced it.”
    - Pindar

    • @kingtachalla6181
      @kingtachalla6181 Před dnem +27

      "erm muh war bad le bad"- some gay redditor

    • @thecapedcrusader381
      @thecapedcrusader381 Před 22 hodinami +22

      ​@kingtachalla6181 Wow, sooo edgy 😅

    • @johnbailey1168
      @johnbailey1168 Před 22 hodinami +1

      So True !!!!

    • @MrSwanson_
      @MrSwanson_ Před 22 hodinami +17

      @@kingtachalla6181yea you haven’t served. But keep it up edgelord

    • @tripfisk4246
      @tripfisk4246 Před 22 hodinami +8

      Probably a lot of people in the US want it but will be the first ones crying and quaking in their proverbial boots if it by some off-chance ever hits

  • @nickelbutt
    @nickelbutt Před dnem +2672

    Anyone calling for a civil war has zero understanding of what a civil war would truly mean.

    • @chrisdiggs
      @chrisdiggs Před dnem +96


    • @erikfldt390
      @erikfldt390 Před dnem +342

      It's the same with millionaire tech bros who buy luxury bunkers, they think they're safe until they realize that they don't know how to farm, have to worry about being murdered by their own security, and forgot to have a dentist with them so they won't spend the rest of their lives in constant pain from a single cavity infection. The scores of contingencies and unpredictable issues that arise would completely confound them.

    • @spacejunk8978
      @spacejunk8978 Před dnem +74

      Tell that to Tim Pool fans lmao

    • @patchofdust
      @patchofdust Před dnem +59

      I may not know what it "would truly mean," but what I do understand is a future in which the group that pushed 2020 would have continued control over millions of American lives. That's not a future I wish to live in.

    • @RollTide1987
      @RollTide1987 Před dnem

      The end of the progressive left.

  • @NorNor-bb6dn
    @NorNor-bb6dn Před dnem +1006

    "I don't need your Civil War. It feeds the rich while it buries the poor"
    - Axl Rose

    • @user-gd5dj2nj6c
      @user-gd5dj2nj6c Před dnem

      Gay JewMerican quoting a soulless celebrity

    • @unrealsimon93
      @unrealsimon93 Před dnem

      basically all wars. The rich send the poor to do the fighting (and dying) for their gains.

    • @lostchild7774
      @lostchild7774 Před dnem

      Axl rose has no idea what he’s talking about. The past few wars fought by America have set a precedent, sure, but not every war is started for war profiteering.

    • @rubenssz
      @rubenssz Před dnem +4

      Sang by Axl, and written by Duff McKagan

    • @sean.anthony6044
      @sean.anthony6044 Před dnem +13

      Quoting axl rose is crazy

  • @kdpowers
    @kdpowers Před dnem +660

    What's also great is A24 kept filming during the strikes, so there will be a Summer of nothing but A24 releases

    • @Riley-uy5pe
      @Riley-uy5pe Před dnem +17


    • @letsburn00
      @letsburn00 Před dnem

      Actually no. A24 simply agreed to the strike demands. They both won. ​@@Riley-uy5pe

    • @josefstalin9678
      @josefstalin9678 Před dnem +283

      @@Riley-uy5pe they aren't scabs, they immediately gave the union pretty much everything they wanted so they could return to filming. Literally everybody wins in that scenario

    • @RealFemale69
      @RealFemale69 Před dnem +55

      ​@@Riley-uy5peyou don't know what the unions wanted, do you? For one they're fine with all actors working on small budget films, and A24 a mid budget studio gave the unions what they wanted

    • @ritchierich2793
      @ritchierich2793 Před dnem

      Nice, will probably add into my long a24 "good night" snooze films list..

  • @heymistercarter.
    @heymistercarter. Před dnem +630

    I’ve often had a theory that the best war films of all time are the ones that double as horror films. Movies like Apocalypse Now, Come And See, Saving Private Ryan, DUNKIRK, and Full Metal Jacket all fit that bill to an extent. I think this film almost confirms that theory in a way.

  • @Tony-Gunk
    @Tony-Gunk Před dnem +58

    everybody gangsta till martial law is declared

    • @A4ZSAIN
      @A4ZSAIN Před 18 hodinami

      not detroit yet

    • @sandyvalentin3072
      @sandyvalentin3072 Před 18 hodinami

      Exactly because things can go bad for you real quick when you don’t listen

  • @heymistercarter.
    @heymistercarter. Před dnem +554

    You know, of all the filmmakers who could take a subject like this on, I’m glad it’s Alex Garland, since he often knows how to bring the right nuance, commentary, and themes to the surface for something like this. There are so many wrong ways you can make a film like this, but something tells me he’ll find a way to do it just right.

    • @mr.misanthrope1991
      @mr.misanthrope1991 Před dnem +17

      Also A24 doesn’t miss. Even in there stuff I didn’t like I can acknowledge they were creative and interesting

    • @MK_Ultra91
      @MK_Ultra91 Před dnem +34

      "A24 doesn't miss"
      Welp...I'll play with that lack of subjectivity:
      Causeway, Woodshock, Marcel the Shell, Zola, The Hole in the Ground, Slice, It Comes at Night, Free Fall, The Adderall Diaries, Mojave, Cut Bank.
      That's a lot of misses without even going into their entire filmography. I'm a fan of A24, but let's talk in reality.

    • @mogensgallardo3288
      @mogensgallardo3288 Před dnem +14

      ​@@MK_Ultra91"Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" and "It Comes at Night" are great though?

    • @leolunacoolj
      @leolunacoolj Před dnem +9

      @@MK_Ultra91you shut your trap about Marcel the Shell if you don’t have anything nice to say.

    • @jimjam5012
      @jimjam5012 Před dnem +10

      >Alex Garland, since he often knows how to bring the right nuance, commentary, and themes to the surface for something like this.
      Actual surface level take. Anyone that knows Garland knows that he's very gynocentric, and often communicates his self-loathing and emasculation in the subtext of his films.

  • @FELICIA-oj8gw
    @FELICIA-oj8gw Před dnem +101

    Nice, hoping it will also come to an IMAX near me, as this could still be considered a smaller film.

  • @Doohickeydongle
    @Doohickeydongle Před dnem +917

    Wait, I thought I was watching the news.

    • @kdpowers
      @kdpowers Před dnem +23

      I'd vote for President Swanson

    • @rinphod4442
      @rinphod4442 Před dnem

      Don’t worry you can tell it’s fake by having Texas and California be allies

    • @cwg73160
      @cwg73160 Před dnem +27

      Stop being so dramatic. It’s cringey.

    • @godofzombi
      @godofzombi Před dnem +12

      No, the news is Texas+Florida. The movie is Texas+California.

    • @brandonsmith9098
      @brandonsmith9098 Před dnem +8

      Wait so you think California and Texas would join forces in a Civil War? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What alternate universe are you from?

  • @Ashley-ku7is
    @Ashley-ku7is Před dnem +1082

    The thing that scares me the most about this is there are people who will watch this trailer and think "I wish."

  • @cosm0850
    @cosm0850 Před dnem +335

    The division is looking pretty cool

    • @chancepaladin
      @chancepaladin Před dnem +14

      the latency certainly looks better, but maybe they're keeping the virus part a secret for now idk

    • @cosm0850
      @cosm0850 Před dnem +11

      I just hope the gameplay is as good as the trailer this time around@@chancepaladin

    • @jordonstewart2092
      @jordonstewart2092 Před dnem +8

      I was thinking more MW2. I guess that shows my age.

    • @neofulcrum5013
      @neofulcrum5013 Před dnem +5

      There’s supposed to be an upcoming film for that universe. Haven’t heard much since its announcement though.

    • @sanlorenzo7896
      @sanlorenzo7896 Před dnem +3

      @@jordonstewart2092When you put it that way, I wonder how old Ramirez would be at this point. Poor guy does everything, yet he still remained a private!

  • @bradyking1625
    @bradyking1625 Před dnem +294

    As a native Texan, believe me when I say an alliance between California and Texas is not as farfetched as you might think. If a president were ever to (as I assume the trailer implies) extend his/her stay illegally, either state would have grounds to secede and the other wouldn't be far behind. The demographics are nearly identical across both states - massive liberal cities, huge conservative rural voter bases. Independence is every small-town Texan and rural Californian's dream, and an illegitimate concentration of power would definitely convince the large liberal bases. We have a lot more in common that either state wants to think.

    • @heretics25
      @heretics25 Před dnem +30

      I agree, but I also feel like: just because something is unrealistic does not mean it is a bad choice for a film by a writer-director known for sci-fi/horror. I would HATE it if it was exactly what we expect: this does not look like it's red vs blue, and that's a bloody *good* thing.

    • @BussinandDiscussin
      @BussinandDiscussin Před dnem +2

      TLDR Also Austin lol

    • @tbs7438
      @tbs7438 Před 23 hodinami

      Eh idk. I think Liberals in California are much more numerous and stronger than in Texas.

    • @jnieto490
      @jnieto490 Před 22 hodinami +27

      Damn as an independent from the rural northern half of California I really appreciate that there's someone out there that understands how similar we are and that California is more complex than "California is full of liberals! Reeeeee!" 😂

    • @danielshemwell2662
      @danielshemwell2662 Před 22 hodinami +6

      States Gave up all rights to secede at the Appomattox Courthouse Federal is the Law of the Land. As a Southerner you are Honor Bound to uphold the vow of your forefathers. Honor is the only thing we have a right to

  • @zacharylennard7269
    @zacharylennard7269 Před dnem +120

    While a thought of a Civil War happening in today’s world is horrifying, this movie looks great!

    • @OliverHollingdale
      @OliverHollingdale Před dnem +17

      it's around the corner... it's gonna happen

    • @sunnex474
      @sunnex474 Před dnem +34

      @@OliverHollingdale lmao no it aint

    • @Montaph
      @Montaph Před dnem +32

      ​@@OliverHollingdale Whatever makes you feel like all your doom-prepping was worthwhile.

    • @OliverHollingdale
      @OliverHollingdale Před dnem

      @@Montaph I think you are due your 10th Covid Booster Vaxx 🤡🤡🤡

    • @hitthegoat
      @hitthegoat Před dnem

      @@OliverHollingdale No it isn't. All the right wing nuts salivating at the mouth at the thought of one will change their tune real quick when they figure out they're gonna have to be the ones to do the fighting

  • @bun5118
    @bun5118 Před dnem +64

    There’s something about seeing a war fought domestically like this that’s very very chilling. Excited to go see this!

    • @greymatter33
      @greymatter33 Před 22 hodinami +3

      You've never loved in the hood, because it has looked like this in many cities in recent years.

    • @imupinthetrees
      @imupinthetrees Před 21 hodinou

      Predictive programming. This is Coming to a city near you.

    • @dfluegge
      @dfluegge Před 21 hodinou +3

      ​@@greymatter33no it doesn't.

    • @ewjiml
      @ewjiml Před 20 hodinami

      @@greymatter33it depends. Is your ghetto liberal or republican? If it’s in a liberal state chances are, yes.

    • @alexandersoria8615
      @alexandersoria8615 Před 19 hodinami

      They purposefully set up our parties to blame one or the other on all the bad things, it's hilarious people still believe we have a party that cares about us when both don't care and don't want to end any of the crisis facing this country that's why nothing has changed. The cancerous pride people have for their party is what's ruining this country and will ultimately be the death of this nation

  • @nikeairjordanfly
    @nikeairjordanfly Před dnem +614

    crazy to think that some people actually want a civil war

    • @alfkdsjfadsh
      @alfkdsjfadsh Před dnem +110

      Yeah. I think people who haven't been in war, or who don't have close family/friends who've been through it find it easier to get excited about this kind of film. I find it troubling because this looks like the sort of story that just fuels our country's obsession with war. I don't know if I wanna see this one. There's enough war in the world. I want stories about how we find peace as such a fractured nation. Hoping I'm wrong about this one...maybe it'll have some kind of insightful commentary

    • @Mantrahiroshima
      @Mantrahiroshima Před dnem +50

      And this movie will only further those peoples beliefs, this shit is gross.

    • @henrrryyyy
      @henrrryyyy Před dnem +1

      @@alfkdsjfadsh I feel like they are the even more extreme versions of the people who fetishize the idea of someone breaking into their house so they can act in self-defence.

    • @lanefair2950
      @lanefair2950 Před dnem +38

      And all because people use pronouns or shit liek that

    • @Ray-The-Way
      @Ray-The-Way Před dnem +1

      People who want civil war are usually Broke Beta males who want the system to collapse so they don’t have to take responsibility for their poor decisions. Example: Credit card debt.

  • @j_shelby_damnwird
    @j_shelby_damnwird Před 23 hodinami +41

    "Experience it in IMAX"
    "Or...wait a few months and experience it in real life!"

    • @edwinrobledo3703
      @edwinrobledo3703 Před 21 hodinou

      😂😂😂😂😂 the way America is looking right now wouldn’t be surprised

    • @j_shelby_damnwird
      @j_shelby_damnwird Před 21 hodinou +2

      @@edwinrobledo3703 Let's just pray this comment remains a stupid joke 😢

    • @vincentvega5686
      @vincentvega5686 Před 20 hodinami

      dems are too stupid to stop it if it does happen

  • @demzer
    @demzer Před dnem +30

    That’s a different NYC skyline downtown, which suggests we’re in an alternate timeline going back at least to 9/11.

    • @magicalsand6785
      @magicalsand6785 Před dnem +12

      Then why is World Trade center 1 in the shot?

    • @jB-uw8fi
      @jB-uw8fi Před dnem +5

      Probably a director decision to make an ambiguous city that can represent any city in America.

    • @sirmount2636
      @sirmount2636 Před dnem +2

      I think it’s just set in the near future

    • @CoryPchajek
      @CoryPchajek Před 19 hodinami

      I mean, doing a lot of counter-factual history is probably the "safest" way to make this kind of movie without pissing everyone off.

  • @peterkoval
    @peterkoval Před dnem +53

    I didn't know A24 made documentaries. lol.

  • @Pussalia
    @Pussalia Před dnem +26

    The fact that it's A24 means this will be done with a level of tact that no big studio can muster. I'm sure it will both vilify and humanize everyone involved.

    • @nikeeweston
      @nikeeweston Před 22 hodinami

      Nick Offerman wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

    • @alexandersoria8615
      @alexandersoria8615 Před 20 hodinami

      They purposefully set up our parties to blame one or the other on all the bad things, it's hilarious people still believe we have a party that cares about us when both don't care and don't want to end any of the crisis facing this country that's why nothing has changed. The cancerous pride people have for their party is what's ruining this country and will ultimately be the death of this nation

  • @user-jf6ed2wj1l
    @user-jf6ed2wj1l Před dnem +67

    "Someone's trying to kill us; we're trying to kill them." That's describes a lot of violence in the world. Self-defense. You don't have a choice to be a non-combatant.

    • @sweetamsterdam
      @sweetamsterdam Před dnem

      Unless you invade another country with the same sentiment. No shit they're trying to kill you!

    • @George-vf7ss
      @George-vf7ss Před 22 hodinami +2

      Most people will never realize how true that is.

    • @prodfresh8094
      @prodfresh8094 Před 21 hodinou +3

      Most people will never realize that not fighting back is the best answer, respond like Jesus, because otherwise you are adding back to the vicious cycle of hurt people hurting people. Just take the high road always

    • @damiaankortenhorst4497
      @damiaankortenhorst4497 Před 21 hodinou +6

      yall try to make anything deep

    • @hhale
      @hhale Před 20 hodinami

      @@prodfresh8094 I'm pretty sure 6 million Jews and millions of others who have died at the hands to totalitarian regimes would disagree. Jesus knew in his moment that resistance was futile and he wanted his followers to continue his work. They couldn't do that if they were died defending him. Know your enemy. Know what they are capable of doing and what they are willing to do. Gandhi knew the British were more than capable of killing him and crushing the rebellion in India, but he also knew that passive resistance was most effective in his situation, because the British lacked the will to completely suppress the Indian independence movement. But his tactics would not have worked against Stalin. Nor against the likes of Pol Pot.

  • @Nejourney78
    @Nejourney78 Před dnem +78

    Now I see why its hard to find 308 upper receivers😑

    • @declanfraney6372
      @declanfraney6372 Před dnem +2

      you should be ashamed if you own assault weapons

    • @jaydunchus3089
      @jaydunchus3089 Před dnem

      yeah we should own machine guns and artillery too. Shame

    • @marcusinfinity9386
      @marcusinfinity9386 Před dnem

      ​@@declanfraney6372on the list

    • @Kek2g
      @Kek2g Před dnem

      @@declanfraney6372womp womp

    • @ghettoblaster76
      @ghettoblaster76 Před dnem +15

      Well we know what kind of American you are.

  • @josegbgouvea
    @josegbgouvea Před dnem +51

    I hope that Wagner Moura has got a good role, such a talented actor

    • @NationFirstGreenville22
      @NationFirstGreenville22 Před dnem

      he plays a naive, simpleminded liberal. Right up your alley

    • @panstolen
      @panstolen Před dnem +1

      me conveceu a ver o filme

    • @alexandersoria8615
      @alexandersoria8615 Před 19 hodinami

      They purposefully set up our parties to blame one or the other on all the bad things, it's hilarious people still believe we have a party that cares about us when both don't care and don't want to end any of the crisis facing this country that's why nothing has changed. The cancerous pride people have for their party is what's ruining this country and will ultimately be the death of this nation

  • @hillefoozy
    @hillefoozy Před dnem +38

    Ron being in office is everything he stands against

    • @MahkyVmedia1
      @MahkyVmedia1 Před dnem +15

      No, he's taking the beast down from the inside. Very Ron Swanson.

    • @eplamoureux
      @eplamoureux Před dnem +2

      apparently, its his third term
      what went wrong, Mr Swanson

    • @panstolen
      @panstolen Před dnem +1

      oh I wanst sure if it was him. god I need this

  • @AnimalsWorld2017
    @AnimalsWorld2017 Před 22 hodinami +2

    "Only the dead have seen the end of war"

  • @Hunac-Ceel
    @Hunac-Ceel Před dnem +63

    Giving me DMZ comic series vibes. Looks great.

  • @solinvictus1982
    @solinvictus1982 Před dnem +2

    It was about time that someone made a movie about this. The first timid attempt was a Joe Dante's movie 30 years ago. It's quite a topic...and quite pertinent too

  • @-Hey-my-name-is_lisa
    @-Hey-my-name-is_lisa Před dnem +148

    All jokes aside, it’s very meta that the big military action movie of today has the US attacking itself instead of Red Dawn, FMJ, Battle: Los Angeles, where the enemy is external.

    • @martymarl4602
      @martymarl4602 Před 23 hodinami

      Have you read right wing twitter?? That's what they pray for all day. The descendants of confederate traitors want a do over. Marge "This is 1776"

  • @MyFatherLoves
    @MyFatherLoves Před dnem +13

    This movie not only looks terrifying but appears to have decent CGI and GREAT audio.

  • @ndudiobichi3515
    @ndudiobichi3515 Před dnem +12

    I was a background extra in this!

  • @Carnerd101
    @Carnerd101 Před dnem +26

    I like how the guns make the charging noise any time they're pointed. Because, that's how guns work...

    • @tommyg9719
      @tommyg9719 Před dnem +5

      probably done for dramatic effect for the trailer

    • @TempleGuitars
      @TempleGuitars Před 23 hodinami +8

      Foley artists really do treat us like morons. None of my guns rattle when they move.

    • @alexwolfefilms
      @alexwolfefilms Před 20 hodinami +1

      And the guy with the sniper rifle has no idea how to place his finger on the trigger let alone pull it.

  • @Dehumanization001
    @Dehumanization001 Před 23 hodinami +5

    Damn the new "Battlefield Civil War" game looks good.

  • @OrdinaryThings
    @OrdinaryThings Před dnem +50


  • @bucknutz9290
    @bucknutz9290 Před dnem +2

    Remember everyone, this is only a trailer to a movie. But, it does look awesome!

  • @Random-xd4zm
    @Random-xd4zm Před dnem +15

    Looks Great A24, Alex Garland, Framestore. I love this Trio

  • @rorschach3397
    @rorschach3397 Před dnem +4

    No empire failed to fall in the past.

  • @TonyBullard
    @TonyBullard Před 20 hodinami +1

    It's a testament to how lucky we are we haven't had any modern wars on our soil. These kinds of images are an everyday occurrence for so many countries in the world, but it's unique and unimaginable to us in the US.

  • @tytyguy1able
    @tytyguy1able Před dnem +4

    Ron Swanson has finally abolished big government

  • @tomahawkpunk82
    @tomahawkpunk82 Před dnem +4

    I loved the part where California and Texas shook hands and said, "Its civil warrin' time!"

  • @christypassy
    @christypassy Před dnem +6

    The fact that something like this could actually happen makes me want to watch this movie.

    • @scipherfilter5913
      @scipherfilter5913 Před 22 hodinami +1

      If you live in the US, then you might actually be able to experience it first-hand.

  • @KingKongStrong
    @KingKongStrong Před dnem +29

    Gravy seals will be in attendance

    • @I81ICU812
      @I81ICU812 Před 22 hodinami +8

      Meal Team 6 🍔 🍟

    • @ragingjaguarknight86
      @ragingjaguarknight86 Před 20 hodinami +1


    • @alexandersoria8615
      @alexandersoria8615 Před 19 hodinami

      They purposefully set up our parties to blame one or the other on all the bad things, it's hilarious people still believe we have a party that cares about us when both don't care and don't want to end any of the crisis facing this country that's why nothing has changed. The cancerous pride people have for their party is what's ruining this country and will ultimately be the death of this nation

    • @evolicious
      @evolicious Před 19 hodinami

      Guns are not allowed in theaters, plus they would be too scared to share seats with normal people that are far smarter than them.
      Bet they will just sit at home and hope this film comes to pay per view.

  • @funkykeyspdx
    @funkykeyspdx Před dnem +13

    Damn, this documentary has slick visuals and a big budget!

  • @brianstrum6692
    @brianstrum6692 Před 18 hodinami

    Can just imagine actress Kirsten Dunst during the filming: "Bring. It. On!" 🤪🤣

  • @Scorsese_Films
    @Scorsese_Films Před dnem +10

    Description says Civil Way @a24

    • @joshkatz8109
      @joshkatz8109 Před dnem +3

      it sure does lol. Someone’s not checking their work before uploading 👀

  • @Ellie.Barrett
    @Ellie.Barrett Před 22 hodinami

    That's whistling is quite eerie, I love it.

  • @3452te
    @3452te Před dnem +1

    Man, i just finished playing Shattered Union on Steam and i saw this trailer. Bravo A24, i can't wait for this flick to come out.

  • @scotlandghost
    @scotlandghost Před 23 hodinami +1

    0:15 - Do a Barrel Roll!
    1:09 - The Beast👍

  • @coolboss999
    @coolboss999 Před dnem

    There is just something about the whistling in the background that gave me the chills. 🥶

  • @RedEyedJEdi410
    @RedEyedJEdi410 Před dnem +12

    "Experience it in IMAX!" lol more like "experience it in real fucking life with the way things are looking!"

  • @jlatiemo
    @jlatiemo Před dnem +14

    Y’all got a typo in the description

  • @jamesm568
    @jamesm568 Před 22 hodinami +5

    A modern civil war would be an absolute slaughter.

    • @haydenblack5648
      @haydenblack5648 Před 21 hodinou +1

      Yeah olthe government wouldn’t stand a chance

    • @HorrorTactico
      @HorrorTactico Před 20 hodinami +1

      @@haydenblack5648 Which government? There are 4 in this film.

    • @haydenblack5648
      @haydenblack5648 Před 20 hodinami

      @@HorrorTactico the tyrannical federal one

  • @yggdrasil2
    @yggdrasil2 Před 21 hodinou

    As a Fargo fan, kinda nice seeing a little reunion here for Ed and Peggy Blumquist and Karl Weathers.

  • @aldenfriend9625
    @aldenfriend9625 Před dnem +6

    I want this to be good so badly

  • @giinnoo08
    @giinnoo08 Před 20 hodinami

    "This is a war to end all wars"

  • @crawford4140
    @crawford4140 Před dnem +26

    War is hell

  • @Good_Time_Lounge
    @Good_Time_Lounge Před dnem +22

    A24 always delivers with the cinematography and atmoshpere that you can almost feel. Stoked.

      @IVNHYPRFNK Před dnem +1

      props to the directors you mean

  • @MajorScumbag
    @MajorScumbag Před dnem +9

    Trailer 2 and your description still says Civil Way lmao

  • @NateGH36O
    @NateGH36O Před dnem +8

    I love the lime green A24 logo mimicking the soldier’s hair. This movie is gonna be sick

    • @pickle_dog
      @pickle_dog Před dnem +2

      i loved their painted nails on the trigger hehe that was neat

    • @mrplow2843
      @mrplow2843 Před dnem +1

      Omg bruhhh, that's so sick

    • @pumitriii6160
      @pumitriii6160 Před dnem

      @@pickle_dog I only saw one guy with painted nails

  • @gyga100
    @gyga100 Před 22 hodinami +1

    its amazing that A24 are already making documentaries about the post Election......

  • @Teeveepicksures
    @Teeveepicksures Před dnem +7

    Ron as President 😂

  • @elrondes1
    @elrondes1 Před dnem +9

    America's Nuclear Triad during all this: "Aight I'mma head out"

  • @bungdilly6333
    @bungdilly6333 Před 22 hodinami

    Garland knows how to make a gritty, intense flick. Fuckin stoked.

  • @nickc7320
    @nickc7320 Před 22 hodinami +12

    This is scary. I've seen what civil war does to a group of people.
    Somalia is still struggling with theirs more than 30 years after it's start.
    Rwanda is still struggling.
    The soviet union wrecked Eastern Europe.
    165 years after our last one, there are still the hints of angst.
    This scares me

    • @lilacghoste8366
      @lilacghoste8366 Před 19 hodinami

      It worked with Vietnam and US kind off.

    • @evolicious
      @evolicious Před 19 hodinami

      Um, gonna break to you slowly here.
      The US is not capable of civil war. More likely never will be in our lifetime.
      Economic reliance, culture, and actual willingness to fight stop that idea dead in its tracks.
      The people saying they will fight are keyboard warriors cowards that would never dare to leave their domicile.
      Use jan6th as the prime example. Those people backed down as soon as one of them were shot and killed. They had guns, they had tools to get what they wanted, none wanted to actually act.
      Then they got rounded up by feds and thrown in prison, one-by-one.
      These people are cowardly losers that lie 24/7 to make up for their pathetic lives.
      Meanwhile the vast majority of the country just lives their lives.
      The conserv fighting forces are basically just kids playing call of duty.

  • @drudee7344
    @drudee7344 Před 21 hodinou

    0:02 yiiiiikes.. that sound edit 😖 so early in the trailer too

  • @jonbaxter2254
    @jonbaxter2254 Před dnem +3

    Looks gripping, and hopefully not forshadowing...

  • @Mookie.mp4
    @Mookie.mp4 Před dnem

    I work at a movie theater and have seen this poster up for weeks and just was uninterested by the poster but seeing this trailer- I’m watching this.

  • @thecunninlynguist
    @thecunninlynguist Před dnem +82

    this trailer is even more boombastic. i'm hyped.

    • @cwg73160
      @cwg73160 Před dnem +5

      This isn’t a Shaggy song.

    • @MK_Ultra91
      @MK_Ultra91 Před dnem +3

      Reached into the bag of idiotisms?

  • @askalides
    @askalides Před 20 hodinami

    This is the best movie trailer I've seen in a loooooong time. Conveys the vibe very effectively, yet doesn't reveal any story information - they really don't make them like this anymore.

  • @WatchDeez
    @WatchDeez Před 21 hodinou +1

    They named this movie civil war so when you search that term this comes up instead of the real civil war.

  • @timothyburch9708
    @timothyburch9708 Před 21 hodinou

    obsessed with this movie already.

  • @NIRO1885
    @NIRO1885 Před 20 hodinami

    Having the comments turned on shows us exactly this

  • @kinemagrapho
    @kinemagrapho Před dnem +4

    A Quality product

  • @sametaltinpinar
    @sametaltinpinar Před dnem +1

    alex garland is really something else

  • @Screamfancast
    @Screamfancast Před 19 hodinami

    It's crazy how the 2 trailers for this movie, show completely different stories.

  • @martinsoneby3596
    @martinsoneby3596 Před 23 hodinami

    Imagine if the movie Civil War and the Civil war opened on the same weekend

  • @florinivan6907
    @florinivan6907 Před 22 hodinami

    'Someone's trying to kill us.' Great writing. Seems borrowed from alien invasion stories where confusion is the point. Not sure you can translate that into civil war stories were the enemy should be obvious.

  • @ChokeYourChicken
    @ChokeYourChicken Před dnem +3

    Imagine being a dentist or a doctor in a civil war. Your skills would truly be worth hundred-fold. Imagine a war lord's son who is dying from a deep-root cavity lol and you fix him up. Cha ching

  • @everxil119
    @everxil119 Před 18 hodinami

    That explosion at 1:11 🤌🔥 I'm here for this movie! It just feels awesome!🤘🏻

  • @ZoniesCoasters
    @ZoniesCoasters Před dnem +1

    This looks like straight schlock and I might be here for it lol

  • @deisic5674
    @deisic5674 Před dnem

    Civil war would be a final hell.

    @HEEDSPEAK Před 18 hodinami

    Something tells me that this is Garland’s best film since Ex-Machina.

  • @smasanomas
    @smasanomas Před dnem

    0:26 yooo nikon fe sure hope the camera is alright

  • @isiaharellano3789
    @isiaharellano3789 Před dnem +8

    You must've been a real terrible president to have California and Texas to ally together 😂

  • @christiancapuyan7570
    @christiancapuyan7570 Před 19 hodinami

    Reminds me of that one movie with Dave Bautista. And it was a great movie

  • @juancuelloespinosa
    @juancuelloespinosa Před 21 hodinou

    very timely film. I mean, the tanks haven't started rolling yet, but the fissure between rural and urban america is huuuge right now

  • @R2DC3
    @R2DC3 Před 19 hodinami

    A few years later, *it came up again*
    - Oversimplified

  • @maxx1mus1041
    @maxx1mus1041 Před dnem +9

    A24 keeps bringing bangers 👍🏼

  • @oldmanjack8326
    @oldmanjack8326 Před dnem

    Honestly, this movie is much more I looking forward to see in cinema. Can't wait for 12 April 2024.

  • @xenon5493
    @xenon5493 Před dnem +1

    This looks amazing

  • @JT--XL365
    @JT--XL365 Před dnem +1

    stay strapped or get clapped yeet yeet skeet skeet

  • @JGunit
    @JGunit Před dnem

    Ready for this

  • @TheMichaelRN
    @TheMichaelRN Před dnem +7

    Should have released this trailer during the superbowl. It was the perfect event to market this movie.

  • @JanPance
    @JanPance Před 22 hodinami +1

    A24 this looks incredible

  • @danielfisherman7728
    @danielfisherman7728 Před 21 hodinou

    bringin part of that mw2 campaign to the big screen 😂🔥🔥

  • @SunShineShawnie
    @SunShineShawnie Před dnem

    “People of the Florida (___)” WHAT? Sir what word was that 😆 0:04

  • @MugenZeroX
    @MugenZeroX Před 21 hodinou +4

    I remember that show Jericho ended with a cliffhanger as Civil War was about to break out between the California republic(that wasn't actually their name in the show) and an alliance between the East Coast (original US govt) and Texas. That was like the key plot point through that season was convincing texas to choose a side because their manpower and resources could tip the scales in either sides favor

  • @chrisxl5152
    @chrisxl5152 Před 22 hodinami +1

    Make no mistake. We are all on the same team, And the greatest attack on our lives would be any ideology that pits us against eachother... like the one thats lasted the previous 4 years

  • @JeffRauseo
    @JeffRauseo Před dnem +15

    This might be the most terrifying movie of the year...it hits way to close to reality.

    • @missourigreen051
      @missourigreen051 Před dnem

      I can see it happening, but will it happen over gay rights?? Or racism?? Maybe it might be both??? I showed this trailer to someone and he thought it was silly and would never happen in real life and I was like "A few years ago you would be willing to go to war against your own country because of gay marriage being allowed"
      I'm not trans but there is a lot of lies and misinformation on trans people going around and I feel bad for the trans community, and there are these new anti-gay laws being created where it makes it easier for parents to abuse their kids for being gay. It is not far fetched for a gay kid to try run away from his homophobic parents and go to the UK and hope to get aslym(probably spelled it wrong) there. The reason why aslym in the UK for a underage gay kid is possible because in the UK it's illegal to perform gay conversion therapy on a child, it is counted as child abuse there. And it's not because of politics, it's been sceintifically proven that it doesn't work and only the UK took it seriously, but America looks at gay kids as being less innocent so they still allow it in America.
      And the American government is still not doing anything about the racist police. It is the main reason why black Americans are still kneeling during the Anthem because of nothing being done on the police being racist and commiting a bunch of crimes against innocent black people. And there is a lot of either naive or racist white people supporting the racist police, so I can kind of see that leading to a Civil War.

    • @francisdavis1271
      @francisdavis1271 Před dnem

      JeffRausoe: I was looking for your comment. The insurrection forces would not be coordinated well nor likely as well armed as predicted because they won't have a wide variety (key word) of heavy weapons and they will have minimal (key word) air support. They won't have combat air patrol (top cover). They won't have good logistics; ammo, fuel and food to sustain their combat forces. They will likely "live off the "land" by stealing materiel. However the major difference is their ideological conditioning will have them killing nearly everyone they run into. That's how they lose: Killing everyone means they kill the innocent; noncombatants, women, children, the elderly; black, brown and any faith other than evangelical. Labeling everyone an "enemy" will put them against their own supporters. A lot of militia types talked about starving out cities; killing the liberals but of course cities are not singularly occupied by adversaries. Tactically they don't have the resources to take cities and strategically cities would be impossible to blockade. However, for States that seceed how do they maintain their logistics? Trucker boycott of New York is likely not to work out as they imagine.

    • @francisdavis1271
      @francisdavis1271 Před dnem

      Oh, I forgot to mention communications. Drones, aircraft and satellites will be used to monitor insurrectionist comm traffic. Any node having large volume of traffic will be attacked.

    • @CoryPchajek
      @CoryPchajek Před 19 hodinami

      @@francisdavis1271 That's interesting. We can see in reality how the PLA in China managed to gain popular support over time by treating the "working class" better. The KMT side was initially better equipped but couldn't maintain popular support.

  • @enzorezaian9311
    @enzorezaian9311 Před 23 hodinami

    Would be nice to see it come to the theaters near me, but than again it might be coming to me with no need to go to the theaters to watch haha