A $5000 Hamburger?! 🍔

  • čas přidán 9. 08. 2022
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    Today I'm looking at three highly interesting puzzles. All of which are very different. Enjoy!
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Komentáře • 353

  • Chris Ramsay

    New Shop Tab on my YT Page if you're looking for Playing Cards! <3

  • Nick Tholen

    In 40 years Chris, your retirement plan is that you’ll be the weird old man with the alley-way shop, that in no way could possibly be a viable business, and asks any who come along, with a thick air of mystery and what could be described as a subtle, malicious spirit, to solve a puzzle box.

  • PowrDragn
    PowrDragn  +54

    A possible solutions for the 2nd puzzle:

  • YamiOni
    YamiOni  +26

    For the "Roll-up Roll-up" puzzle, if the magnet you're getting caught on relies on gravity to retract, instead of being attached to a mechanism that actively retracts it (which looking at the puzzle, I can't see

  • AbbasRB7
    AbbasRB7  +50

    They're oh so beautifully made. I'm so glad that I can see these puzzles in action, knowing full well I'd never lay my hands on one.

  • Lucas Blanchard

    LOVE that burger! Is that second climbing puzzle intended to be unsolvable, maybe as a metaphor or something? That would be so cruel haha! All of these puzzles look awesome. Great content as always, howdy from Texas!

  • Grunto Polouski

    Re: the ramp puzzle… it should be possible to shake the puzzle and “catch” the ball at the summit. I doubt this is required, but there is a similar puzzle that requires the “jump to the summit, so it be required here as well. However, I suggest looking at the bottom again. A different orientation of the bottom rings may be necessary to lower the magnet.

  • Oliveoilentertainment

    The camera shots and the way you pan out every thing is truly amazing and so professional love your channel

  • Zara MatGomez

    Chris: This is a puzzle I will enjoy for many years

  • Sue Parras

    That last cube puzzle was so interesting, and I can totally see how it's really addictive! The second puzzle seems like a bit of a rip-off I think that you will figure it out one day. Keep up the good work Chris, you are awesome to watch!

  • Jamie Bonczek

    A very simple intro, but very well done indeed. Great camerawork as always. And a great artist indeed

  • rainbowcactus

    I was interested in the soma cube so I did a quick Google search and accidentally found the text you read out word for word on a product page for a different brand to the one you mentioned. I don't think using found text as material for a voice over is a problem necessarily but I would have expected you to acknowledge it as you're quite respectful of others work when it comes to magic. Even if it's just on a brand website, it was someone's job and labour to write that (I used to do similar invisible creative jobs).

  • saylor k

    Very enjoyable content, thank you! The craftsmanship of the puzzles you solve (or get close to solving!) blows my mind! I always find the puzzles fascinating, and the imagination of the puzzle makers amazing!

  • Chuck Weng

    The intro is EPIC! I love your shorts but this video is actually better, can’t wait to see more!

  • Arama Kuypers

    It is amazing to me, I started following you years ago, you had about 40.000 followers, i was obsessed with watching the puzzles, seen you grow and now… wow, props to you!!!

  • CornOnion

    i remember when i was obsesed by your channel. and i am that still to this day. Ramsay ! ----never stop doing what u do best! Love from sweden

  • jmg999
    jmg999  +5

    This was really interesting. I appreciated the background, not only the puzzles, but on where the creators received inspiration for their creations. It made for an enjoyable video.

  • Gary Cunningham #youareenough

    The Hamburger puzzle? Beautiful...and kinda makes you hungry too 🤣🍔

  • Banana PENcakes

    This puzzle is absolutely majestic. No wonder this burger cost 5000$!

  • james sim

    Love the puzzle videos, as well as my fav which was the escape room that you created in your office. Can’t wait to see more of your magic videos as well!