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  • čas přidán 26. 12. 2022
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  • @AnomalyPapanomaly
    @AnomalyPapanomaly  Před rokem +797

    So our noob editor Samuel "Samz69" Matthew [Last_Name] has left in a *translate* text in the video. This is unacceptable and he has therefore been instantly fired from his position as an editor. (not really, but shame on you Samz).

  • @ducc42069
    @ducc42069 Před rokem +610

    Papa yes counter:
    0:03 Yes
    0:09 Ye
    0:18 Yees
    0:24 Yes
    0:27 Ye
    0:40 Yes
    1:02 Yees
    1:17 Yes
    1:47 Yes
    2:02 Yes
    2:12 ʸᵉˢ
    2:41 Yes
    3:13 Yes
    3:27 Hyeé
    3:34 ʸᵃᵉˢ
    3:41 Ye
    3:45 Ye
    3:58 Mye
    4:09 Ye
    4:26 Ye
    4:30 Yes
    4:33 Ye
    4:34 Ye
    4:37 Ye
    5:04 Yes
    5:08 Yaes
    5:19 Yes
    5:26 Hyes
    5:42 Yes
    6:02 ʸᵉˢ
    6:28 Ye
    6:34 Yes
    6:39 Yäs
    6:46 Yes
    6:49 Yes
    6:52 Yes?
    7:01 ʸᵉ
    7:41 Ye
    7:54 Ye
    8:00 Yes
    8:17 Ye
    8:28 Ye
    8:42 Yes
    9:03 Yes
    9:42 Yes
    10:01 Ye
    10:03 ʸᵉ
    10:11 Yes
    10:20 Yᵉᵉᵉᵉᵉ
    10:24 Yes
    10:36 ʸᵉ
    10:38 Yup
    11:01 Ye
    11:05 Hhyes
    11:07 Mhm
    11:24 Yes
    11:40 ʸᵉˢ
    In 12 minutes and 7 seconds papa said some form of yes 57 times

  • @T90MT
    @T90MT Před rokem +918

    That handshake though.. Papa is a certified chad

  • @drxgonoma
    @drxgonoma Před rokem +618

    At last, Ludde is embracing his true passion of becoming a glizzy gobbler

  • @mario-danielnenciu5713
    @mario-danielnenciu5713 Před rokem +237

    "even vegetarians can eat it because its fish" -Papanomaly 2022

    • @mario-danielnenciu5713
      @mario-danielnenciu5713 Před rokem +3

      thanks everyone sm for the likes :D

    • @geirogrogerpanyeeventyr4408
      @geirogrogerpanyeeventyr4408 Před rokem +1

      vegetarians eat fish tho

    • @mario-danielnenciu5713
      @mario-danielnenciu5713 Před rokem +3

      @@geirogrogerpanyeeventyr4408 no those are Pescatarians. Search it up

    • @CIubDuck
      @CIubDuck Před rokem

      @@geirogrogerpanyeeventyr4408 Vegetarians eat no meat whatsoever. They can eat eggs, cheese and other dairy products, but never any meat from an animal.

    • @jonkasponkassak6663
      @jonkasponkassak6663 Před rokem +2

      @@mario-danielnenciu5713 also known as stockholm vegetarians

  • @olivierbartoszuk5544
    @olivierbartoszuk5544 Před rokem +433

    we need more cooking videos please

  • @progamer-cv8fi
    @progamer-cv8fi Před rokem +155

    as a Polish person who likes cooking my blood boils when i see you cook

    • @corbeq9806
      @corbeq9806 Před rokem +30

      it also boils after you've taken a "shower"

    • @stanley4290
      @stanley4290 Před rokem +6

      Jako Polak ze wsi z gór widzę jak on robi kielbe to mnie chuj strzela

    • @slavboi8981
      @slavboi8981 Před rokem +1

      as a boiled blood i agree

    • @SzajKornik
      @SzajKornik Před rokem +1

      @@stanley4290 Jeszcze puszcza baki w kuchni

  • @vr0_0m
    @vr0_0m Před rokem +44

    The only 2 people that can make me laugh till i piss myself

  • @senziy_
    @senziy_ Před rokem +35

    Imagine the traumatized neighbors after hearing everything Anomaly has said during the recording of this video.

  • @MonoCronic
    @MonoCronic Před rokem +12

    That handshake was hella smooth!

  • @galog333f5
    @galog333f5 Před rokem +1

    Ludde not cutting the sausages fr 💀🤣
    Was nice to watch, keep it up!

  • @wynnberry.
    @wynnberry. Před rokem +4

    No one:
    The Bird at my Window at 6am:

  • @migalo007
    @migalo007 Před rokem +42

    We need a new channel :
    Anomaly's kitchen 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Knarkamel
    @Knarkamel Před rokem +2

    2:35 I love how he paused the meat grinder like his fart is the most important sound to ever hear

  • @Jaydrum1991
    @Jaydrum1991 Před rokem +4

    the handshake caught me well outta left field

  • @1stOFALL.
    @1stOFALL. Před rokem +3

    Man the handshake at the end was 🔥

  • @Freeeze
    @Freeeze Před rokem +2

    Mommy, I want a horse and a parrot.
    Mom: Honey, but we have those at home.
    Horse and parrot at home: 1:36

  • @AvidArkhamKnightEnjoyer
    @AvidArkhamKnightEnjoyer Před rokem +10

    Love your videos anomaly I hope you can continue to make these banger videos ❤

  • @_NotSoBunnyBoy_
    @_NotSoBunnyBoy_ Před rokem

    Love the staining on your back wall lol
    Maybe next video is painting your wall/papa?

  • @OryXity
    @OryXity Před 6 měsíci +3

    i feel like i could see genuine depression in papanomaly's eyes when he seemed so proud of his perfectly formed sausages then anomaly at every opportunity attempts to make them inedible, i know they joke around alot in a satire nature, but anomaly coulda let him have this one thing

  • @Ma7hew
    @Ma7hew Před rokem +4

    you can see inflation even in anomaly's wallet. He went from fake supreme hoodies to fake adidas clothes... 😭💀

  • @DuraheLL
    @DuraheLL Před rokem +2

    Always happy to see new content with my favorite dysfunctional father/son relationship xD

  • @D_A86
    @D_A86 Před rokem +5

    Somewhere in Merica, Mr Sausage just got chills as someone other than him made a sausage on CZcams 😅🌭😅

  • @Viggz
    @Viggz Před rokem +1

    I love the casual handshake

  • @holo2635
    @holo2635 Před 7 měsíci

    I love watching your videos before i sleep.
    But then i can't sleep

  • @Cheezer3089
    @Cheezer3089 Před rokem +1

    Thank you anomaly for teaching us on how to properly dispose off a dead body ✌️

  • @jogurtterminator2035
    @jogurtterminator2035 Před rokem +11

    haven't watched the video yet, but I know it's gonna be extra sussy and fire

  • @duckie4566
    @duckie4566 Před rokem

    damn i love your videos, you make me so happy but i have corona rn so yea (älskar dina videos)

  • @telkis90
    @telkis90 Před rokem +2

    This is like the Swedish Version of Ordinary Sausage. But just more insane... 🤔
    Now what Would a Collab of Anomaly and Ordinary Sausage look like?
    that could be really interesting to see!

  • @robbzooi
    @robbzooi Před rokem +1

    ordinarysausage collab is gonna be lit

  • @victorjakobsen6288
    @victorjakobsen6288 Před rokem +3

    10:11 When the doctor says to anomaly that he needs to exercise and eat healty to survive til 35

  • @KolaxxxReg
    @KolaxxxReg Před rokem +4

    Anomaly's and Papa's cooking is the best

  • @moneyille
    @moneyille Před rokem +2

    take a shot every time anomaly says "glizzy" and you'll end up in a hospital

  • @wolfinthelight8969
    @wolfinthelight8969 Před rokem +2

    The whole video feels like a fever dream

  • @Sludgebucket69
    @Sludgebucket69 Před rokem +11

    Now get a jerky gun and make different types of beef jerky 🌝

  • @TheJimjim2000
    @TheJimjim2000 Před rokem +4

    Drinking game:
    Take a shot every time Anomaly says glizzy

    • @TheproGamer_Z
      @TheproGamer_Z Před 9 měsíci

      u wanna get us killed. I KNEW IT. IT IS THE STuPID CAPITALIST SYSTEM

    • @eddiejames9247
      @eddiejames9247 Před 8 měsíci

      Or everytime papa says yes

    • @TheproGamer_Z
      @TheproGamer_Z Před 8 měsíci

      @@eddiejames9247 5 months ago.

  • @Joltifyz
    @Joltifyz Před rokem +1

    That handshake though was crazy

  • @logangeldenhuis2108
    @logangeldenhuis2108 Před rokem

    Mad early on this one. Love the vids bro

  • @baldski_01
    @baldski_01 Před rokem +1

    ah yes, anomaly and papanomaly gobbling their glizzys.

  • @DaniDrengen
    @DaniDrengen Před rokem +4

    Ordinary Sausage Collab when?

  • @starlight6693
    @starlight6693 Před rokem

    great video! i really missed the original duo😄

  • @wolfhis2club971
    @wolfhis2club971 Před 11 měsíci +1

    Of course Anomaly would say potatoes are Haram

  • @Prismarine_Man
    @Prismarine_Man Před rokem +1

    I gained more love when he said Haram to the bacon

  • @ItsLiamItsThomas
    @ItsLiamItsThomas Před rokem +1

    I’m a chef. And I cannot explain with words how badly this hurts my soul man💀

  • @MrClean-pm6bk
    @MrClean-pm6bk Před rokem

    bro this is too good, anomaly cooking show xd

  • @rayw584
    @rayw584 Před rokem +2

    Finally embracing his Danish heritage 😊👍

  • @Andysovec
    @Andysovec Před rokem +1

    Bruh I almost shit my pants when Anomaly started clapping at the start of the video...

  • @JazzyAnasazi
    @JazzyAnasazi Před rokem +1

    if he has neigbors that understand inglish, maybe they should have the malta death squads hotline on speed dial

  • @nickirnne2260
    @nickirnne2260 Před rokem

    The handshake😂🔥

  • @craphell12
    @craphell12 Před rokem

    Can you make Blizzy's Glizzy? Ty

  • @GalTrex
    @GalTrex Před rokem +1

    I see a new haircut Papa has. Maybe another haircut video?

  • @leolofgren522
    @leolofgren522 Před rokem +1

    The olive oil is the healthiest thing Anomaly has eaten in his life, the Glizzys probably got some caffeine powder in it and some extra "Case Luck" so he can drop 69420 ( something he will never get) knives and get even more gambling addicted
    Your Dearest, Health Instructor, HI LL

  • @eriklindfors7626
    @eriklindfors7626 Před rokem +1

    Helo Anermly, do you save the fart before the video so when Papa do the record you can fart?

  • @Lil_Fella99
    @Lil_Fella99 Před rokem +1

    If you ever want to make more weird sausages, make sure to freeze the meat for like 30 minutes, makes it easier to cut and less hard on the machine

  • @churgwee9280
    @churgwee9280 Před rokem

    Ooh new anomaly and papanomaly video
    Anomaly: HELLO PAPA!!!
    Papa: yes

  • @focus-ritard6476
    @focus-ritard6476 Před rokem

    be honest how long did it take for you and papa to 100% that handshake! i need numbers

  • @SgtBuck01
    @SgtBuck01 Před rokem +2

    Anomaly's knife technique would kill a pilgrim

  • @vrdrifters8237
    @vrdrifters8237 Před rokem +1

    wew never came so early, thanks Anomaly

  • @maikusee
    @maikusee Před 5 měsíci

    i fucking love your relationship with your father its so wholesome and unique

  • @sebyoof7618
    @sebyoof7618 Před rokem +12

    2:52, literally lives in the same house 😂

  • @DarmacQ
    @DarmacQ Před rokem

    that was a very smooth handshake

  • @TheSpinia
    @TheSpinia Před rokem +1

    How did Anomaly make a 12 minute video feel like 2 minute video? Find out on the next episode of dragon ball z (I love anermly)

  • @idontknowstthispoint9989
    @idontknowstthispoint9989 Před 10 měsíci

    Anomaly: What piece of meat is this papa?
    Papa: This is *moo*

  • @dusan1015
    @dusan1015 Před rokem

    We need more videos like these

  • @migalo007
    @migalo007 Před rokem +1

    Don't forget to make a christmas video 📸😂😂

  • @jemerage8885
    @jemerage8885 Před rokem +2

    I must say as someone who works at a butcher shop you did a good job at making these SaUSages everything from the grinding to casing and linking was quite nice.

    • @janotho2682
      @janotho2682 Před 10 měsíci

      Papanomalys sausages were extremely good in my opinion, well anomalys werent xD

  • @tukier1685
    @tukier1685 Před rokem

    Anomaly cooking in midnight. Neighbour: You're too loud. Anomaly : Cry is free.
    If I was neighbour I would end him.

  • @Bawamba
    @Bawamba Před rokem +1

    "I'm the sausage maker, I am the glizzy gladiator papa" 6:12

  • @hendrikkilumets1032
    @hendrikkilumets1032 Před rokem

    That handshake was COLD🥶

  • @ilovetechnoblade9449
    @ilovetechnoblade9449 Před rokem

    Mister pfat would u and lord papa make “longer” videos 😂 for me😜

  • @finnmcmissile4641
    @finnmcmissile4641 Před rokem

    Tomorrow (29th december) I become 14 yrs old. Btw Love your videos they always make me laugh my ass offf😁😁😁😁❤❤❤

  • @jaybnaum4848
    @jaybnaum4848 Před rokem +1

    Anomaly started ruining papas sausages cause they were looking much better than his lmao

  • @zunahexus
    @zunahexus Před rokem

    Wow anomaly! Very good glizzy gobblination! I like!

  • @sparklyClutcher
    @sparklyClutcher Před rokem +13

    As a Swede I love his Swedish accent😂

    • @Bawamba
      @Bawamba Před rokem +2

      mina öron vrider sig ärligt

    • @Jemme95
      @Jemme95 Před rokem

      Nej det gör vi inte, det är cringe af

    • @pietari2709
      @pietari2709 Před rokem +1

      @@Jemme95 du är homo peter 😂

    • @mika-yy7gk
      @mika-yy7gk Před 8 měsíci

      @@Jemme95 du har Maximilian som pfp,du kan inte snacka

  • @billyboy7374
    @billyboy7374 Před rokem

    you should make papa draw cartoon characters from memory like you did with the flags

  • @FutureSerialKiller
    @FutureSerialKiller Před rokem +2

    More cooking videos is a must.

  • @drageus9059
    @drageus9059 Před rokem +2

    Usually people put more fat into sausages but in this case Anomaly already has enough of it.

  • @tilebest6501
    @tilebest6501 Před rokem

    Very good thumbnail! 👍

  • @zmodzzGG
    @zmodzzGG Před rokem

    finally we have a video of both swedes combined again.
    thank jesus
    and anomaly (sadly)

  • @Hubythereal
    @Hubythereal Před rokem +1

    12:03 are those the Jordan 1 Mid Diamond Shorts?

  • @captaincarg0
    @captaincarg0 Před rokem

    i do not understand how anomaly can survive as a man child XD

  • @twizzyxdd
    @twizzyxdd Před rokem

    im glad to see a son and his father gaining weight in many different ways

  • @georgianbay9589
    @georgianbay9589 Před rokem

    Video suggestion : Trying every vegetable.

  • @Sindahboii
    @Sindahboii Před rokem

    Something tells me Anomaly has learned a new word

  • @Amung3AM
    @Amung3AM Před rokem

    Anomaly and radal would make a good video together

  • @hendrikkilumets1032
    @hendrikkilumets1032 Před rokem

    Love the end laugh

  • @nicoskotanov9577
    @nicoskotanov9577 Před rokem

    Thank you Anomaly for teaching me how to professionally dispose a dead human body and avoid jail.

  • @BigSavageG
    @BigSavageG Před rokem

    It seems Anomaly's knife is not the sharpest tool in his kitchen just like he himself.

  • @papanomaly
    @papanomaly Před rokem

    Anomaly is not surprisingly good with “glizzies”. We always knew you liked them and we support you.

  • @keykicker4
    @keykicker4 Před rokem

    literally anomalys ptsd kicking in when he hears anything about pork

  • @frasseyt3287
    @frasseyt3287 Před rokem +2

    I feel bad for his neighbors

  • @ghoulie11
    @ghoulie11 Před 8 měsíci

    Aren't you supposed to boil or smoke sausages before you fry them?

  • @exenticfjompenisse6234
    @exenticfjompenisse6234 Před rokem +19

    that handshake tho

  • @ZCVS
    @ZCVS Před rokem

    anomaly feeling safe for the first time ever :-)

  • @Grandmaster-Kush
    @Grandmaster-Kush Před rokem

    28 year old man has never seen raw meat in his life, a sad day but good for mcronalds.

  • @maisteratte8107
    @maisteratte8107 Před 7 dny +1

    Glizzy counter when?

  • @wilhelmblomgren9537
    @wilhelmblomgren9537 Před rokem

    anomaly complains that the meat is rough while usibg a vegetable knife...

  • @xmxofficial.
    @xmxofficial. Před rokem

    1:47 got me cranking up man

  • @kane8649
    @kane8649 Před rokem

    I am waiting for the day when someone puts "Glizzy Gobbling Central" as a legitimate location on Anomaly's adress.

  • @chad7071
    @chad7071 Před rokem

    Gordon Ramsay would be proud