How The Upper West Side Revolutionized NYC Apartments | Walking Tour | Architectural Digest

  • čas přidán 1. 10. 2023
  • Today AD joins architect Nick Potts in New York City for a walking tour of the Upper West Side. At the turn of the century, apartment hotels such as The Dakota and The San Remo started populating the Upper West Side. Servants' quarters, elevators, and the realization of views were making apartment living more appealing to the upper middle classes and increasing the value of the top floors. Join Nick for an in-depth look at how the Upper West Side revolutionized apartment living and became the birthplace of the penthouse in Manhattan.
    Director: Hiatt Woods
    Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
    Editor: Tristen Rogers
    Host: Nick Potts
    Producer: Skylar Economy; Vara Reese
    Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
    Associate Producer: Brandon Fuhr
    Production Manager: Melissa Heber
    Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
    Audio Engineer: Brett Van Deusen
    Production Assistant: Noah Bierbrier; Ryan Coppola
    Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Montague
    Post Production Coordinator: Holly Frew
    Supervising Editor: Christina Mankellow
    Assistant Editor: Courtney Karwal
    Colorist: Oliver Eid
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  • Matt Mayo
    Matt Mayo Před 24 dny +161

    Love these. Please do more major cities. It’s fascinating.

  • TheZenguitarguy
    TheZenguitarguy Před 23 dny +95

    My friend grew up in the Dakota and we used to go there as kids and play and watch the Thanksgiving parade. It was an amazing building. It's nice to learn a little bit more about the history. Thank you

    • yvr2002rtw
      yvr2002rtw Před 22 dny +2

      @TheZenguitarguy Was your friend Sean Lennon by any chance?

    • TheZenguitarguy
      TheZenguitarguy Před 21 dnem

      @yvr2002rtw nope

    • Lars Stougaard
      Lars Stougaard Před 21 dnem +2

      was that friend Judy Garland ??

    • Mary Roberts
      Mary Roberts Před 17 dny +3

      I read the history of the Dakota, very interesting

    • Mary Roberts
      Mary Roberts Před 17 dny

      I love the Ansonia

  • moonwalker091000
    moonwalker091000 Před 22 dny +36

    The Ansonia is absolutely gorgeous!! So much class and elegance in all of these buildings. What a great piece of history. Thanks for the post :o)

    • Hector Morena
      Hector Morena Před 5 dny

      I had a friend who lived at The Ansonia during the late 60s. She was a catwalk model. It´s amazing that 60 years ago she could afford it. Unthinkable today.

  • Polly T
    Polly T Před 24 dny +20

    I lived in NYC for a few years and loved the different styles of architecture. Thank you for explaining it! There is definitely a difference between today’s upper middle class and that of the early 1900’s.

  • Christine Jalandoni
    Christine Jalandoni Před 23 dny +53

    I absolutely love New York architecture! It's varied, storied and most of all gorgeous 😍

    • Sapere aude
      Sapere aude Před 22 dny

      От Нью-Йорка мало осталось красоты, многое снесли

  • Dianna Powell
    Dianna Powell Před 19 dny +7

    My favorite series!! Nick Potts nails it again . This was so informative and well-presented, thank you! Really loved it..

  • markv1
    markv1 Před 24 dny +57

    What really surprised me about the Dakota is that they put "service" quarters with the best view of the Central Park - one of the two is facing CPW and has the best views. While all tenants have big, corner units, but they don't get the same unobstructed views. Obviously, when it was built, there was nothing tall around it, so they had open views, but I figure it was a much nicer view of the park vs. rooftops of buildings that you get facing West or South or North.

    • Ayinde Stevens
      Ayinde Stevens Před 23 dny +2

      Hmmmm that’s an interesting observation.

    • yvr2002rtw
      yvr2002rtw Před 22 dny +8

      I believe nowadays, what used to be the "service" quarters that face Central Park are now actually regular apartments that are the most expensive in the building.

    • markv1
      markv1 Před 22 dny +1

      @yvr2002rtw oh yeah, of course. And they added kitchens too.

    • wgreenbaum
      wgreenbaum Před 20 dny +7

      He actually has his info wrong here, as well as misleading coloring on that floor plan. The servants quarters only faced the courtyard. They did NOT have their own apartment. The bedrooms facing the street were for the main tenants of the apartment. Google “the Dakota floor pan” which is not colorized, and you will be able to scrutinize how the apartments were really laid out. I haven’t a clue how he came up with this misinformation. I know these apartments very well.

    • markv1
      markv1 Před 20 dny +2

      @wgreenbaum interesting! I was perplexed why they would reserve the best views for services. I guess, it was just mislabeling.

  • fuzzylon
    fuzzylon Před 24 dny +35

    This is so interesting !
    I've been to New York several times, but didn't realise that there was all this to see on the Upper West Side.

  • Rich OnePlanet
    Rich OnePlanet Před 24 dny +6

    The hisorical settings he provides along with the architecture is just fascinating - love it! 👍🏼

  • Tracy Williams
    Tracy Williams Před 10 dny

    Thanks for this visit back to the neighborhood I was born, raised and lived in for so long! These buildings were part of my everyday life and served as waypoints as I navigated the streets. My father was a critically acclaimed musician (3X Steinway winner as just a teenager) so I took pictures of him standing in the same lobby Rachmaninoff and Stravinsky once tread for that very reason. Perhaps AD will see fit to cover the Eldorado which is the uppermost twin towers building on CPW with a colorful history all its own. Even some of the private schools have interesting architecture such as Collegiate, Trinity, Allen Stevenson and my alma maters Dwight and Calhoun.

  • Mike YQR
    Mike YQR Před 23 dny +3

    I really enjoyed this brief look at a few of Manhattan's iconic residential buildings. I hope that AD can team up with Nick Potts to create additional videos of the incredible high rise residences.

  • Maserati CC
    Maserati CC Před 16 dny +1

    What a fascinating documentary, I have always found the Upper West Side an incredibly beautiful NYC skyline, so great to learn about the buildings. Thank you!

  • valarya
    valarya Před 24 dny +20

    My favorite series!! Nick Potts nails it again 🙌

  • fjbon1681
    fjbon1681 Před 24 dny +4

    This was very interesting...would love to see more historical buildings in future videos.

  • lagritsalammas
    lagritsalammas Před 24 dny +1

    This was so informative and well-presented, thank you! Really loved it.

  • James Staal
    James Staal Před 20 dny

    I have always associated the Upper East Side as the birthplace of the penthouse in Manhattan. Famously, Condé Nast had a duplex penthouse at 1040 Park Avenue in 1925, and Fred French had a 14-room triplex penthouse at 1010 Fifth Avenue, complete with a suburban yard, in 1928.

  • AJ Kourabi
    AJ Kourabi Před 24 dny +4

    Lived on the upper west side this summer and it was lovely ❤
    Thank you for taking me back to it

  • AndrewNYC
    AndrewNYC Před 19 dny +8

    As a New Yorker and Upper West Sider, I couldn't love more this documentary! Of course the buildings discussed are SO expensive...

  • Pyro Doll
    Pyro Doll Před 9 dny

    These walking tours are simply wonderful xx

  • Michelle.
    Michelle. Před 24 dny +10

    This series is so interesting and informative!

  • The Sushma Home Selling Team

    There's a lot of learning in here. You get to be informed about the architectural history while traveling around the city at the same time, 😍😍

  • R. Kevin Moore
    R. Kevin Moore Před 24 dny +34

    Seems we got cut off a bit at the end going into the San Remo... hopefully this is a part one and will be followed up by what happened next!!

  • Guy Galt
    Guy Galt Před 19 dny

    Surprisingly interesting! I started this on a whim and got hooked. Who knew this type of history could be so engaging? Thanks, Nick.

  • Pictoru
    Pictoru Před 19 dny

    Goes without saying...fantastic episode, as always!

  • TheChizznut
    TheChizznut Před 23 dny +1

    Yay nick!!!! Thanks for your knowledge and the awesome cameraman & editors! Appreciate the historical photos

  • Esbbbb
    Esbbbb Před 24 dny +42

    Nick Potts always nails it!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Před 4 dny

    I lived on the UWS on 71st street for several years. I really enjoyed living there but my studio was tiny. I did get to house sit for a friend who lived next to the Dakota in the Olcott. It's such an amazing location to live that close to Central Park.

  • Luis ZTur
    Luis ZTur Před 24 dny +4

    The Upper West Side it’s so interesting architecturally, please do more videos about it.

  • Emmanuel Ventura
    Emmanuel Ventura Před 24 dny +1

    This was so interesting! More videos like this! 👏🏽🙌🏽

  • David Koenig
    David Koenig Před 19 dny

    One of my favorite parts of Manhattan. While walking it, you get some great visuals. The Dakota is a favorite, one of my many photos I took of it is on my office wall.

  • uncledmsr
    uncledmsr Před 23 dny +18

    Nick Pots is so eloquent & seems to care about what he is sharing - more Nick please

  • jamalajohns
    jamalajohns Před 13 dny

    As an Upper West Sider, this is fascinating! Especially the artistic legacy of the Ansonia. Had no idea. Thanks for this lovely feature!

  • tocsa120ls
    tocsa120ls Před 16 dny

    Can I just say how much I appreciate these "Architect explains..." videos :)

  • YouTube
    YouTube Před 16 dny +2

    the fact that the dakota has a moat 🤯

    • fatboyRAY24
      fatboyRAY24 Před 8 hodinami

      Ayo its like I found a Unicorn

  • Deanna21D
    Deanna21D Před 24 dny +2

    So interesting! More like this please!

  • steve miller
    steve miller Před 23 dny +4

    If you love these buildings, get ahold of the paperbacks published by Dover and written by Alpern. He wrote related books by other publishers. These buildings are world cultural treasures like Versailles or the Pyramids. Thanks🙂🙂💯✨️

  • Timothy Robert
    Timothy Robert Před 24 dny +5

    Brilliant as always. Makes me really want to move to New York.

  • Jimmy Kucera
    Jimmy Kucera Před 22 dny +2

    Beautiful buildings, great they weren’t knocked down… Would love to see the insides…

  • chewitt
    chewitt Před 4 dny

    The three towers at the Beresford are triplexes, with the upper tower as a "studio" type "observation" room. There is an internal stair. They are not for mechanical gear or water towers, except on top of the triples. David and Helen Gurley Brown used to be in the SE corner. I believe John McEnroe was or is in the NE.

  • Linda
    Linda Před 12 dny

    Stopping in the middle of video yo say I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!! Thank you. Just found you. Do you give tours inside the buildings? ( Former Newport Breakers guide here!😊)

  • mdeea onetwothree
    mdeea onetwothree Před 24 dny

    Real interesting but pity it was only outside. It would have been great if he had mentioned The Belnord, since we got to see inside that one! It seemed like it has the earlier courtyard style.

  • Sue Cox
    Sue Cox Před 22 dny

    This is great--so interesting and well presented.

  • Rasfa
    Rasfa Před 21 dnem

    1929, Martinelli finished the first skyscrapper of São Paulo and built on top of it his own mansion, in order to build people's trust in the building's structure (people at the time were skeptical of such a tall structure). That beats that building by a year.

  • Traveller
    Traveller Před 23 dny +3

    Your beautifully spoken and knowledgeable. I live in Australia however find these videos interesting ❤

  • Dee Alex
    Dee Alex Před 23 dny +2

    love nyc. i love the history, buildings, everything.. love these videos and information. thank you

  • Jaimie Levesque Steel
    Jaimie Levesque Steel Před 14 dny

    Love these videos! I always learn something new

  • Leona Sharif
    Leona Sharif Před 23 dny

    I'm so glad I took the time this summer to go to the UWS and see those buildings, San Remo is my fave because one of my favorite people on the planet lives in one of the towers!

  • Andromeda
    Andromeda Před 24 dny +3

    Absolutely love this, thankyou for sharing!

  • guzy1971
    guzy1971 Před 20 dny +1

    It reminds me some areas in Buenos Aires
    The separation between the servants part and the bourgeois part is typical for that time
    Every Parisian bourgeois buildings till Ww1 was designed like that

  • GrotrianSeiler
    GrotrianSeiler Před 14 dny

    Wonderful history lesson!

  • Luis Morales
    Luis Morales Před 24 dny +5

    Excellent show. I miss those buildings; especially the ones on the UWS of Manhattan.

  • Paul Terrall Garrett
    Paul Terrall Garrett Před 24 dny +3

    LOVE all the building analysis.

  • Matt Bonanza
    Matt Bonanza Před 24 dny +2

    I love him ❤...Beautiful topic also. Congratulations AD and Mr. Potts 😘

  • The Occurrences
    The Occurrences Před 23 dny +3

    it'd be helpful if mr. potts explained what middle class means exactly at that point in history, I'm not sure that's a concept where everyone is on the same page these days.

  • Ana
    Ana Před 24 dny +1

    Love these types of videos!!

  • Bill Wood
    Bill Wood Před 24 dny +3

    I thought it could have gone 5-7 mins longer Nick. 🤜🏼👏🏽

  • Eduard van Dijk
    Eduard van Dijk Před 24 dny +9

    They should restore the little towers / pinnacles on the Ansonia!

  • Bill Robaire
    Bill Robaire Před 23 dny +1

    New York is such a beautiful city.

  • Gabor Jurina
    Gabor Jurina Před 7 dny

    thank you so much for the fantastic video, AD is one of the best channels on YT.

  • Alberto Aparicio De Narvaez

    Loved these! Amazing 🤩

  • John Iii
    John Iii Před 24 dny

    Love the UWS of NYC. Lived there for a 6 years and loved it.

  • Muni Technology
    Muni Technology Před 24 dny +1

    Most worthwhile video on CZcams. There is no other way to say it.

  • L. Mays
    L. Mays Před 24 dny

    Looking very nice of a great city.

  • hansruedi herger
    hansruedi herger Před 19 dny

    fantastic! Could you do one about London Terrace in Chelsea?

  • Richard G
    Richard G Před 24 dny +3

    Well done . BTW, appreciate that you don't mention you know what at The Dakota .

  • Donald Leider
    Donald Leider Před 8 dny

    Babe Ruth lived in the Ansonia hotel when he first came to the Yankees, and the plan to have the White Sox lose the 1919 World Series was agreed on in a basement apartment of the building!

  • Humboldt Bear
    Humboldt Bear Před 24 dny +5

    Most enjoyable. NYC is my fav place in the world. Love the UWS best. Thanks.

  • No One In Particular
    No One In Particular Před 24 dny

    Wonderful. Thank you!

  • Donna Garner
    Donna Garner Před 24 dny

    He does the best videos!

  • wgreenbaum
    wgreenbaum Před 20 dny +1

    You are perpetuating the myth that the Dakota was named that because it was so remote. Quite a number of that 1st generation of apartment buildings in NYC used western states and mountains and territories as names, as it was simply the style at the time.

  • Rick1234567S
    Rick1234567S Před 21 dnem

    Wow everyone should move to NY. I bet their supply lines are still great and probably will be into the future.

  • Gemstone Sparkle
    Gemstone Sparkle Před 23 dny +3

    So beautiful. And now they’re building thin glass towers.

  • Judy Pratt
    Judy Pratt Před 20 dny

    Amazing what was built in the horse & buggy days

  • greg75002
    greg75002 Před 24 dny +2

    I seems like a fact that they don't have to give a reason for..but I would still like to know why the so called "upper moving middle class" so desperately wanted to live in an 'hotel apartment'? This seems like the origin of these big buildings... but we don't get any explanation for it :-(

    • Sarah Fowler Wolfe
      Sarah Fowler Wolfe Před 23 dny +6

      Because they couldn't afford whole houses but they were too wealthy to want to live in tenements. In this period of history was a great expansion of the middle class-those who owned companies/etc but weren't massively wealthy like Rockefeller or the Astors.

  • Jennifer Gargiulo
    Jennifer Gargiulo Před 24 dny

    Very interesting, thank you!

  • Reb Dalmas
    Reb Dalmas Před 24 dny +7

    lol, in the late seventies in high school, I snuck into the Asonia and looked out the rounded windows on the top. It was empty and dusty, that upper floor with the rounded windows.

  • hbabu babu
    hbabu babu Před 23 dny

    Very nice video 👍

  • Louis Scarpa
    Louis Scarpa Před 22 dny

    Fantastic! I need subtitles, you are speaking at such a clip! And I live in the tri state area. 😅 Woah!

  • Josephsf2
    Josephsf2 Před 20 dny

    MORE Nick Potts PLEASE. Por Favor 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Brian Emigh
    Brian Emigh Před 23 dny +8

    Fascinating and well done. My only quibble: the presenter keeps using the expression "on the make," which has a more negative connotation than he appears to understand.

    • Sarah Fowler Wolfe
      Sarah Fowler Wolfe Před 23 dny +3

      Yeah that really got repeated a lot.

    • MrCalisce
      MrCalisce Před 22 dny +3

      Drove me nuts!

    • Tracy Williams
      Tracy Williams Před 10 dny

      He was just using period colloquialisms to describe what we call the Upwardly Mobile. It wasn't until later that it took on a more licentious definition.

    VWOЯR Před 16 dny +1

    Дякую за цікаві відео 👍

  • João Baptista Pinto Netto


  • Casey Finnegan
    Casey Finnegan Před 24 dny +1

    This is so cool!!

  • William Hernandez
    William Hernandez Před 24 dny +3

    Ummm okay! Native Manhattanite here,attended LaGuardia HS for Performing Arts, Lincoln Center, in the 90s. This is, you are, pure joy.

  • Rick Wyk
    Rick Wyk Před 24 dny +8

    Native New Yorker and current Manhattan resident here who has seen the city’s ebb and flow over decades. Although currently NYC is in one of its low points, I can tell you that this town is very resilient and the Upper West Side especially so. It’s interesting that many of these buildings were developed for the up and coming middle class, but of course today middle class people need not apply. Great video tour.

  • terkanas
    terkanas Před 22 dny

    Take a drink every time he says "on the make" 😂

  • Circus & Peanut
    Circus & Peanut Před 22 dny +1

    We love Nick Potts!! We watch his videos as soon as they come up.

  • Riley Leonhardt
    Riley Leonhardt Před 16 dny

    When did other cities adopt apartment style living? It seems logical that the wealthy in established large European cities would adopt apartment style living prior to New York (Paris, Vienna, Berlin etc).

  • SDV Interiors
    SDV Interiors Před 22 dny

    No corridors in the planning and layout of the Dakota 👏

  • mrboatshoe
    mrboatshoe Před 23 dny +1


  • OHANA Beach Suites
    OHANA Beach Suites Před 24 dny +2

    What a great vision back then. We are building a cool little hotel on the beach in the Philippines.

  • mattyredrock
    mattyredrock Před 21 dnem


  • aaron espinoza
    aaron espinoza Před 24 dny

    Yoooooooo I love these tours. Thank you AG gods and goddesses

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S. Před 24 dny +2

    Very interesting!

  • Josephsf2
    Josephsf2 Před 20 dny

    love listening to this dude, Nick Potts is exceptionally intelligent, knows what he's talking about . plus he's eye-candy. A+ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Venice
    Venice Před 14 dny

    Speaking of "on the make," he's certainly trying to prove himself with that alligator t-shirt!

  • Matt H
    Matt H Před 13 dny

    Thanks for this. I wonder who installed that 1929 law, Thats crazy

  • bobduvar
    bobduvar Před 10 dny

    European way of life is still fascinating the Americans .... No doubt about it !!

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G Před 23 dny +3

    Was the Ansonia the beautiful residential building in the movie Single White Female??

  • KS
    KS Před 8 dny

    So interesting!