Solving the IMPOSSIBLE LOTUS Puzzle!! LEVEL 10!

  • čas přidán 10. 07. 2018
  • Today I'm going to attempt to solve this extremely challenging, level 10 Lotus Box puzzle! The object of the Lotus is to find the Lotus Flower.
    To do this you need to remove an aluminum circular disc with a rod running through the centre. But if you think you've done the puzzle by then you're very much mistaken.
    The Lotus is based on the Yen Puzzle which was invented by Wil back in 1979. That puzzle had a wooden frame with a nail in it that held a Japanese Yen Coin. This new puzzle is beautifully machined from anodised blue aluminum and has additional secrets not found in the original design. Those secrets are where the puzzle gets it's name Lotus Flower and until you understand the reason for the name it can be said you have not solved the puzzle.
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  • iAmCrunchy1
    iAmCrunchy1 Před 4 lety +21963

    How the hell did I end up here? But damn this is interesting 🔥

  • Memo Gomez
    Memo Gomez Před 2 lety +7111

    Next challenge is level 100: tangled earbud cables

  • Hailey Long
    Hailey Long Před 2 lety +2250

    Box: Do not shake it
    Chris: "Shakes it hard"

    • Shleepy Dragyn
      Shleepy Dragyn Před 3 měsíci

      @RBWorlds Finest guess I missed it twice

    • Kelly Bills
      Kelly Bills Před rokem +2

      @RBWorlds Finest Time stamp? For those that missed the no shaking part?

    • RBWorlds Finest
      RBWorlds Finest Před rokem +9

      @Slowcloud Orca you watched 3 times and missed something that’s actually n the video Lol

    • Slowcloud Orca
      Slowcloud Orca Před rokem +2

      Watched it 3 times it never says do not shake... and also shakes it hard? ..... When? I'm gonna say shakes it briskly.. but hard? You judge harshly to say so.

    • RickyThePlushBoy
      RickyThePlushBoy Před 2 lety +5

      Alexandra A I didn’t even think of it before I saw this....

  • Kurohei
    Kurohei Před 2 lety +3744

    "I can't read Chinese"
    He says to the Japanese Yen.

    • Yeema Wheaver
      Yeema Wheaver Před 4 dny

      Y'all really pressing op like they weren't right.

    • The anemazing editor
      The anemazing editor Před měsícem


    • Nez Lover
      Nez Lover Před 9 měsíci


    • It's Lizzy!
      It's Lizzy! Před 10 měsíci

      @Null yeah

    • Null
      Null Před 10 měsíci

      I am Japanese. Japanese kanji and Chinese are similar, so Japanese can somehow read Chinese in an atmosphere.

  • Frederick Hardison
    Frederick Hardison Před 8 měsíci +25

    This is the first puzzle video I ever watched from you Chris, and I'm revisiting it again years later just to remember what got me into creating metal puzzles. I'll be sending you my debut level 10 puzzle soon ;) stay frosty King~

    • Nerual X
      Nerual X Před 7 měsíci

      Can't wait to see that! I hope he does a video!

  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose Před 3 lety +4834

    Ha, I get it. The puzzle “finishes” twice just like how a lotus blooms twice. That’s clever!

  • chewble
    chewble Před 2 lety +2658

    >skips multiple times
    >chris pulls out something
    "how tf did he get that?"
    >goes back

  • Deep Fried Chum Chum
    Deep Fried Chum Chum Před 2 lety +1118

    “Do not shake”

    • Dax Monkeyfeet
      Dax Monkeyfeet Před 8 měsíci

      1:09 it doesn't say do not shake it says no banging tapping or force or external tools

    • [GD] Acoorn
      [GD] Acoorn Před rokem +1

      @Steampunk Steven ok

    • Steampunk Steven
      Steampunk Steven Před rokem

      Personally I like the newer BEYBLADEs than metal fusion

    • MentalityOverAll
      MentalityOverAll Před rokem +2

      @Stardust Studios hail satan

    • Loki
      Loki Před rokem +2

      @Stardust Studios god is dead

  • Doge
    Doge Před 2 lety +10

    I keep coming back to this video, and it never loses its tranquility and finesse. The music and light clinking of the puzzle is just an amazing combination

  • RegrettableDeed
    RegrettableDeed Před 2 lety +8

    This is the first video I ever watched from you. I still come back to it every once in a while. Love your work, Chris. 😁

  • housegrumpyboys
    housegrumpyboys Před 2 lety +619

    Chris Ramsay
    Strength 75
    Health 100
    Morale: 99
    Patience: *_Over 9,000_*

    • Goldskull Mystic
      Goldskull Mystic Před rokem

      My patience level is over 9001!!!

    • Borfis Jort
      Borfis Jort Před rokem

      @Bonky Doggy also strength like 2

    • Borfis Jort
      Borfis Jort Před rokem

      @Bonky Doggy morale would be 0 in that case...

    • esen
      esen Před rokem

      @Bonky Doggy ezzzzżZZZzzzZzZZXZzZzz

    • AIdud3
      AIdud3 Před rokem +2

      Graystillplays patients (c" ತ,_ತ)♾

  • Toki Fijabi
    Toki Fijabi Před rokem +14

    I love rewatching this episode! I always like watching that moment when you press start again knowing that there HAD to be more. Like, the definition of a puzzle solver. You’re the best man ⭐️👍🏿

    • babydoll
      babydoll Před 8 měsíci

      Same tho, I love rewatching this video for its wholesomeness and just pure enjoyment!

  • Mr Neal
    Mr Neal Před rokem +5

    So I started on this one a few days ago. I got the first parts out and knew the next step had to be using the rods as a tool. I also felt the spin move was somehow part of it, but nothing worked! I fought with it for the longest time, then decided to watch this video. The first thing I noticed was the long thin pin that you were using was not part of my collection of pieces. Since I moved from the couch to the table so I could spin it better, I went back to see if i had dropped a piece! Voila! There it was between the cushions in plain view! I was able to solve it after that! So glad I watched the video or I’d still be struggling! Lol

  • WaKe_ AwesomeGamer
    WaKe_ AwesomeGamer Před 2 lety +104

    Box: do not shake Puzzle: you spin me right round baby right round

  • Briarfall
    Briarfall Před 2 lety +25

    Chris: reads 5 pages of complex instructions,
    Also Chris: "sounds simple enough."

  • lacountess
    lacountess Před 3 měsíci

    Just got mine yesterday and even though I had watched this a long time ago, beyond it having an extra step and using the pins (not how to get them out) I didn’t remember anything, so was able to enjoy solving it for myself. Beautiful puzzle, super fun solution.

  • Jalisaa Lanaye
    Jalisaa Lanaye Před rokem +1

    This has given me so much joy watching you get joy from doing this ! So lovely, thank you for sharing!

  • William H
    William H Před 2 lety +2

    I'm going to start buying puzzles. Darn you Chris for getting me hooked.

  • Indie Blu
    Indie Blu Před 3 lety +15522

    Its called a lotus flower because traditionally, you can pick up a lotus flower by its stem and twirl it between two hands (like one of those helicopter toys) and it will fly on its own. You have to unlock the puzzle by turning it upside down and spinning it by the screwed in piece (stem), just as you would a lotus blossom. That is how you unlocked the mechanism the first time if you pay attention closely.

    • Inaya666 Rasul
      Inaya666 Rasul Před měsícem

      You're smart

    • Inaya666 Rasul
      Inaya666 Rasul Před měsícem


    • Proboscis Monkey
      Proboscis Monkey Před 10 měsíci

      Thanks for the spoiler 🙂

    • Felix Guimb.harder
      Felix Guimb.harder Před 10 měsíci

      Humm... Clever! 🙂

    • Wulfy Wulfynrir
      Wulfy Wulfynrir Před rokem +1

      Really glad I found a comment explaining this! I felt like the method to unlock had to be something that could be done more reliably, and that was really starting to bother me lmao

  • j.c man
    j.c man Před 2 lety +186

    *tries for 5 minutes...* "Honey get the hammer"

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores Před 2 lety +1

    That was great man, can only think how important is to enjoy the process, more than figuering it out in the end. Love it!

  • Neks 444
    Neks 444 Před 2 lety +2

    The puzzle level system is basically like a skill trew in a game. The higher the level the higher you need the skill

  • Eugene Stein
    Eugene Stein Před 2 lety +95

    I think the reason of the name was much more obvious than most of people said below
    The thing was about “you don’t understand the name until you FINISHED”
    The first coin supposed to mean that you are done. But because you know from the description about lotus thing you don’t finish and continue till getting lotus coin that means the real ending
    Really beautiful puzzle and trick

  • 2FittedRH
    2FittedRH Před 2 lety +420

    "Why it’s called the lotus puzzle?” Because it says lotus on the bottom of the puzzle 😂
    *puzzle solved no effort needed*

  • Martin Montgomery
    Martin Montgomery Před 4 měsíci

    Highly impressed by your Puzzle skills! Keep up the great videos!

  • KuroAiShiroAi
    KuroAiShiroAi Před 10 měsíci +1

    This was fascinating! Loved it!

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose Před 23 dny

    Nothing like the feeling of going through something and discovering something, just when you think it was lackluster you find it’s other secret and it feels so much better knowing there was something deeper to it

  • Hoot Guy
    Hoot Guy Před 3 lety +3636

    you know, when the music shuts off, that Chris is gonna figure something out.

    • R - G - C
      R - G - C Před 9 měsíci

      Except for the time he spun it multiple time with no avail.

    • MichaelEpicA
      MichaelEpicA Před 9 měsíci

      It’s like ace attorney

    • Jaein
      Jaein Před rokem

      @Johnny Rodgers what’s that gotta do with the music shutting off

    • Sandeep Wangde
      Sandeep Wangde Před rokem +2

      @Stardust Studios You high on what son?

    • Stardust Studios
      Stardust Studios Před rokem

      Repent! God sent His Son to die for u BC He loves you! Do NOT take the devil mark of the beast vaccine

  • Yuki Suzu
    Yuki Suzu Před 2 lety +1

    As someone who grew up in China, I almost instantly recognized the lotus coin as the 50 cent yuan coin, even though you didn't flip to the side that has a 5 for the camera lol. Very interesting. First unlock gives a Japanese 5 yen coin, then the second gives a 50 cent Chinese coin. I like that.

  • Nighthawke70
    Nighthawke70 Před 2 lety +3

    In case you were curious, the "gold" coin is bright brass plated steel, and is a Chinese 5 Wu Jiao, or half a Yuan. I don't know what the other coin is, but is most likely Chinese in denomination as well. I was hoping it was a solid gold coin, but that is my luck.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Před 6 měsíci +1

    These videos are so entertaining yet relaxing I can fall asleep to them

  • tone knee
    tone knee Před 2 lety +1

    Man i really love this puzzle thanks for show us the puzzle, its so awesome😁

  • s r
    s r Před 3 lety +3793

    The 1st coin holds the picture of a half bloomed lotus while the 2nd coin holds a bloomed a lotus blooms twice.

    • Mesachi06
      Mesachi06 Před rokem

      The 5 yen does not have a lotus though

    • Billyshead133
      Billyshead133 Před 2 lety

      He went in order of growth

    • XerxesBreak112
      XerxesBreak112 Před 2 lety +1

      I just heard the lotus bloom twice with Rock Lee voice

    • J. M
      J. M Před 2 lety +1

      Rock lee vs Gaara

    • Ukiringo Freeze
      Ukiringo Freeze Před 3 lety +1

      The first is a wheat and is of a Japanese coin it means good luck on their country

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati Před 2 lety +1

    Amazing, I really like this puzzle... The last part is so difficult...

  • Paperwing
    Paperwing Před 2 lety +1

    I am a new subscriber and i love watching you solve puzzles. Your, “oh helllllo” makes me smile. I can feel your joy.

  • Arc Rat
    Arc Rat Před 2 lety +3

    OMG! this puzzle gets two coins!
    The first one is the Japanese Five Yen Coin, and the second one is Chinese 0.5 Yuan Coin.
    this puzzle is very beautiful!

  • HalfLight
    HalfLight Před 10 měsíci

    The first vid i watched of him back in 2018, good times awesome see this man grow up soo much, I come here and watch this video again and again occasionally

  • odd
    odd Před 4 lety +432

    It's called the "Lotus Puzzle" because a lotus blossom blooms twice. It gives you the first coin (when the lotus shoot comes out of the mud), and the second coin (when the flower blooms).

    • Kei Kei
      Kei Kei Před 4 lety

      mayb it lutis puzle cuz it cola like flowa n sheet uknowhamsayin ?

    • Sorrowdusk
      Sorrowdusk Před 4 lety

      Aaaah this needs more upvotes

    • akaForecast
      akaForecast Před 4 lety

      ur literally a genius

      JFORMAL Před 4 lety

      LOL he is an idiot little boy :p

    • No limits
      No limits Před 4 lety +2

      God Gvȼȼi « your hating comment was 9 hours too late, he wins.

  • Lubna HM
    Lubna HM Před 2 lety +2

    I love this puzzle so much!!

  • Kunisse
    Kunisse Před 2 lety +120

    Puzzle: You're wrong
    Chris: No, you're wrong

  • ea tv
    ea tv Před 2 lety +1

    Imagine a doorlock with a puzzle that can only be done by a machine, because you have to move in an exact way with exact pressure.

  • Xlee
    Xlee Před 2 lety +1

    I like the thrill and serenity at the end of the puzzle.

  • Alfie Aylett
    Alfie Aylett Před 3 lety +3213

    This man has the patience of a god.

  • nojuhyun
    nojuhyun Před 2 lety

    And this is how I found your channel. Love this puzzle to death

  • Real Fake Jack Ma
    Real Fake Jack Ma Před 2 lety +10

    In case anyone don't know, first coin is Japanese 5 yen, second coin is Chinese 5 jiao (0.5 RMB)

  • Socal Rockhound
    Socal Rockhound Před 2 lety +1

    Anyone else notice that when he dropped that metal thing at 15:05 that it landed perfectly on its side?

  • David Logan
    David Logan Před měsícem

    I've watched this one several times now....I would love this as my job Chris I am super JEALOUS PLEASE KEEP UP THE GREAT REVIEWS some of the puzzle tables I've seen u have or that have been sent to you they look super cool . Do you get to keep any of them table's or even the puzzles.???...may I ask where do u find some of these puzzles there wicked
    Thank u for the magic please keep it up

  • Alec Savoye
    Alec Savoye Před 4 lety +1229

    Was expecting some clickbait bullshit and was really pleasantly surprised by a humble, well-produced, genuinely interesting video! Super awesome channel, man. Keep up the work. This is the good side of CZcams.

    • Brian Samuel
      Brian Samuel Před 4 lety

      Very interesting

    • Just Seff Stuff
      Just Seff Stuff Před 4 lety

      And the times he skipped are incongruent to how long it would take to look something up. I might have commented the same thing as you, but I actually thought about what I was saying and examined my own thinking before saying anything. People like you that just don’t seem to know what second thoughts are and insult others instinctually annoy me so much.

    • Just Seff Stuff
      Just Seff Stuff Před 4 lety

      You can tell he’s actually really skilled.

    • Just Seff Stuff
      Just Seff Stuff Před 4 lety

      Dummerbrella987 Obviously not, you can hear the gears turning in the way he speaks and his mannerisms. If he was a good enough actor to simulate that, he wouldn’t be making videos, he would be making loads as an actor.

    • Dummerbrella987
      Dummerbrella987 Před 4 lety

      He googles the solutions.

  • Starlasmiles55
    Starlasmiles55 Před 2 lety

    I love all your puzzle vids but this one has to be my absolute favourite

  • br0k3n99
    br0k3n99 Před 2 lety

    That puzzle is so crazy and beautiful at the same time.

  • Scott Cleland
    Scott Cleland Před 2 lety

    It's a Japanese coin in fact and well done to Kelsey Megan who actually solved the puzzle.

  • Cool The Fool
    Cool The Fool Před 2 lety

    I never knew such magic existed irl! Exciting!

  • Pantsu KING
    Pantsu KING Před rokem +9

    Can’t stop binge watching these

  • Jerry Gonzalez
    Jerry Gonzalez Před 2 lety +21

    oh i get it a lotus blooms twice so the first coin is like “ugly” then when you get the second coin its more shiny “beautiful” nice job solving it

  • Ticcerz
    Ticcerz Před 2 lety +3

    I like how it is literally a box a screw and a ring thing yet thats a whole intricate puzzle

  • Matthew Briffa
    Matthew Briffa Před 2 lety

    a puzzle which had a true ending, awesome!

  • how2mx
    how2mx Před 2 lety +1

    You’re gonna hate me for this 😝 if you slide the bottom part back without adding the ”lid” that concealed the lotus flower coin you’ll hear one of the pins that hold the 2 parts together drop into the space where the lotus coin were hidden. When I’ve removed that pin I can hear that there’s one pin left that I haven’t been able to remove.. I’m wondering if it’s possible to separate the two pieces completely 🤔

  • Banan
    Banan Před 2 lety

    this is the very first video ive ever watched from you and im now rewatching it and its giving me some nostalgia

  • Marc Patzelt
    Marc Patzelt Před rokem

    It's so strange to not hear Chris saying "Hot dang!" after he solves the puzzle.

  • Erik F
    Erik F Před 2 lety

    I truly wonder if this is the final solution!?
    I made it as far as you but as I made a spin move with both coins removed a 1cm rod came loose from within the puzzles. I was never able to understand where it came from and it’s function!
    Possibly the lower and upper part of the puzzle should be able to separate!!??

  • Peter Diaz
    Peter Diaz Před 2 lety

    Awesome video! So kewl you didn't stop solving it! (great editing)

  • Brad Garrison
    Brad Garrison Před 2 lety

    Man I love your videos..... I can't stop watching!

  • JackyTris
    JackyTris Před 2 lety

    This puzzle is absolutely BEAUTIFUL

  • Ahmed Hussam
    Ahmed Hussam Před 9 měsíci

    Thanks alot for the video , first time in years to put my full concentration in something 👍🏻

  • Chin Chilla
    Chin Chilla Před 4 lety +167

    Realising that the coin is blocking the other side was actually really smart ! Getting that second coin must be the best feeling

  • Joshua T
    Joshua T Před rokem +1

    Love these style puzzles but alot of these puzzles are so expensive I've seen even the very small ones going for up to 1000 dollars wtf I just want to get me a few of the little style puzzles so definitely will try some other sites because this one he put in the description is expensive

  • Some Kinda Druid Dude
    Some Kinda Druid Dude Před 2 lety +135

    Next challenge: Level 1000 tangled Christmas lights.

    SWASTIK GHORAI Před 2 lety +460

    "Dry, bland, no seasoning, absolutely dreadful".
    Ohh sorry, wrong Ramsay.

  • francesca
    francesca Před měsícem

    Whoa! Super Awesome! Dood! Living vicariously thru your puzzling makes my life happier! Thank You ❣😊🙏

  • Sarah Feng
    Sarah Feng Před 3 lety +457

    how excited he got when he found the second coin, ugh so pure

    • Kenneth Delos Reyes
      Kenneth Delos Reyes Před 2 lety

      Bro u can't differentiate natural and acting?

    • Colby D
      Colby D Před 2 lety +1

      I’d like this comment but it’s at 420 likes right now. Can’t ruin that, sorry

    • Febri
      Febri Před 2 lety


  • Michael Branch
    Michael Branch Před 2 lety

    Hey Chris,where did you get the Lotus Puzzle,and how much was it?.Also was that a real gold Lotus coin or plated?

  • Rob schef
    Rob schef Před 2 lety

    If he had slipped the ring over the screw and then used that to hold onto as he spun the puzzle I think it may have worked better

  • One Fast Slim Jim
    One Fast Slim Jim Před 2 lety

    I would buy this. IDK why, I just really like the design of it. I would deadass buy a $200 puzzle, just to look at it lmao

  • Mike
    Mike Před rokem

    That puzzle is amazing I really liked that Lotus puzzle

  • jackson rainey
    jackson rainey Před 3 lety +8610

    what am I doing here? I don't even do puzzles. I have a math test tomorrow.

    • Beuh
      Beuh Před rokem


    • tboneplayz
      tboneplayz Před rokem

      How’d it go

    • acemnor acddlmno
      acemnor acddlmno Před rokem +2

      hows it feel, you commented this 2 years ago, you’re two years older ever since this comment, hope you had a good 2 halloweens, christmases/other December holidays, easters, burthdays and new years

    • The Joker
      The Joker Před rokem

      Did you pass the exam?

    • Khenzani Myers
      Khenzani Myers Před rokem

      @Apocalypse lol

  • Chromatika Photography
    Chromatika Photography Před 2 lety +1

    Just revisiting the first Chris Ramsay puzzle vid I ever saw!

  • The Gaming Turtle
    The Gaming Turtle Před rokem

    I would like to see a video where he show all the puzzles that he has solved

  • LOVE4everSher
    LOVE4everSher Před 2 lety +6

    Chris: I need to figure out why it's called the lotus puzzle
    Chris: there's a coin in there
    Me: 😳 it's gonna be the Chinese 50 cent

  • Zainab Murad
    Zainab Murad Před rokem +3

    Puzzle : *gives chris an option to open it*
    Oh no"

  • TheBreadPeddler
    TheBreadPeddler Před 4 lety +15

    Beautiful design. Never seen a puzzle with a decoy, thus I am impressed.

  • Cluttered Gaming
    Cluttered Gaming Před 2 lety +31

    *Him* : Solves very hard puzzles.
    *Me* : Can’t solve a 5 piece jigsaw puzzle.

  • Sky Saldivar
    Sky Saldivar Před 2 lety

    I'd like to try this for myself but damn I can't drop $750 on it. I know I'm late to the party but good job

  • RisenFallacy
    RisenFallacy Před 11 měsíci +1

    I was like maybe I shouldn't watch in case I get one. Then I see the seller sells a simple wooden cube puzzle with a string for $400. I'll watch the video and save my money lol

  • charlo12
    charlo12 Před 2 lety

    the second coin you found looks kinda like a 2$ coin but with a different engraving.

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson Před 4 lety +3421

    Who else clicked on here without even know what this a lotus puzzle was

  • Mah E Laqa Awais
    Mah E Laqa Awais Před 2 lety

    Everyone would like to have this guy in an escape room 😁😁

  • King Eris
    King Eris Před 2 lety

    You sure hit the jackpot with your skill. I wonder when you were a kid if you thought you would ever be famous solving puzzles. I can hear you now. Mom Dad. I am quitting college to make a living at solving puzzles lol. Love your vids. Where you get your patients from.

  • Santino Espinoza
    Santino Espinoza Před 2 lety +2

    Him: solves a difficult puzzle
    Me: **struggles to open squeeze bottle cap**

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez Před rokem +1

    This is the only man who could beat all of the jigsaw traps

  • Skies
    Skies Před 2 lety

    Is it just me or is his camera quality just so soothing to look at

  • Oscar Wille
    Oscar Wille Před 2 lety +1

    hi bro, i would stop at the first one so well done, which one is your favorite puzzle?

  • HartSickle
    HartSickle Před 10 měsíci

    There were holes in the bottom of the chambers where the coins were. Maybe they were part of the locking mechanism...but maybe one of the metal rods/screws can be inserted to do something else? Does this puzzle have further solutions?

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker Před 10 měsíci +1

    Your like the Houdini of puzzle solving

  • forty two
    forty two Před 4 lety +154

    Man. You have a lot of patience. I would have destroyed that thing with a hack saw in about 5 minutes.

    • Sy Rehn
      Sy Rehn Před 4 lety +8

      I would regardless, then regret it once ive calmed down.

    • GVNJPG
      GVNJPG Před 4 lety +4

      Lee Perry you wouldn't though because it's $200+

  • Joey Wolf
    Joey Wolf Před 2 lety +2

    Wouldn’t it suck if the puzzle was broken? 😂

  • Alex Tamayo
    Alex Tamayo Před 3 měsíci

    Great Job!!! I would had reverted to the hammer method! LOL 😆

  • Christoffer Thiim
    Christoffer Thiim Před rokem +1

    I Googled why it’s called the Lotus puzzle and Google Said this:
    The Lotus is based on the Yen Puzzle which was invented by Wil back in 1979. That puzzle had a wooden frame with a nail in it that held a Japanese Yen Coin. ... Those secrets are where the puzzle gets it's name Lotus Flower and until you understand the reason for the name it can be said you have not solved the puzzle.

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C Před 9 měsíci

    Whenever the musics stop you know he's gonna solve another step.

  • kal
    kal Před 4 lety +344

    Its called the lotus because the lotus always blooms twice and the second time is prettier than the first. This puzzle has the first "bloom" which is the coin with the hole. And the second "bloom" which is prettier than the first is the second coin.

    • kal
      kal Před 4 lety

      @Marcel skafte Pedersen knowledge

    • Marcel skafte Pedersen
      Marcel skafte Pedersen Před 4 lety


    • Potato
      Potato Před 4 lety

      kalvin katwal

    • Jack Evans
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      Nathaniel Barreras YeH that guy was being a bit of a prick about it.

    • Jazz4Dayz
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      Aca 792 No need to be a dick about it...

  • The Fandom Queen
    The Fandom Queen Před 2 lety

    I wonder if somebody else has done this puzzle and got the first coin and went “I have solved it!” And then stumbled upon Chris’ video and goes “......wait a damn minute....”