UFC 275: Teixeira vs Prochazka - A Stacked Card in Singapore | Official Trailer | June 11

  • čas přidán 7. 05. 2022
  • On Saturday, June 11, two titles are up for grabs in Singapore at UFC 275. The main card is headlined by a light heavyweight championship bout between current champ Glover Teixeira who faces the challenger Jiri Prochazka, coming in to the event riding a 12-fight win streak. In the co-main event we have reigning flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko who is set to face the likes of Taila Santos in a matchup you will not want to miss!
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Komentáře • 1 084

  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner Před 16 dny +919

    Jiri has 96% finish rate, and every KO is exciting as hell. MMA fan dream fighter.

    • Colton Iarrusso
      Colton Iarrusso Před dnem

      Jiri is gonna knock him out he is a mad man

    • Uncle DC
      Uncle DC Před 11 dny

      @nomasporfavor no they aren’t. You must have a short memory. However, this is a pretty wack ppv compared to most.. I’m not buying either

    • Luanmondi Nuhaj
      Luanmondi Nuhaj Před 12 dny


    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Před 12 dny

      @Kabuto Yakushi how popular was GSP..? He lives in the shadows of people like steroid boy jones and Anderson Silva even tho GSP has a more well rounded and decorated resume than both of those guys. Dana craps on GSP whenever he gets the chance.
      The people who loved Khabib were mainly Muslims who had something to proud about and someone to look up too.
      Unfortunately "exciting" doesn't win in this sport.

    • Kabuto Yakushi
      Kabuto Yakushi Před 13 dny

      @Mike Hunt "grapplers are turning people away" lol How popular was GSP? Khabib? What do they do? Also the UFC is around because of BJJ. Let's not forget that.

  • T H
    T H Před 16 dny +309

    To je brutální mazec!!!
    Jirko si neskutečný borec, díky Tobě jsme tam 🥳 Moc Ti držíme všichni pěsti ✊ 🇨🇿 Ty nás samuraji 🥷
    Bože já mám husí kůži z toho už teď 😄👌

    • T H
      T H Před 13 dny +1

      @Jaroslav Záruba
      To máš pravdu 🙄 Glover je tvrdý týpek a zem je jeho hlavní zbraní.. ale i tak věřím v krásný soubor a Jiřího výhru 🥳🇨🇿✊
      To budou zas krásný nervy u TV 😅☝️

    • Jaroslav Záruba
      Jaroslav Záruba Před 13 dny +1

      Trochu mám obavy z toho, že Jirkova slabina je (zdá se) na zemi, a čekám, že tam bude mít Glover asi dost navrch.
      Jsem hodně mimo?

    • Kucis 007
      Kucis 007 Před 15 dny +2

      @Tevez Wa Ukweli no :) Prochazka win KO

    • Tevez Wa Ukweli
      Tevez Wa Ukweli Před 15 dny +1

      Yes teixera win this for submission

      PRESS PREMIUM Před 16 dny +2


  • Empire MMA
    Empire MMA Před 16 dny +837

    Jiri is a very promising UFC fighter. His knockouts are incomparable and very spectacular. I can`t wait this fight. 🔥👑

    • Crabefeller
      Crabefeller Před 13 dny +1

      @Topladluke becose of Rakic ... Jiri fought N7 Volkan not only he won but he won with KO , then he was about to fight rank 5 (Rakic) but Rakic declined becose Jiri was lower rank , so Jiri was offered to fight Reyes N3 rank , again won by KO and before the match Dana said whoever will win this fight will get tittle shot againts glover/blahowich winner . + he was reserve fighter if someone will not make the weight . He was in top 10 in the world of mma before he joined UFC , that was also reason why Volkan agreed to fight him .... i know some people do not understand the difference between win by decision and win by KO . Or difference of fighting 2 former tittle contenders , or fighting 2 new guys without rep ..

    • Topladluke
      Topladluke Před 13 dny

      @SloppyVM he will beat Teixeira which is annoying but I just don't know why he's got a shot already.

    • SloppyVM
      SloppyVM Před 13 dny

      Not championship material just another hype train the casual fans needed

    • Crabefeller
      Crabefeller Před 13 dny +1

      @Bumprdlik je to troll ... kazdej fanoušek mma má rád Jirku

    • Topladluke
      Topladluke Před 15 dny +1

      Jiri does not deserve a title shot this early into his UFC career.

  • REJL
    REJL Před 16 dny +288

    Hyped for this one.
    Glover: 28 Finishes
    Jiří: 27 Finishes
    Valentina: The Female GOAT
    Taila: One Of The Biggest Flyweight Prospects
    Joanna and Weili Rematch
    Get your popcorn ready folks! 🍿

    • Uly /
      Uly / Před 6 dny

      This is easily the weakest card of the year

    • Husar Munchie
      Husar Munchie Před 9 dny +1

      @Pike Merry That's what a counter fighter does you goof

    • MANASVI @07
      MANASVI @07 Před 13 dny

      @Fastacel Zapacescu I think you live under The Rock 😎😂😂

    • REJL
      REJL Před 14 dny

      @Kale you never know she might look what happened with Peña against Nunes but I respectfully do think Valentina will win

  • Violenza Fantastica
    Violenza Fantastica Před 16 dny +283

    Jiri Prochazka is the most exciting prospect the UFC has seen in years.

    • Izzy
      Izzy Před 3 dny

      @Viktor Cheng it wasn't quick work. It was competitive and he lost first round to Volkan. He has suprise ko in both fights.

    • Izzy
      Izzy Před 3 dny

      Hellno iys khamzat

    • ggthewhale
      ggthewhale Před 11 dny

      Michael Chandler

    • Jeez
      Jeez Před 16 dny

      in lhw*

    • MartyFakeNewsMan
      MartyFakeNewsMan Před 16 dny +4

      @Charles to be fair tho those 2 fights were against top contenders in volkan and Reyes and he brutally KOd both of em

  • Mav Vynne
    Mav Vynne Před 16 dny +217

    I'm rooting for my man Jiri Prochazka to win the championship belt. The guy is an absolute beast.

    • Nevada State Athletic Commission
      Nevada State Athletic Commission Před 12 dny

      @Uagoofyball I’ve heard that too, which is weird because he seems like a really big LHW. I would’ve guessed he walked around at like 240

    • Luis Rodriguez
      Luis Rodriguez Před 15 dny


    • Mav Vynne
      Mav Vynne Před 15 dny

      @Kristian James And why is that James? Why are you like this?

    • Kristian James
      Kristian James Před 15 dny +3

      I love reading comments where people just talk nonsense

    • Rob S.
      Rob S. Před 15 dny +1

      Jiri vs Stylebender would be a lit fight for sure

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith Před 16 dny +226

    Jiri spinning back elbow KO was so INSANE

    • Tomas Pipek
      Tomas Pipek Před 8 dny

      @beau aloevv𖤐 Lmao, look at Reyes face, his face was already super swollen and he couldn't see shit anyway, it was just about time he would be finished, same is gonna happen to Glover.

    • Crabefeller
      Crabefeller Před 9 dny

      @beau aloevv𖤐 he is former Rizing champ....

    • Nevada State Athletic Commission
      Nevada State Athletic Commission Před 10 dny +3

      @beau aloevv𖤐 Jiri has 25 career KOs, you’re the one who’s a casual. He finished 27 of 28 of his wins by age 28.

    • Jan Borovicka
      Jan Borovicka Před 15 dny +2

      @beau aloevv𖤐 hey eypoked him with the first elbow finished with second lol

  • The Bro Guy
    The Bro Guy Před 16 dny +127

    "never give up on your dreams" 🥹🥹 rooting for Glover man.. inspirational 💯

    • Tariq Ali
      Tariq Ali Před 15 dny +2

      @Alezey574 100%

    • Alezey574
      Alezey574 Před 16 dny +5

      I am with you on this one. He deserves at least one title defense

  • NumbConsumer13
    NumbConsumer13 Před 16 dny +309

    Most excited for Joanna vs Weili. I doubt it would be as great as their 1st bout but I don't think we would be disappointed at all.

    • Z
      Z Před 15 dny


    • Gaiusx2
      Gaiusx2 Před 16 dny

      @Nebojsa Bogosavljev Tony pulled out two times Khabib didn’t duck him lol Tony was never on that level

    • ll antony
      ll antony Před 16 dny

      @hello tron khabib fans are mo ron

  • Petr Jan
    Petr Jan Před 15 dny +27

    Buď padne Glover, nebo Jiří, na body to nebude určitě, to jsem si jistej💪 Věřím, že to Jirka zvládne, ale Glover je taky velkej borec a sympaťák. Ať vyhraje ten lepší.

    TOJNAM COMPLEX Před 16 dny +387

    This will be one of those underrated cards that has great fights from start to bottom, not the most hype in terms of star power even with the names on the card but the fights will be really solid. Can’t wait.

    • salaheddine sif
      salaheddine sif Před 15 dny

      @hello tron khabib fought nobodies in his early career and most of his wins are decisions , he used to miss weight multiple times like his last fight when he weighted 157.8 and only officials inside fight island knew that and they hide it to save the show not to mention his attitude in ufc 229 and only fighting once a year, don't get me wrong khabib is an elite fighter but the media overhyped him, Olivera has most diverse skillset he's more entertaining and most of his wins are finishes, for me Olivera is the best lightweight in history so far

    • Toushif Haque
      Toushif Haque Před 16 dny

      @Novality lol oliveira got smashed and submitted by cans 8 times 😅🤣 and in every title fight he atleast gets dropped twice and now can't even make weight lmao.
      Khabib was Never ever in danger his entire MMA career let alone lost. There's a huge difference.

    • Mojo
      Mojo Před 16 dny

      Uhm. If you bore me outside of the cage and English isn’t your first language it’s not that exciting. You guys can mock the casual thing all you want but if you take the casuals away suddenly the UFC isn’t profitable anymore. They’ll learn once they stop sticking women in these main card positions. Boring as hell.

    • America Fk Yeah
      America Fk Yeah Před 16 dny

      @Roger Hinds this is definitley aimed towards foreigners

    • America Fk Yeah
      America Fk Yeah Před 16 dny

      @hello tron they aren't middleweights but carry on.

  • The Hh
    The Hh Před 16 dny +165

    Jiri Prochazka, what an opportunity for him!

    • hello tron
      hello tron Před 16 dny

      @Nabeel Gm he whopped silva cry more silva is a journeyman

    • Mav Vynne
      Mav Vynne Před 16 dny

      @French Fries MMA math doesn't work that way buddy. Reyes beat Jones but Blachowicz beat him

    • Nabeel Gm
      Nabeel Gm Před 16 dny +1

      @hello tron yea, Bisping unfortunately was kinda cherry picked. I like the man but He's gotta be the weakest mw champ in history.

  • Frosty Aces
    Frosty Aces Před 16 dny +122

    Valentina gonna show Rose and Carla what a real WMMA title fight should look like

    • Smallies
      Smallies Před hodinou


    • jack black
      jack black Před 12 dny

      @ll antony hey wassup pat

    • Yp
      Yp Před 14 dny +1

      @ll antony yes, and all of her opponent that she already beat are all bum then lol

    • Muh glass chin
      Muh glass chin Před 16 dny +4

      you mean like carmouche vs shevchenko 2 or shevchenko vs nunes 2, or shevchenko vs Kaufman. snoozefests.

    • ll antony
      ll antony Před 16 dny +3

      Nah valentina is a boring fighter she fight like bum

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Před 16 dny +9

    To je brutální mazec!!!
    Jirko si neskutečný borec, díky Tobě jsme tam 🥳 Moc Ti držíme všichni pěsti ✊ 🇨🇿 Ty nás samuraji 🥷
    Bože já mám husí kůži z toho už teď

  • Atomic 3301
    Atomic 3301 Před 16 dny +32

    Jeez, I want both Jiri and Teixeira to win so bad. This gonna be a tough one to pick.

  • The GrimWiz
    The GrimWiz Před 15 dny +8

    Much respect to Glover but man, Jiri will kill this man

  • ruin3r
    ruin3r Před 16 dny +66

    This feels like Glover being put out to pasture and passing the torch to the new generation, but you can never count him out, he has a way of getting hurt and then coming back and finishing these young guys.

    • gotcha
      gotcha Před 11 dny

      @Jaroslav Záruba good

    • Jaroslav Záruba
      Jaroslav Záruba Před 11 dny

      @gotcha well i got that part :D

    • gotcha
      gotcha Před 13 dny

      @Jaroslav Záruba well I'm not

    • Jaroslav Záruba
      Jaroslav Záruba Před 13 dny

      @gotcha that is exactly my concern (I am rooting for my fellow countryman Jiří)

  • M Sniper
    M Sniper Před 16 dny +104

    Btw ..did you guys know that when Jiri last time lost in 2015 via knock out by king Mo ,it was Jiri’s second fight that day .First fight that day Jiri bottle V. Nemkov for almost 10 min nonstop fight and nemkov was exhausted that he couldn’t even move for some time .I’m sure even Jiri has an amazing cardio ,that fight with Nemkov took out lot of energy from him before he faced M. Lawal

    • V Ch
      V Ch Před 16 dny

      btw Jiri have possibility to fight belt in Belator with Nemkov but he chose kick ass in UFC...

    • Daynah Whyte
      Daynah Whyte Před 16 dny +1

      @Crabefeller yes

    • Crabefeller
      Crabefeller Před 16 dny +4

      @Daynah Whyte was it that fight where Nemkov lost becose of exhaustion after round one ?

    • Daynah Whyte
      Daynah Whyte Před 16 dny +2

      yeah, but so did king Mo, it was a grand prix they both fought twice and then each other the same day. And King Mo was the better man, but yeah jiri (def. Nemkov) fought and beat a arguably better fighter than Mo (def. Aukstuolis) that day .

    • E R
      E R Před 16 dny +5

      Rizen had 10 minute first rounds when jiri was there so im sure Jiri has some of the best cardio at lhw

  • REELife
    REELife Před 16 dny +22

    Two super amazing fighters, but I believe that Jiri will take the belt home!

  • Nino Johnson
    Nino Johnson Před 16 dny +50

    This card is gonna be real good I got Valentina keeping her title and Jiri winning the belt

    • Randy J D
      Randy J D Před 13 dny

      Groundbreaking predictions my guy

    • Raven
      Raven Před 16 dny

      Same here, the only fight who I really can't think of a clear winner is JJ VS Weili

  • The Son of the BattleCry
    The Son of the BattleCry Před 16 dny +32

    Jiri is like he was created by Doctor Gero to be the perfect fighter to beat Jon jones

    • Smallies
      Smallies Před hodinou

      @Mike Hunt eye poke knee stomp hug
      - jones gameplan

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Před 13 dny +1

      jones would just use steroids and try to wrestle Jiri

    • Revolution89
      Revolution89 Před 16 dny

      Ahahahaha nice one !!

  • Dianna 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    Jiri is a very promising UFC fighter. His knockouts are incomparable and very spectacular. I can`t wait this fight.

  • Talisha
    Talisha Před 16 dny +5

    This might actually be the best MMA event of 2022🥊💪🏽….I’m actually most looking forward to Weili vs Joanna🙋🏽‍♀

  • KID
    KID Před 16 dny +52

    I'm a big fan of Jiri
    But even if Glover wins, I'm happy for him

    • Vojta
      Vojta Před 16 dny +2

      Jiri win🔥

  • High 5
    High 5 Před 16 dny +9

    Weili really excels in 3 round fight. She captured the 3 early round against Andrade, Joanna & Rose 2. It will be a bad day for Joanna as Weili will be more committed for the take down despite having her heavy hands on the feet.

  • Ske Rocuda
    Ske Rocuda Před 15 dny +7

    Úkolem každého samuraje je pouštět si to každý den a připomínat si tuhle epickou bitvu pro Českou republiku jdeme si pro BELT🇨🇿🇨🇿

  • J 1283
    J 1283 Před 16 dny +103

    It was unexpectedly fantastic marketing for women's MMA to have both a Valentina event and Joanna/Zhang 2 next after yesterday's utter snoozefest.

    • J 1283
      J 1283 Před 16 dny +3

      @Raven Yeah man, that co-main was unacceptably bad lol. I was reading a play by play live journal and it got to round 4 and they were like 'No idea how to score this, this is bad' and that's basically the fight summed up. I can't believe how bad it went.

    • Raven
      Raven Před 16 dny +5

      I already can't wait for the fights.
      I'm really disappointed, yesterday was awful.

  • Michal Matyó
    Michal Matyó Před 15 dny +9

    🇨🇿 ❤️‍🔥 🇸🇰
    ...Celé Slovensko ti drží palce bratu 🙏

  • SaturnEnslaved
    SaturnEnslaved Před 16 dny +10

    More time for Val during promos please, she deserves more. She's incredible.

    • Brendan Nelson
      Brendan Nelson Před 14 dny +2

      The women's GOAT. She'll retire with the belt

  • Ali Shana'a
    Ali Shana'a Před 16 dny +14

    The way the UFC promotes their upcoming PPVs is unmatched, can't wait!

  • Raziel De Melo
    Raziel De Melo Před 16 dny +33

    Glover: "20 years, baby. Never give up on your dreams".
    Broooooooo...I had no idea I could feel this happy for a complete stranger. I'm legit goosebumping, fuck I love this guy.

  • Darth Balsamic
    Darth Balsamic Před 9 dny +1

    What makes Jiri so interesting to me is that he's a seasoned fighter. I don't think many know that. Check his resume of fights. This is going to be an fascinating fight. I would love to see how both Glover and Jiri approach each other's styles and weapons.

  • AJgoRR GO
    AJgoRR GO Před 16 dny +6

    I'm incredibly excited and happy about JJ vs Zhang 2 but a bit disappointed that it won't be 5 rounds

  • Dr. SINGH
    Dr. SINGH Před 16 dny +5

    This card has the potential to be the card of the year 2022.

  • Sharan Basnet
    Sharan Basnet Před 13 dny +6

    UFC should promote Jiri more, he has a core fan base.

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui Před 13 dny +1

    And NEEEEEEEEW! Two super amazing fighters, but I believe that Jiri will take the belt home!

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy Před 12 dny +1

    And NEEEEEEEEW! Two super amazing fighters, but I believe that Jiri will take the belt home!

  • Rahil Mia
    Rahil Mia Před 16 dny +6

    Alot of people don't realise that this is going to be a banger 🔥

  • Crabefeller
    Crabefeller Před 2 dny

    It is great to see Jiri getting new fans from all over the world , and in time he will get much more , even if he would lose this fight , this man will comeback for the belt and get it without any trashtalk only with respect and inspiration to others

  • Matthew Lo
    Matthew Lo Před 16 dny +21

    I’m cheering for: Prochazka, Shevchenko and Joanna.

  • Rusty Shaklferd
    Rusty Shaklferd Před 3 dny +1

    Unless glover catches him on the ground jiri should take this. Glad to see glover getting the belt before he retires. If he loses it he’s not making another run at his age. He’s in the record books as second oldest fighter to win a belt. Happy for him.

  • Janice 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛

    This will be one of those underrated cards that has great fights from start to bottom, not the most hype in terms of star power even with the names on the card but the fights will be really solid. Can’t wait.

  • AletheAce
    AletheAce Před 16 dny +3

    If Jiri wins, I think he'll be the second male continental European champion after Jan. We had Bisping and Conor but those are islanders. Gane is French but he was only interim

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi Před 10 dny +1

    And NEEEEEEEEW! Two super amazing fighters, but I believe that Jiri will take the belt home!

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty Před 9 dny

    And NEEEEEEEEW! Two super amazing fighters, but I believe that Jiri will take the belt home!

  • reviel joshua dizon
    reviel joshua dizon Před 16 dny +8

    Everyone will say glover will submit jiri like what he did to jan. That is if he can catch flash jiri. Jiri is fast asf. Before glover try to take him down. He will take dozen of punches. AND NEWWWW

  • Rob S.
    Rob S. Před 16 dny +14

    Valentina/Taila and of course Joanna and Zhang are gonna show Rose and Carla how it's done

  • x
    x Před 15 dny +2

    Jiri will flying in octagon like fookin ninja. I believe him, and after that we will wait in Czech Republic for the belt Jiri! Can't wait! It will banger

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special Před 15 dny +4

    GO Prochazka and take what Slavic! 🇨🇿 🇵🇱 💪 I hope you and Blachowicz win and meet eachother in cage!

  • Noor Imelda Elle
    Noor Imelda Elle Před 16 dny +11

    Honestly as a Singaporean i am very happy and proud that UFC 275 will be held in Singapore next month on the 11 of June may the best fighter wins.

    • Noor Imelda Elle
      Noor Imelda Elle Před 13 dny

      @Sherman Peh 🥰

    • Rick Y
      Rick Y Před 15 dny

      Too bad there isn't more star power on this card. And more exciting matchups.

    • Sherman Peh
      Sherman Peh Před 16 dny +1

      Itttsssssssssssss tiiiimmmmeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • N K
    N K Před 16 dny +12

    Hell yeah! Joanna and Zhang was a pleasant surprise. Got my tickets ready

  • LINHA DE 3
    LINHA DE 3 Před 16 dny +3

    vai pra cima glover 🇧🇷

    VCV BRS Před 11 dny +1

    Sometimes it's just about defending few takedowns. It can make opponent to start recalculating strategy during the fight.
    If Jiri is able to defend some takedowns Glover might lose his confidence and Jiri might take control of the fight.
    Gameplan is the key.

    • Crabefeller
      Crabefeller Před 2 dny

      i want to see Glover to put Jiri on the ground , and i want to see Jiri to win that fight after that , becose i know he can do that even againts amazing grappler like Glover. Just can't wait to see this fight omg

  • LaCosa24 X
    LaCosa24 X Před 16 dny +16

    Santos has a chance less Valentina shows that there are levels. Can’t wait to see Joanna NoPayCheck and Jiri fights

    • Raven
      Raven Před 16 dny


  • Heassik !
    Heassik ! Před 16 dny +6

    I think Zhang's fight will be entertaining asf to save us from Rose's last fight

  • Shahzeb Khan
    Shahzeb Khan Před 16 dny +7

    My money is on Prochazka..... He s the new Champ!!!

  • Szon Nijazbekow
    Szon Nijazbekow Před 16 dny +1

    🔥Cool card! Can't wait!🔥 TeamShevchenko ❤️🥰😍

  • Jaroslav Záruba
    Jaroslav Záruba Před 13 dny +1

    Being czech myself, I root for Jiří. I have one rather obvious concern tho - what happens when it goes to ground...

  • Matt Kaiser
    Matt Kaiser Před 16 dny +5

    Long reign King Prochazka!

  • Rusty Shaklferd
    Rusty Shaklferd Před 3 dny +1

    Jiri is a beast. That will be a hell of a fight. I think jiri will win, but very happy glover got the belt before retiring.

    HARSH GAUR Před 16 dny +4

    Jiri, Weili and Valentina are my picks

  • God Of War
    God Of War Před 13 dny +3

    The Women Division needs these 2 fights. All 4 of them r great at what they do. The last two fights of Rose & Carla, Nunes vs Pena were extremely disappointing.

  • Edwin
    Edwin Před 16 dny +5

    Joanna v Weili might just help the straweights recover from that disaster of a fight on the weekend.

    • Strawberries n scream
      Strawberries n scream Před 16 dny +1

      That was a disgrace to all mma but female mma especially. Those ladies may have killed ufc 275 just because everyone might think we’ll see these killer ladies do the same. Shameeeee

  • Cantthinkofaname
    Cantthinkofaname Před 16 dny +9

    I hope Glover wins this. His story is amazing

    • Cantthinkofaname
      Cantthinkofaname Před 13 dny

      @Mike Hunt he is boring 🤣 you clearly only watched the first round of his last fight

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Před 13 dny

      he's boring and old. We need some new fresh EXCITING talent. The numbers for the sport are struggling, the world needs a champion like Jiri!

    • thefatalveli1
      thefatalveli1 Před 16 dny

      Be will win

  • gotcha
    gotcha Před 16 dny +1

    What a journey this man has gone on- I'm sure Rogan said this line when oliveira defeated Dustin 😂😂

  • Peter Mburu
    Peter Mburu Před 14 dny +2

    Jiri did what Jones never did in five round's with Reyes.

  • Mary Tom
    Mary Tom Před 16 dny +2

    What a journey for the champ 🔥 always keep me motivated wish him all the best for the first defense 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Richard Farley
    Richard Farley Před 16 dny

    As soon as the headliners were announced it became my most anticipated fight of the year.

  • jacks dad
    jacks dad Před 16 dny +18

    Jiri has returned from delivering the magic ring to the wizard on the misty mountain. The ghost of Bruce Lee has sent him to take the belt.

  • jeFF Fury
    jeFF Fury Před 16 dny +8

    Jiri Prochazka is coming, baby! I'll be waiting for this fight for sure!

  • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
    Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 Před 16 dny +3

    If Glover can pull this off. GOAT conversation.
    Pound for Pound GOAT conversation
    No one has done what this man has done except for Randy Couture.
    No one at Lightheavyweight has been through the setbacks Glover has been through and yet still came out on top and became World champion.
    Him, Charles, and Bisping had to really fight for their belts. Something other GOATs didn't
    These guys are something else
    It's time to put some respect on these guys.
    Appreciate your GOATs if you want but don't act like they've done what these guys have done.
    We honestly don't know if they'd have it in them.
    That's the thing about being a GOAT. We don't know if they're capable of truly fighting because everything seems so effortless.
    Nothing has been effortless for these guys.

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Před 13 dny +1

      Stop with all this GOAT talk. Glover isn't even close to a GOAT. STOP!

    • Ahahoney Space
      Ahahoney Space Před 14 dny

      Let get past this storm called Jiri prohaska

  • Helmut Alexander Rubio Wilson

    jiri will be champion of this category and soon also heavyweight category... make my words

  • Harley The Salami
    Harley The Salami Před 13 dny

    If Teixeira beat Jiri, it will be one of the all time great moments.

  • -ALEXA-🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    Jiri is a very promising UFC fighter. His knockouts are incomparable and very spectacular. I can`t wait this fight.

  • John Galt
    John Galt Před 15 dny +1

    I know it's 2 different weight classes but it would be an interesting fight Between Jiri vs Cyril

  • Cristiansoto4294
    Cristiansoto4294 Před 15 dny

    Man I’m scared for my boy glover, jiri is so dangerous

  • Randy Martin
    Randy Martin Před 16 dny +5

    Jiri is going to slaughter this man !!!

  • T.M
    T.M Před 16 dny +3

    I will cry happy tears if Glover defends his title. He seems like such a good dude

    • TravelLover
      TravelLover Před 15 dny

      @beau aloevv𖤐 he did not, and It’s not about the lucky elbow, Jiri has already proven himself in Japan, so don’t underestimate him ;)

    • beau aloevv𖤐
      beau aloevv𖤐 Před 16 dny

      @suiiii lol casuals really think that after seeing one lucky spinning elbow jiri is champion already. he eye poked reyes right before the elbow in his left eye. will be funny when glover takes him down and jiri starts swimming like jan did

    • suiiii
      suiiii Před 16 dny

      @Vojta lol it is. Jiri has 0 takedown defense

    • Vojta
      Vojta Před 16 dny +1

      @Leo Melendez 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ok

    • Leo Melendez
      Leo Melendez Před 16 dny

      Lol easy fight for Glover

  • The Bro Guy
    The Bro Guy Před 16 dny +9

    Glover & Valentina retain & JJ gets the win in the rematch 💯 can't wait for 275 🔥🔥🔥

  • Johnny91
    Johnny91 Před 16 dny +11

    Glover gets dropped twice and comes back with a submission win, Olives style lol

    SLICKZ Před 16 dny +3

    Let's go Champ Jiri 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

  • Crustaceus Lobsterborn
    Crustaceus Lobsterborn Před 16 dny +13

    Makes sense for this to be in Singapore. Jiri has plenty of Japanese fans and Zhang has Chinese ones to bring.

    • beau aloevv𖤐
      beau aloevv𖤐 Před 9 dny +1

      @Marx Nicolaas good 🙏🏽💪🏽

    • Marx Nicolaas
      Marx Nicolaas Před 9 dny

      @beau aloevv𖤐 she will feel like home fighting in Singapore has she fought there before Muay Thai is very strong over there.

    • beau aloevv𖤐
      beau aloevv𖤐 Před 9 dny +1

      @Marx Nicolaas i know, valentina is my favorite female mma fighter but i was just wondering if other asian countries stand behind her as those countries have ongoing wars and stuff. i know that she is beloved in slavic counties

    • Marx Nicolaas
      Marx Nicolaas Před 9 dny

      @beau aloevv𖤐 still asian and valentina is a Icon of the sport from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬

    • beau aloevv𖤐
      beau aloevv𖤐 Před 9 dny

      @Marx Nicolaas (chinese , singaporeans) will cheer for valentina a kyrgyzstan? isn’t kyrgyzstan almost like kosovo?

  • Carlos Angeles
    Carlos Angeles Před 16 dny +4

    Prochazka and Alexander Rakic will take over the light heavyweight division just like Oliveira and Islam did in the LW.

  • Zdeněk Petřek
    Zdeněk Petřek Před 16 dny +6

    Tohle bude legendární moment českého MMA, díky Jiřímu toho budeme svědky. Nevím proč, ale nahání mi to husí kůži a vzpomněl jsem si na první sloku husitského chorálu. :D
    Ktož sú boží bojovníci
    a zákona jeho,
    prostež od Boha pomoci
    a úfajte v něho,
    že konečně vždycky s ním svítězíte.

  • Costello XII
    Costello XII Před 16 dny

    Really want jiri to win will bring some excitement to a pretty lackluster division

  • vhyles
    vhyles Před 16 dny +1

    Can't wait to see Jiri Provider in the octagon again 🔥

  • Setsuna Impacto
    Setsuna Impacto Před 16 dny +4

    Thank God we have Joanna vs Weili to make up for Carla vs Rose.

  • shin david
    shin david Před 16 dny +19

    The road to ufc tournament should be really exciting too. Not many fighters the casuals will know about but a lot of the best prospects in asia. Should be crazy.

    • shin david
      shin david Před 15 dny

      @Jon Jones' Cellmate a lot of them yeah but the guys in the tournament are really good

    • Jon Jones' Cellmate
      Jon Jones' Cellmate Před 16 dny

      @Raven compared to the number of Asians in the world that’s nothing

    • Raven
      Raven Před 16 dny

      @Jon Jones' Cellmate Shevchenko, Weili, Korean Zombie and Yan?

    • Jon Jones' Cellmate
      Jon Jones' Cellmate Před 16 dny

      Unfortunately I think ONE has snatched up all the good Asian prospects

  • Kailash Rathod
    Kailash Rathod Před 16 dny +6

    Can't wait for weili and Joanna

  • TheNamesDitto
    TheNamesDitto Před 16 dny +3

    The UFC's coming for ONE FC's neck.
    I hope Weili v Joana 2 lives up to the hype of the 1st match

  • Cory J. Farmer
    Cory J. Farmer Před 14 dny

    Glover is why I hope Tony never quits love all the fighters and respect them all.

  • UFConlyfamz
    UFConlyfamz  Před 16 dny +1

    Let's go famz! Jiri for the spinning elbow ko!

  • -[ S O F F Y]-🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With

    Jiri has 96% finish rate, and every KO is exciting as hell. MMA fan dream fighter.

  • ♥️KeshThara♥️Fan

    Jiri has 96% finish rate, and every KO is exciting as hell. MMA fan dream fighter.

  • Ego Ruderico
    Ego Ruderico Před 16 dny +27

    I got Weili, Valentina, and Prochazka winning their matches.

    • E. A. Poe Crni Mačak
      E. A. Poe Crni Mačak Před 16 dny +1

      @Jalyn Demming I think that Glover is too slow for him + Jiri knows how to put his opponents to sleep literally and that's important against an opponent like Glover.

    • E. A. Poe Crni Mačak
      E. A. Poe Crni Mačak Před 16 dny +1

      @Josiah Gonzalez It's not hard to take Jiri down, but it is hard to hold him down and not to mention how fast he is.

    • Jalyn Demming
      Jalyn Demming Před 16 dny +1

      @Katana _ yea u have too get the take down though jiri too fast for him

    • Ego Ruderico
      Ego Ruderico Před 16 dny +1

      @Matthew Lo I want JJ to win so badly, but I still think Weili has this one. JJ a bit inactive for my taste, but I would not be upset at all if she proves me wrong lol.

    • Katana _
      Katana _ Před 16 dny +2

      Na Glover is gonna take him down and submit..jiri has no ground game

  • Sufi Adha
    Sufi Adha Před 5 dny +2

    Watching ufc live for the first time cant wait!!

  • T G
    T G Před 16 dny +2

    Flying to singapore to see it live 😎
    Cant wait

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams Před 16 dny +18

    So I'm expecting another classic between Zang and Joana, Valentina domination and another devastating Yuri KO

    • Eric Williams
      Eric Williams Před 16 dny

      @MrSFblack let's hope mate cause I really wanna see Valentina finally challenged at flyweight

    • Raven
      Raven Před 16 dny

      @MrSFblack We will see, I think Santos may be the most dangerous opponent but I don't know man Shevchenko is Shevchenko. It's hard to see her getting into trouble.

    • MrSFblack
      MrSFblack Před 16 dny

      If you expect another dominant win from Valentina on this card then you've clearly never seen Taila Santos fight. Not saying Valentina won't beat her, but it won't be as easy as she's beaten everyone else in that division.

    • Mad Gavin
      Mad Gavin Před 16 dny +3

      @Josiah Gonzalez He's done it in his last six fights in a row.

    • Josiah Gonzalez
      Josiah Gonzalez Před 16 dny +2

      @Mad Gavin people still look past the old donkey on the yard until he submits his opponent 🤪

  • Waldy
    Waldy Před 16 dny +4

    Jiří BJP Vítězství! The belt comes to the Czech Republic man.

  • Jeremy Wininger
    Jeremy Wininger Před 8 dny +1

    I'm paying for this card just for Jiri. But joanna vs weili 2 is going to be fireworks