Mané, De Jong, Neymar + more! ►

  • čas přidán 31. 05. 2022
  • Sadio Mané to Bayern Munich, Neymar to Barcelona, Frenkie De Jong to Manchester United + much more! OneFootball and 442oons take a look at the hottest transfer rumours for the summer 2022 transfer window!
    Which do you think is most likely (and least likely) to happen? Comment below!
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Komentáře • 623

  • OneFootball English

    Biggest transfer not in this top ten video that WILL happen?


    I was wondering what spurs won five times until Kane meant 4th place 😂

  • Chandramouli Joarder

    As a Bayern fan, I'm looking extremely forward to see the Mane-Muller duo

    YOUTALK  +516

    Mane leaving Liverpool is big loss the man all the goals he scored were crucial

  • Shilajit C.

    Luis suarez entry and Salah's dialogue killed me 🤣

  • Cars With Thupz

    The fact that Luis Diaz was still smiling when Jurgen said "We also lost Sadio Mane" 😂😂

  • Dr Dre
    Dr Dre  +236

    So that means we'll get more Thomas Muller and Sadio Mane on the 442oons... Can't wait to see Mane gets annoyed by his jokes haha

  • IAmOratic007

    "If you can't beat them , join them. " Absolutely true 🤣

  • ok
    ok  +315

    "If you can't beat them , join them" lmaooo

  • EnZzee
    EnZzee  +101

    'Richarlison's attitude is bigger than his nose' LOL that line killed it 🤣

  • Joaquin Meza

    Mark goldbridge in a 442oons is always a treat

  • BaconBoi 77

    Mark Goldbridge was so accurate 😂

  • minish palmer

    Have to disagree with the origi part mate, his a club legend😅

  • Nikola Radulović

    I just love 442oons' impression of Goldbridge

  • Adarsh Kumar

    I want Jude Bellingham at Liverpool. But without a release clause I don't see it happen.

  • Ahmad Syafiq

    442oons-based videos are always a masterpiece, including this one.

  • Zegy
    Zegy  +15

    Always love when Goldbridge makes an appearance

  • Tre-Dupree Webster

    The Tony Pulis and Gnabry reunion was kind of hilarious😂

  • menestys
    menestys  +40

    "We lost to Real Madrid."

  • Dara Daryapour

    I really wanna see Neymar in the Barça jersey again.