The Button (This Time It's PERSONAL)

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  • Annie Fofanny

    We could literally never lose interest in this series Cody

  • Katrina Sammons

    Heely guy honestly has me laughing my ass off because at so many points I thought he was going to segway into a joke and he just DIDNT

  • Jenna Dae

    sidebar… cody looks really good. his skin and hair look really nice and he seems like he’s taking good care of himself. not that he’s ever really looked bad but whatever he’s doing is working

  • Mr. Peanutbutter

    “Do you like The Cure”

  • Ashley B

    This show is unwatchable without Cody’s intervention 😂😂

  • Brandon Cadaoas

    They should let Kelsey do the button voice for an episode and see if Cody notices

  • Bubbo
    Bubbo  +10

    they should just get cody to be the voice of the button at this point

  • rosalie rowan

    I love how Pi kept on looking into the camera like they were in The Office

  • christmastiger

    I do love how with all of the female-male pairings the women were super lowkey and almost bored, while in the female-female pairings they get giggly and smiley.

  • ♪ Artsy Ebony Rose ♪

    I know you were probably half joking about the bed covers thing at the start but that little monologue you did genuinely made me feel miles better about finding it difficult to do lmao. I struggle with it a lot and sometimes it feels like everyone else in the world has their shit together and I'm just an idiot

  • Lyda Livgren

    Sapphire was so stunning she didn’t deserve that😩

  • Kellie Cronogue

    I really liked Pie's vibe! The comment about the Heely's seemed like fun lighthearted banter, that guy was very sensitive

  • lauren stuart

    emile asking "do you like the cure?" after having one of the most painful exchanges i've ever witnessed is incredible

  • manu g
    manu g  +723

    “basically i’m looking for a partner that understands heelys” BRO I WAS CRYING

  • tabbie cat

    Pie is so charismatic! i feel like they are the type of person people just WANT to hang out with, whether romantic or platonic. i wish the best for pie and leah!!

  • Kristin Barta

    People saying heely guys ~energy~ or vibes are bad is so funny. He’s just an awkward sarcastic indie kid that doesn’t realize when to end the joke not a murderer lmao

  • Erin
    Erin  +484

    Everyone on a date with Hannah needs to know she doesn't wash her bedsheets lol

  • Salem Ridley Bosma

    I think the "are you poly?" question comes up more often in queer dating. Anyone can be poly of course, but at the moment it seems being polyamorous is more common in queer spaces. In my experience cis-het spaces still lean heavily towards traditional, monogamous dating.

  • NiceSchnozBro on Twitch

    Dude they should definitely let Cody do the button voice on an episode and just say all the outlandish shit that he does in these videos to freak them out

  • Kelandria Holiday

    "intimidated" is just code for "i'm hella insecure around this person"