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  • čas přidán 3. 02. 2023
  • I've always wanted to take on some of the old stupid internet challenges. B-)
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  • @michaelwesten4624
    @michaelwesten4624 Před rokem +3436

    anomaly should do a 30 day, eating like a normal person challenge

    • @-noname8711
      @-noname8711 Před rokem +188

      Hes done that before. Not in a row... Just in total lol

    • @suhrrr
      @suhrrr Před rokem +31

      and normal work times and normal sleep 👍 normal person shtuff

    • @CuriousLynx
      @CuriousLynx Před rokem +49

      He did the "30 day, eating like a normal person challenge" all in one day.
      30 meals gulped down in one day....

    • @greyscatsb
      @greyscatsb Před rokem

      anomaly is gonna be very offended PSMD

    • @BOT_AHHHH
      @BOT_AHHHH Před rokem +3

      One bite, give up instantly

  • @romano_9
    @romano_9 Před rokem +998

    Raising Anomaly was by far the hardest challenge papa has ever done.

  • @LuckyClipz7
    @LuckyClipz7 Před rokem +739

    I feel more motivated to commit tax fraud everytime anomaly uploads

    • @Arthur_morgan366
      @Arthur_morgan366 Před rokem +6


    • @Terra101
      @Terra101 Před rokem +31

      His fraud tutorials are the best. I scammed 36 grandmas already.

    • @LuckyClipz7
      @LuckyClipz7 Před rokem +4

      @@Terra101 True

    • @SwoonGaming
      @SwoonGaming Před rokem +3

      @@Terra101 Governments hate him! Try this one weird trick!

    • @haterIV
      @haterIV Před rokem +3

      @@eaterofspiders I have scammed over 5 million gamers worldwide, from Indian, to Japanese, to Americans, even specific people like..
      Your parents.
      My parents.
      Your grandparents.

  • @fyck66
    @fyck66 Před rokem +200


    • @BOT_AHHHH
      @BOT_AHHHH Před rokem +3

      Me speaking in the bushes

  • @mattsopiratoso790
    @mattsopiratoso790 Před rokem +101

    The birdbox challenge has confirmed that Anomaly and Papanomaly's daily life is based on throwing shit at each other.

    • @craftah
      @craftah Před rokem +3

      it was confirmed way before the birdbox challenge. they throw shit at each other in every video xd

    • @exxidae1347
      @exxidae1347 Před rokem

      @@craftah Anomaly throws at papa mostly

    • @craftah
      @craftah Před rokem

      @@exxidae1347 hm true

  • @ignatius7701
    @ignatius7701 Před rokem +222

    can't wait to see the "who can eat the most tide pods" challenge!!

  • @romano_9
    @romano_9 Před rokem +50

    I never expected to see Anomaly eat so much fruit.

  • @prodGGERARD
    @prodGGERARD Před rokem +302

    Can't wait to see vodka-soaked tampon challenge in the next part

    • @romano_9
      @romano_9 Před rokem +4

      Please don't tell me that it is a thing...

    • @wheelchair1410
      @wheelchair1410 Před rokem

      @@romano_9 Not sure if it was an actual challenge, but sticking a vodka soaked tapon into your butthole will get you drunk really fast with little vodka. Also, soaking a make-up pad with vodka and putting it between your scrotum and butthole will also get you drunk without breaching the gates of your anal virginity. Oh, and also, this can potentially get you killed as alcohol is being absorbed straight into blood. Have fun :-D

    • @bbrrrrrrr
      @bbrrrrrrr Před rokem

      @@romano_9 lemme tell u it works

    • @FuxHD
      @FuxHD Před rokem

      @@romano_9 The alcohol goes directly into your blood and not through your kidneys so you get drunk MUCH faster but its not healthy lmao

    • @firec4t170
      @firec4t170 Před rokem

      @@bbrrrrrrr and extremely well

  • @stepandostal4571
    @stepandostal4571 Před rokem +10

    "Are you vomit?"
    "No, I´m papa."

  • @hanshoffmann2582
    @hanshoffmann2582 Před rokem +34

    anomaly been doing 10k calorie challenge every day for years, hes immune to all of that crap

  • @MroziuOfficial
    @MroziuOfficial Před rokem +26

    Cannot wait to see the “Who prints the most fake passports” challenge!

  • @DamyanLP
    @DamyanLP Před rokem +40

    How am I not suprised that Ludde and Papa didn't puke after sprite and banana... Oh yeah I remember. They also eat raw fermented fish without puking.

    • @XanderNiles
      @XanderNiles Před rokem +12

      They ate dog food, surstroming, raw liver, food conservative and still going somehow haha.

    • @exxidae1347
      @exxidae1347 Před rokem +1

      Why you spoiler

    • @Clawfacebtww
      @Clawfacebtww Před rokem +1

      @@exxidae1347 Why do you go to the comment section before watching the video, if you don't want to see spoilers?

  • @chointes8822
    @chointes8822 Před rokem +24

    I 'd actually pay to watch papa and anomaly play Russian roulette

  • @i_break.ankles
    @i_break.ankles Před rokem +13

    Anomaly is the type of guy who puts a ruler under his pillow to see how long he slept

  • @patrickhahn8042
    @patrickhahn8042 Před rokem +19

    I just love the relationship between anomaly and papanomaly.
    I haven't talked to my dad in 15years, I would love to have that.

    • @karolx1443
      @karolx1443 Před rokem

      He died?

    • @lifeisgrey23
      @lifeisgrey23 Před rokem

      Same, my dad left when i was 3

    • @karolx1443
      @karolx1443 Před rokem

      @@lifeisgrey23 that's a coomn L

    • @patrickhahn8042
      @patrickhahn8042 Před rokem

      @@lifeisgrey23 my parents got divorced when I was 12 and after that he slowly left my life. By the time I was 16 there was no contact between us.

    • @lifeisgrey23
      @lifeisgrey23 Před rokem

      @@patrickhahn8042 I feel that. Did it ever get any easier for you, or is that empty feeling still there?

  • @that_catto
    @that_catto Před rokem +31

    im actualy impressed papa managed to drink all of those with no problems!

  • @DaniilHomyak
    @DaniilHomyak Před rokem +7

    10:37 That’s probably the most swedish sounding phrase I heard from Anomaly

  • @tadeusznorek2603
    @tadeusznorek2603 Před rokem +4

    I just love how Papa always answers "yes" to the "hello Papa!"

  • @KomkaArion
    @KomkaArion Před rokem +7

    This needs a part 2, this was so good! :D

  • @TheFacelessStoryMaker
    @TheFacelessStoryMaker Před rokem +45

    When you brought up the cinnamon challenge I was worried since I remember hearing how it poisoned people. Glad they used a much smaller amount than what people did before.

  • @NikoFromOneShot
    @NikoFromOneShot Před rokem +7

    You should've included challenge from Papa's youth:
    Spot the soldier in Vietnamese forest.

    • @lytatroan
      @lytatroan Před rokem

      I'll gladly be the soldier in the forest.

  • @turtle0333
    @turtle0333 Před rokem +10

    torturing papa for 13m straight 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • @chasin21
    @chasin21 Před rokem +10

    11:00 imagine just standing on the camera by yourself and its already hilarious bcus its anomaly in his normal formal :D

  • @adamdahlstrom2095
    @adamdahlstrom2095 Před rokem +1

    Would like to see more frequent uploads to this channel, they make my day!

  • @hyliansceptile
    @hyliansceptile Před rokem +5

    So glad all it took was an internet challenge for Anomaly to try eating fruit! Maybe try 30 days vegetable only challenge next, yes?

  • @avochilkorkian7731
    @avochilkorkian7731 Před rokem +1

    “Milk, it’s like drinking a hug” ~Anomaly

  • @brv9146
    @brv9146 Před rokem +1

    "Where people do for fun" on ice bucket challenge
    nice one Anomaly

  • @plug360
    @plug360 Před rokem +4

    Papas English is getting better, while Anomalys English is getting worse and worse

  • @Alrikus1338
    @Alrikus1338 Před rokem +2

    Netflix: Are you still watching?
    Someones daughter: 11:20

  • @vikstcs
    @vikstcs Před rokem +5

    Thank you mr. Anomaly for giving me a tutorial on how to get a passport and leave afghanistan after 24 years of being there. Thank you mr Analmolly

  • @michal4538
    @michal4538 Před rokem +4

    6:36 slender man had a bad year

  • @Kev_Chef
    @Kev_Chef Před rokem +1

    the end was just a glizzy old goblin with no pants

  • @PolishFatBoy
    @PolishFatBoy Před rokem

    me watching this makes me feel old af, thank you

  • @fubinaca
    @fubinaca Před rokem +1

    "Milk is like drinking a hug" i want that on a t-shirt

  • @chasin21
    @chasin21 Před rokem +3

    13:26 papa at the local kindergarden (caught live)

  • @ButtaNBread
    @ButtaNBread Před rokem +1

    I loved this video anomaly keep your head and the videos up ❤❤

  • @ThePirateCasey
    @ThePirateCasey Před rokem

    Anomalys squeal from the ice bucket was epic!

  • @TheItalianoAssassino
    @TheItalianoAssassino Před rokem +1

    Fun fact #69: In Sweden, kids just randomly spawn behind gloryholes.

  • @hnetuhaus
    @hnetuhaus Před rokem +1

    mans got every single colorway of the jordan 1 and then proceeds to wear fake ones

  • @citrix7331
    @citrix7331 Před rokem +4

    Hello Papa! Never gets old :DD

  • @haimsdk35
    @haimsdk35 Před rokem

    again a wonderful video like the old days, keep up with the good content

  • @dnk4991
    @dnk4991 Před rokem

    “It was a little snack” Legend said

  • @turkeyman631
    @turkeyman631 Před rokem

    Papa giving Anomaly the same treatment he gave him while blindfolded- 'This is not funny!'
    It is to us Anomaly... it is to us.

  • @kapper201
    @kapper201 Před rokem +3

    6:02 the fucking impact

  • @androablabuda5257
    @androablabuda5257 Před rokem

    papa's programmed words: yes,no,okay

  • @alikajtazi5454
    @alikajtazi5454 Před rokem +3

    5:19 he actually had it right because he first held 5 then 4 fingers so 54 pls kill me

  • @z9nda373
    @z9nda373 Před rokem

    "i got stiff in the wrong place" lmfao

  • @bigmike8586
    @bigmike8586 Před rokem +3

    the bananas were the first fruit anomaly had consumed in twenty five years, and the first phallic object he had consumed in the last twenty five minutes

  • @RBXblokkeshmok
    @RBXblokkeshmok Před rokem

    I love both of y'all so much

  • @Dawe360
    @Dawe360 Před rokem +3

    Next please take the room temperature challenge. First one to reach room temperature wins. 😊

  • @alexutzz8635
    @alexutzz8635 Před rokem

    I feel so bad for papa anomaly 😢but your laughter 😂😂it makes me to stop breathing 😂😂😂

  • @rokc7391
    @rokc7391 Před rokem +2

    Imagine you're chilling in your house in Malta and you see a old man and a boy pouring cold water on themselves and shoving coca cola bottles up their mouth

  • @that_catto
    @that_catto Před rokem +2

    papa the legendary glizzy gladiator!

  • @K15.616
    @K15.616 Před rokem +1

    I'm pretty sure all of this mans video's with PaPA go wrong

  • @kezten538
    @kezten538 Před rokem

    Damn, it is the first time anomaly has eaten a fruit since he was born, very nice to see some change! Good!

  • @M.U.T.Egaming
    @M.U.T.Egaming Před 11 měsíci

    3:18 "i don`t have time to get pneumonia" growls like a monster in aggrement

  • @Hubythereal
    @Hubythereal Před rokem

    I'm amazed by the amount of Jordan boxes in the background

  • @nikobellic6699
    @nikobellic6699 Před rokem +1

    Papanomaly drinking fortnite shield.

    @BOTB_RBLX Před rokem +1

    Man this thumbnail is on a whole different level.

  • @vikara1182
    @vikara1182 Před rokem +1

    The first second i heard "Banana sprite challenge" i knew that this is a banger

  • @Salkinmusic
    @Salkinmusic Před rokem +2

    The Sprite has to be cold lmfao

    @ADHDAUSTIN Před rokem

    I indeed got a little excited when papas pants started to slip

  • @dawei2515
    @dawei2515 Před rokem

    i will now make a comment telling that its a good video but i havent watched the video yet --- great video love the thing in the start with banana and sprite

  • @rags5138
    @rags5138 Před rokem +1

    As always, a nice tutorial on how to create a fake passport. Thank you!

  • @ugi666
    @ugi666 Před rokem +1

    Finally Papanomaly content

  • @Jasikenzo
    @Jasikenzo Před rokem

    anomaly my bro you two are just too funny🤣🤣🤣

  • @Tuba000
    @Tuba000 Před rokem

    not enough sprite and banaas i say. it really makes u cry :D

  • @dusanstefanovic8806
    @dusanstefanovic8806 Před rokem

    When they are on sea , its like anomaly is solo living in whole malta XD

  • @DCGMatthew1
    @DCGMatthew1 Před rokem +10

    Sounds very epic my friends.

  • @UltimateGamerCC
    @UltimateGamerCC Před rokem

    Papanomaly drinking Blue Milk like a Skywalker.

  • @esportsbakery187x
    @esportsbakery187x Před rokem

    How to expect crazy acts in video? - There is baphoment t-shirt on Father.

  • @iktpq2676
    @iktpq2676 Před rokem

    "Russian Roulette?!"😭😂

  • @Erno.T
    @Erno.T Před rokem +1

    4:22 what a beautiful sight of papa

  • @fedoralord3607
    @fedoralord3607 Před rokem +3

    Only Anomaly can do Ice bucket challenge in 2023 🤣

  • @JustSomeBosnianGuy
    @JustSomeBosnianGuy Před 10 měsíci

    Bird box challenge = anomaly and papanomaly throwing stuff at eachother while blindfolded

  • @PowerRainbow
    @PowerRainbow Před rokem

    Glizzy Gladiator is back

  • @counternova4447
    @counternova4447 Před rokem

    6:04 the sound it made when then can hit papas head had me dead

  • @fonn7
    @fonn7 Před rokem

    -what month of pregnancy are you?
    -Im not pregnant im just fat swedish guy

  • @lytatroan
    @lytatroan Před rokem +2

    I feel like eating food and watching Anomaly is an awful idea

  • @AmogusSusAmongusSussyBakaAmogg

    The only time anomaly can eat fruit is when he drinks soda with it.

  • @miljanvideo
    @miljanvideo Před rokem

    Ludde is doing "normal diet" challenge almost every day, and failing. He says its the hardest.

  • @marek7262
    @marek7262 Před rokem

    12:30 was the most eric cartman pig soundeffect i have ever heard

  • @kobu2215
    @kobu2215 Před rokem

    Are we gonna talk about the legendary shoe collection in the back hello???

  • @Nimogen55
    @Nimogen55 Před rokem

    "Russian roulette?"
    Papa is going through some hard times with Analmolly...

  • @KarolisC-ds8fy
    @KarolisC-ds8fy Před rokem

    rarest thing I've seen today is anomaly eating some fruits

  • @thehorizon4090
    @thehorizon4090 Před rokem


  • @ksiordior1133
    @ksiordior1133 Před rokem

    papanomaly needs to be treasured to live to 100 years old

  • @southfring
    @southfring Před rokem

    Now I know papa is a glizzy viking

  • @Killerstorm5280
    @Killerstorm5280 Před rokem

    Anomaly: *Dumps bucket on head*

  • @TheOfficalCookiesLife

    hi I love your vids

  • @qwerty228real
    @qwerty228real Před rokem +1

    That's what I was missing at 3 a.m.

  • @jaws8955
    @jaws8955 Před rokem +31

    Should’ve done the true milk challenge since they love milk so much

  • @Bruhmoment42O
    @Bruhmoment42O Před rokem +3

    Anomaly is one hell of a drug

  • @KensBlade
    @KensBlade Před rokem +1

    im actully generly suprised anomaly didnt push papa into the water

  • @RingoSkye
    @RingoSkye Před rokem +3

    11:57 way funnier than it should have been tbh

  • @transenhippie3883
    @transenhippie3883 Před rokem

    the first can he threw i was thinking is was full thank god it was not lol
    poor papa i feel bad everytime

  • @echo5827
    @echo5827 Před rokem

    Anomaly when the challenge is digesting food

  • @benji7434
    @benji7434 Před rokem +1

    I don't feel the same amount of enthusiasm like the old days. Some things feel forced

  • @Nutiiiiiiii
    @Nutiiiiiiii Před rokem +1

    Every hole in the ozone is a result of Anomaly farts

  • @86lngd25
    @86lngd25 Před rokem

    imagine if this ways all done on the same day loool