Game Theory: The Forgotten War of Minecraft (Minecraft 1.19 Update)

  • čas přidán 10. 06. 2022
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    With the Minecraft 1.19 update going up, I thought it was time to return to the mystery that is the sculk, the mysterious discs, and how they BOTH connect to the Warden. Today, we are focusing our eyes and ears on Disc 5. We are going way, WAY back in the history of Minecraft for this one, Theorists! Hold on to your diamond sword!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Tyler Mascola and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Komentáře • 13 624

  • @Memetastic

    The reason why the ancient builders weren’t able to defeat the wither is because they forgot the combat system changed after the 1.9 update

  • @kingcrimson1926

    If they are from some other dimension, then if we imagine that Warden and skulk are at the bottom of food chain in their world, and there are even stronger entities there, it becomes way more terrifying.

  • @raslunari8666

    You know, that would explain why End portal is positioned as it is. It's set so anything that comes from the other side falls down into lava to prevent another breach like the Warden.

  • @jimbobthestickman8330

    I like to imagine the wardern the the weakest and smallest creature from its dimension, and the reason nothing worse came out was because everything else was too big

  • @joshbenjiferrell5472

    I feel like this also helps to explain the random silverfish spawned always in the end portal room, the silverfish would squeak and crawl around providing a distraction to mask the builder’s footsteps

  • @rconfs
    @rconfs  +406

    fun fact: when playing 13, 11, and 5 together, they all fit perfectly together and tell a story kinda

  • @sunday7984

    Ancient Builders: We're saved! The Warden freed us!

  • @boazburger3846

    its also a possibility that the ancient builders were split in groups, and some groups built ancient cities with a giant portal to escape, but perished because of the sculk, and another group built the strongholds, with the end portal, but got trapped in the end. They aren't necessarily 1 group.

  • @ethancooper4154

    The presence of the wool in the ancient cities confirms a lot of this for me, it means that whoever lived in those cities was threatened by the warden and that they were trying to avoid it. The skulk is totally an invasive species and resulted in them being killed off. I think this theory totally fits

  • @PufflePuff

    If this theory does become lore, then what is terrifying is the idea that the Warden took its first ticket out, almost like it was running away from something and would much rather face the unknown in comparison to what may have been certain doom. . .

  • @user-qn3hr1sn8d

    The stronghold part makes sense, because if you listen close, during a certain part of disk 5, you hear, bubbling lava, and silverfish. Yes, infested blocks commonly spawn under mountains, the same place that ancient cities spawn, but the bubbling lava indicates the portal room.

  • @wholphin4166

    I have an idea: whenever the builders created a new portal, it’s usually with an insanely strong block, supported by the obsidian and portal frames, and when the portal is lit, it breaks a seal to another dimension, so that’s why we can travel easily to the nethers and end, but because they only opened the portal to the skulk once, we can’t go through yet, and also explains why minecraft won’t give us another dimension since the last strong block would be bedrock.

  • @unknownvariable9239

    Builder 1: “Remember when we built a creature out of bones and souls that is causing our extinction?” Builder 2: “Yeah what about it?” Builder 1: “Let’s do it again”

  • @bananasixoneninezerofour934

    Imagine being the ancient builders. Have to try leaving the dimension to a new one to escape the wither. Instead, Warden enters the overworld from the ancient builders' intended escape-to dimension. Warden causes issue to the point of killing the ancient builders, so they flee to the End, where they end up fighting a giant ender dragon.

  • @parkerproductions4124

    To further the theory of the sculk being sentient, I noticed that if you listen close to the audio of breaking the sculk, you can almost hear a scream

  • @thesweatychild

    I just realized something: When you kill an evoker, they don't pop the totem, but when you kill it it drops it, so maybe the reason the illagers do raids is for souls that in turn are used for totems that would give them immortality.

  • @beepboop2207

    you should listen to disc 5,11, and 13 together it really makes a mysterious confusing story

  • @doodleghost6225

    here’s an idea: the end portal was made to escape the Warden/Skulk. They accidentally let the Warden into their world and were terrified to not only find an entity that could kill the Wither but also spread and grow. Maybe they used the souls from the skulk to create the end portal frames -hence the very similar colors. Maybe the labs under the City Center were made to create conditions where they could try and create these frames away from the threat of the Warden. Just a theory based on the color palettes :)

  • @evelyndyson6451

    Warden: drops sculk catalyst

  • @xinhaihsieh3945

    By the way discs 13 and 5 played together actually sounds relatively orderly and makes it seem like they were meant to be played together. just a theory though