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  • čas přidán 30. 11. 2021
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    Notre-Dame de Paris
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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay  Před rokem +8219

    A video like this could not thrive on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or even Facebook for that matter. This is my attempt to explain what's good about CZcams, and to encourage decisions within CZcams's leadership to consider leaving a bit of money on the table in favor of protecting the beautiful cathedral that they have created for us. Following the short-term numbers will destroy the beautiful thing you have created, but if you stay the course and stay true to Your Voice, I believe the fact that Educational content thrives here on CZcams will ultimately make you win in the end. Thank you to those who work at CZcams for making a platform where beautiful things like this can exist. The challenge now is to fight to keep it this way, when the siren song of more dollars is no doubt trying to pull you away from that which is good.

    • Mike Laverman
      Mike Laverman Před rokem +37

      Well said!

    • ImpulseAyala
      ImpulseAyala Před rokem +35

      ☝️☝️☝️ this is so extremely important. Thanks for all you do & God Bless You!

    • Boywonderr71
      Boywonderr71 Před rokem +18

      Your awesome Destin

    • Andrew Verstraete
      Andrew Verstraete Před rokem +28

      That was a good choice of verse at the end, Destin. I have watched your channel for years and I really appreciate your content.

    • Keenan Goodson
      Keenan Goodson Před rokem +18

      Thank you! I'm so happy you are resisting the shorts movement, while there may be a place for such things - When I see a SED video, I know it's great content and I want there to be a substantial amount of info being hurled in my direction. Thank you for saying it so well, I agree

  • Veritasium
    Veritasium Před rokem +7298

    Thanks for this thoughtful video Destin. I am constantly reminded of how ‘the medium is the message’ which makes me wonder what is the real message of CZcams? I think for a long time the message of CZcams has been in depth, quality content, which contrasts with other social media platforms. Like you I hope they keep it this way and don’t keep trying to copy every other platform out there. What I love about your work is you’ve never lost your voice. Thanks for using your voice for good on here.

    • Oogha Boogha
      Oogha Boogha Před rokem +26


    • Alex Shine
      Alex Shine Před rokem +48

      you fell off + ratio + the hood watches Tom Nicholas now

    • tiranor
      tiranor Před rokem +99

      I was a bit sad when you made the video about the need to change your titles due to the algorithm, it felt like youtube already started evolving to bury your (and destin's and many others') quality channels under piles of clickbait fiesta without any substance behind.
      It reminds me of an old interview of a leader of the first TV channel in france (TF1) explaining the meaning of their programs is to sell people's attention to the advertisers...

    • cmanheman09
      cmanheman09 Před rokem +80

      Its weird because I noticed the evolution of Derek's and Destin's channel. Not in a negative way, but just noticed how much more in depth their videos were progressing. I still found myself watching videos that were 15-25 min long and was still engaged just as much as the 10 min videos. STILL incredible content from my favorite creators, learning subjects I had no idea I was interested in. YOU really are getting smarter everyday. Thank you guys for the content over the last 10-12 years. The impact has not gone unnoticed. Cheers

    • SmarterEveryDay
      SmarterEveryDay  Před rokem +653

      I appreciate the kind words Derek. I appreciate you and count you as a true friend. I’ve really enjoyed your work lately for many reasons. I’m excited to see you hit your stride and lead us all towards more intelligent content.

  • Edwin H.
    Edwin H. Před rokem +543

    Thank you all creators still try to steer CZcams to the right direction.

  • Felipe Ugalde Pereira
    Felipe Ugalde Pereira Před rokem +157

    As Destin would say: “in a world of talkers, be a THINKER and a doer”. Thank you Destin for thinking about how content on internet should be delivered and for producing such good stuff for so many years.

  • Mike Duffy
    Mike Duffy Před rokem +3

    I appreciate the long format videos. Maybe because I'm closer to 40 now than 20, but I absolutely love learning along with you on these. Keep up the good work.

  • RazorFangs90
    RazorFangs90 Před rokem +13

    After the disappearance of the dislike counter it's clearly harder to see yt in such a positive light, but i think that the overall message is still extremely important AND relevant, all content producers should take this message to heart, if they didn't already by themselves.
    God bless you Destin, never change.

    • zangoz _
      zangoz _ Před rokem +3

      you can add a chrome extension to bring back the dislike counter

    • Chris Jenkins
      Chris Jenkins Před 3 měsíci

      @zangoz _yes but so many people are watching videos via the YT app on our smartphones or tablets.

  • tragicrhythm
    tragicrhythm Před rokem +5

    So glad for Destin's self awareness and self analysis to know when adapting to an environment is not necessarily a good thing.

    • Shut TheGate
      Shut TheGate Před rokem

      sometimes adapting involves....pushing a collective....before it's too late.

  • zollotech
    zollotech Před rokem +894

    Agreed. I'm not a fan of shorts, but rather more thorough content. Shorts, TikTok and reels are fine, but everyone wants to be what CZcams is. CZcams shouldn't try to be what they are not.

    • unlokia
      unlokia Před rokem +10

      I prefer trousers in winter

    • El Guapo
      El Guapo Před rokem +10

      God, why is everyone making shorts?! It's December for Christ sake.

    • Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
      Vigilant Cosmic Penguin Před rokem +17

      @unlokia That could actually work as a pretty good metaphor. TikTok lives in a hot climate and wears shorts, and now CZcams is seeing them wear shorts and now CZcams wants to wear shorts too. But it's just going to end up with CZcams getting frostbite because it doesn't work in this climate.

      DANDAN THE DANDAN Před rokem +5

      What shorts are doing is basically reuploaded tik toks. Most of the shorts I watch are just short food clips from content creators who upload on tik tok and youtube shorts side by side. Basically somewhat a reincarnation of vine. It's a format that fits certain contents but not the long-form video youtube is already providing

    • Mahuk
      Mahuk Před rokem +6

      CZcams thrived with short videos about cats, memes, and "fails" during its beginning and by dropping them they allowed tiktok to pick up the idea and grow as a contender. CZcams is not copying other platforms by using shorts. CZcams WAS the main platform for short videos, and corporate karen made the mistake get rid of them by punishing creators who made them.
      Long videos are fine, but some of us also have been enjoying short videos for over 15 years in this platform. I'd rather have both.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Před rokem +14

    I have been watching you for a few years now, if there was a youtube saint award, you would get one. Khan academy comes to mind to compare to what you are doing. Making facinating subjects accessible and adding a level of unobstuctive entertainment is a massively effective delivery. You do an incredible job. Smarter Every Day is an example of the good things online communication has to offer and I wish you nothing but the best. (Also, as a 50 year old, I've been forwarding the James Webb video to everyone. Geeking out hard, fingers crossed, can't wait to see the results. Cheers to your Dad)

  • SaltyPpancakes
    SaltyPpancakes Před rokem +1

    Another showcase of not only how smart you are, but how WISE you are. Big props Destin🔥🔥

  • Victor Smith
    Victor Smith Před rokem +22

    I honestly feel this is one of your most important videos that you have done.
    Although the aim of this video content is directed at the platform of CZcams, it's application is much more broader and far reaching. And is fundamental to navigating our "modern" life.
    Keep up the good fight and stay the course.

  • Alex Garver
    Alex Garver Před rokem

    As a recently minted engineer, your videos are so refreshing - the informativeness is great, but I love the bare curiosity and discovery you so frequently show. A lot of other creators have great informative videos, but yours are so refreshing in the way you take us on the journey of discovery with you moment by moment.
    And as a fellow Christian, I find your fascination with the creation and your desire to dive deeper into its mysteries and intricacies so wonderful and inspiring. I'm happy to be in a field where I have a lot to be in awe over, and I hope that feeling follows me through life as it has you.

  • Bernie Diaz
    Bernie Diaz Před rokem +1

    Fantastic video. You never ever disappoint. This is a deep and sincere message to the platform owners not to always act on how to squeeze the extra buck out of us. Let us create meaningful, useful, educational, entertaining content and recognize the work done by the creators properly compensating them instead of exploiting them. This is a new way of learning and we should strive to keep it real when you're serious and fictional when you wish to be dramatic or funny or whatever you want it to be. Just be honest and state your purpose so we know where you are coming from as a creator. You do this extremely well and that's why enjoy your channels so much.

  • Gabriele Antonini
    Gabriele Antonini Před rokem

    Thank you for you video Destin. As a father trying to select educational content for my young kids, I often struggle to find videos that are both engaging for young audience and accurate in the scientific aspects. I'm glad I have found your channel which offers to the audience exactly this perfect balance. I'm happy and I totally support your decision not to follow the pressure from YT about the format or the duration of your content.

  • Nick Korobi
    Nick Korobi Před rokem

    I personally feel it is important to make sure that whatever content you provide your viewers that it is complete and concise. You are a scientist and you should keep doing what you are doing EXACTLY the way you are doing it. In the end if you create shorter videos you will be doing a disservice to yourself because you will not be informing your viewers the way you originally intended. Thanks Destin. I don't normally comment on videos and I didn't even expect this video to be what it was and I really enjoyed it.

  • Blazin Dad
    Blazin Dad Před rokem

    Destin, This is why I am a Patreon Supporter. I enjoy the content of your channel not only for the entertainment value, but rather for the educational value. What you have done with this specific video is shown me that you take the time to reflect on the content of your channel and in turn validated to me that I am making the correct decision in supporting your work. Thank you for your time, effort and thought put into your channel. BTW - I would also like to say that if you are ever in South Carolina to please let me know and I'll introduce you to some old submarine sailors who could provide to you some insight into the world of WWII and Cold War submarine life (this could supplement the submarine series from a few months ago). Thank you again and God Bless.

  • Ivo Piscevic
    Ivo Piscevic Před rokem

    as a French guy who lived and studied in Paris for a while I can only appreciate this video and this trip down the memory lane in a way. Keep it up !

  • LarryL619
    LarryL619 Před rokem

    As a photographer and HUGE fan of your content, this is the most insightful video I’ve watched in a long time. As a photographer, I’m not happy with the shift from photography to video shorts on Instagram. I think you have a very important perspective on mental health and the positive data in respect to the CZcams platform. I hope CZcams is listening….listening to you.
    This was a great video, recreating old photos and especially capturing a moment in time at the cathedral. What a great 24 minutes!

  • Hacksmith Industries
    Hacksmith Industries Před rokem +439

    Thanks for making this video Destin!

    • Anime squash
      Anime squash Před rokem +1

      First to found u

    • Blissey-sama
      Blissey-sama Před rokem +1

      Im second!!! I wonder if theyll reply...probably not

  • _CJ_
    _CJ_ Před rokem

    YES! Please do not ever change what you do because it is better for algorithm. If you feel like you can put some interesting content in short well why not but don't do it just because somebody else wants it while you don't. I love long stories like you do. You build it from some thought and then it flows, showing all the interesting bits and having fun while learning new stuff. When it ends I just want more :D On the other hand - if you want to change something (well I think you already do this) just do it. Experiment and if it doesn't work well no problem you can go back with new experience :) Thank you for sharing!

  • Tommy Schaeffer
    Tommy Schaeffer Před rokem

    Gah! As a beginning/beginner/amateur content producer, this was so amazing and informative to watch. Thank you, Destin, for these great insights and extremely insightful views--especially on The Voice of CZcams itself. I hope your voice resonates loudly in the C-Suite on this.
    Oh that and I spit out my coffee laughing every time you said "ear holes" at the end,
    (Incidentally, I have "tiny little ear holes!" bwwaahahahaahahahaaaaa!

  • Enigma NL
    Enigma NL Před rokem +3

    Hey Destin, I just want you to keep doing what you have always been doing. Don't change for the sake of metrics. You're doing great!

  • Sean
    Sean Před rokem +1 don't change anything. I like watch your videos due to how you do things, the enjoyment you get from it (Evident in each video) and yeah...your voice in every applicable meaning of that phrase. Love this project you did and had no idea about your other channel which I will certainly check out. Cheers mate!

  • Pierre Martel
    Pierre Martel Před rokem

    Staying true to yourself is the best thing to do! Destin I really think you are a true guy that need to keep its voice. I will keep my patreon pledge cause you deserve it totally!

  • Edwin Sarkissian
    Edwin Sarkissian Před rokem +361

    I love this video. You are so right about everything. That’s exactly what my thought were about these changes within all these social media platforms. I feel like they want us to be a sheep and jump from one place to another for their own benefits.

  • Will Lewis
    Will Lewis Před rokem

    Many people have put out the content they feel is true to them and didn’t get the success that you did. Be grateful that there was a time where what you felt was true to you worked for CZcams. Times are changing and if you don’t want to change with those times, that’s totally ok! Just understand that, like the other channels previously mentioned, what is true to you might not work like it used it. Acceptance and gratitude…if I were you I would put my focus there.

  • David Hyre
    David Hyre Před rokem +2

    Destin, please do no lose who you are - because you are awesome :) The raw honesty, inquisitiveness, integrity, and fun, are what drew me to your channel and keeps me coming back... whether the video is short or long. I think your decision will pay off in the long run, over algorithmic adjustments and the longer term of people digging back through your content after discovering you, more than any short-term gain. Well-thought and expressed, bruh!

    • Ryan
      Ryan Před 8 měsíci

      Hey, I'm glad you were entertained though

  • Joseph Socha
    Joseph Socha Před rokem +2

    Thank you for your dedication to actually showing us your care for us by giving us knowledge and tools how to have positive gains from those sources we let into our lives. Watching your videos has definitely been a positive gain in my life over and over again! Thank you for what you do and for showing genuine care for us who you hardly or don't even know. It has truly been awesome to come across your videos and you genuine interest in God's creations and your sincere Charity for people around you and that you've never met. You're truly amazing and I aspire to see the world and people I come across in my life with as much light, joy, and excitement as you have shown in your videos! Thank you for the time you've put it to be a positive output in all of our lives to bring more of the amazingness if what is all around us into our view!! I hope and pray for all the best for you, your family, and your friends! Have a great and wonderful day Destin, keep seeing the world the way God has so abundantly bless you with!!!

  • TruthMercyBaptist
    TruthMercyBaptist Před rokem +3

    Thank-you. For going against the flow. For staying human. For being real. I appreciate your channel for what it is, not for what YT wants it to become.

  • HokiePitcher22
    HokiePitcher22 Před rokem

    I've always loved your videos not because of how long they are but bc of ur obvious passion and excitement for what you are talking about. I think people (or at least me) are drawn to people who are extremely passionate about the subject they are talking about. U have that in spades. Keep up the good work. U make science fun, I show ur videos to my nephew and son and they love them

  • 10 ON 10 - Travel & Entertainment

    *You are so right about this, thank you for taking a step to make a video about it... I feel that youtube following pursuit to make its platform more about entertainment is making it lose its educational value, CZcams got to do something about it...*

    • zuilok
      zuilok Před rokem +8

      They did, they removed the dislike count so now you cant tell which tutorials are good and which are just crappy clickbait videos. Well done youtube!

    • Tsuchimursu
      Tsuchimursu Před rokem +2

      Usually the solution is to do less about it, really. Just let the community discover its own way.

    • ishan
      ishan Před rokem +2

      It’s about time that we as the consumer take a step and remove our dependency on one platform. If more and more creators tries to shift to another platform, we the consumers will shift too.
      Goodbye CZcams. You are short lived if you keep making such decisions.

    • Cristi Neagu
      Cristi Neagu Před rokem +5

      It's not that CZcams is going towards entertainment. They are trying to become the next form of television. They are favouring the mainstream media and entertainment companies over small producers. And they curate educational content such that it doesn't cover any topic they deem to be unacceptable, even if the video is purely factual in nature. And I don't think CZcams will change. This is a conscious decision.

    • Tsuchimursu
      Tsuchimursu Před rokem

      @Cristi Neagu you can just not watch the mass media. Hit "don't recommend this channel" when it shows up in your feed. They can only gain views of people watch them... So maybe someone does enjoy their content.
      If CZcams can cater to different folks, that's fine.

  • Eric Rosenberg
    Eric Rosenberg Před rokem

    What a wonderful video, full of enthusiasm and thought provoking discussion. Plus, it was so much fun to pause it and look closely at how the locations have changed and remained the same through the decades. While doing this I noticed that the modern picture of the Arc de Triomphe is taken from the opposite side from the old picture. The bas relief sculture didn't look the same so I virtually walked around the Arc using Google Street View (we truly do live in the future!) and discovered this. It's amazing how much deep information and data is at everybody's fingertips. Smarter Every Day and Mathieu Stern are adding to that depth of easily accessible knowledge. Thank you!

  • S. D.
    S. D. Před rokem

    Authenticity is a major part of what we look for. People try to fake it, but we can see thru the fakes. Thank you for being you and making the content that is important to you.

  • Nelsonmavrick
    Nelsonmavrick Před rokem

    Destin, thank you for speaking your mind and doing what feels right to you. Hopefully this is inline with your ideas, but I'd like to say that the videos you did on the USS Toledo were amazing. I frequently rewatch them, and wonder what its like onboard. I've probably watched every other discovery channel/ documentary video about submarines and they all seem so clinical/ sterile. Yours seem very organic and real. Odds of doing similar video(s) on an Ohio class?

  • Bill Meade
    Bill Meade Před rokem

    You are my favorite creator, there's not one video of yours that didn't hold my interest, I think the main reason is we get to ride along your journey of learning something new and interesting instead of you coming across as say some expert or professor shoving it down our throat, so thanks for what you do and you should be proud 👍

  • Joey Mac
    Joey Mac Před rokem

    Another great video Destin. You're spot-on about the race to the bottom in content creation. CZcams has an amazing place in the online world, with interesting, educational, historical, scientific, funny, scenic, relaxing etc. etc. etc. long form videos. The world has enough dummed-down content on instagram, tik-tok, twitter, all of which contribute to and reinforce an ignorant, short tempered and polarised online "community". CZcams creators can still take the time to educate, inform, report, entertain while taking their viewers on fantastic journeys to far away cities, galaxies or even around the body. Thanks for all of your content!

  • Mathieu Stern
    Mathieu Stern Před rokem +4696

    Thank you Destin for the fun photo project!
    Running around Paris to find the exact same spots and capture it again was like a really cool Indiana Jones adventure!

    • E RULE
      E RULE Před rokem +18

      Well done guys! You've both made my day!

    • S F
      S F Před rokem +35

      The photos were perfect. Even the objects locations

    • RadMan
      RadMan Před rokem +17

      thanks for your effort for recreating the photo. hope you have a good day as i have from this video:)

    • Mathieu Stern
      Mathieu Stern Před rokem +10

      @RadMan Thanks a lot !

    • Mathieu Stern
      Mathieu Stern Před rokem +10

      @E RULE Thanks :)

  • Jay
    Jay Před rokem

    WOW! My guy did an AMAZING job at capturing those photographs 😲 some of them are shot-for-shot perfect placements! How amazing to have these original glass slides to go along these modern day shots for comparison 👌🏼

  • Michele Savoldelli
    Michele Savoldelli Před rokem

    There's always this sensation when i finish your videos, the sensation that you touched the right points, you touched me in the depth and that by watching you, what you do and how you do it, i can get a lot.
    You know, the same sensation you have when you finish that particular intense film or tv series: you are astonished and you have so much to think about you don't even know where to start.
    So thank you, thank you for what you do and for staying always the same. It's not common to do what you really think it's right, above all on social media. Thank you.

  • Marswalkerr
    Marswalkerr Před rokem

    The only one difference I see in those old and new photos is that the new photos are more populated than the old ones and honestly I like that old photo vibes. Great video Destin!

  • ~Solemn Kaizoku
    ~Solemn Kaizoku Před rokem +1

    Phenomenal content as always, Destin. I especially think CZcams & individuals in society ought to pay attention to what's said from 20:14 on.

  • MrFixit USA
    MrFixit USA Před rokem

    You're not just making content for everyone to get "smarter every day". Right here especially, you're helping people get WISER everyday...

  • JD's Variety Channel - Treasure Quest Chronicles

    Very good points. To add to the conversation, I'm not a fan of the dislike button no longer showing the count either. Now it's harder to sort through tutorial videos. I learn how to do some household tasks like change outlets here on CZcams. Now I can't tell if the video is clickbait, low quality, or if everyone got electrocuted unless I read the comments in every video. The problem is, content creators can turn the comments OFF. So now people here on CZcams can curate a well crafted lie for watch time, and even propaganda can flourish now. I think they're creating a monster without even realizing it. The CZcams shorts are only going to exacerbate this downward trend too.

    • horseshoe
      horseshoe Před rokem +49

      Very valid point.

    • Ross Voss
      Ross Voss Před rokem +14

      I have cut down on new content since they removed the buttons numbers. That's ok, I have got plenty i know are good.

    • babybirdhome
      babybirdhome Před rokem +67

      I remember when they did the same thing with the thumbs down on comments. That’s when CZcams comments went from mostly helpful and quality to trolling and garbage. This will have the same effect on their video contents quality. It’s a huge mistake.

    • horseshoe
      horseshoe Před rokem +26

      I suggest we all use the feedback option in the app to let them know, we want it back and why. If I was looking up a repair or troubleshooting video. I used the likes to dislikes as a meter of the reliability of the video.

  • Tom Wagner
    Tom Wagner Před rokem

    The reason I have been attracted to your videos s because they are in depth views of a wide variety of topics. They are educational as well as entertaining. The length of the videos is less important to me than content. I appreciate the thoughtful presentation of topics. That these presentations sometimes incorporate humor indicates to me that you are enjoying what you are investigating. As an educator, I always felt my students needed to see that I enjoyed being with them in the classroom and that I enjoyed what I was teaching them. You do that same thing in your videos. I appreciate that you are doing that and do not want your voice to change!

  • The Natinator
    The Natinator Před rokem

    How do you like a video twice? I have watched your videos for years and I have learned SO MUCH from you! I really appreciate all this work you do and I appreciate you staying you. Thank you Destin for all the things you've taught me.

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee Před rokem

    I think the key word here, is authenticity. We want to retain our authenticity as we evolve through time. This discussion was really interesting. Then the second half sort of took me by surprise. I really love the photos and can relate about capturing those "human moments". A frozen moment in time. It's always something that gives me the feels when I see these photos. I start imagining what is must have looked and felt like to be there.

  • thepiedpiper13
    thepiedpiper13 Před rokem

    Thanks Destin for another great video. Always thought provoking. One thing I'd be interested in regarding your data analytics is this: I see your length of vids has increased with upload date and longer vids correlate with more viewers. However, over that time you have also gotten alot more subscribers. It'd be interesting if you could normalize the data to account for subscribers (ie % of subscribers that watched your vid). This, I feel might add some nuance to the data and make it more relevant (you may be getting more views, but less % of subcribers than you were getting with shorter vids. Your subscribers may actually prefer vids in the 5-15mins range, but may not be seeing that with the data as it is formatted now). All the best! God bless.

  • JCtheMusicMan
    JCtheMusicMan Před rokem

    I was first drawn to your channel because I have a similar passion for learning and curiosity. Two years later I realized that I have much less passion due to feeling like I am failing at finding my place in the world. I was recently fired for sharing my ideas and insight gained from my military service. Many organizations only care about maintaining the status quo. Some people are threatened by new and innovative ideas. Your passion for getting smarter every day gives me hope in finding like minded people who care about others and not just about money.

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax Před rokem +2399

    “Half of CZcams's mission is to give everyone a voice"
    The other half is making sure no one is able to hear it

  • Christopher Pearson
    Christopher Pearson Před rokem

    Destin, I am probably starting a CZcams channel about my life in China very soon. I think getting the opportunity to watch this video today was providential. Thank you for sharing your voice honestly and with transparency. I appreciate your life and love!
    I also want to ask how you find time to balance your content creation with the rest of your life!

  • fugithegreat
    fugithegreat Před rokem

    I tend toward the educational end of CZcams, but I absolutely love it! As long as I'm learning, I don't feel like it's a waste of time or negatively affecting my mental health. This is the only platform that I actually enjoy and doesn't really make me angry (just mildly annoyed when there are too many ads)

  • Raelene Neilson
    Raelene Neilson Před rokem

    Hi Destin. I'm late to this video but just wanted to say thank you. You've always made interesting and valuable content and I'm glad you are resisting the 'trends' and trying to stay true to 'your voice'. Great video, love the old photos and your insightful messages, keep up the great work.

  • SpiRe
    SpiRe Před rokem +1

    You're an amazing creator. I love your videos. Thank you for your contribution to knowledge! You're awesome!

  • Cody Parslow
    Cody Parslow Před rokem

    Thanks Destin. I’ve been showing your videos to my kids since they were in elementary school and we all still follow you. 2022 my daughter goes off to college at her 1st choice university and I can’t help but think of special memories we have watching and discussing videos of yours throughout the years. Probably didn’t seem at the time that we we’re making memories I’d want to cherish but I realize that now. Thanks for doing what you do. Cheers.

  • Jake Likes Tech
    Jake Likes Tech Před rokem +296

    I also don't like how they removed the dislike button. It's going down the path of the other platforms that also don't have dislikes. It really provides a good measure of whether a video is actually good or bad. It is supposed to be a useful tool, but some people just use it as a weapon and now we all have to suffer without one of CZcams's greatest tools.

    • x
      x Před rokem +6

      Other than YT Rewind I never encountered a video where the dislike count impacted whether I was going to watch. It may have made me feel better about disliking it, seeing that many others did as well, but I'm genuinely curious whether it changed your behavior -- not your opinion.

    • Jason isbored
      Jason isbored Před rokem +48

      almost nobody used it as a weapon - people used it to express their actual opinion of disagreement. Often at CZcams itself. And youtube didn't like that.

    • Moon Prod
      Moon Prod Před rokem +46

      @x It's actually very useful for education videos and tutorials, so you can see which ones are more trustworthy or useful to other people

    • Pavook
      Pavook Před rokem +30

      Yeah, ratio is gone, so bye-bye useful indicator if the video is actually good. Now the likes are less valuable too because they stopped being compared to anything. Should I compare them to the number of views the video has? It's so clunky and backward and hardly tells about video quality at all.

    • MonkeyJedi99
      MonkeyJedi99 Před rokem +19

      @x The dislike count was a tool I used for determining if I was going to watch an educational video.
      A key example would be when looking for a video on how to do a simple car repair.
      The dislike number helped me avoid click-bait videos, and guide me to the one video that told me what I needed in less than ten minutes.
      The dislike counter helped avoid clickbait videos that are just re-postings of other peoples' content in a long video of marginally related content.

  • jevers123
    jevers123 Před rokem

    after watching your channel for a couple years... i am finally subscribing after watching this vid ....because you are starting to think in 4 dimensions , stay the course.. follow you're heart ... you seem to be a good student and teacher . this episode is important.. you got said what i've been wanting to say thank you

  • paul ianchis
    paul ianchis Před rokem

    Destin, what I like about your voice, that seems to be consistent in my eyes is that you enjoy to meet new fascinating and diverse people, people that come from all sorts of backgrounds. I absolutely love how your curiosity gets you excited to meet them and to pick their brains for the expertise they have...from engineers to inventors, to artists and musicians and so on. In my opinion you kept your voice and you are still using it. All that changed is the increased number of friends you make and keep in touch with. Every episode someone new shows up to share their knowledge with your viewers. Thank you for creating new experiences for us, the viewers.

  • Art By Kern Official
    Art By Kern Official Před rokem

    Hi Destin. That's one of the best video I've ever seen about being a individual, being true to yourself, being who you really are and not letting CZcams, Facebook and all the other tech companies dictate your content and stuff with their algorithms. It's really food for thoughts. 👍👍

  • Felipe Utiyama
    Felipe Utiyama Před rokem

    I'll be greatly thankful for you and anyone that resists the short video format! I agree with your take wholeheartedly, thank you very much for standing your ground.

  • Mau365PP
    Mau365PP Před rokem +215

    I use CZcams mainly for education. I watch tutorials and DIY projects, and the dislike button saved me from wasting my time with bad videos, because people with more knowledge than me would dislike something that is wrong.
    Now I have no idea if something new for me is correct or wrong !!! CZcams just destroyed education!!! 🤬

    • elliot cutliff
      elliot cutliff Před rokem +9

      Why I usually read comments first.

    • R Davies
      R Davies Před rokem +29

      👍 maybe everybody should start their comments with a thumbs up or thumbs down 👎 👍 to replace the youtube editing.

    • Slep
      Slep Před rokem +20

      @R Davies creators can delete any specific comment they want

    • AK
      AK Před rokem +7

      @R Davies Too messy. And you wouldn't be able to know the actual ratio with thousands of them. Negative emotions are more contagious and hence some trolls will abuse it just for the heck of it.

    • tripolar
      tripolar Před rokem +11

      Same. I'd use the dislike ratio as a barometer on if it was terrible advice or if the video was click bait. CZcams already takes down comments on the regular. Not a good way forward.

  • Zan B
    Zan B Před rokem

    Not just memories but teaching generations to come. Making them Smarter Everyday! Sometimes I wish the video didn't end.. I want your videos to keep going! They go by so fast to me... Time does fly by when your learning fun!

  • Rob Temple, II
    Rob Temple, II Před rokem

    I remembered this video, and here it is five months later, and I do believe you are doing a phenomenal job of being aware of your voice, I see the improvement in the videos and live it!!! Keep it up, there are not many who do! "Be the change you want to see in the world"

  • Marc Smith
    Marc Smith Před rokem

    I'm glad to hear you have come to ponder the value of your own viewpoint. Weather you are aware or not you have stumbled upon what it means to be an artist. In a way it is also the artist's struggle. You are exercising an artform through this chanel. I assume you have creative control over your content. Teaching is an artform as well and, you have a talent for it. I guess what I am saying is welcome to the club. ; )

  • jonathon wessling
    jonathon wessling Před rokem

    Man! Your content is super educational, I think if your content has to be as long as it is, let it be because without it, it wouldn't make sense.

  • David Change
    David Change Před rokem

    You're the man Destin. I really enjoy your work. Big fan. I love that you are considering quality over "algorithm love". Keep up the great work.

  • ImBarryScottCSS
    ImBarryScottCSS Před rokem +90

    You're running one of the best educational outlets in the world Destin. Forget shorts, forget pandering to the algorithm, you are doing everything right.
    Thank you sincerely for everything this channel has done, and thank you on behalf of my kids too.

  • Adrian Koch
    Adrian Koch Před rokem +11

    With those acoustics in Notre Dame, imagine how absolutely crazy the fire might have sounded before it destroyed the ceiling.

  • Cars & Coffey
    Cars & Coffey Před rokem

    I’m so grateful for your channel and work. Love the material, perspective and heart and soul of your work.

  • RunningWithEpilepsy
    RunningWithEpilepsy Před rokem

    Really enjoyed the whole feature but I think it’s brilliant that you have brought up the idea of what is important for the people are viewing as ‘people’ not just ‘clicks’. Your content is really good because you give context and background which you can’t often get that from shorts. Good for you sticking to your believes.

  • Kapil Easwar
    Kapil Easwar Před rokem +2

    Thank you for this! I totally agree: we have something magical here on CZcams right now, and I enjoy it everyday. Things are always changing, but I really hope we can hold onto this as long as possible

  • Bryan West
    Bryan West Před rokem

    I love you channel, and it is an example of why I prefer CZcams and only follow one TikTok channel. When I watch a video, I want to learn or experience something new. I can get inspired to go seek out learning about something new with a short video, which is a good thing. But I love watching longer form, well researched, interesting, and educational videos such as yours. Keep up the great work!

  • Leaky Teapot
    Leaky Teapot Před rokem +201

    Destin: "Don't lose your voice"
    Me: "Oh man, I totally agree with everything Destin says."

    • SmaRkieS
      SmaRkieS Před rokem +14

      CZcams: "let's remove the dislike count"

    • foundit
      foundit Před rokem

      @SmaRkieS I know

    • Pierre Van Obberghen
      Pierre Van Obberghen Před rokem

      You made me Laugh out so loud ! Thank you for this one !

  • Jose Padilla
    Jose Padilla Před rokem

    This is an awesome video/concept! Unfortunately we are living in a time where our attention span is very minimum. I work with first graders and can see a change from my generation and this current generation. I’m only 27 and I think I grew up in an awesome time period, in my opinion, where I got a taste of life with and without technology. Social media and technology have a huge influence on our lives and we receive so much information at one time it’s actually overwhelming. I think as a human race we are trying to figure out technology and in particular social media. I can see why these platforms want to keep it short. They’re just to compete with everyone’s attention span but can mislead generation alphas and Z’s in the way they think. Going back to working with first graders. From what I have noticed is they don’t want to have to think for themselves for too long. Now I understand they are just kids but common core in California is suppose to help with their ability to problem solve but I find it a little counter intuitive in the fact that the world is showing them to not be deep thinkers with these social media platforms. Now, this is only my opinion and this is what I have been able to pin point myself but I’m sure there’s parents, educators and anyone can chime in.

  • Michael Vizard
    Michael Vizard Před rokem

    You do you, Destin, the subjects and explanations you have simply cannot nor should not be on a 60 second medium. Whatever feels right to you is simply that, Right.
    This video is fantastic & hopefully is a great way of showing younger people that the things that are removed from our past can no longer be learned from because once they are gone from public consciousness they are soon forgotten. Note Dame should be put back exactly in the way it was before the fires.
    Love the channel Destin, I will definitely go to your other channel. Being disabled I most probably won't get to these places myself & your other channel will allow me to FEEL like I was there. Keep it up Mate 👍🏻🇬🇧

  • RoseDragoness
    RoseDragoness Před rokem

    Thanks Destin! This is one important and heart-warming topic. It is really a conflict to pick what one wants to embrace and what one throwaway while there is a need... like need to survive, more money, fame, etc...

  • Titus Overmyer
    Titus Overmyer Před rokem

    I been watching this channel for a while now. I would say that you have gotten more seasoned in your presentations of things and also being around longer will also have a better chance that we will come back. Always enjoy your thoughful informative content.

  • Jesse RiZu
    Jesse RiZu Před rokem

    Destin, I really apreciate your videos, I'm not english native speaker and in my country CZcams has been consumed by this fast content, I really enjoy your work, and I'm not sure if I get it correctly, but I think it's Ok to change your voice since it's a natural process of learning and maturing, it's not ok if you are changing your voice if you are masking thinks just to make it more entertaning and profitable like that 1min vids that are flooding the internet.
    Keep up the good work Destin. Huge support from Brazil 😊

  • TheMoffwicket
    TheMoffwicket Před rokem +129

    Destin is, without a doubt, one of the very best content creators on CZcams. I can't think of anyone that communicates as clearly, effectively, and thoughtfully as he does.

    • Steph
      Steph Před rokem

      Agreed! Although I know a few other great content creators, like Jon McCray (Whaddo You Meme channel).

    • Timothy Feist
      Timothy Feist Před rokem +2

      And his unbridled joy seen when he learns or discovers or successfully completes a build is so beautiful to see the honesty in his expression in that moment.

    • abdul aziz
      abdul aziz Před rokem +1

      Checkout mustard

    • Favorite Mustard
      Favorite Mustard Před rokem

      @abdul aziz Ty ty, I shall

    • Favorite Mustard
      Favorite Mustard Před rokem

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  • Timccav
    Timccav Před rokem

    I had a goose bump moment listening to you talk about staying true to who your are. Not loosing your voice. It's reassuring to hear your 'not selling out'. Being a true hero to me anyway

    • Timccav
      Timccav Před rokem

      I was lucky enough to visit that cathedral in the early 90s

  • Killagoat
    Killagoat Před rokem

    Its been a month since i have seen your video. During this month I have seen alot of creators referring to your message! You are doing the right thing Destin.

  • Matt Meyer
    Matt Meyer Před rokem

    You put it so well, Destin. My best teachers 50 years ago wanted to teach us how to think for ourselves. That's what makes life rewarding.

  • Batou
    Batou Před rokem

    i hope all content creators watch this. it's becoming increasingly important for this kind of awareness as social media is a worldwide echo chamber that at this point heavily influences nearly every aspect of every thing in the world. too many people do not think of being responsible (or take any care) with their voice of influence in media...

  • TeeJay_757
    TeeJay_757 Před rokem

    I've learned so much from your channel and your passion for learning is inspiring. It's good that you're not going to go down the rabbit hole of chasing views. Don't let their algorithm change yours.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Před rokem +101

    Algorithms from a handful of companies are altering our culture in small increments but not insignificant amounts. It’s important for creators to remember their values. Thank you Destin for keeping them.

    • S F
      S F Před rokem

      Last video's frog in context

  • Giggles' Vids
    Giggles' Vids Před rokem

    I had no idea that CZcams had shown positive effects on mental health, but now that I think about it, that makes sense, and jives.
    About having YOUR voice and not giving into pressure to speak what you think others want to hear, because that will change the future... I have definitely been learning that. Sometimes I feel the draw of saying what someone wants me to say, but I have learned that it is not too damaging to wait and see what I think of it before speaking. And sometimes I don't know for a very long time. It is way less damaging of a relationship move than I thought it would be.
    I grew up in with a psychologically abusive parent, then attended a very pressurey church. It took a lot of time and contemplation and observation for me to take away those layers, and sit with myself to find who I was... And that "me "was something that would flex and change a bit. But I spent a lot of time in my life saying what I thought others wanted to hear. The records of those times are disturbing. It is definitely important to the future to be genuine, and if you don't know what you think yet, it is okay to sit back and gather information first, so you act in the way that is truly yours. Even if that changes, you'll know you did it because of you and the factors of the time, not just copying another's script. And you'll be able to look on that decision with a lot more security.

  • Johannes
    Johannes Před rokem

    I love the point of your video, its exactly what i experience youtube to be evolving towards (if not derailed by leadership), improving in quality with a lot of educational content. Hope it keeps going that way! I don't care about shorts.
    I do want to say however, that what now looks ancient and holy was just the Disney Land of its own time following the urge to sell from the most successful company of all times, i.e. the church.

  • GLB
    GLB Před rokem

    PLEASE - Don't lose your voice! I watch your videos BECAUSE they make me think and I am constantly learning something from your channel. Fight the push for the shorts. Please keep doing what you do!

  • Bryan Draughn
    Bryan Draughn Před 8 měsíci

    This is just the coolest thing in every way!
    Thank you and your team for providing such amazing content!

  • Prajwal Bhagwat
    Prajwal Bhagwat Před rokem

    Very good message ! Really appreciate your effort here to shed light on current mindless social media consumption. Keep making us smarter every day 😃

  • Limitless
    Limitless Před rokem +498

    Completely agree. So many other CZcamsrs I see just copy the latest trend or success, rather than stick to their style that gave them the passion in the first place.

    • danR
      danR Před rokem +5

      Welp, this particular video is _not_ what Destin was/is about.
      It's just another meta/self-absorbed/introspective piece like a million other youTube-identity-crisis "who am I, what is youTube... _really_ , etc." monologues.
      I just want another Destin video about the usual (or unusual) Destin real topics, say "Schlieren Imaging of Butterfly Wing 🦋 in Flight", just to make something up.

    • ecks dee
      ecks dee Před rokem +12

      @danR ur part of the problem

    • NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse
      NiceWhenEarned RudeMostlyElse Před rokem +3

      @ecks dee true, but dude has a solid point, before it gets all weird anyway.

    • Tom P
      Tom P Před rokem +1

      Because they're chasing the money and not the fans

    • QnadianBacon
      QnadianBacon Před rokem +1

      Rhett and Link

  • Daz30
    Daz30 Před rokem

    Good video. I think old photos that is a snapshot in time feels like time-travel in some ways. And still images brings the viewer to a stop and consider what is going on, imagining being there. When you pulled out those small film slides, it reminded me on this cool toy as a kind that was a view finder and you could put in slides and see them seemly bigger and up close. I think they were disney characters. I can't recall. I wonder if those type of viewers still exist. Anyway i sometimes like to look at old photos or places or people and image what their life was like. There are some old film footage from the turn on the century or early on YT that also have the same effect. People staring back at this weird technology called a film motion camera, and some 100+ years later a million people will stare back at them. Its weird. But also makes you think. They never would conceive people will have film and still image tech in every pocket. In many ways it makes the world smaller and more of a distraction where one can feel like going down a fast river of time. Looking at a still image somehow for a moment, feels like freezing time. Wondering about the people in that frozen moment who are gone, but lived in the moment before our time. Sorry for the ramble.

  • Herfinnur Árnafjall
    Herfinnur Árnafjall Před rokem

    I subscribe to both these channels, but they live on such different areas of CZcams that I felt a sort of jolt of disorientation when Mathieu came up on the screen: very cool collaboration!
    Edit: WOW: that software did an amazing job on the low-light footage!

  • 1diggers1
    1diggers1 Před rokem

    Well making data points out of all your videos and graphing them is a solid step at keeping your voice. Nice work!

  • Gerry Beltgens
    Gerry Beltgens Před rokem

    I love your format and content. I have shared it with all four of my grandchildren. They love watching Smarter Every Day with Opa.

  • Lucas Cunha
    Lucas Cunha Před rokem

    I don't know how many time I follow you. But I've liked at a glance, because you make the world of science really interesting. It is very clear that you delivers everything to build a great content.
    Thanks to creat that channel! It's awesome!
    I take advantage for the fact that I learn english, I am brazilian. I don't know if I could be clear, but it is my message.

  • The History Underground
    The History Underground Před rokem +282

    I'm a huge fan of doing these then and now photo projects. It's a great way to connect with history. Appreciate your voice!

    • Logan Martin
      Logan Martin Před rokem +1

      There is a roughly 40 minute video of exploring the Somme and recreating photos taken over a hundred years ago, and its amazing to me that you can see just how much the earth was moved to accommodate the Great War, and just how much of those earthworks still remain exactly the same today.

    • The History Underground
      The History Underground Před rokem

      @Logan Martin Interesting. I’d like to see that.

  • Snarrly Illustration
    Snarrly Illustration Před rokem

    Thank you for ‘not losing your voice’ and sharing this message. I hope to follow that lead in those things I pursue.

  • Void
    Void Před rokem

    The binaural video series could get so much better when it's filmed for VR. Especially now that the tech is getting so much better. Great idea!

  • Spacetime9.81
    Spacetime9.81 Před rokem

    Something I've come across recently is AI enhanced videos from as far back as the 1800's! They are amazing and I can't help but feel so connected to the humans in the videos. Every culture having its own unique identity. This Is like the "voice" you talk about. Each country used to have a very unique and distinguished "voice". Nowadays we have a much more homogenized world.

  • Lyrical Legends
    Lyrical Legends Před 2 měsíci +1

    The person I have most respect for on youtube is Anton Petrov of What tha math. Never did ads and for the longest time didn't had any merch until ppl kept asking for it he made 1 t-shirt. He keeps it real and proofs you don't need all that garbage or produce Hollywood style vids like most do.