One Piece is a weird show

  • čas přidán 2. 09. 2023
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  Před 29 dny +430

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  • Fano
    Fano Před 28 dny +5768

    The reason this show exists is because it's the author's dream to make ONE PIECE reach audiences that would never touch manga and anime.

    • Emma Rod
      Emma Rod Před 28 dny +486

      Exactly, I love animation but this adaptation can exist at the same time with the anime and manga so even more people can enjoy One Piece in the way they like most.

    • sumu
      sumu Před 28 dny +177

      exactly. i dont know why people think the same logics and reasoning for live actions apply to opla. they should've done more research

    • infernos33
      infernos33 Před 28 dny +24

      You beat me to it, but this.

    • ImRightOverHere
      ImRightOverHere Před 28 dny +72

      that's the point, the anger comes from animation not being taken seriously by neither the corporations making it NOR the people who could be watching it.

  • Daniel Baldwin
    Daniel Baldwin Před 26 dny +1722

    I usually agree with you on the whole using real people with cg effects thing, but with one piece a big part of the show is that it's goofy and wacky and doesn't take itself seriously so the stretchy guy who looks really goofy, or the clown who's just a head half the time really leans into it and it works

    • Robotkade
      Robotkade Před 25 dny +26


    • Elodie Elvira
      Elodie Elvira Před 19 dny +4

      still looks bad

    • hastyfx
      hastyfx Před 19 dny +66

      @Elodie Elvirathen simply don’t watch it :D

    • Andreas Klausen
      Andreas Klausen Před 17 dny +17

      @Elodie Elvira I'm sorry that your mum told you that you look bad, I'm sure it's not that bad.

    • g d
      g d Před 17 dny +4

      ​@Elodie Elvirai don't think it actually looks bad, or I guess i'd say it is not bad enough to distract me.

  • Justin Dykes
    Justin Dykes Před 21 dnem +405

    As somebody who has always been intimidated by the amount of episodes in the OG show the fact that one season covered like 90 episodes of source material and was actually enjoyable and I didn’t feel lost was really valuable to me. Seems like it’s a faithful adaptation and it’s gotten me interested in the series

    • whisked away by pixies
      whisked away by pixies Před 16 dny +18

      It's more like 50 episodes, round 95 chapters of the manga

      COBALT BLUE MARU Před 16 dny +9

      its only until the 45th episode in the anime..

    • Haohmaru HL
      Haohmaru HL Před 10 dny +2

      Throwing away important events, character development, changing personalities and overall tone and atmosphere of the series is NOT a faithful adaption

    • Caleb Goodman
      Caleb Goodman Před dnem

      Try around 30-40.

  • Kennard
    Kennard Před 19 dny +196

    As an animator, I'm sure you're well aware of people who outright refuse to watch something just because it's animated. With the live action, you can please fans while bringing in a new audience that may have never given it a chance otherwise.

    • Toon Boy20
      Toon Boy20 Před 13 dny +22

      Frankly, being an adult and not appreciating good storytelling in media just cuz it’s animation is such a regressive view

    • ScarletDragon
      ScarletDragon Před 12 dny +10

      Also, there is people who will refuse to watch something just because it is an adaptation

    • Exauce Mayunga
      Exauce Mayunga Před 7 dny

      ​@Toon Boy20exactly

    • Exauce Mayunga
      Exauce Mayunga Před 7 dny


    • JRL Spiderman
      JRL Spiderman Před 7 dny

      People who look down on animation like it’s inferior to live action, aren’t smart

  • CrunchyTire
    CrunchyTire Před 26 dny +190

    I actually cant believe how good this is. I didn't realize Netflix still had it in them to make a good show. Even with all the source material provided. Im not done with the season but it might be one of the best live action adaptations I've ever seen.

    • alex
      alex Před 15 dny +5

      It likely onle because Eiichiro Oda whonis the original Creator was involved so much in the show.
      I hope Netflix learns from this show.... I don't think I will ever be able to get over the disappointment of the Witcher

  • Alvin Smith
    Alvin Smith Před 22 dny +802

    You're trying too hard to make Nami look bad here. If you watched the show her personality absolutely makes sense.

    • Chase JabL
      Chase JabL Před 20 dny +17

      I'm over 1000 episodes deep, and nothing about that live-action makes any sense to me

    • Tripppy Non-Youtuber
      Tripppy Non-Youtuber Před 19 dny +197

      ​@Chase JabLbro watched 1000 eps of two piece

    • BluLike
      BluLike Před 19 dny +165

      @Chase JabL I am up to date with the anime, and almost everything about that live-action makes sense to me

    • Kooneh Kun
      Kooneh Kun Před 18 dny +32

      ​@Chase JabLbro watched 1000 episodes of adult one piece

    • WhiteShadow
      WhiteShadow Před 17 dny +7

      "uhhh actually, I know better than you" 😂😂😂

  • lil beans
    lil beans Před 28 dny +4083

    Distraught at the loss of Riverdale, Alex decided to watch a show that would literally never end so he would never have to feel that way ever again.

    • Realm of the Random
      Realm of the Random Před 28 dny +62

      Lmao 😂

    • Isabella.
      Isabella. Před 27 dny +73

      what a conclusion. like Netflix won't cancel this anytime. 😭

    • BoldBulldog
      BoldBulldog Před 27 dny +34

      @Isabella. With the success this had?

    • Shravni
      Shravni Před 27 dny +8


    • crystal peaches
      crystal peaches Před 27 dny +43

      @Isabella. theres always the 1074 episode anime lmfao

  • Red Red
    Red Red Před 19 dny +137

    I honestly think they made the cg effects work. It blends really well into the world and the set design. After all, everyone’s already wearing crazy ass costumes, makeup, and wigs. You either suspend your disbelief for the whole thing, or you just don’t experience it the way (I assume) it’s supposed to be experience.

  • Knoppy
    Knoppy Před 26 dny +282

    I had my fiancé watch this with me, he hasn’t seen the anime yet but now he wants to watch both. It makes my younger self so happy. Especially after so many bad Live actions. I hope they continue to work with the anime writer. Because they honestly have knocked it outta the park for me. Down to the casting

    • Thinkingbear
      Thinkingbear Před 18 dny +4

      Yeah I think that the live action has justified its existence by being a really good entry point for people to get into one piece who otherwise would never experience it.

    • jo jo
      jo jo Před 10 dny

      yeah great casting, Luffy is a black kid and then he's a Latino teenager lmao

    • Ms. Valdez
      Ms. Valdez Před 9 dny +1

      ⁠@jo jo Luffy geographically would be Brazilian. He was never white to begin with. And that kid isn’t black he is Colombian American.

    • Evanz111
      Evanz111 Před 5 dny +1

      @jo joDoes that take away from the show?

  • Arcane Edits
    Arcane Edits Před 26 dny +167

    I don't get how adults don't see animated shows as good - like Arcane for example is an amazing show

    • Minimalist Maverick
      Minimalist Maverick Před 20 dny +13

      Arcane is GOATED. One of the best (non anime) animated shows i've ever seen

    • Storm Brown
      Storm Brown Před 3 dny

      Not a single adult here is against animated shows. What are you on about

    • Pokeleo Antiqua
      Pokeleo Antiqua Před 13 hodinami

      @Storm BrownYes yes there is

  • ccreina
    ccreina Před 27 dny +362

    Gash, so simplistic, these characters have so much depth.... Nami is so much more than just, "I am not like other girls" type of person. She becomes loyal to the crew and very important.
    Edit: I can't even describe how good One Piece story is.

    • Calamari
      Calamari Před 26 dny +89

      Agreed, it kinda felt like he drew a lot of conclusions early on without even giving the story the chance to follow through with its setups.

    • milliphant
      milliphant Před 25 dny +5

      I feel like they changed Nami's personality, without changing her character. It works though, just leaves me a little sad

    • Daniel Zakgaim
      Daniel Zakgaim Před 24 dny +23

      @milliphant Love action Nami is definitely more sarcastic than her manga counterpart

    • Angelica Adriel
      Angelica Adriel Před 24 dny +4

      @milliphant Nami character in the manga is caring, intelligent, and cunning. Nami character in the live action is caring, kinda intelligent, but cunning? Nope, she is an independent strong women.

    • MidnightEkaki
      MidnightEkaki Před 20 dny +25

      @Angelica Adriel she was an independent strong woman in the original too and good for her

  • Marco Asturias
    Marco Asturias Před 21 dnem +72

    Ya know, the OP live action actually adds stuff fans (or at least, I) appreciate.
    1) they added scenes were the crew simply talks, about their stuff. Which is something they almost never do in the OG, they mostly play or do stupid stuff when idling and it was nice to see them doing advances into knowing each other.
    2) the Koby / Marine subplot. In the OG, we leave Koby at, like chapter 3 and hw is reintroduced (and buffed) around 400 - 500. To me, it ws kinda jarring to see him be compared with a, now much stronger, Luffy. This change was sloppily shown in 3 Manga pages that were cover for the actual chapters. In the LA, pretty much every episode has him involved with the plot and his story is useful to showcase more of the marine intricacies we were introduced to in a much slower fashion in the OG.
    3) they optimized fighting sequences. Fighting isn't OPs forte. They're for sure charged with emotional and plot significance BUT most are decent, plenty go for far too long and the urge the author has of showing how his battles are larger than life conflicts, has lead to cutting off the action of one fight to show another, and another, and another and we can have up to 9 different conflicts happening at the same time and the effect is sometimes nausea inducing. This has definitely worsen over the years BUT the LA has condensed all the good for fast yet rewarding fight scenes. For example: Mihawk's introduction.
    4) they removed "non deaths". Nowadays Oda actually killed off some minor named characters, but early in the Manga showed he had fear of traumatizing children or something, so characters often gotten grave injuries that they easily shrug off. Not in the LA tho and we even got Zoro actually hunting and killing some pirates!
    5) early integrations to the greater narrative. There's stuff that in the OG gets retconed through flashbacks, in the LA it was shown fairly naturally (Fishmen being looked down upon, the hatred the ilk like Arlon has towards humans).
    Also, things that are introduced too abruptly (koby) and/or in the immediate arc it will be relevant (Nolan's tale).
    I think Oda used the opportunity the LA is to, either make the details more evident, and/or make preemptive retcons of stuff he clearly invented on the fly back in the day with the OG.
    I think the reading of: "why bother making the live action when the og exists" doesn't apply for OP. The Manga has it's strengths, just like the Anime and now the Live Action. OP might not be perfect, but it is One Piece, and that's all it needs to be, and the LA IS One Piece!

    • Sammy Kent
      Sammy Kent Před 12 dny +2

      1) We get this a lot in the original story. I don't know what you're talking about here.
      2) Completely unnecessary and adds absolutely nothing. It's not like Koby actually gets stronger in the live action version anyway so this point is bizarre. And the Koby cover story was NOT three pages. Not to mention they managed to cut out a lot of essential parts regarding Helmeppo's character despite focusing more on it than the manga. The Garp stuff makes no sense. Especially Garp sending a Warlord after Luffy.
      3) this point is just... What? Luffy Vs Arlong is better in the LA than the anime/manga? Luffy Vs Kuro? Luffy Vs Buggy? I really need to ask, when did you last read/watch East Blue Saga? Almost all of Luffy's fights are considerably worse. Most fights definitely lack the same amount of impact or emotionality compared to the manga/anime. I genuinely have no idea how you can say the LA improved on them. What about Mihawk's introduction is better actually? He killed Don Krieg offscreen? How is that better?
      4) Death fakeouts are an annoyance in One Piece, but ultimately they don't really affect the plot much especially during the East Blue saga which the LA is covering.
      5) what was retconned about Arlong?
      I see this a lot with people praising the live action for fixing problems that weren't problems during the saga that the series is adapting. East Blue didn't have pacing issues. The fights weren't drawn out. The most you can say it adds are the Easter eggs possibly setting up future events, but those are so minor. Like really, does it add much of anything that Nami read Nolan's tale to Zoro? It's just an Easter Egg for fans of the source material, but narratively it didn't mean much. And people hark so much about how it's surprising to see Koby's growth at his reappearance? It's *supposed* to be surprising. That's the whole point of it. Narratively his presence added nothing and was just distracting to the plot.

  • Azmin Ali BSP
    Azmin Ali BSP Před 28 dny +9213

    All jokes aside, I appreciate that the people working on the live action adaptation of One Piece managed to make it work.

    • Wubz
      Wubz Před 28 dny +85

      Thats what im saying

    • DerpyBoi
      DerpyBoi Před 28 dny +116

      Totally dude I'm a bit of a fan of the anime and when the trailer came out it was so eye catching and also how they made the boats and when I saw it they did such an amazing job and I'm glad they put so much passion to this adaption

    • Blu I.X.
      Blu I.X. Před 28 dny +34

      It didn't work, the show is awful

    • Damned
      Damned Před 28 dny +183

      @Blu I.X.maybe for you. Just leave the live action be. Let other people enjoy it.

    • Matsuda_Blossom
      Matsuda_Blossom Před 28 dny +64

      It was backed by Oda, if something looked off then he would fix it.

  • Cipher
    Cipher Před 10 dny +80

    Bro, you can’t be dissing a show that is undeniably in the top 5 pieces of fiction of all time

    • Storm Brown
      Storm Brown Před 3 dny +1

      But this is the live action version. As a first time watcher it's a really poor introduction. The anime is probably better

    • Katelyn Nguyen
      Katelyn Nguyen Před dnem +1

      @Storm Brown Oh the anime is definitely better the live action has very poor acting and doesn’t even follow the story and plot in the manga

    • sedanchair
      sedanchair Před 6 hodinami

      Which show is that?

  • Areo Panda
    Areo Panda Před 22 dny +67

    You ask “why make a live action if the anime is right there” well personally I think it’s the same reason we adapt books to film. Sure live action and animation are both visual medium, but they are different media. While the live action does follow the anime story, it does have changes that aid in storytelling and cohesive. it also just cool seeing set design, costumes, lighting, etc of the film.

    • gabriel
      gabriel Před 9 dny

      That is such a stupid question

  • ouesturn
    ouesturn Před 20 dny +53

    As someone who grew up watching the anime and reading the manga, I wholeheartedly admit that they have the best ever live adaptation. I'm looking forward to the next seasons to come and hope they do even better.

  • Kelsey Baloney
    Kelsey Baloney Před 18 dny +22

    I love how the strangeness of the character designs bordered on uncomfortable for me. I’ve never watched a show like this and enjoyed it before. Everything was so wonderfully weird and fun. I absolutely loved all the characters, the set pieces, the cinematography and the music. This show felt like a breath of fresh air for me and I can’t wait for season 2🙌🏻

  • Lorronzo
    Lorronzo Před 17 dny +15

    This was one of the best 'feel good' shows I've seen in a long time 😊

  • SuperFlik
    SuperFlik Před 28 dny +4950

    "One Piece is the weirdest show"
    And that's why we love it.

  • Athena Amiga
    Athena Amiga Před 18 dny +20

    I’m not a fan of one piece but I have to say the cinematography, costume design and special effects of this show are brilliant! They really brought the cartoon to life!

  • karla
    karla Před 27 dny +49

    As an One Piece fan, I can say that the thing about this life action, especially. It's cuz it was refreshing! One Piece has +22 years of anime and seeing its story being told in a new and alt way without damaging its meaning it's just refreshing and fantastic. I've watched One Piece (anime) abt 3 times and while watching the life action I felt as it was my first time ever watching it. This feeling was just amazing for me and now I can understand why there's such a desire for good life actions (despite of the money it brings). I've always wanted to have the experience of watching one piece for the first time again and I absolutely LOVED having that experience with this series.

    FINAL Před 19 dny +24

    Not a fan of live action, but still can't deny you can feel the heart they put in to make it perfect

  • Steven
    Steven Před 27 dny +25

    I don’t believe this is an attack on animation as you would put it. It allowed me to digest a mountain of content that would otherwise feel like a chore. Furthermore, I’ve now gained interest in the anime and began my One Piece journey.

  • Eleven Eleven
    Eleven Eleven Před 19 dny +13

    I’m a One Piece fan and I loved this adaptation! Yes it lives in the uncanny valley but it’s supposed to. They changed things around but for me it works. It’s definitely One Piece and I hope we get more. The actors and writers seem to really understand the source material 🏴‍☠️❤

  • Framed Games
    Framed Games Před 28 dny +3308

    I think the real success of this show is the fact that they took ~45 episodes of the anime (roughly 1035 minutes), and turned it into ~8 hours (480 minutes) without significantly changing the underlying story, and all the while giving fans what they want to see.

    • Miriam Weller
      Miriam Weller Před 28 dny +191

      Not hard to do, when you cut out all the stretch they put into the animes. XD

    • RedwoodTheElf
      RedwoodTheElf Před 28 dny +164

      @Miriam Weller yeah, about half the Anime is filler or recaps.

    • Dragoner Productions
      Dragoner Productions Před 28 dny +92

      That just shows how much filler is in the actual anime.

    • DANCERcow
      DANCERcow Před 28 dny +47

      No, a better comparison here is when you cut out a lot from the manga! The anime is definitely not all filler. 15% of one piece is filler not that much

    • Ben
      Ben Před 28 dny +43

      @DANCERcowa lot of the episodes are mixed though rather than having filler arcs like bleach or naruto. There’s some ofc but the pace in normal eps is a lot slower

  • M. Griffin
    M. Griffin Před 27 dny +14

    The last line in this video is why they made it. If you weren’t going to watch the 1000+ episodes before, then you most likely never would. Now you and many other non-anime consuming people can be introduced to the story in the medium they prefer. And there is the slimmest of chances that these new watchers may be intrigued to check out the manga/anime.

  • Solitary Soldier
    Solitary Soldier Před 21 dnem +21

    That's the beauty of one piece. Being wierd, humourous and brutal at the same time with an exceptional story and beautifully written characters. It's very hard to convert into live action and sill look how good the production team did their job .

    KHEII Před 20 dny +7

    I mean we know some people don't watch animation that much and even less anime so in this case I find it understandable that they made a live action of one of the most well known anime/manga that came way long ago and it's still ongoing, it really makes it easier for everyone to watch it and of course it's not a copy of the original.
    I'm actually glad that this series is going so well :)

  • Some random guy
    Some random guy Před 16 dny +11

    There's a lot of people that aren't gonna watch the anime because it's too slow, because they just don't watch animation (it's fOr kiiIidS, duH) or because they don't like the japanese style. This show is a perfect way for them to watch the story since they go quite faster and take out some of the elements that only work in animation (certain characters being too pervert, greedy or stupid)

    RAHHH RAHHH Před 25 dny +8

    11:42 I think the value of it is that it brings a whole new tone to the show, and also how cool it is to see live action vfx. It’s cool for the audience to see a plot they find perfect adapted into a different tone where the characters aren’t doing all the tropey anime things. it also helps the imagination, it adapts beautifully made animated worlds into a setting where the viewer can visualize themselves actually seeing it instead of just imagining what it would be like.

  • AnimationNoob
    AnimationNoob Před 28 dny +1636

    Honestly I don’t know what’s more surprising. The fact that a live action anime actually turned out well or the fact that it was made by *_Netflix._*

    • Trazyn the Infinite
      Trazyn the Infinite Před 28 dny +26

      Give it its chance to shit the bed. Some ppl take running leaps.

    • Sydney Yelity-Paul
      Sydney Yelity-Paul Před 28 dny +5

      Both lol

    • shrimphotel
      shrimphotel Před 28 dny +35

      Alice in Borderland has entered the chat

    • Noma 101
      Noma 101 Před 28 dny +3

      Yesssss I just finished it and loved it

    • Mili Taquichiri
      Mili Taquichiri Před 28 dny +7

      ​​@shrimphotelthat show was so cringe. Everybody trying to act like an stereotypical anime character. Alice quickly lost the spotlight, everybody is better than him even in the games but they keep treating him like he is a special guy.

  • JC Kane
    JC Kane Před 4 dny +2

    I've never understood the dislike of a live action version of something purely because it's live action. Some people do wonder "What would this be like if it looked real?"

  • Agent Wisconsin
    Agent Wisconsin Před 26 dny +9

    they did change a lot besides the small things like the buggy stuff was mostly in a town and not in a circus tent but also major changes like the sub plot with Kobi or almost everything with garp. it deviates from the source material but it keeps with the spirit of one piece. especially with how involved Odo was with this.

  • nat rodriguez
    nat rodriguez Před 14 dny +5

    I think the point it exists is to be sort of an entry point to the anime/manga for viewers who otherwise would be less inclined to watch it in the source formatting. It can also be sort of a more abridged version since there are 1000+ episodes/chapters. I've had some friends avoid One Piece because of how many eps. it currently has
    All that to say, to basically reach an even wider audience than it had before is why live actions are being created

  • marina weikum
    marina weikum Před 20 dny +4

    as someone whos seen only like 100 episodes when they were 12ish.....i REALLY enjoyed the netflix version. It captures the spirit. You can see how much love and effort the actors put into it.....idk. i loved it.

  • Devoid
    Devoid Před 15 dny +4

    11:28 i fully understand and before watching i felt the same way but now that ive seen the love its recieving im glad this can be a jumping off point for people who didnt want to start One Piece since its yknow 1000+ episodes. A way for people to tip their toe in the water and see if theyre ready to get it.

  • Kent Inson
    Kent Inson Před 28 dny +5932

    Hearing Alex calling Luffy "Monkey" feels so weird compared to One Piece's wackiness

    • Ty
      Ty Před 28 dny +677

      Gotta be some kind of sin to call Luffy monkey especially since the characters repeatedly call him Luffy.

    • phyconinja
      phyconinja Před 28 dny +243

      It's also on purpose, because he calls Roronoa Zoro for Zoro.

    • DemonPorkRAWR
      DemonPorkRAWR Před 28 dny +23

      Word. :/

      IfOUGHTpIRANHAz Před 28 dny +45

      Hearing who? Oh, you mean Meyers.

    • Tre' Weis
      Tre' Weis Před 28 dny +35

      @phyconinja but that makes sense but calling luffy monkey makes no sense

  • skullbunny91
    skullbunny91 Před 12 dny +4

    Honestly I tried to get into one piece years ago, a real concerted effort too, but I only made it up to vol 5 and I couldn’t get into it or the anime. But I really loved the live action, it felt really accessible, and I was able to fall in love with the characters, so now I’m reading the manga, which I really like. (I like the anime a little less but that could be because it’s just like the manga. The OP is my fave part.)

  • Dragontamer05
    Dragontamer05 Před 26 dny +3

    While i admit there are some things here and there i wish they didn't change / had to be omitted because of changes or whatever the reason, over all i still quite enjoyed the series. It still very much carries the tone and heart of the original
    I do kind of wish they went all the way with the Going Merry and embraced the more cartoony / fun look of the manga for the ships figured head (really shows the fun seemingly non threatening at first glance feel of the straw hat crew) but it's a small detail and doesnt ruin anything

  • Labooje
    Labooje Před 26 dny +14

    11:47 "What's the point?"
    Remind me again why you never started watching the One Piece anime but you watched this.

  • agust_ dino
    agust_ dino Před 25 dny +7

    The anime was my favourite thing when I was 8, I loved it sm. But since then I haven't kept up with it and unfortunately I forgot a lot of the plot. So the live action is actually great for me because I felt super nostalgic while watching it and it made me reconnect with this part of my childhood. I think it was extremely well made and it's apparent how much everyone involved respects and likes the source material. I'm super excited about it and can't wait for season 2.

  • Hunts Hutch
    Hunts Hutch Před 17 dny +1

    I think this is the only adaptation that I was really surprised by, because it was good enough and stuck to the source material to get me into watching the anime. There's so many loud and fast paced demanding tropes in anime that I am just like, "no thx." Plus this was a very FAST way to consume it

  • Dustin Roberts
    Dustin Roberts Před 28 dny +1452

    Fun fact: The idea for a live action adaptation of One Piece actually came from the creator himself because he wants more people to be interested in One Piece.

    • Alexis Frances
      Alexis Frances Před 27 dny +55

      I was looking for this comment before writing it myself 👍
      I loved this series, it made me want to pick up the Anime again even if I don't know where and when I stopped. Like Luffy, I'm embarking on a long journey haha so mission accomplish by the creator

    • Hana Uzaki
      Hana Uzaki Před 27 dny +11

      ​@Alexis FrancesI read the whole thing and it's still going but the wait for the next chapter takes a while. On the anime though I stop somewhere in Punk Hazard. To me reading was just a better experience.

    • Mumfordboy Dylan
      Mumfordboy Dylan Před 27 dny +13

      Something for everyone, manga, anime, and live action

    • I.D.
      I.D. Před 27 dny +35

      Oda really made a smart choice, because the show is solid and acceptable to mainstream media

    • Carta 360
      Carta 360 Před 27 dny +21

      Never bothered with one piece coze it has too many episodes. So the live action definitely got me into liking it

  • Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

    Why is this something that needs to happen? Because not everyone has the time nor the patience to watch 1000 episodes of a show. Although I will say that watching the first season of the live action intrigued me enough to start both reading the manga and watching the anime simultaneously so maybe it will inspire more to finally want to take that plunge but for the ones who don’t, it keeps the story beats that you’re not missing anything super important and it serves as a suitable telling of the source material while reimagining certain things with the time constraints that still show love of the source material.

  • Kassandra Grace
    Kassandra Grace Před 24 dny +5

    I feel like the way to do a good a live action (especially with popular anime) is to find a good mix between staying true to the original while also adding new things (You can't make a live action identical because the anime its based off will be just be better ?). I think one piece has done this perfectly, they've kept a bit of the goofiness that one piece is known for but aged it up a bit because the kid fans are adults now. It's still watchable for non-anime fans and will get anime fans into one piece (if not already)
    And on top of that, the sets are STUNNING. The Baratie is gorgeous, *chefs kiss* (pun intended)

  • KynKouture
    KynKouture Před 26 dny +10

    At some point I thought Alex would realize Monkey was Luffy’s surname since he lived in Japan but it actually makes everything One Piece seem less goofy for some reason lol

  • WooperLord
    WooperLord Před 26 dny +11

    This may be a weird show, but that’s what I love about this show! I am glad that the One Piece show actually turned out great!

  • West Side is da best
    West Side is da best Před 20 dny +1

    I'm two episodes in and I love it. Imagine how remaining faithful to the original source material actually works!

  • RealAlexCross
    RealAlexCross Před 27 dny +1908

    As someone who literally knows nothing about One Piece and only watched the live action on a whim ... It's a pretty cool show and I'm happy for the long term fans that get to experience what is apparently a pretty faithful adaptation.

    • Kelly
      Kelly Před 26 dny +35

      I've never seen One Piece either but I wish I did! I'm really happy for the One Piece fans that they got what they wanted in a live action remake and for the original creator to be involved... unlike the Disney remakes. I'm a huge Disney fan and all I want is a 1:1 adaptation. Super disappointed with Mulan I can't even explain

    • Gabrielle Valentino
      Gabrielle Valentino Před 25 dny +19

      My brother's love the anime I was like eh cause I don't care for many animes just not my thing and were watching this when I was over to say I was hooked would be an understatement

    • Normalitye
      Normalitye Před 24 dny +17

      ​@Kellythe live action isnt 1:1, alot changed in the live action, a big one is garps character. The live action makes him way more serious compared to the anime. In the anime Garp is more goofy, funny and only serious when he really needs to be.

    • Madellyn Pineda
      Madellyn Pineda Před 24 dny +4

      Same. I just started watching the anime, and watched the live action. I'm so happy for the fans, but also jealous lol. I wish dbz and Saint Seiya would have gotten these kind of live action. 😢

    • Violet
      Violet Před 23 dny +4

      One piece fans have their complaints of the show that seem pretty valid. Mainly characters not acting like the said character. But then I see non one piece fans who likes the live action, argue with the OP-fans 😰 telling them to get over it and not everything have to be exact…. Which is weird cause personality is a big deal.

  • Jp
    Jp Před 26 dny +9

    Lots of people dont watch anime, thats why they made the live action. They wanna introduce people to one piece without having them to be forced to watch an animation they won't enjoy. Even for me who watches the anime i still really enjoyed the live action.

  • DJ Panaligan
    DJ Panaligan Před 21 dnem +2

    Halfway to the video, I can already feel a little bit of bitterness that people once again will forget about animation and animators, and I was right 😅, I feel you, I'm an animator myself for 12 years. BUT!... this show to me is really good and I enjoyed it a lot!❤ another great video 👍

  • IamGravel
    IamGravel Před 25 dny +2

    Being a fan of One Piece and watching the show I think it is the best live action adaptation of an anime Netflix has done so far. One Piece is still best enjoyed through the manga or anime for new fans, however this show does a pretty good job for existing fans by respecting the source material and finding a good balance between the anime and live action style and tone. It is no easy feat to make a guy who is made out of rubber into real-life and not be just a big joke.

  • bleep blop
    bleep blop Před 25 dny +1

    never seen the anime but I think the live action is really good! I think the show just feels expensive and well-thought out - like you can tell a lot went into it. all the actors they've hired are really good in their roles and the 8 eps seems more enticing than committing to 1000 episodes of an anime. each ep so far isn't a drag either (i'm on ep 5) - something's happening almost all the time

  • Arata Yamato
    Arata Yamato Před 25 dny +2

    As much as I love anime, I do enjoy the idea of a live action adaptation. It helps give you an idea on what the beloved world you watch would look like in reality. There are some animes I really want to be turned into live action because I love them so much (if that makes any sense). Whether to love them or cringe at them, I would watch it if I enjoyed the anime. But that doesn’t mean I want the live action to take over. The amount of time and effort 2D animation takes is breath taking and it deserves a LOT more love than it’s currently getting.

  • Krista Davis
    Krista Davis Před 28 dny +1505

    It was impressive how they made the live action still feel animated. I kinda want to see the original after binging the live action. Kudos to the studio for not draining the life out of the series

    • Sara Fontanini
      Sara Fontanini Před 27 dny +26

      do it c:I'msure you'll find ways to enjoy both versions, there's plenty of differences

    • TheVeR01
      TheVeR01 Před 27 dny +18

      man... when you come back from binging that, aliens will have come by with our galactic uber order.

    • Bebe Soule
      Bebe Soule Před 27 dny

      Very impressive

    • GehtDich NichtsAn
      GehtDich NichtsAn Před 27 dny +8

      I give you one recommendation, read it. You can still watch parts of the Anime if you wanna see the Voice Acting, Music, Performance, but reading will save you so much time, you see the actual intended scenes and art used, and you won't go mad from the abyssmal pacing that Toei is known for.

    • Bro Code
      Bro Code Před 27 dny +1

      Same I use to watch the anime but after seeing the live action, it renewed my interest in the anime. Which I feel like it’s like that for alot of ppl because the anime is in popular today category of Netflix once again

  • C. Ameh
    C. Ameh Před 25 dny +7

    They did a good job for a live action movie. Best I've seen, honestly. I'm not a fan of the animation, but I enjoyed the live action.

    MAQUINAX Před 25 dny +2

    Coming from a weekly OP manga and anime watcher, this adaptation was so well made and I love the small changes made so old fans wouldn’t just be watching a East Blue remaster (*cough cough* Episode of East Blue *cough cough*) Oda, Matt Owens and the whole cast did an amazing job. Only thing I didn’t like was Ben Beckman’s casting, Im sure he can play the character well and all but hey, it’s not like we gon see him much if not at all anyways 💀

  • V i
    V i Před 26 dny +1

    I got so many goosebumps moments watching 😢 it was so worth for me cause one piece is one of the anime that made me laugh and cried many times

  • Keirkan
    Keirkan Před 25 dny +3

    The animation actually made it really hard for me to watch One Piece. So having something that’s sticking close to the source material even if live action is nice cause I like it so far.

  • Dean The Laughing Mann
    Dean The Laughing Mann Před 26 dny +1

    Considering Netflix's track record for spoopy live-action anime, this was one series I was surprised had managed to start well out the gate. The anime may be several hundred episodes long, even past the 1000 mark now, but you really tune into it for the characters and the adventure. There's no doubt that the series will end at some point.
    And yet, consider that the series worked in enough material to span over 1000 episodes in length. That implies a huge world filled with numerous characters. And with the whole premise of the show being pirates and other parties vying for an epic treasure hidden somewhere in this huge world, and Luffy being our focal character with his crew mates, it really feels like we've gotten dealt a world that feels not only huge but is alive. So many different characters, personalities, places to's the kind of worldbuilding that we don't often get to see but we hope to.
    But there's a weakness in the One-Piece live-action. Actors age. And productions can take at least a year or two at a time. Whereas in animation, characters do not. Not unless the story being told requires them to. And I seriously doubt the live-action is going to successfully tell a comprehensive story spanning over 1000+ episodes without cutting out some filler, some unnecessary arcs. But that can be a strength IF applied correctly to focus on the more meaningful elements, the major story beats of the anime.
    I'll still give the live-action a watch since it sounds like the creator gave his approval of it, and it seems to be tracking nicely so far. But I ultimately recommend folks to watch the anime. The journey is worth it.

  • Foggy
    Foggy Před 28 dny +1388

    Calling Nami one of those “not like other girls” girls is
    Definitely a little strangely insulting

    • BlizyOn30fps
      BlizyOn30fps Před 28 dny +96

      That’s one thing I don’t like that much about the live action. She was kinda iffy at the start of the anime too but it was in a different way, I can’t really explain it

    • Foggy
      Foggy Před 28 dny +298

      @BlizyOn30fps she was louder in her hatred of pirates as to oppose her more quiet hatred in the live action, but that makes sense. We all remember how Cowboy Bebop’s Ed showed you can’t do anime acting in live action directly

    • Diablo Mask
      Diablo Mask Před 28 dny +39

      ​@BlizyOn30fps The anime has a comedic tone that makes most characters fun to watch, Nami and Zoro were involved in many funny scenes, which made them likable. The live action sacrificed that in order to maintain some level of realism, so they both felt like they have a stick up their ass.

    • branco marolia
      branco marolia Před 28 dny +13

      ​@BlizyOn30fpswell I felt the same especially when she was shown as a fighting expert in the very first arc itself and here hate for pirates was tonned down alot

    • BlizyOn30fps
      BlizyOn30fps Před 28 dny

      @Diablo Mask yea you worded it better than I ever could

  • Brandon LeeTreverton
    Brandon LeeTreverton Před 25 dny +1

    The show is great to watch when you're already a fan, it's nice to know it's not just good for the fans but for newcomers as well

  • Danielle
    Danielle Před 26 dny +1

    This is an amazing live action!!!! I was smiling ear to ear almost every episode lol

  • Blu
    Blu Před 26 dny +1

    One Piece is my favourite anime (and I've watched ALOT of anime !). I binged everything on the same day and I was pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable it all was (: ! They managed to get the outfits, mannerisms and personalities of all the characters show in only 8 episodes, and the powers translated way better live than I could have ever imagined ❤!
    They've given us all the most iconic scenes in a pretty faithful way and shortened some unnecessary long plotpoints !
    I was so nervous they'd ruin the adaptation but now I'm very excited for the next season 🥰

  • nunoaldian
    nunoaldian  Před 12 dny +1

    I think the live action is a good way to share one piece great lore and story to larger audience whom doesn’t necessarily like anime/animation(yes there are just some people whom I know just doesn’t like animation media, and they’re free not to like them). BUT with this those people could enjoy the story too! I mean even my mom watched it and she likes it very much and get excited for next season lol.
    I used to watch the anime as a kid(but I don’t remember much), but because I watch it from local tv cable it’s a bit hard to catch up to it. Then when I’m older, and want to go back into it, I got intimidated by the episode/chapter numbers tbh, because I can’t invest time for catching up(I mean 1000+ episode?) So with the live action, it’s like I can finally go into this world again!
    And I also kinda heard that even when the story is close to the source material it isn’t 1:1 either, so I guess it could stand alone on itself, without only repeating the animation/manga, but also not straying too far.

  • Yagmur Kurnaz
    Yagmur Kurnaz Před 9 dny +2

    One time i have to disagree with you. This is the best live action work ever. It brought old timers like me great nostalgia and newbies something to discover.
    Also Japanese dub has original voice actors of anime how cool is that?❤

  • Monkey D. Gus
    Monkey D. Gus Před 28 dny +2285

    Great video but I honestly lost it everytime you called Luffy ‘Monkey’😭

    • Blair Mason
      Blair Mason Před 28 dny +176

      I’m yelling at the screen, “IT’S LUFFY!!!!”

    • Newguy Roy
      Newguy Roy Před 28 dny +114

      Monkey (family name) d (mysterious middle inital) Luffy (given name)

    • Ashley R
      Ashley R Před 28 dny +3

      I love your pfp ❤

    • NyGeL
      NyGeL Před 28 dny +40

      I'm pretty sure he did it to specifically annoy you

    • DB7
      DB7 Před 28 dny +13

      *Fake One Piece fans when they learn Luffy's full name*

  • 7h3Y3ll0wD4r7
    7h3Y3ll0wD4r7 Před 22 dny +21

    Can't believe I watched that entire thing waiting to find out why you call him "Monkey" when every.single.character. in the show calls him "Luffy". And you spent years in Japan, you KNOW that's not his first name.
    Also baffled that you, someone who has never watched or read One Piece, watched the live action adaptation to see what it's like and walked away wondering "What was the point of making this, just watch the anime". My brother in Christ, YOU are the point.

    • Ru jon
      Ru jon Před 22 dny +6

      exactly this dude is like 'man this live actions trash people should stick to the anime but no way am i actually gonna watch the anime cuz its way too long '

  • Trey Staton
    Trey Staton Před 25 dny +1

    Also they updated the characters a lot and made them more enjoyable/adult in the live action

  • Wink
    Wink Před 21 dnem +1

    I watched the live action with my fiancé and our roommate, who have both watched One Piece while I haven't seen any of it at all, and we all enjoyed it. They're probably going to make me watch all of it someday in exchange for me showing them both all of Sailor Moon

  • Liam
    Liam Před 18 dny

    Captain Morgan’s kid is perfect. Just saw the first few episodes of the anime and he’s playing the role perfectly. Still not convinced they didn’t cgi his mouth to be that huge when he laughs


    As a manga and anime op fan this live action had me invested they followed the source material as in the arcs 😂but did everything else differently,
    And guess what it works, had me saying " wow they did that wonder what other changes they’ll do"🤔🤔🤔 for the 1st time I felt like a new op fan the live action did so well In capturing the essence of op without it having to be 1 for 1 it’s great for new fans and for us old fans

  • banana dance
    banana dance Před 28 dny +735

    "Translators note: Japanese people will often laugh when they think something is funny or feeling happy in some way"

    • LivPC
      LivPC Před 28 dny +61

      Just according to keikaku!
      (Translator's note: keikaku means plan)

    • Chibi Cosmos
      Chibi Cosmos Před 28 dny +15

      Weeaboo fansubs were something

  • Zeo
    Zeo Před 25 dny

    Was definitely surprised how well this show came out

  • Vesstig
    Vesstig Před 13 dny +1

    I used to assume all anime or game to video adaptations would be bad but One Piece and Twisted Metal have both gone above and beyond what I previously thought possible, Its great news for future studios trying similar projects at least if this quality can be replicated.

  • Valiant Bradley James
    Valiant Bradley James Před 7 dny

    I'm a long time fan of one piece and I liked this adaptation, it's not as in depth as the anime/manga but the series by itself does tell a good story.
    The point of another version of the same story is to tweak some elements, make some changes and see what works. It is different enough to be its own story (and there are some things I didn't like as much in this version, a few of the crew just seem to say okay i'll join with no real issue or reason Sanji and Usopp) "You hung out with my dad and you seem cool, i like you" and "the old man wants me to leave the restaurant so i can follow our dream that i've put on the back burner for so long"
    i think of this as a good test for those who may have seen bits and pieces of the anime and are on the fence. If you watch this 8 hours you'll know if you're interested int he series or not.

  • Sophie :)
    Sophie :) Před 21 dnem +2

    I'd never watched the original so when Luffy turned stretchy I was so confused and I was like "ohhhhhhh, it's that kinda show.. cool :)"

  • -𝙆𝙚𝙣𝙣𝙚𝙙𝙮 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙢𝙗𝙚𝙧𝙨 . ♡

    i honestly love this show i've seen my brothers watching the anime before but i never thought id become this interested in the series right after i started watching the anime. cant wait till 224 when they release season 2. the amount of accuracy they hit hiring actress for these roles are crazy too.

  • Goleon
    Goleon Před 28 dny +799

    The reason why it’s so faithful to the source material is because the mangaka/creator Oda was supervising it from the start. He even had the final say in casting and admitted via a letter he posted online that this show would only be released if he gave the ok to do so. Also he approved all the changes made and flat out said that if fans want to get at someone for that they can go at him cause it was all his doing.

    • Jed Valencia
      Jed Valencia Před 28 dny +82

      good thing that writers and producers actually listened to him unlike those one that antagonized the creator and fans

    • Goleon
      Goleon Před 28 dny +62

      @Jed Valencia - It also helps that the entire staff and a lot of the cast are big fans of the manga/anime which you can tell big time via the behind the scenes and promotional videos or just by looking up on how the outfits are nods to ones the characters wore in the art spreads or on the covers. A lot of love and passion went into this which is what it needed to succeed and is an example on how to do an adaptation right which is why most (keyword most) comic based movies usually do so well.

    • Necromancer
      Necromancer Před 28 dny +2

      Why'd he choose such old actors?

    • Goleon
      Goleon Před 28 dny +48

      @Necromancer - Because they best represent the character. There’s a video from Netflix itself of Iñaki meeting Oda who admits to him that he picked him to be Luffy because he made him laugh and showed that he’s Luffy in real life which was something none of the other actors auditioning could do. Iñaki captured and showcases the spirit of Luffy. That’s why he got the role.

    • Goleon
      Goleon Před 28 dny +40

      @Necromancer - Also they’re not that old. I mean jfc Iñaki recently turned twenty.

  • Greg Stunts
    Greg Stunts Před 19 dny

    What’s worked for the show is they follow the manga and anime when it’s possible, but changes are made so that the show still works well as live action.

  • reven148
    reven148 Před 26 dny

    The live action doesn't follow the source material verbatim. It adapts it into its own narrative. The manga didn't have so much koby and garp, which is fine as it just adds another side to the story and introduces a character early so its not following the manga to the letter and the live action completely changes the motivation of mihawks first appearance by taking don kreig out of the narrative. It's not bad though and I look forward to seeing where it goes as long as Netflix doesn't cancel it like everything else. I liked the live action cowboy bebop too, there was nothing wrong with that except the depiction of vicious.

  • Jessica Diaz (D20)
    Jessica Diaz (D20) Před 26 dny +1

    The fan sub part killed me. Thank you for taking me back to my youth, in the time of dinosaurs.

  • Sparkle
    Sparkle Před 26 dny

    I only watched around 10-15 episodes of the anime before giving up because of how long the show is XD. When I heard about the live action I was actually surprised with how okay it looked lol. Normally live action shows/movies of anime tend to look like dog shit so I was like "hey I might check this out". I haven't watched it just yet (I already know the basic gist of the story at the beginning so It's not like I'm getting spoiled watching this lol.) My friend is a HUGE fan of one piece and said they liked it, so if they like it, I probably will too :)

  • Amethyst
    Amethyst Před 22 dny +1

    At first I though the live action was gonna be really weird but when I watched it, it was actually pretty good, I can't wait for the 2nd season

  • jalapeño of justice
    jalapeño of justice Před 27 dny +1334

    I would argue this show is not just for people who don't watch anime, but it also serves as a condensed retelling for people who don't have time to commit to 1000+ episodes of a show. They also made enough changes to it that it has value beyond just recreating iconic scenes in live action - the entire B plot with the marines is new, and the Syrup Village arc was changed from a big fight on the beach to something almost like a slasher movie just to name a couple examples.

    • E M
      E M Před 27 dny +61

      True, I honestly wasn't expecting as much Coby and Helmeppo as we got, which was nice bc I have been a bit curious at how that friendship developed. And it's nice to see the Garp reveal happen early, esp as it also let's the conflict with the World Government be more a forefront issue for the viewers from the get-go.

    • Zayer
      Zayer Před 26 dny +8

      It's garbage

    • Blurro
      Blurro Před 26 dny +10

      its a better adaptation than the anime is, the anime adaptation of one piece is awful imo

    • HigglyBiggly
      HigglyBiggly Před 26 dny +46

      ​@Zayeryour opinion, sure. It's a bad opinion, but you can still have it.

  • jijigri
    jijigri Před 24 dny

    As someone who wouldn't have the time to watch the 1000+ episodes of One Piece, I think this show is pretty great at recapping the big plot points in a more digestible number of episodes

  • Scythe the Rogue
    Scythe the Rogue Před 11 dny +1

    I prefer the live action because it’s the only version of one piece that I can properly enjoy. I don’t have time to read the manga and the anime is too long and drawn out for me to stay interested. One piece in this condensed form keeps me interested and entertained while also keeping everything important. There is no filler episodes. Just good, consistent story without any of the touch and go from other versions.

  • Annie
    Annie Před 21 dnem +2

    i was surprised how much i loved the show, literally binged it 2 days

  • I'mJumokay
    I'mJumokay Před 14 dny

    much like a child watching the same movie 100 times, I will watch the same story adapted into every different medium. I think its fun to see how the same concepts are changed for different formats

  • Jfish46
    Jfish46 Před 24 dny +1

    i think most people (including me) never got into one peice because over 1000 episodes is daunting but the live action seems much more appetizing so i think it will do great

  • Ann-Katrin Hartjes
    Ann-Katrin Hartjes Před 28 dny +519

    Fun fact:
    In Germany we pretty much dub everything and for this Show they hired the original (German) voice actors from the Anime.
    Best thing they could have done and did. Makes the whole thing somehow just…work

    • Stormhealer
      Stormhealer Před 27 dny +33

      THIS! I don't think I could have enjoyed the series as much as I did if they had not done this

    • MisterMysterios
      MisterMysterios Před 27 dny +6

      Okay, you made me rewatch the show. I watched it first in english, as I tend to do with OG english content, but now I am interested.

    • ASpartanJedi
      ASpartanJedi Před 27 dny +2

      That's so cool!! Now I'm curious if they did the same for Japanese dub...

    • cat with the letter M on his forehead
      cat with the letter M on his forehead Před 27 dny +3

      @ASpartanJedithey do!

    • dukiroki
      dukiroki Před 27 dny +8

      They did in almost every dub

  • Gemayel Daniel
    Gemayel Daniel Před 24 dny +1

    its not a 1 to 1 with the manga though.
    the key plots are there but how we get to them and how they are connected is completely different. Most of the dialog is original dialog but the characters are acting consistent with the manga and their dynamic is very close to the source material.
    They changed a lot but it works well because the world and its characters remain consistent with the source material.
    As a one piece fan, i can imagine things going down as they did in the live action because it gives off the same energy i get from the manga or the anime

  • Silvan Reindl
    Silvan Reindl Před 24 dny +10

    Finally one way to avoid all the filler. One piece in fast pace

    • Sebastián Suazo
      Sebastián Suazo Před 8 dny +1

      There's no real filler until like after arlong park, you Goofy xd

  • Garry S
    Garry S Před 25 dny

    Thanks Alex, you do wonderfully with your animations too! 😊

  • RedShield
    RedShield Před 26 dny +1

    As a fan I liked it. As a non-fans, my mum and the friends that don't watch anime liked it. So is safe to say they did a solid job.

  • Mario Angel Medina
    Mario Angel Medina Před 20 dny

    Alex final opinion could be sumarized as "It has no reason to exist but its pretty good"... which coincidentaly is how I could describe my life... but seriously, I never thought a live-action adaptation of a world as bonkers as the one in _One Piece_ could be this good

  • Mathews Viana
    Mathews Viana Před 27 dny +928

    It's so weird to see one of the hardest anime to adapt having the best adaptation until now, LOL but I'm happy that this happened.

    • [e:LLUSIV ]
      [e:LLUSIV ] Před 24 dny +77

      I’m still baffled how they made it work. Like you’d think the one with the weirdest world designs and characters would be the hardest to nail but no, this is amazing.

    • IT
      IT Před 24 dny +6

      exactly with how out of this world character designs and powers but they still made it work

    • Klevin_105
      Klevin_105 Před 22 dny +23

      its just insane how they screwed up Death Note lmao 😂

    • Donkey Abstract
      Donkey Abstract Před 22 dny +13

      That's ONLY because Oda was involved

  • Tia Blue
    Tia Blue Před 25 dny

    the camera work of this show is smth I haven't seen a lot of ppl comment on but it weirded me out some. there were so many strangely-placed closeup shots and scenes where I didn't get why the camera wasn't still. an example is when the crew takes their seats at baratie and you'd think they'd want a farther away shot to show everyone sitting down but instead the camera follows luffy crawling into his seat

  • Cybertronus
    Cybertronus Před 25 dny

    On one hand, I can appreciate how the new One Piece show is shortening and streamlining narrative arcs. Classic One Piece just doesn't know when to move on. The narrative arc where they introduce Usopp happens over the course of 9 episodes. That's about four and a half hours. So yeah, presenting the story in a way that condenses the narrative into an easily palatable format makes sense.
    But on the other hand, making it live action just makes it feel like I'm watching a high school play.