Amazing moment of respect! Justin Gaethje consoles emotional Khabib Nurmagomedov | UFC 254

  • čas přidán 23. 10. 2020
  • Justin Gaethje had just been tapped out but that didn't stop him immediately going over to console an emotional Khabib Nurmagomedov after their fight.
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Komentáře • 8 720

  • Tyathias
    Tyathias Před rokem +1144

    dude got choked out, after he tapped, wakes up, realizes he lost, sees khabib emotional after winning, and he goes over to make sure he’s ok. massive respect, this is how we should treat our opponents in sports.

    • Mark Plum
      Mark Plum Před měsícem

      What was this guy name the other guy not Khabib?

    • Liquørice
      Liquørice Před 4 měsíci +1

      @Joaquín Solís very well said both share the same exact love for the sport shouldnt try to ruin it for them by being salty or rub in a loss too much because they are apart of the sport at the end of the day

    • Ultrawide Gaming
      Ultrawide Gaming Před 4 měsíci +1

      Gaethje is gent

    • Kenneth Mortensen
      Kenneth Mortensen Před 4 měsíci

      @h WE All know that

    • Kenneth Mortensen
      Kenneth Mortensen Před 4 měsíci +1

      Just shows what kind of man Justin is

  • appleraika
    appleraika Před rokem +1516

    The strongest guy cried for his father. Pure love.

    • TXLegion
      TXLegion Před 19 dny

      @Vincent Kennedy McMahon . 2.9B views . 3 sec ago 🐔

    • Jacob Robles
      Jacob Robles Před 6 měsíci

      @There's Only One he’s obviously trolling but relax

    • gbujoreanu
      gbujoreanu Před 7 měsíci

      @There's Only One what does being white have to do with anything?

    • NotAnonymous
      NotAnonymous Před 7 měsíci +8

      @Vincent Kennedy McMahon . 2.9B views . 3 sec ago chill out vince maccy

    • There's Only One
      There's Only One Před 8 měsíci

      @Vincent Kennedy McMahon . 2.9B views . 3 sec ago Ok white guy

  • Edi Roli
    Edi Roli Před rokem +1322

    Khabib: I’m Retiring
    Conor: Alhamdulillah

  • Big Apple
    Big Apple Před rokem +423

    when a man cries, he and his heart are sincere what he's doing, congrats khabib

  • Paradise Prince
    Paradise Prince Před rokem +625

    This is what this Sports about.. I love McGregor and his era but the sport took a trash talk lane for years and I finally feel like we are getting back to what martial arts is really about.. respect.

    • Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen Před rokem +1

      @I suck Eggs I feel like Conor don’t even know who he is anymore. He don’t know how to act.

    • I suck Eggs
      I suck Eggs Před rokem +1

      @Sōsuke Aizen lmao, things took a quick turn for the worst eh?

    • Sōsuke Aizen
      Sōsuke Aizen Před rokem +2

      Conor always respects his opponents after the fight. Win or loss he was always classy in defeat.

    • 22
      22 Před rokem

      AMEN 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Lucas
      Lucas Před rokem +2

      @Andrew Jackson mark my words mcgregor vs dustin 2 will have twice the amount of ppv buys as khabib vs gaethje

  • Sitinjau Lauik TV
    Sitinjau Lauik TV Před rokem +2327

    Memulai menjadi Atlit karena Ayah, mengakhiri karir atlit karena Ibu.
    Respect !!
    Legend Boxing ada Muhammad Ali
    Legend UFC ada Khabib Nurmagomedov

    • john
      john Před měsícem

      Boxing legend Muhammad ali
      MMA legend Khabib
      UFC is a MMA promotion u bot

    • Laskar FPI
      Laskar FPI Před 9 měsíci

      @Indonesia Raya saudara seiman kalau beda negara gak ada gunanya. Kalau menang yg dikibarkan bukan bendera agama tapi bendera negara. Penonton juga tdk peduli apa agama si fighter, yg ditanyakan selalu negara asalnya. Maaf saya realistis saja berpikir, udah capek diskusi pakai dogma

    • Arief Lovianto
      Arief Lovianto Před 9 měsíci

      @Laskar FPI alah padahal mah cuma tau Kris Jon orang Indonesia aja gitu, padahal mah gak pernah nonton pertandingannya komen gini cuman biar dibilang cinta Indonesia

    • Ahmad Rio
      Ahmad Rio Před rokem

      Legend "MMA" broo, kalau UFC itu organisasinya 😀

    • fighter lm
      fighter lm Před rokem


  • Mohd Abdullah
    Mohd Abdullah Před rokem +284

    Respect for both fighters, excellent sportsmanship.

  • Eldron 2000
    Eldron 2000 Před rokem +83

    Lost my father-role model same year...
    My granddad....
    Felt his pain....
    Greatest fighter for me .

  • Rafizah Ahmad
    Rafizah Ahmad Před rokem +300

    This is a man of undeniable faith. He believes strongly in Allah and put parents above ambition

    • KrisIsntCool
      KrisIsntCool Před 2 měsíci

      @Ody Wernke stfu let ppl believe in what they wanna believe in and stop shoving your religion down other's throats. khabib is clearly muslim so why bring up a messiah from a completely different religion?

    • SPINachos
      SPINachos Před 7 měsíci

      @Ody Wernke jesus is the penultimate messiah, please respect other peoples religions

    • hamza2022
      hamza2022 Před 10 měsíci

      @Ody Wernke No

    • Unknown account
      Unknown account Před rokem +3

      Ody Wernke Jesus is our savior too and the light of our hearts -a muslim

    • Reizo
      Reizo Před rokem +9

      @Ody Wernke respect but get more information, and look more and read more that's what im doing

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy Před rokem +54

    I remember watching this and realizing that he was likely caught up in the elation of the moment, forgetting that his father was dead. It always makes me cry. Maximum respect.

    • Unknown account
      Unknown account Před rokem +3

      Only real men can cry on this video, same here bro

    GUYONWATON OFFICIAL Před rokem +2516

    Dia menang, Dia menangis, dia berjanji pada ibunya kalau ayahnya sudah tiada akan pensiun di puncak karirnya. Khabib Nurmagomedov legend ~

  • Don Boscorelli
    Don Boscorelli Před rokem +25

    This was my favourite moment in the UFC and I've been watching since about 65. Justin is such a classy fighter, and Khabib speaks for himself.

  • Poppa Wheelies
    Poppa Wheelies Před rokem +15

    My heart goes out to Khabib.
    One of the greatest men the sport has ever seen.

  • Tesla P3D+
    Tesla P3D+ Před rokem +82

    As great of a fighter, he's an even more impressive human being.

  • Vladimir S
    Vladimir S Před rokem +13

    Как тут не плакать, когда радость побед он делил с отцом, которого нет рядом.

  • Abdulrahman Arshad 2
    Abdulrahman Arshad 2 Před rokem +13

    Respect for Gaethje ❤️

    POP SHEPSKI Před rokem +16

    Wow. Holding in all that emotion for so long, good for him for finally getting to let it all out

  • Ashab M
    Ashab M Před rokem +161

    Respect Justin Gaethje & Khabib Nurmagomedov. Best moment in the ufc☝️

  • Durani Asna
    Durani Asna Před rokem +63

    Khabib is true influencer around the world. He shock the world with his record undefeated in ufc lightweight champion. So happy for him

  • Muhammad Umer Programmer
    Muhammad Umer Programmer Před rokem +33

    Khabib Nurmagomedov A true Legend who is always True to his Parents Huge Respect!!

  • Joege Pately
    Joege Pately Před rokem +31

    10+million views many more millions of tears in the eyes of grown men.
    There will never be another Khabib.
    Congrats RayLango n the BT Sports Team on an amazing job..

  • 🦂
    🦂 Před rokem +6

    I feel his pain everytime i see this clip, cuts my heart df open 😢

  • Jefe Silvia
    Jefe Silvia Před 10 měsíci +1

    I can't even imagine what I'd so without my Dad. This just breaks my heart

  • kitten lovers 😻
    kitten lovers 😻 Před rokem +3252

    "my mother said u can't fight without ur father.. I gave her promise" where do u find a guy like this in this day n age.. respect

    • Georgi Bär
      Georgi Bär Před rokem

      In some parts of the world the family has a different value.

    • Mike S
      Mike S Před rokem

      Respect to his family ..sorry about he loss of his's Never easy ..again Respect to all of the family

    • Justin Ackroyd
      Justin Ackroyd Před rokem

      I remember he payed homeless man and laughed at him doing push up

    • Jamil Fikri
      Jamil Fikri Před rokem

      @unityboy 2411 diorg nie biasa laa bro kalau org islam menang diorg xsuka...haters laa kata kann..cuba connor mchicken tuu memang..puji melambung..😂😂

    • detik update
      detik update Před rokem

      @Vladimir Putin maybe mom guess Khabib Will be wild without his father

  • Moonnu Chamling
    Moonnu Chamling Před rokem +3

    Justin G showed love\ respect to Khabib, accepted defeat like a champ and even consoled Khabib by saying he did his father proud. God bless him🙏💝👏👏👍️

  • Komal Siddiqui
    Komal Siddiqui Před měsícem +1

    *He started fighting for his Father.*
    *Retired for his Mother..*
    *Legend..* ❤️🙌
    I am not old enough for Ali,
    Was too young for Mike tyson..
    But I am privileged to watch the
    *Undefeated, Greatest Khabib*

  • Anwar Alomaisi
    Anwar Alomaisi Před rokem +18

    It’s all about love and respect.
    Congratulations to both the them

  • Interest Part
    Interest Part Před rokem

    Congrats Khabib, Love your respectful attitude! So sorry to hear of your fathers passing 💚

  • Shuja Ahmed
    Shuja Ahmed Před rokem +1167

    Utmost respect to Justin for such a kind act after the fight was done!!!!

    • Timo Doren
      Timo Doren Před rokem +6

      Him and Dustin. I'll be rooting for both of them now without Khabib.

    • T S
      T S Před rokem +32

      Conor must feel stupid right now

    • musang1
      musang1 Před rokem +29

      he surely be the next Khabib .. a great humble champion..

    • Nazir Ahadov
      Nazir Ahadov Před rokem +38

      Justin is a man.

  • Ibrahim Soualhi
    Ibrahim Soualhi Před rokem +30

    The fight froze for me when the second round began. I started panicking and hit everyone up. Suddenly I come back to see Khabib crying and Gaethje smiling ! And the commentators weren't helping much in describing the result so I assumed Gaethje won the fight. THANKFULLY turned out KHABIB put him to sleep. Alhamdulillah. What an amazing final fight from Khabib.

  • Qura1shY
    Qura1shY Před rokem +33

    When people say strong man don't cry .
    I want them to watch this scene .

  • bluerazor
    bluerazor Před rokem

    Like I've said many times, both guys class acts.
    Love a competitor (Justin) who can take a loss and not kick and scream about this excuse or that. Hats off to Khabib.

  • Tural Babayev
    Tural Babayev Před 10 měsíci

    Orginal Love for His Dad!! RESPECT!

  • WeSpiced Memes
    WeSpiced Memes Před rokem +1396

    This is sport at it's absolute peak. The humbleness, the value, the principles. He's the greatest. Absolutely beautiful.

    • Justin Ackroyd
      Justin Ackroyd Před rokem

      Like when he paid homeless man to do push-ups and laugh at him

    • J. R.
      J. R. Před rokem +1

      @Ritalie amen have a nice day

    • Rai K
      Rai K Před rokem +2

      @Ritalie What a naïve and ignorant comment. World leaders have never been more inept, and psychological war as well as literal war rages on, on an unprecedented level. All I can say is that The world has never been in a worse position, and it is primarily because we have too few Khabib’s in the world.

    • bossmanviking
      bossmanviking Před rokem

      @Ritalie imagine thinking khabib changed humanity

    • Horizon Eyes
      Horizon Eyes Před rokem

      I want Conor back. He’s so hateable but I love it

  • Nikola Cekic
    Nikola Cekic Před rokem +12

    Literally made me cry when i saw this live

  • Renata Andrade
    Renata Andrade Před rokem

    Um campeão se mostra na derrota o Justin Gaethje mostrou que e um campeão de solidariedade. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Bon S
    Bon S Před rokem

    Love to see things go full circle -- Khabib as a coach bringing dominant fighters to the cage, like his father did. GOAT.

    UDO PARNO Před rokem +637

    Khabib best fighter

    • Prinzzz
      Prinzzz Před rokem


    • Baz
      Baz Před rokem


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    • Hairy Pudah
      Hairy Pudah Před rokem +1

      @Platty Lad lol bro u made him shut up respekt ❤️😂

    • Platty Lad
      Platty Lad Před rokem +1

      @Jackie Legs he was 26-0 when he fought mcgregor,also how exactly did khabib get lucky? He was destroying mcgregor almost the whole fight,Connor was outclassed by khabib and he clearly showed he was the better fighter

  • Anas
    Anas Před rokem +1426

    "I don't fight for the money. I fight for my legacy. I fight for my people.
    -Khabib Nurmagomedov

    • Inspector Void
      Inspector Void Před rokem

      @Balabhadra das wrong, Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior! Islam is evil and false.

    • DyyxKagura
      DyyxKagura Před rokem

      @Jay Cole he did

    • Balabhadra das
      Balabhadra das Před rokem

      He fight for Allah and Islam 🥰 Islam will dominate the World 🥰 simple like that...

    • IllegalEagle
      IllegalEagle Před rokem

      @computer point oh shut up u mug

    • Xanafi Yare
      Xanafi Yare Před rokem

      He make us proud

  • Vince Blas
    Vince Blas Před rokem +2

    Khabib is tough and so is Justin, both showed sportsmanship in this fight. ❤ Khabib really went emotional here.

  • exploring with chris
    exploring with chris Před rokem

    Respect to both fighters 🙌

  • Mort
    Mort Před rokem

    So awesome that he hugged him. True sportsmanship and a very nice gesture

  • AlsoJohnny
    AlsoJohnny Před rokem +1

    Justin is just unbelievable. That was amazing

  • Ronnie 2k
    Ronnie 2k Před rokem +1483

    His legacy will stay with us, Khabib forever in our hearts RIP to his father 🙏❤️

    • Sarmed Ahmed
      Sarmed Ahmed Před rokem

      Get off CZcams and fix your dam game

    • Capital-Pirate
      Capital-Pirate Před rokem

      @DNASTY He would have been if Ferguson hadn't got pieced up by Justin so easily.

    • DNASTY
      DNASTY Před rokem +1

      That one guy he needs to fight is Tony Ferguson

    • Kamtar Bo'l
      Kamtar Bo'l Před rokem

      There's always that one guy

    • Mackenzie Jacob
      Mackenzie Jacob Před rokem

      @George Superack what is your problem

  • TheTurbocore
    TheTurbocore Před rokem +12

    Kudos to Justine,
    a sign of a real respectable man, he’s parents should be really proud of him .,
    Can’t wait for Justine to become the next 155lb champion. ! 🏆 🥇

  • Harvest Moon Howl
    Harvest Moon Howl Před rokem

    Khabib is the best grappler and the greatest fighter that this sport has ever seen. Much respect for how both opponents behaved during and after this fight!

  • John Hiltner
    John Hiltner Před 4 měsíci +1

    I lost my father 4 years ago on this day No one understands how bad this hurts unless they lost there father I'm full of rage and sadness💔 😢

  • AG 92
    AG 92 Před rokem

    I am a massive Khabib fan, but this show of respect from Gaethje has me rooting for him to win the belt with Khabib gone.

    JNEWS NET Před rokem +625

    A Very Righteous Decision Khabib ... UFC Legend

  • by herzıl
    by herzıl Před rokem +3

    abi adam yargı makinesi gibi helal olsun türkler olarak her zmaan yanındayız Khabib Nurmagomedov .bütün alkışlar seninle olsun ŞAMPİYON.

  • Afif Abdillah
    Afif Abdillah Před rokem

    Respect above competition. Congrats for Khabib, Respect for Justin. After all, both of them is warrior mentality.

  • KooLio I
    KooLio I Před rokem

    Как же ты высоко взлетел орел! Простой селький парень который бился за свою родину и всех мусульман на высочайшем уровне! Даже близко равных ему нет, сам Аллах его хранит.

  • KuraDushma
    KuraDushma Před rokem

    He made me cry. Emotional fight. Wow!!!!

  • Great M
    Great M Před rokem +1664

    Gaethje lost the game, but he won everyone’s hearts ♥️

    • Zainab Azmi
      Zainab Azmi Před rokem +1


    • GennAP
      GennAP Před rokem +1

      Те кто верили в победу Хабиба подпишутся на мой канал..

    • Kartik Raj
      Kartik Raj Před rokem +1

      Gaethje got slept, and first thing he did on waking up was hug Khabib

    • Divardo Cimervil
      Divardo Cimervil Před rokem +1


    • Bisik Manjah
      Bisik Manjah Před rokem


  • Bernardo De Martino
    Bernardo De Martino Před rokem

    What a fighter!!!GOAT

  • Omar Arshad
    Omar Arshad Před 6 měsíci

    Genuine emotion here. Abulmanap is smiling down with pride at the incredible son he has, Khabib.

  • kashif gaad
    kashif gaad Před rokem

    Man, Gaethje just earned alot of respect !
    After khabib, he's my favourite now❤

  • Abdulfatah Abdilahi
    Abdulfatah Abdilahi Před rokem +51

    Even me i was starting crying after see this video i don't know why I'm crying?😭😭😭

  • Kieran Rogers
    Kieran Rogers Před rokem +2133

    His Father is smiling down on him, he’s made himself and his family proud. I think the loss of his father has really taken the love out of it for him as he basically only fought for him. Massive inspiration and icon of the sport, happy retirement Khabib🦅👑

    • Ramses Eskander
      Ramses Eskander Před rokem

      There's no heavens no paradise no God that's in your mind that's not our business

    • Jamie
      Jamie Před rokem

      @Ramses Eskander
      But there is no heaven. I think this has been pretty categorically proven.

    • Mo Abraham
      Mo Abraham Před rokem +1

      @xSenpai astaghfirullahal azim

    • AR A
      AR A Před rokem

      @harry callton but God loves us all and Jesus died for our sins or not ?

    • GennAP
      GennAP Před rokem

      Те кто верили в победу Хабиба подпишутся на мой канал..

  • karakondzula
    karakondzula Před 7 měsíci

    The fact that Khabib will be remembered as a good righteous man more than a supreme athlete is his greatest achievement.

  • Hamari Dunya
    Hamari Dunya Před rokem

    Love For Both of them, Thanks for everything khabib & justin showed Respect.

  • Ömär Lone
    Ömär Lone Před rokem

    What a fight...Respect for both fighters

  • Jasmine Fauziyyah
    Jasmine Fauziyyah Před rokem +2

    The real G.O.A.T🔥❤️

    DREAMER Před rokem +1323

    he started fight for his Father, he stopped fight for his mother ❤️ what a legend✨️✨️✨️🙏

    • 3l p4tr0n
      3l p4tr0n Před rokem

      @Solid Galaxy damn sure khabib will take tony down. But he is a man of his word. And he said he would either fight GSP or he would fight tony 4 his last fight so yeah.

    • Solid Galaxy
      Solid Galaxy Před rokem +2

      @3l p4tr0n Tony?!
      Justin took Tony down.
      Khabib took Justin down. Khabib takes Tony down

    • Buyung Haryakusuma
      Buyung Haryakusuma Před rokem +1

      Very true... Very well said my friend What a legend... Khabib 👍

    • IMRAN Khan
      IMRAN Khan Před rokem +1

      This is what u call sportsmanship

    • One time Viewer
      One time Viewer Před rokem

      KABIB ന്തൊരു മനുഷ്യൻ... മാഷാ അള്ളാഹ് ❤

  • Electric Playa
    Electric Playa Před rokem

    Two true warriors
    Respect to both!

  • Happy Panda
    Happy Panda Před 3 měsíci +1

    i have so much respect for Justin

  • Krisna Mahendra
    Krisna Mahendra Před rokem +8

    This is some wonderful moment in sport, I thought the opponent is won as he smiled the whole time lol, I never see someone that look so happy even tho they lose

    • Bill Stanley
      Bill Stanley Před rokem

      Makes me wonder if Gaethje in some way let Khabib win... I know I know Khabib is better fighter but still I wonder

  • B. O
    B. O Před rokem

    Gaethje has a big heart and is an amazing fighter

  • doremi2012
    doremi2012 Před rokem +1368

    Gaethje was unconscious but when he woke up he immediately went to Khabib and gave him some condolences what a great guy I mean how can anyone hate this guy.

    • M DGAF
      M DGAF Před rokem

      Great to see two upstanding human beings.

    • Hassan Ibrahim
      Hassan Ibrahim Před rokem

      No one can do that he is human

    • N Ftrn
      N Ftrn Před rokem

      🥺 pensiun dung

    • PRTinkuA
      PRTinkuA Před rokem +3

      @Audi Azham his father is no more, RIP.

    • Audi Azham
      Audi Azham Před rokem

      Why khabib is crying?

  • Fatma Sakr
    Fatma Sakr Před rokem

    The real champion 👏❤️

  • Ki- Yaaa
    Ki- Yaaa Před rokem +1

    The cameraman tried real hard to get a teary eyed face shot but Khabib's team was on point lmao

  • J A
    J A Před rokem +3

    True sportsmanship.

  • Erikas Savickas
    Erikas Savickas Před rokem

    Both are amazing 👏 love Khabib Love Justin! Los to Khabib is not a big of a deal!

    LAPAK ARTIS Před rokem +2163

    Alhamdulillah Khabib

    • Farid Deden
      Farid Deden Před rokem

      @jd to go dangfut

    • Royal Dragon
      Royal Dragon Před rokem

      @Tybee stfu

    • ☃️íntan
      ☃️íntan Před rokem

      @supps lo knp?

    • jd
      jd Před rokem

      @Nayli Syazwina according to supps, if its not in english than probably not lol. forgive or excuse the ignorance. some people (the discriminatory kind) get triggered if they here something in the Arabic language.

    • Nayli Syazwina
      Nayli Syazwina Před rokem

      @supps we can't thank God now?

  • Sarmila Erani
    Sarmila Erani Před rokem


  • alireza alireza
    alireza alireza Před rokem

    Greetings of respect to Khabib and to the American Justin, a legendary match. I felt sad for Khabib. I thank Justin for his wonderful morals, kindness and respect.

  • ssp sp
    ssp sp Před 4 měsíci +1

    Imagine being the toughest man in the entire world, winning a prize fight and then breaking down in tears in front of the entire world? Try and tell men aren’t allowed to cry.

  • Tanyahachi 07
    Tanyahachi 07 Před rokem +143

    Khabib said to DC, because Justin all week said he won't tap no matter what, Khabib change his plan for submission arm bar (his father fav submission) to triangle choke because if arm bar, it can broke Justin arm if Justin don't tap and he won't do that in front of Justin's mom, and if triangle choke he just put him to sleep

    • Quarantine Jet
      Quarantine Jet Před rokem +2

      Dustin literally turned down Tony Ferguson because it didn't pay him enough. Then he turned down Charles Oliveira for the belt so he could fight Conor.
      Khabib decided to go for Dustin and Justin instead of the Conor money.

    • Lucas
      Lucas Před rokem +2

      There's two types of fighters.
      There's athletes and warriors.
      Khabib, Izzy, Conor and Stipe are athletes, they fight for money, fame, legacy, they play it safe and take less damage in fights.
      And theres warriors like justin, Dustin, Romero and Moreno. They fight because they love the sensation of being in a fight.

    • McSwagger
      McSwagger Před rokem

      Gaetche actually tapped lol

    • Dimaz Fabetha
      Dimaz Fabetha Před rokem +2

      😭😭😭 that fact is really make me in tears, such a polite Fighters, a combination that we might not find again in other fighters.

    • Andrew Nicholas
      Andrew Nicholas Před rokem +5

      Putting someone so called to sleep is a dangerous infliction on ur opponent. Ur creating them going into joke. The eagle SHUD of released wen he felt tap. Full ✋ stop

  • Ubayd Uddin
    Ubayd Uddin Před rokem +504

    Beautiful moment in the sport, lost but still went over to console him. We WANT to see more of that.

    • Odi Gates
      Odi Gates Před rokem

      @Sam R *Zubaira Tukhugov has entered the chat*

    • Ahmad Rozak
      Ahmad Rozak Před rokem

      @Frank umar is bantam, he might getting killed fighting 70kg

    • Sam R
      Sam R Před rokem +1

      @Frank *Islam Makachev has entered the chat*

    • Frank
      Frank Před rokem

      @alcott devalte *Umar Nurmagomedov has entered the chat*

    • alcott devalte
      alcott devalte Před rokem +5

      @Crowns 99 I'm sure Justin is getting his hands on the belt next, good man.

  • Lorong Misteri
    Lorong Misteri Před rokem +202

    Seneng lihat endingnya sportif ♥️

  • RoMeDS44
    RoMeDS44 Před rokem +1

    So as beautiful as this was, how did everyone except DC skip the super late stoppage. Justin was talking for a good 10-15 seconds before he past out

  • Rick Armstrong
    Rick Armstrong Před rokem +1

    Justin took this loss like an absolute champion. The respect here is the way this sport should always be. DAMN KHABIB IS AN ANIMAL!!!! Justin’s career is far from over.

  • Mario Mendoza
    Mario Mendoza Před rokem

    Khabib, such a legend.

  • Andi
    Andi Před rokem +3332

    honestly this is a historic moment

    • ....
      .... Před rokem

      Just amazing

    • Iocles Antonio
      Iocles Antonio Před rokem

      @m00tsw0rld histórico ? O don't believe.
      Goethe x Lee. McGregor x Khabib. Anderson Silva x ALL fight's.

    • m00tsw0rld
      m00tsw0rld Před rokem


    • RAN IME
      RAN IME Před rokem


    • Iocles Antonio
      Iocles Antonio Před rokem

      Brasil number one in fight.
      Luta feia, sem graça.
      Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷☝️☝️

  • RetroFACE / Aztec
    RetroFACE / Aztec Před rokem +1

    i can feel the pain of mising his dad with him. its hard. i feel much respect for him

  • Mohammed Miah
    Mohammed Miah Před rokem

    Love and respect for both brothers this is how one should have respect for each other be winner or looser

  • Annie Kamran
    Annie Kamran Před rokem

    MashaAllah respect to this man.

  • Mohammad Hasif
    Mohammad Hasif Před rokem

    Respect legend.. Khabib "THE EAGLE" 😢

  • ShinjiIkariFTW
    ShinjiIkariFTW Před rokem +16

    That really cemented his status, I would love to see him fight GSP

  • Mark Golden
    Mark Golden Před rokem

    This is as respectable a man as we've seen in a while. And to think many of my fellow Americans have such hate for Muslims, because of the extreme acts of very few. He's caring and showing great respect by having the eagle as his nickname. Stop judging books by the covers. Give everyone a fair chance

  • Tirta Adi Guna
    Tirta Adi Guna Před rokem

    Khabib akan selalu jadi LEGENDA UFC! ♥️

  • Aсвад Абдулаев

    Хабиб месте с тобой я тоже плакал, я тебе понимаю, отец!!!!!!

  • Fiqhih Alfariz
    Fiqhih Alfariz Před rokem +1


  • Tassadit Azzi
    Tassadit Azzi Před rokem

    Khabib is totally the real champion👏👏 lot of respect for the super athletes Khabib and Justin

  • Mr Sam TN
    Mr Sam TN Před rokem +1

    Big respect 👏 👏

  • tashbeeb omer
    tashbeeb omer Před rokem +1

    Champion of light weight one and only the eagle Khabib the legend undefeated 29.0👌👍 Appreciate u Justin for ur humanity msg 0.49👌
    We won't forget u bro Khabib .

  • Dandy Purwadinata
    Dandy Purwadinata Před rokem +972

    Respect !

    • rahmannfrx
      rahmannfrx Před rokem

      @Muhadir Ekonomi syariah lah, kan komen hak semua orang dong

    • si kecil aktif ya bun
      si kecil aktif ya bun Před rokem

      Edun pisun

    • AD Channel
      AD Channel Před rokem

      mampir ke chanel aku bang.. seru juga ada mukbang with warga ome tv

    • Geniussr
      Geniussr Před rokem +1

      pansos itu apa sih ?
      aku bingung 😑, kenapa kalo ada youtubers komen , langsung ada yg bilang pansos ",kira kira kalo om dady corbuser komen, di bilang pansos ga ya ? ,

    • TURKINDO e export
      TURKINDO e export Před rokem

      Pansos trusss pake akun lain napa

  • Cool Boy
    Cool Boy Před rokem +2

    When khabib was fighting with bear 🐻 Conor was sleeping with teddy bears 🧸 khabib was training with bears 🐻 and Conor is training with drinking beer 🍻. Alhamdulilah what a legend ☝️. khabib nurmagomedov the living legend started of with bear and finished it 29-0 Alhamdulila ☝️good or bad everything from Allah ☝️best and greatest of all time MMA fighter khabib nurmagomedov☝️☝️☝️ legendary father abdulmanap nurmagomedov and legendary son khabib nurmagomedov ☝️☝️☝️🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺pride of Russia ☝️☝️☝️🌎🌍🌏 great Ambassador of Muslim ummah the legend of mma 🥊 role model for youths 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊 respect to AKA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ❤️❤️❤️ whole global 🌍🌎🌏 like this legendary personality

  • Komal Daoud
    Komal Daoud Před rokem +14

    Khabib is like, "wait, we'll celebrate it later,let me cry first."

  • dyah ayu Savitri
    dyah ayu Savitri Před rokem

    Respect justin! And great job Khabib ❤️💙🖤