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Michael Jordan's mom teaches him how to shoot and dunk

  • čas přidán 26. 11. 2022
  • Sport

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  • @EEklipsAtDawn
    @EEklipsAtDawn Před rokem +74858

    “My mom was my father figure”

  • @ecsavior
    @ecsavior Před rokem +3617

    "That's my mom"
    Meanwhile: a bearded 50 year old father of six is ballin

    • @fw.fatherjamal
      @fw.fatherjamal Před rokem +18

      What's the difference?

    • @juanwrld5314
      @juanwrld5314 Před rokem +2


    • @ecsavior
      @ecsavior Před 11 měsíci +3

      @Xavier I think you best skip town bustuh

    • @itzrowan2023
      @itzrowan2023 Před 10 měsíci +2

      Dawg there’s an Indian civil war in the comments

      @I_LOVE_BAM_MARGERA Před 8 měsíci +2

      Bro it was the 90s no one cared about it as long if he put some razzle dazzle on it😂

  • @811chelseafc
    @811chelseafc Před rokem +200

    Okay the actor change was hilarious but her reaction to making her first shot was so cute.

  • @MethanolEnjoyer
    @MethanolEnjoyer Před rokem +10239

    his mom is such a miracle, she grew a moustache in 3 seconds!!!!

  • @mad576wastaken
    @mad576wastaken Před rokem +805

    Micheal's smile when he said "That's my mom" still has me dying

    • @kalvingleason2536
      @kalvingleason2536 Před 11 měsíci +1

      Me: Are you sure that was really your mom??? ,,🤔
      Jordan: ☺️ yeah, of course. A minute later: 😳😳😳

    • @Joe-md7uc
      @Joe-md7uc Před 10 měsíci +2

      @@kalvingleason2536 lol

    • @WebCam-dj5kz
      @WebCam-dj5kz Před 25 dny

      Michael bro*

  • @sakesidu
    @sakesidu Před rokem +147

    I love how they just switch to another person on the dunk😂😂😂😂

    • @carmeniordan2706
      @carmeniordan2706 Před rokem +1

      Ot was m8cheal jackson

    • @Coca-cola-soda
      @Coca-cola-soda Před 6 měsíci +1

      ​@@carmeniordan2706yeah maybe

    • @vxbez2840
      @vxbez2840 Před měsícem

      @@Coca-cola-soda It wasn't. It was a whole another black ass man. He had facial hair so not mj

  • @nishaadarsh
    @nishaadarsh Před rokem +2730

    Her masculinity was so powerful that she grew a beard in seconds

  • @-_hai
    @-_hai Před 20 dny +4

    She changed colour faster than Michael Jackson💀

  • @footballfreak2728
    @footballfreak2728 Před rokem +8778

    love how his mom just grew a mustache in seconds

    • @shawnhrn
      @shawnhrn Před rokem +106

      How tf did you notice that😂😂😂

    • @mini_chimp_in_a_suit
      @mini_chimp_in_a_suit Před rokem +46

      I think they put a wig on Jordan's older brother for that part

    • @kobjani
      @kobjani Před rokem +32

      She became x2 black with a mustache for this scene lol!

    • @dominicmadison
      @dominicmadison Před rokem +13


    • @Sharkiar
      @Sharkiar Před rokem +5

      @@shawnhrn cuz it was pretty obvious it was a stunt double so he probably paused it so he could comment this

  • @RottenToast585
    @RottenToast585 Před rokem +4

    She looks so happy after making the first shot, it's so cute

  • @pollyochoa8742
    @pollyochoa8742 Před 6 měsíci +4

    She killed that dunk ❤

  • @fourrandombars9788
    @fourrandombars9788 Před rokem +3264

    The fact they hired an actor for his mom to dunk still has me laughing💀

  • @lv_s2773
    @lv_s2773 Před rokem +8

    Respect to Michael’s mom🙏

  • @AbouAndrew
    @AbouAndrew Před rokem +3

    Is it only me or…
    When she dunked she became another person 😂😂

  • @justag9622
    @justag9622 Před rokem +6430

    michaels mom: “turns into his father"
    michael: that’s my mom!

  • @carolinacarrascosa8866
    @carolinacarrascosa8866 Před měsícem +3

    Mom shooting:👩
    Mom dunking: 👩🏾

  • @vjrz8472
    @vjrz8472 Před rokem +436

    Her : “Give em some razzle dazzle.”
    Subtitles: “ Give em some rest to done.”
    Bruh what.

    • @ereisfireboi
      @ereisfireboi Před rokem +4

      you ain't lying lmao

    • @ipleathetv6334
      @ipleathetv6334 Před rokem +3


    • @Oxified459
      @Oxified459 Před 11 měsíci +1

      Basically there's a pattern amongst these cringe edit channels, they're all like little kids using capcut or some shitty editing program who can't even spell

  • @Runitup686
    @Runitup686 Před 20 hodinami +1

    So that's why he's the best player in the world

  • @Haymaker228
    @Haymaker228 Před rokem +4307

    "That's my mom"
    It most definitely is not 💀

  • @Rhysvr12345
    @Rhysvr12345 Před 21 dnem +1

    his mom was prime michael Jordan

  • @user-oo1sz2ie7t
    @user-oo1sz2ie7t Před rokem +3

    What good parents he had!
    A child is reflection of parents,
    and this child always avoids politics.

  • @hugeballs
    @hugeballs Před rokem +4914

    “now give it some razzle dazzle” 👩🏾➡️👨🏾

  • @user-gm5gu4ef8v
    @user-gm5gu4ef8v Před 22 dny +1

    The 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • @sh1xfty
    @sh1xfty Před 8 měsíci

    That mom form hits different

  • @crxtzgaming6319
    @crxtzgaming6319 Před rokem +12915

    mom be like: *mustache activated*

  • @JeremiahJoseph-ne4hg
    @JeremiahJoseph-ne4hg Před 15 dny

    “ That’s my dad” 😂

  • @drizzydinipe0377
    @drizzydinipe0377 Před rokem +1

    She turned into Michael Jackson at the end

  • @Khalid_77857
    @Khalid_77857 Před rokem +2414

    Mj’s mom: “and now give it some razzle dazzle”
    Also mj’s mom: turns into Steve Harvey with mustache and Afro

  • @JosiahVales-ip2tg
    @JosiahVales-ip2tg Před 3 měsíci +1

    That’s a whole man😭😭😭😭

  • @gabrielle9374
    @gabrielle9374 Před rokem +5

    That lady is amazing I wish I could play basketball like that

  • @goitsemangmoleleki6976
    @goitsemangmoleleki6976 Před rokem +693

    His mom hit a transformation justu

  • @johnnyfieldsjr.7021
    @johnnyfieldsjr.7021 Před rokem

    Michael Jordan‘s mother is the actual legend

  • @superninja2598
    @superninja2598 Před rokem

    His mom was so good she grew a mustache in minutes😂😂

  • @Starzzzzz417
    @Starzzzzz417 Před rokem +2198

    "Now I’ll give you some razzle dazzle"
    *grows moustache, gets blacker, gets Afro and dunks it*

  • @Griddlemcgriddy4
    @Griddlemcgriddy4 Před měsícem

    Mj’s mom grew a mustache within 3 seconds

  • @erinzimmerman7033
    @erinzimmerman7033 Před rokem

    The person that made a goat

  • @monKRL
    @monKRL Před rokem +1611

    **Mom customized avatar mid game**

  • @petermuhire6713
    @petermuhire6713 Před rokem

    his smile faded

  • @mabtharrington7241
    @mabtharrington7241 Před rokem

    his mom is a true giga chad
    even to the point she grew a beard

  • @Areyouserious1
    @Areyouserious1 Před rokem +3170

    The mom was so happy she finally got the shot in after so many takes....She's a sweetheart.

    • @Jeddigity123
      @Jeddigity123 Před rokem +69

      Knowing MJ, it probably took them more tries for him to miss😂😂

    • @Phenomenal123
      @Phenomenal123 Před rokem +10

      @@Jeddigity123 mj wasn’t that good at threes so it missed of tooken some tries

    • @mob8757
      @mob8757 Před rokem +4

      @@Phenomenal123 yes he was

    • @Jeddigity123
      @Jeddigity123 Před rokem +4

      @@Phenomenal123 I know I was just joking

    • @datscrazy2345
      @datscrazy2345 Před rokem +5

      @@mob8757 no he wasn’t. He was alright but not good

  • @Yaboichristian296
    @Yaboichristian296 Před měsícem

    Michael Jordan’s face when his mom makes the shot:😮😐

  • @Latrice-gg6zn
    @Latrice-gg6zn Před 2 měsíci

    His face says it all☠️🤣

  • @gigachad8777
    @gigachad8777 Před rokem +3320

    Wow his mom grew a mustache mid dunk, so inspirational

  • @halfasleep_Austin
    @halfasleep_Austin Před měsícem

    The stunt double though 😂

  • @wxxregta8388
    @wxxregta8388 Před rokem

    I like how they hired Michael Jackson to dunk 😂

  • @siuuuuuuuuu..913
    @siuuuuuuuuu..913 Před rokem +2686

    “Now give it some razzle dazzle”
    The subtitles: now I give you some rest to done ☠️☠️💀💀

  • @Lawlietl5795
    @Lawlietl5795 Před měsícem

    "That's my mom" Nahh that a whole skinwalker 💀

  • @kaishowtodrawchannel
    @kaishowtodrawchannel Před rokem

    Her jumpshot got me on the floor tho 💀

  • @nitrousberserker
    @nitrousberserker Před rokem +1763

    "And now some razzle dazzle"
    *turns into grown man for the dunk*

  • @mynameizaacbutizaacwithaz

    "Rest to done" lol

  • @jacoblm7474
    @jacoblm7474 Před rokem

    Mom got that nice celebration

  • @homer_graff8553
    @homer_graff8553 Před rokem +2447

    ‘’YOOO! Bro u have to see this: his mom turned in to a man-’’

  • @ranielcopino5659
    @ranielcopino5659 Před rokem

    He should be in the NBA

  • @katkat7330
    @katkat7330 Před rokem

    Bruh his mom is the true legend bruh she thought him

  • @roxzye
    @roxzye Před rokem +480

    “My mom grew a beard mid dunk”

    • @airkuna
      @airkuna Před rokem

      The person who was dunking, was not his mother . It was another male basketball player!

  • @damian55552
    @damian55552 Před rokem

    In other words MJ mum is the best cos the one to be the best 🍀

  • @NotYours565
    @NotYours565 Před 14 dny

    "That's my Mom" ✅
    "That's my Dad" ❎

  • @patrickmahomes448
    @patrickmahomes448 Před rokem +1476

    i never knew people could turn 2 shades darker ima try that

    • @vsp.Hawkz.
      @vsp.Hawkz. Před rokem +61

      Went from Mj mama to Micheal Blackson

    • @kingslayerx1716
      @kingslayerx1716 Před rokem +8

      @@vsp.Hawkz. 💀

    • @reizu886
      @reizu886 Před rokem +3

      ​@@vsp.Hawkz.jit 😭😭

    • @johnangie2262
      @johnangie2262 Před rokem +2

      ​@@vsp.Hawkz. 🤣🤣🤣

    • @cc_435
      @cc_435 Před rokem +1

      Idk I think it might have been a filter

  • @Meow_mix00
    @Meow_mix00 Před 10 měsíci +1

    Bro turned on dark mode 💀

  • @fhaisalidrismanurung4886

    His mom is legend bruh.

  • @sunnysk3915
    @sunnysk3915 Před rokem +1265

    Audio: “razz a dazzle”
    Subtitles: “rest to done”

  • @claysanimation2674
    @claysanimation2674 Před rokem +2

    She’s better than the entire wnba 💀

  • @zeytack3752
    @zeytack3752 Před rokem

    "who is your mom"
    "My mom is my dad"

  • @Ronald_MVP
    @Ronald_MVP Před rokem +1326

    Wow didn’t realize that MJ mom or anybody could grow a mustache that fast

  • @Dadrummer-qk9np
    @Dadrummer-qk9np Před měsícem

    “That’s my mom”
    “Is it really look closer”

  • @aceeddy1855
    @aceeddy1855 Před rokem +1

    Mum got morant’s explosive power

  • @lucifersinclair7631
    @lucifersinclair7631 Před rokem +74

    "My mom was always like a father to me"
    -Michael Jordan

  • @REALswagga
    @REALswagga Před 8 měsíci

    Now this is jordannn

  • @sleepy-san
    @sleepy-san Před rokem

    Her voice is so calming!

  • @Qiloyalty999
    @Qiloyalty999 Před rokem +675

    "and now I give you some rest to done" 💀😭

    • @shwang26
      @shwang26 Před rokem

      ​@@demorik6794you didn't get the joke

    • @michaeljarvis1367
      @michaeljarvis1367 Před rokem

      It seems like the people in the comments didn't get it........

    • @molink3123
      @molink3123 Před rokem

      I didn’t get it

  • @andrewmoreno1513
    @andrewmoreno1513 Před rokem +1

    She used so much effort in that dunk that she grew a beard

  • @JaxsonYT123
    @JaxsonYT123 Před rokem +273

    His mom’s celebration after the first shot had me laughing

  • @staytiny1738
    @staytiny1738 Před rokem +1

    He looked so confused 💀

  • @Lord_Cynrik
    @Lord_Cynrik Před rokem +722

    No matter how many times I see this,
    “That’s my mom!” always cracks me up

  • @lishiakin5075
    @lishiakin5075 Před rokem

    That mom's transformation was real quick.🥶

  • @kymaniblanton6478
    @kymaniblanton6478 Před měsícem

    Crazy how MJ's mom made it and his smile faded🤣

  • @germansorto2274
    @germansorto2274 Před rokem +229

    At the end "that's not my mom "😭😂😂

    • @Jomistheone
      @Jomistheone Před rokem +3

      @@pauledawrds6737it was the father that dunked

  • @TheGrimRizzler
    @TheGrimRizzler Před rokem

    Mom: grows mustache
    Michael: that's my mom😁

  • @jillian.shurley
    @jillian.shurley Před rokem

    That mom is GIGA

  • @HOODSyt
    @HOODSyt Před rokem +503

    “That’s my mom”
    Sure don’t look like it 😂

  • @spitzndtruth1484
    @spitzndtruth1484 Před měsícem

    She turned black hulk for the slam 😂😂😂

  • @demibasan1714
    @demibasan1714 Před rokem

    „my mom is the strongest dude in the jail“

  • @Shadow_Slayr
    @Shadow_Slayr Před rokem +93

    Her:“This isn’t even my final form”

  • @oliverzimmermann1501
    @oliverzimmermann1501 Před rokem

    What’d you do at work today dad?
    I played Michael Jordan’s mom.

  • @KingAlbjfan
    @KingAlbjfan Před 7 měsíci

    Finally Jordan knows how to play😂

  • @aian453
    @aian453 Před rokem +468

    You all know when our moms started to get serious when she started to grow her mustache 😂🤣😂 Right MJ..that's my mom

  • @masonsjurassicworldfun6275
    @masonsjurassicworldfun6275 Před měsícem

    That mom should be playing in 2K

  • @Still_sportsclips12
    @Still_sportsclips12 Před 6 měsíci +1

    His mom look like Michael Jackson for a sec😂

  • @ty_lr1466
    @ty_lr1466 Před rokem +867

    MJ’s mom “razzle dazzle” Subtitles “Rest to done”

    • @brotherdj777
      @brotherdj777 Před rokem +12

      I would like to share that there was a time in my life where I was completely broken. I didn't know where to turn. I tried crying out to family members and friends, that did not work. I finally cried out to Jesus, and he heard my cry. When the bible says God is near to the brokenhearted it is very true. I cried out to God in tears, and He eventually turned my sorrow to joy. I thank God for the gift of salvation that He gave me. Now I have a wife and 3 kids that God has blessed me with. Please stick in there and give God a chance to transform your life. Cry out to God no matter how broken you are.

    • @wundrrworldd
      @wundrrworldd Před rokem +12

      @@brotherdj777 no thank you I'm not interested

    • @wfrizzyy
      @wfrizzyy Před rokem

      @@wundrrworldd prayers for you

    • @flapjack6983
      @flapjack6983 Před rokem +2

      @@brotherdj777 cool story bro

    • @eph248
      @eph248 Před rokem

      @@brotherdj777 why in this comment section of all comment sections

  • @littleprogamerz3866
    @littleprogamerz3866 Před rokem

    The way she just grew a mustache before the dunk

  • @user-ms7ph3mb3i
    @user-ms7ph3mb3i Před 7 měsíci

    Micheal- That’s my mom
    Really- That’s my Dad😂😂😂

  • @wonderwolf.omega3animalwor856

    “that’s my mom” and his face when’s she makes it 😂

  • @joycelawton4250
    @joycelawton4250 Před rokem +1

    Her mom is so cool and she actually did a slam dunk

  • @theofficialmuslimrealm
    @theofficialmuslimrealm Před rokem +2

    Behind every legend is a caring and legendary mother. ❤

  • @Bushnose
    @Bushnose Před rokem +326

    “That’s my mom” no that Devein holland brown from the hood😂

    @SSCLILBUC Před 3 měsíci +1

    “That’s my father”💀

  • @brycensantos2304
    @brycensantos2304 Před rokem

    His mom just grows a beard and mustache out of nowhere

  • @bunjesus
    @bunjesus Před rokem +617

    wow i almost didn’t notice that wasn’t his mum dunking

    • @juangringo3906
      @juangringo3906 Před rokem +1


    • @rbn8789
      @rbn8789 Před rokem +12

      It his mom

    • @who.-._
      @who.-._ Před rokem

      @@rbn8789 it isn’t u idiot it’s a whole different guy it’s a literal man

    • @crazyflamez4814
      @crazyflamez4814 Před rokem

      ikr i saw it and went,
      Hol up.

    • @rbn8789
      @rbn8789 Před rokem

      @@who.-._ ooooh realy

  • @YanivCesar4
    @YanivCesar4 Před rokem

    She should be in the NBA

  • @TheBoyOfSorryplays
    @TheBoyOfSorryplays Před měsícem

    No wonder why jordans the goat all because of the queen of basketball his mum 👑