Which England football legend is the best cricketer? | Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard or Lineker?

  • čas přidán 20. 11. 2017
  • Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes let Ashes fever take over in the BT Sport Champions League studio.
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Komentáře • 2 373

  • Gaurav K Rathore
    Gaurav K Rathore Před rokem +1909

    In that little inning of Steven Gerrard , he displayed all three formats of the cricket game - test , one-day & t-20 .
    Absolute legend !!

    • Masfiq Ratul
      Masfiq Ratul Před 26 dny

      @Chris Lee One Mistake Doesn't define one Legend's Career
      Don't Forget the First Goal in Istanbul for LFC was Scored by him

    • Allan Farran
      Allan Farran Před 3 měsíci

      Gary and Phill Neville Gary Neville scored 200 not out in the Lancashire league

    • Quantavious dingleton Thomas the 3rd frank jr
      Quantavious dingleton Thomas the 3rd frank jr Před 11 měsíci

      @Chris Lee cmon man

    • Leigh Tarentaal
      Leigh Tarentaal Před rokem

      Lol the man gave us a cover drive and a front foot defensive shot

    • Lebanon
      Lebanon Před rokem +2

      Just built different

  • Rodi
    Rodi Před rokem +1252

    If only they had this chemistry in 2006 World Cup

    • Masfiq Ratul
      Masfiq Ratul Před 26 dny

      Still wouldn't win
      Brazil, France , Italy all were in they're Pick

    • Marcus
      Marcus Před měsícem

      I was only 8 back then and can remember when my family were screaming at Ronald for getting Rooney sent off

    • XERONYX(We are Liverpool)
      XERONYX(We are Liverpool) Před 5 měsíci

      That happens when u love your club over your country

    • Cobo official
      Cobo official Před 11 měsíci

      @Joan Verguizas they dont tak it to the national team buh this guys were doing it back to back

    • Shreyan Ghosh
      Shreyan Ghosh Před rokem +4

      @Sabeena Alphonse look Italy team 2006...AC Milan Juventus Inter, Napoli... All have immense rivalry

  • Adeel Tahir
    Adeel Tahir Před 2 lety +2473

    The funniest thing was seeing a cricket match in suits 😂

    • Thinh.N
      Thinh.N Před měsícem

      It’s the school cricket vibes, constant bants, uncomfortable clothing and the rubbish bin aha

    • Laxmi Devkota
      Laxmi Devkota Před 11 měsíci

      and dustbin being the stumpd

    • захир
      захир Před rokem

      Gentlemen game

    • Angel's Ruby
      Angel's Ruby Před rokem +2

      It's a classic game

    • Sarthak Roy
      Sarthak Roy Před rokem

      Somehow it feels right!

  • Jujhaar Bhinder
    Jujhaar Bhinder Před 3 lety +4491

    Ferdinand is definitely a better keeper than Kamran Akmal,,,

    • Khan A
      Khan A Před 11 měsíci +1

      This aged well

    • you
      you Před 11 měsíci

      Loll..sorry to say ..But Pakistan Just SMASHED off India with 10 wickets some day ago...

    • Piyush Patil
      Piyush Patil Před rokem +1

      @Shadow oh really what a joke 😂😂😂

    • AeroFTW
      AeroFTW Před rokem

      @Maaz Alvi u commented 1 yr before. now he ll sell 1000 families like u

    • shivam raj
      shivam raj Před rokem +1

      Goodness me!

  • Andy
    Andy Před 3 lety +4562

    Should’ve had JT there, I heard he could smash anything

  • Osman 736
    Osman 736 Před rokem +238

    If they would've had this chemistry in their playing days England would've won the FIFA world cup.

    • thephonesnatcher
      thephonesnatcher Před rokem

      @Daz Ediss the LM problem

    • Daz Ediss
      Daz Ediss Před rokem +1

      If Ryan Giggs carried on playing for England at senior level we’d have won the World Cup

  • RaiBhaiya
    RaiBhaiya Před rokem +25

    Gerrard's defence got me giggling 😂😂 It was really fun to watch him play, especially that shot after missing the previous delivery.

  • Saroj Dahal Official
    Saroj Dahal Official Před 3 lety +629

    What a hit son what a hit.
    Steven Gerrard is always the best.

    • Sjk137 SJ
      Sjk137 SJ Před rokem +2

      Stevie-G loves playing in the slip position

    • (Under the) Red Hood
      (Under the) Red Hood Před rokem +1

      @TheVedant05 He is not Indian. He is Nepali

    • TheVedant05
      TheVedant05 Před rokem +5

      Bhai kya lappe ghumaye hain Gerrard ne........ maza aa gaya

    • EfeAksoy08
      EfeAksoy08 Před 2 lety +14

      Saroj Dahal he is always.

  • Sameer Mohamed
    Sameer Mohamed Před rokem +2

    Stevie G's cover drive was like Virat Kohli's, forward defence shot like Rahul Dravid's and the aerial six shot like AB de Villiers'. Wow! Props to Lampard as a bowler and Scholes as an all-rounder. Ferdinand had shades of Jeff Dujon on him.

  • ExEssex :
    ExEssex : Před rokem +17

    Wikipedia: "Lineker was equally talented at both football and cricket. From the ages of 11 to 16 he captained the Leicestershire Schools cricket team, and had felt that he had a higher chance of succeeding at it rather than football." Can any of the others match that?

  • Jin
    Jin Před rokem +69

    They could've had this team chemistry during the 2004 and after.

  • Emeka Obi
    Emeka Obi Před 11 měsíci

    Absolutely legends that won almost all the trophies for England when they played together..Both world cup...Massive respect🤍

  • akib2542
    akib2542 Před 4 lety +10854

    cricket with a tennis ball, limited space and a bin for a wicket... is it possible to have any more fun than this???

    • Bossman
      Bossman Před rokem

      this is the english version of gully cricket lmaoooooooooo

    • Unknown
      Unknown Před rokem


    • Ahmed Shaikh
      Ahmed Shaikh Před rokem

      They want to know cricket so they choose it's raw version.

    • R69NiX
      R69NiX Před rokem

      Yes! Jumpers for goal posts, rough gravely playground, footy with no leather left on it!

      MESSI VIBEZ Před rokem

      Broo 🤙😂

  • Karanveer Singh Deora
    Karanveer Singh Deora Před 2 lety +285

    My dream team
    Steven Gerrard (opening batsman) (captain)
    Paul Scholes (All Rounder)
    Rio Ferdinand (wk)
    Frank Lampard (fast bowler)

    • Pistachio
      Pistachio Před rokem

      Lineker- guess i'll die then

    • sriram raju
      sriram raju Před rokem

      And oblak as wicket keeper

    • Nat Rea
      Nat Rea Před rokem +14

      And Lineker as the cheerleader

    • bleuzy
      bleuzy Před rokem +2

      RIP lineker

  • Mike Butt
    Mike Butt Před 3 lety +143

    Scholesy’s clearly played to some level, probably been getting tips off the Nevs!

    • Nigel Nyoni
      Nigel Nyoni Před rokem +11

      Before I saw him I wanted to comment "they should've had Scholesy here".
      He said he wanted to be a cricketer when he was a lad..

  • Chris Owens
    Chris Owens Před rokem +1

    Loved this: brought back so many great memories of cricket at school....! (Outdoors AND indoors, in particular!)

  • Grow Your Own Life
    Grow Your Own Life Před 3 lety +27

    Something tells me Gerrard is good at every sport he plays!

  • cr7 fan
    cr7 fan Před 4 lety +13952

    To promote cricket in England they need footballer and here in India to promote football we need cricketer.

    • Raymond George
      Raymond George Před 3 měsíci

      @Nilesh P Crickets not one of the 3 but at no.4 ... Football Wimbledon ( tennis) Rugby then cricket

    • Raymond George
      Raymond George Před 3 měsíci

      @Jamie ks Cricket's not a passionate game in England football is.. what Cr7 mentioned is bang on

    • Pratyush Nayak
      Pratyush Nayak Před 3 měsíci

      @Abhishek Garg won

    • Pratyush Nayak
      Pratyush Nayak Před 3 měsíci

      @Dixit _Zeus God_ Patel no india don't have that much talent if have they don't appear at front in comparison to population

    • Neel Mahajan
      Neel Mahajan Před 4 měsíci

      Except they actually have a good cricket team

  • Alan Abraham
    Alan Abraham Před rokem

    Steven Gerrard, Ferdinand and Frank Lampard were the men of the matches in this short inning. Paul Scholes and Gary Linekar also played very well.

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal Khan Před 2 lety +1

    As a batsman for me its Steven Gerrard and as a bowler it's Frank Lampard they have the great skills

  • Frank Wiseman
    Frank Wiseman Před rokem +27

    Back when Lampard had no stress😂😂😂


    that forward defense shot by Gerrard ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ayan Chakraborty
    Ayan Chakraborty Před rokem

    GERRAD hitting SIX🔥 same energy as his LONG RANGE BANGS 💥

    MAAZINHO Před rokem +2

    Stevie G is the best in any sports. He is the best English midfielder of all time ❤️❤️

  • Parthib Roy
    Parthib Roy Před rokem +9

    Players in suits really prove that cricket is a gentleman's game 😂

  • Dushan Fernando
    Dushan Fernando Před 2 lety

    It’s nice to see past rivals enjoying the tome together.

  • Victor Lazy
    Victor Lazy Před 2 lety

    Those bouncers from Frank Lampard...😍😍 No one saw those coming...

  • Luk3worm
    Luk3worm Před rokem +1

    I was expecting them to *KICK the BALL* instead of using the bat...keeping mind what they are used to... 😂 But I'm impressed 👏👏

  • Nick G
    Nick G Před 2 lety

    Scholes to me looked to be the best with the bat and ball technique wise, can see he played a lot of cricket back in the day.

  • Victor Njoroge
    Victor Njoroge Před 2 lety +16

    Stevie G is still accurate in his shots just like he was back then

    • Flame 1
      Flame 1 Před 2 lety

      I'm surprised he didn't slip 😂😂😂

  • Bunty Sonawane
    Bunty Sonawane Před 4 lety +1926

    They played pretty well than what I expected.

      LIHAT FAKTA Před 2 lety

      British can play football rugby and cricket

    • P Chander Channel
      P Chander Channel Před 2 lety

      Bunty Sonawane lol

    • Indrani Gomes
      Indrani Gomes Před 2 lety

      @deejay Peekay Really? He looks like the worst batsman of them all.

    • Bikas Das
      Bikas Das Před 2 lety +1

      It's their national game... obviously they know the basic.

    • Mahesh Padmanabh
      Mahesh Padmanabh Před 2 lety +2

      CZcams A he probably speaks 3 languages atleast. And English is not his native language. Take a break bro

  • Vivek
    Vivek Před rokem

    These men were my childhood, teenage & my 20's... Miss those days..!!

  • meet verma
    meet verma Před rokem +53

    The best part is they do the bowling action right

  • Aman Goheer
    Aman Goheer Před rokem

    Lampard, Gerrard and Scholes. 3 of the best CMs to grace the Premier league all playing cricket together

  • Death Star Resident
    Death Star Resident Před 2 lety +21

    Gerrard’s all class though 🔥

  • Sreenath Reddy
    Sreenath Reddy Před 4 lety +1500

    Gerard is batsman n lampard is bowler..

    • Lalhruai Tluanga
      Lalhruai Tluanga Před 2 lety

      And scholes is a all rounder

    • hp fm56
      hp fm56 Před 3 lety +2

      No Paul is batsmen hit pretty much all of them

    • Zia Ul Haq Hamidi
      Zia Ul Haq Hamidi Před 3 lety +2

      Thanks mate I just wanted to be linked for football information or gossip

    • Sreenath Reddy
      Sreenath Reddy Před 3 lety +1

      Zia Ul Haq Hamidi i don’t use any other social media brother..

    • Zia Ul Haq Hamidi
      Zia Ul Haq Hamidi Před 3 lety +1

      Chelsea fan your Twitter please

  • Supreeth N Shekar
    Supreeth N Shekar Před rokem +1

    That shot by Steven Gerrard 👑🚀

  • Daniel Nelroy Barreto
    Daniel Nelroy Barreto Před rokem

    Truly A Gentlemans Game 🔥🔥

  • khedup losang
    khedup losang Před 2 lety +9

    This should finally settle it. Paul Scholes is the greatest. Smashed Stevie G with the bat, and bowled Lamps.

  • Shane Robinson
    Shane Robinson Před 2 lety

    That hit from stevie just like his right foot with a football 👌👌

  • Robert Holding
    Robert Holding Před 4 lety +2287

    Lampard swings the bat about a second after the ball has gone passed him

  • Imadh Hisham
    Imadh Hisham Před 4 měsíci

    Geoffrey Boycott is a legend ,with a world class technique during his great playing days

  • Susmith Kumar
    Susmith Kumar Před 2 lety

    That Yorker from lampard ! 💥💥🔥🔥

  • চৌধুরী তাহমিম

    What a shot!
    Like a professional cricket!

  • DY
    DY Před rokem

    Ferdinands face everytime he happens to catch the ball is gold

  • Rohit Udas
    Rohit Udas Před rokem

    All players known for long range drives👏🏻

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian Před 2 lety

    lampard good bowler. scholea excellent allrounder, gerrard amazing batsman. rio good wicketkeeper 😁

  • vikram dharma
    vikram dharma Před 2 lety

    The talent they had back then , with world class midfield in - Scholes, Gerrard, Lampard, carrick----- top class defence -- Rio, Terry, asley cole, Gary Neville and top class attackers in ---Rooney, Owen---. They should have world cup for sure. Great opportunity lost.

  • RMD
    RMD Před rokem

    As a Celtic fan, I must say, Stevie is a natural cricketer. I wish he had gone into that rather than coaching a football team! 😂

  • Nikhil Deshmukh
    Nikhil Deshmukh Před rokem

    Paul Scholes not giving away his wicket to a Liverpool bowler. Legend. 🤣

  • Abhinav Sood
    Abhinav Sood Před rokem

    This video has more legends than Entire current premier league players combined🙏

  • Abhishek Sahoo
    Abhishek Sahoo Před rokem +1

    Love how scholesy goes on to tap the pitch after hitting that six😘

  • Min Chu Tong
    Min Chu Tong Před rokem +1

    The best generations of midfielders were all playing cricket together

  • Leon Brooks
    Leon Brooks Před rokem +1

    Has the Lampard, Gerard and Scholes argument hoot so tight we are looking into cricket skills now. I’m still going for Scholesy though 😂

  • ZikryAfiq
    ZikryAfiq Před 11 měsíci

    3 of the best CM of that generation casually playing Cricket damn

  • imran Ahmed
    imran Ahmed Před měsícem

    Linekar was keeper for Leicestershire ccc 2nd XI and lampard played club cricket for Ardleigh Green when I played against him in U16's mobile matchplay, lamps was an all-rounder batting at no.5

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar Před 2 lety +1

    We all know who is the better footballer of this lot and he proves that he is the better batsman too....that exquisite cover drive followed by rock solid defence and then gets hit on the head and gives a perfect reply to demoralise the bowler.

  • Give me a sec
    Give me a sec Před 4 lety +4173

    I will choose Lampard over Ishant Sharma in a T20 any day .

    • Rajat Dwivedi
      Rajat Dwivedi Před rokem

      @harsh Gola 30 runs in an over vs australia lord ishant

    • harsh Gola
      harsh Gola Před rokem

      7-74 at lords ?Was it Lampard ?

    • Hamz
      Hamz Před rokem

      @Auro Prasad Sahani And Rio over Dhoni any day

    • C
      C Před rokem

      @Auro Prasad Sahani jokemam

    • Rushikesh Titare
      Rushikesh Titare Před 2 lety


  • Justin 390 Whee
    Justin 390 Whee Před 2 měsíci +1

    That gen knew a whole lot more about cricket than today’s gen for sure

  • Kakon
    Kakon Před rokem

    Lampard bowling is impressive.He can bat also.A perfect bowling all rounder.

  • Ali Kazi
    Ali Kazi Před 2 lety

    Absolutely loved this. I didn't follow football but loved the footballers playing cricket.

  • neil kay
    neil kay Před rokem

    Phil.Neville is the correct answer.
    Played in my local league when he was a youngster..played for Lancashire juniors same time as Andrew Flintoff...Stevie G was best out of the lot of them
    Anyone else notice Rio Ferdinand didn't bat???

  • Joe Tiv
    Joe Tiv Před 4 lety +3081

    Gerrard could smash anything

  • Ashish ppz
    Ashish ppz Před 2 lety

    If they had played this type of compasion and chemistry in team instead rivalry inside national team .they would have now a wc in their shelf

  • Gael Mawaka
    Gael Mawaka Před 2 lety +1

    Love every single 1 of these guys legends and true gents. Much love from Canada

  • Nigel Nyoni
    Nigel Nyoni Před rokem

    I was about to comment "they should've had Scholesy there, he played cricket a fair bit as a lad. He wanted to be a cricketer, actually" then I saw him doing his thing.. he's good at everything

  • Theartfull dodger
    Theartfull dodger Před 3 lety +1

    Phil Neville apparently was a great cricketer according to Freddie Flintoff

  • Asran shahban
    Asran shahban Před 4 lety +513

    Gerrard looked like a well seasoned pro top shots

    • Mahbub Kamal
      Mahbub Kamal Před 2 lety

      Oh Steven Gerrard Is The Best

    • Joox 3
      Joox 3 Před 2 lety


    • Arjit Jere
      Arjit Jere Před 3 lety +5

      And lampard proper pace

  • akinanakamori(현승옥)
    akinanakamori(현승옥) Před měsícem

    I want to watch football legends playing t20..
    I think Stevie G could get 3 outs and Scholsy could make 50 runs.

  • Raj Sharma
    Raj Sharma Před 2 měsíci +1

    gerard's that defence was amazing

  • Jon Connell
    Jon Connell Před 2 lety

    If only they all got on this well when they played for England! 😄

  • dhruv khetlayan
    dhruv khetlayan Před 2 lety +3

    This just made my night ! Watched this before going to sleep (with a smile) 😃😃

  • Alex Boudnauth
    Alex Boudnauth Před 4 lety +56

    Lampards bowls well and Gerard looks like he’ll smash the fastest fifty 😂. Loved this

  • Kelan Claffey
    Kelan Claffey Před rokem +48

    Steven gerrard is the best at every sport that he plays

    • Prism smh
      Prism smh Před rokem +2

      @Jason L keep crying lol

    • Jason L
      Jason L Před rokem +4

      Wasnt even the best footballer in this video

  • odora Allan
    odora Allan Před 2 lety

    Football ⚽ Legend overload!!!

  • Arshan Salam
    Arshan Salam Před 2 lety

    Just look at all the legends together. Stevey g, lampard, scholsie, rio

  • Nick M
    Nick M Před rokem +11

    I love how Gerrard did a bumper first ball

  • thetumescent
    thetumescent Před 4 lety +96

    Gerrard; a footballer so all-rounded that he can play cricket.

  • -invisible light-
    -invisible light- Před 2 lety +1

    should have got Phil Neville in there he's meant to be really good at cricket

  • AfzalKhan Pathan
    AfzalKhan Pathan Před rokem

    Stevie played well, should have included Harry Kane (batting) & joe Hart (balling)

  • Aziz Al Zarif
    Aziz Al Zarif Před rokem +38

    England- One country which is good at both Cricket and Football.

    • Hades
      Hades Před 10 měsíci

      @Shafi they still a good at football and produce legends

    • Shafi
      Shafi Před 11 měsíci

      In the case of football, it’s controversial.

    • DK kevin
      DK kevin Před 11 měsíci

      @Soulful Man kabaddi and hockey not even 10% of football LMAO

    • King SURGALEO T
      King SURGALEO T Před rokem

      @Soulful Man kabbadi ??

    • Aziz Al Zarif
      Aziz Al Zarif Před rokem +13

      @Soulful Man Now what should I do? I am not even an Indian.

  • Shehab Khan
    Shehab Khan Před rokem

    Cricket is really a fun filled game❤❤

  • xX90sWereTheDaysxX
    xX90sWereTheDaysxX Před 3 lety +621

    I wish these guys one day managed Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea at the same time and competed for silverware, that would just be amazing...

    • john honai
      john honai Před 8 měsíci

      As a ManCity fan , I would absolutely love to see that.. ManCity would clean sweep every trophy.

    • V P
      V P Před rokem +1

      @M T if giggsy managed that club wouldn’t be able to employ any women

    • Hammad Tahir
      Hammad Tahir Před rokem +3

      @Starbucks Coffee gerrards just won the Scottish prem tf u onnabout 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ayaan Kashif
      Ayaan Kashif Před rokem +1

      @Aditya Roy update Lampard left and Chelsea is the UCL final

    • Your's XYZ
      Your's XYZ Před rokem

      @Mo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • justanerdwholiftweights

    Ferdinand the type of guy who just laughs at everything 😂

  • Prakhar Sinha
    Prakhar Sinha Před rokem

    They are all great, but the challenge is to fit Scholes, Gerrard and Lampard in the same batting line-up.

  • Samuel Saravanamuttu
    Samuel Saravanamuttu Před 2 lety +1

    0:18 Warner, Bancroft & Smith might not wanna see this part 😜😂😂

    I AM GROOT Před rokem +1

    Here after Frank got sacked. But he'll always be a Legend.

  • keefer cr7
    keefer cr7 Před 3 lety +2

    Stevin Gerrard 😍😍

  • maaz malik
    maaz malik Před rokem +1

    They are all doing well I thought they are enjoying more than football 😂😎

  • Jamie Pautu
    Jamie Pautu Před rokem +3

    Gerrad, Scholes, Lampard uff what a midfield that could be

  • TruthBee Toldd
    TruthBee Toldd Před 2 lety

    If only they made a show with guest stars that played for the England team. I’m sure many people would watch it.

  • Sean Roche
    Sean Roche Před 2 lety

    Paul scholes is the best English midfielder out of gerrard , lampard and him 💯

  • Shashikant Mitkari
    Shashikant Mitkari Před 2 lety

    I heard Linker was pro cricketer as well. He played county cricket simultaneously playing domestic football in England.

    SWISSH SWASSH Před 2 lety

    I want to see Steven Gerrard as Liverpool manager and Paul Scholes as Man utd manager

  • Vedant Mishra
    Vedant Mishra Před rokem

    This was the actual Lampard vs Gerrard I wanted to witness

  • Amy S
    Amy S Před 3 lety +9

    Gerrard by far. Especially with that batting ❤️❤️😘

  • Mohammed Faiq
    Mohammed Faiq Před 2 lety +2

    They really play well for footballers!!

  • Yuvraj Aggarwal
    Yuvraj Aggarwal Před 2 lety +1

    Love the Stevie G defends and shows off😄😄😍😍

  • K K
    K K Před rokem +1

    Lampard's batting exactly like Matthew Hoggard!

  • grey Grey
    grey Grey Před rokem

    Cricket needs hand eye coordination , football needs foot eye coordinating.
    Different games and both are loved by billions .