• čas přidán 4. 10. 2022
  • Should we take an actual real in-person IQ test? Let us know B-)

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  • northstar
    northstar  +462

    The fact that this video was made just shows how delusional anomaly is

  • Yung Chien
    Yung Chien  +303

    Anomaly is secretly big brain mastermind behind the balaclava...

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg  +913

    Anomaly's brain is battle scarred along with papa's liver

  • Strech res God

    Never fails to disappoint ❤

  • Touko Kivistö

    Went from 130 IQ to a cave man with that car quiz

  • Buba Kednarczyk

    since you've done it together, devide the iq between you two.

  • lllll
    lllll  +91

    I was watching this video and then my neighbour came and we watched it together. He said that this video changed his life and touched his heart. I then went and rented a projector in a big field and my entire town watched it and it changed their lives too. We all are so grateful.

  • LPbigFish
    LPbigFish  +37

    Real Papa's IQ result: Yes

  • Danzku Banzku

    I was expecting ludde’s IQ to start with a desimal point

  • Joni Jaako

    your combined IQ is genious, so aslong as you stick together you are amazing!

  • rosarotearmeefraktion

    Where can I get that "start wars" shirt that Papa is wearing? That has to be the funniest shit I've ever seen

  • Hidden Agenda

    i unironically have a fever right now, you guys make it hurts more ❤️

  • challeFX

    Papanomaly reacting to Anomaly guessing BMW was Audi has to be one of the greatest faces he has made XD

  • MNSH
    MNSH  +3

    Never disappoint to fail ❤

  • Louis Gern

    Man it's fun asf to watch you when i'm drunk

  • Max Katona

    I'm surprised that anomaly's IQ wasn't in the negatives.

  • .

    Anomaly never fails to spawn scars on my wrist

  • KryWer
    KryWer  +2

    The first test looks almost like my pysholigical militarny test

  • Lord Lidl

    You paid Jaroslav 7 dollars, apparently that's what it takes for him to tell you you're smart

  • The Crow Brotherhood

    Papa’s brain has been rotted by dementia and beer