When you search your symptoms ONLINE

  • čas přidán 16. 05. 2021
  • Never make the mistake like i did...
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    ASESAN Před 2 lety +2420

    People be laughing but as a Filmmaker I know what effort goes into this. Please keep it up Adam!

    • Syed Sakil Ko
      Syed Sakil Ko Před rokem +50

      He did just to make is laugh

    • Ariola Granola
      Ariola Granola Před rokem +13

      I cant with the fridge tho

    • Snowball
      Snowball Před rokem +8

      Hello Hollywood! Someone sign him to a long contract! Great actor ,great stunts, all around great guy! Your NEXT Superstar! MOVE OVER BRADLEY COOPER.

    • ORCA
      ORCA Před rokem +16

      You want everyone to cry about it or what?

    • the guy no one remembers
      the guy no one remembers Před rokem


  • Vinieka Johnson
    Vinieka Johnson Před 2 lety +3196

    You can always count on Adam to be dramatic😂❤️

  • Neal9988
    Neal9988 Před 2 lety +5658

    It's funny how he has elbow pain but is suddenly able to carry bags 😂😂

    • oke
      oke Před 2 lety +80

      Bro dont say that😒😂

    • polite cat
      polite cat Před 2 lety +54

      @oke yeah , its a spoiler😂

    • Azhar Golap
      Azhar Golap Před 2 lety +34

      Not disability

    • MK
      MK Před 2 lety +14

      I know right lol

  • Adams
    Adams Před rokem +813

    "We always look forward to what next but forgets to enjoy what's now" true inspiring words from the great Adam 🥺

    • Witty Gamer
      Witty Gamer Před rokem +10

      Yea 😥

    • Random Jeevan
      Random Jeevan Před rokem +8

      Yeah people think Adam makes funny vids but does one of op touching

    • chigo okafor
      chigo okafor Před rokem +1


    • Aouzr
      Aouzr Před 11 měsíci +3

      4:37 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Shahbaz
    Shahbaz Před 2 lety +667

    Sometimes I wonder how extreme can Adam go😂😂🤣

  • ZippyFruit
    ZippyFruit Před rokem +38

    Adam never disappoints us.He makes our day more better and better and can make us laugh in a minute.🤣🤣

  • Live with Lough
    Live with Lough Před 2 lety +4672

    Elbow pain is a direct cause of death. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      ANON MYOUS Před 2 lety +41

      Sarcasm 🤣

    • Iori Yagami
      Iori Yagami Před rokem +21

      Yes it is 😂😂😂😂💓

    • da_purple_cat
      da_purple_cat Před rokem +11

      So not halar mode 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Craxial
      Craxial Před rokem +7

      @da_purple_cat do you even know what halal means?

    • da_purple_cat
      da_purple_cat Před rokem +1

      @Craxial yeah why lol

  • Ch Shaheer
    Ch Shaheer Před 2 lety +2617

    He’s so underrated he deserves millions of subscribers

  • Ryu Mously
    Ryu Mously Před 2 lety +520

    The fact that he didn't sleep because he over think an elbow injury makes this so real

  • Angel Fernando
    Angel Fernando Před rokem +282

    At least he found the meaning of life, even if it was through a misunderstanding 😂😂😂

  • Israel
    Israel Před 2 lety +109

    AdamW really knows how to act like he's in pain ... Really funny😂😂😂😂😂

  • Light Blue
    Light Blue Před 10 měsíci +6

    Adam is so funny. I sincerely do love him and his acting skills. Big up yourself Adam.

    SE CYBERSAFE Před 2 lety +879

    This is a big lesson. Never Google your symptoms. I learnt that, any small discomfort, Google article will always list death and some other crazy symptoms and diseases that will likely destroy you mentally before the disease itself does.
    Just visit the hospital if after a while you still have such discomfort. They will do better diagnosis.
    With the Comedy in it comes lots of lessons for me😂

    • Peter Mavrakis
      Peter Mavrakis Před rokem +16

      I can agree with this.

    • Srikar Vuppalanchi
      Srikar Vuppalanchi Před rokem +19

      So true! Happed to me quite a few times. Lol

    • Devlin Burns
      Devlin Burns Před rokem +20

      yeah! I my neck was a bit itchy but then i have neck cancer according to yt! Haha

    • Devlin Burns
      Devlin Burns Před rokem +8

      ( and I searched up why I had black poo and that was scary to know )

  • Master peace
    Master peace Před 2 lety +139

    Lmao this guy's skits are the most hilarious on CZcams. Comedy gold.

  • D.B
    D.B Před 2 lety +42

    That's me when I looking for symptoms. My girlfriend is crazy when I'm doing this. Good one man. You're funny as hell

  • NB The King
    NB The King Před rokem +193

    Death god :
    ''Let's go Adam''
    ''*But I'm still eating*''

    RIDWAN SAHARDID Před 2 lety +113

    Adam is amazing, I love it his acting give me back my PS 😂

  • R Sushma
    R Sushma Před rokem +8

    He put alot of effort in every video 🥺 just to make us laugh 🥺really appreciate it ❤️

  • Zeco
    Zeco Před 2 lety +131

    *Lmfao the first is sooooo true,* I simply searched eye pain and after reading online I couldn’t sleep the whole night because it said I’ll be *blind soon enough*

    • Cala Maria
      Cala Maria Před rokem +3

      So is your eye fine now?

    • Run's Dead
      Run's Dead Před rokem +21

      @Cala Maria unfortunately, he lost his vision and cant respond to us no more

    • Cala Maria
      Cala Maria Před rokem +1

      @Run's Dead Ohhh ok

      LOST CHAD Před rokem +9

      Same happened. After a week, i laughed at my own stupidity

    • Adamko_10playz
      Adamko_10playz Před rokem +2

      Same i searched up headache after swimming in a lake and i got brain eating amoeba disease so yeah its rare tho

  • Akram Alhinnawi
    Akram Alhinnawi Před 2 lety +150

    OMG, this video started as an entertainment one, then he said some really deep things about enjoying life. Then he ended it with really fun stuff. Really genius.😂👍🏻🏆

  • LuvAkio
    LuvAkio Před rokem +14

    Adam is so dramatic and it's hilarious.keep going Adam

  • Shereen N
    Shereen N Před rokem +17

    All of us should think that we're dying one day and enjoy the present moment with love and caring. Great message Adam. U never fail us.

  • aryan kumar
    aryan kumar Před 2 lety +72

    This seriously has so good voice acting ... to the point it deserves a award

  • Munno gaming fan club
    Munno gaming fan club Před rokem +11

    This is real thing in this reel life. People search about your physical problems on search engine and CZcams, and after they get depressed and level of depression is awful awesome!! I’ve been already throughout this situation and I’m not free from this yet!! Awesome work Adam bro ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Chloe ASMR
    Chloe ASMR Před rokem +26

    Adam you are hilarious I laughed all the way through this video 😂😂😂😂

  • Pitar Debbarma
    Pitar Debbarma Před 2 lety +9

    He just taught us to love little things, even through comedy. 😂😂😁😁

  • Daniel Pam
    Daniel Pam Před rokem +5

    A moment to appreciate the amount of effort put into putting a smile on our face. 👏🏻

  • Adaja Tobi
    Adaja Tobi Před rokem +3

    Adam you skits are hilarious 😂 thanks for giving me a good laugh

  • anzar khan
    anzar khan Před 2 lety +49

    Apart from comedy he really said some inspiration that has a deep meaning 👍 nice one ❤️

  • Nikita Mallick
    Nikita Mallick Před rokem +15

    I can completely relate that situation.. when i search symptoms online, and i stay awake whole night. On day i found online that some chain of bumps are caused by scabies (mites) and was really worried that night.. cause all the symptoms matched, and i was very worried. Then I visit doc who says it's nothing like that, it's just skin rashes..

  • MECHKA gaming
    MECHKA gaming Před 2 lety +8

    This is 1000000 percent right my daily routine to check my symptoms in online 😂😂😂😂

  • Rest. Relax. Repeat.
    Rest. Relax. Repeat. Před rokem +7

    I was once experienced this. I had chest pain everyday for a whole month. I am also overweight. When I searched online, I thought i was going to die. My life flashed before my eyes. So i decided to go to a doctor. I even undergone electrocardiography. And i found out that my heart is healthy, my blood pressure is 120/79 and i had only an acid reflux.

  • Croco
    Croco Před 2 lety +9

    Adam is a pure talent, bro keep going u deserve all the best.

  • Movies and Music
    Movies and Music Před rokem +5

    So true... I love how he picked elbow pain though 😂😂😂

  • CRK Official
    CRK Official Před 2 lety +13

    The both of you look good together Adam. The patience that she had with you, while your card was getting declined! Remember!! Try finding anyone with that much patience👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🥰Love your content, God bless👏🏻

  • Xelestial
    Xelestial Před rokem +1

    Last time I Googled my symptoms, it said I had an aortic aneurysm that could burst and kill me. Even doctor thought I might. Turns out I have gastroparesis, and it was just my body trying to digest a ton of food. Now I just don't eat big or hard to digest meals 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Aren M Jamir
    Aren M Jamir Před rokem +9

    Happened to me . And it takes me seriously stressed and insane when searching for online symptoms 😬

  • HennesseyBeatZ
    HennesseyBeatZ Před 2 lety +4

    Adam is so funny !!! 😂😂😂😂 He really deserves more subs and followers !!!

  • Ronald Ruiz Jr
    Ronald Ruiz Jr Před 2 lety +8

    Adam should have millions of followers! This man is funny as @&#$! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO TELL THERE FRIENDS SUPPORT ADAM!

  • Zhijie Lim
    Zhijie Lim Před rokem +4

    Ok but the letter he wrote to his girlfriend about death was so meaningful and inspiring

    ETC ENGLISH BASRA Před 2 lety +15

    This video in a sad way reminded me of myself when I used to Google my symptoms,I used to cry a lot because of it and I visited doctors a lot.
    Please for everyone, don't Google your symptoms and try to live till the end .after all no one knows what tomorrow might bring

    • Xx1its___me1xX
      Xx1its___me1xX Před 2 lety +1

      Hey man I keep go ogling about colon cancer...I just had a harmless growth of sentinel pile..The doctor himself said it's sentinel pile not some anal cancer...but ye it's been a month and I keep searching about anal cancer colon cancer...I end up thinking too much and lying on m y chair thinking about the whole thing

    • sarsvfx
      sarsvfx Před rokem +1

      @Xx1its___me1xX the truth is when you think you have something that you don't you manifest and feel the exact symptoms Google say it's crazy things like that I wonder how much power believing in something has

    • Xx1its___me1xX
      Xx1its___me1xX Před rokem

      @sarsvfx it's completely gone now 💀💀 my hypo 💀

  • Naresh Pratik Rai
    Naresh Pratik Rai Před 11 měsíci +1

    Im amazed that how he actually gave a true speech on life...❤

    TOPS HUT Před 2 lety +924

    *He is on FIRE lately*

    • Ramsay Cobbler
      Ramsay Cobbler Před 2 lety

      Black noir

    • Disguised army
      Disguised army Před 2 lety +3

      He always is when its time he will also truly shine

    • Arez Plays
      Arez Plays Před 2 lety

      what happened did he go on fire? pls im worried

  • Delmar 💛💐
    Delmar 💛💐 Před 2 lety +1

    Lol, I stopped looking up my symptoms online a long time ago because it's too much 😂😂

  • Rahul Somkuwar
    Rahul Somkuwar Před 2 lety +3

    You actually made my day ❤️ ....
    Love you adam

  • David Nava
    David Nava Před rokem

    Your videos are uplifting! Give us no room for looking at life problems like problema

  • Gulnaz Tariq
    Gulnaz Tariq Před 2 lety +57

    Funny how when he thought he's gonna die he started talking real shit ❤️💯

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom Před rokem

    The last clip about paper cuts made me laugh harder than I should. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anurag
    Anurag Před 2 lety +35

    the symptoms thing is totally related to me..😂

  • Akshay Vikas Chaudhary
    Akshay Vikas Chaudhary Před 2 lety +17

    This man has got some serious talent 😁

  • Brian - Marbles
    Brian - Marbles Před 10 měsíci +1

    Keep up the great work man! Thanks for making me laugh

  • Michael
    Michael Před rokem

    I like how he smashed his arm in the refrigerator door😂

  • Oreo Cookie
    Oreo Cookie Před rokem

    I googled every symptom I have and it kept showing up as *Cancer* I couldn't sleep without thinking about it...I was a very happy person before I searched my symptoms but then curiosity got me. After reading everything I truly regret it. Everytime I think about it I always think I will die. After that I always feel sad and never became happy

  • abii saqib
    abii saqib Před rokem +1

    Lol Adam is so dramatic..I love it😂😂

  • S W
    S W Před 2 lety +15

    I started laughing 😂 when he started writing the letter

    • SpookE
      SpookE Před rokem +1

      It felt like a us war movie

  • Just_Sham...
    Just_Sham... Před rokem

    It’s funny and at the same time it’s life lesson. Don’t Google your symptoms - just visit a hospital

  • Keisuke Sakamori
    Keisuke Sakamori Před 2 lety +3

    this is what it feels like as a medical student trying to google symptoms

  • Brian Kids
    Brian Kids Před rokem

    He really goes all out with his videos 😂

    HODLCRO4DLife Před rokem +1

    Adam got me rolling in my seat😂🤣😂🤣

  • Paraedolia
    Paraedolia Před rokem

    This guy really knows how to make a scene from emotions. These r funny but true🤣🤣

  • Aastha Kiri
    Aastha Kiri Před rokem +3

    O God😂 this happened with meeee . I had a black spot on my inner cheek I searched it online and found it was a type of cancer it stated that there is only 40% chance of survival . I cried like whole night thinking about how much time do I have left .. then consulted the doctor next day he said it's just slight pigmentation it happens I'll go away in a few days , the experience was hilarious!!😂

  • Agent X
    Agent X Před 9 měsíci +2

    This elbow pain literally even has the same lines and scenes as the hiccups

  • Hamdi Aydin
    Hamdi Aydin Před rokem

    Starting off the video hilarious but then the mood turned into something really inspiring...
    I'm a big fan Adam !!

  • Swapnil Sahu
    Swapnil Sahu Před 3 měsíci +1

    Apart from the comedy, the words really hit hard, man!!🔥 gold bless u 👍

  • Royal pals
    Royal pals Před rokem

    Im new to ur channel.but Adam,you really made my day.I enjoyed ur video.I still cannot wait to watch more of ur videos.keep up the good work Adam 🥰🥰🥰😁😁😁

  • Chris Kalweit
    Chris Kalweit Před rokem

    Why was the dude just waiting to spray the sanitizer into adams hand lmao. That was too perfect

  • Gerald Escalona
    Gerald Escalona Před 2 lety +3

    I love how Adam's content being exaggerated 😂😂

  • Deepak Musinada
    Deepak Musinada Před rokem +1

    I feel it when after knowing about the decease online, he proceeds to write his final good bye letter 🤣 I expected the same thing. We all human have same nature when it comes to bad days.

  • KDrop
    KDrop Před rokem

    his cadence is what gets me. I love it.

  • MKultraInstinct
    MKultraInstinct Před rokem

    This guy has made me laugh 100x more than Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

  • someone
    someone Před rokem

    i love how he goes all out on his videos and spend a lot of money and effort

  • Lowfee rooney
    Lowfee rooney Před rokem +1

    this man is spitting pure facts.......

  • Bobby Boy
    Bobby Boy Před 2 lety +116

    This is my life in a nutshell every pain I think I'm dying of something on Google..

    • Alters Alt
      Alters Alt Před rokem

      @Zen it's only good to find a cure. I remember I was super sick and it said to drink water and after a while I felt so much better even though I doubt it was cause of that

    • κωνσταντινα
      κωνσταντινα Před rokem


  • Alex Ramcharran
    Alex Ramcharran Před rokem +7

    All jokes aside
    His letter is very serious and I love how he said it
    He said the right things🙃😊

  • Zubair Murshid
    Zubair Murshid Před 2 lety +31

    Though this is a comedy, what he said in that letter is some very important lessons of life. To Enjoy the Moment!!❤️🔥

  • SS Gill
    SS Gill Před rokem

    Adam you are a great entertainer 😂

  • john xyrille trinidad
    john xyrille trinidad Před rokem

    this is relatable this always happens to me when i search my symptoms it would always show serious things lol

  • Lorenzo Alladin
    Lorenzo Alladin Před 2 lety +39

    Lmao 🤣 his face expressions are priceless am I the only one dat notices this

    • Syed Raiyan
      Syed Raiyan Před 2 lety +1

      No we all have eyes.

    • U.R
      U.R Před rokem +1

      Am I the only one that notices that you write " dat " instead of " that ' ?

  • Nyamwiza Dianah
    Nyamwiza Dianah Před 2 lety

    We all need an Adam in our lives😂😂😂

  • Judith Cotton
    Judith Cotton Před rokem

    Couldn’t be more accurate! If you google anything, everything leads to death 😂

  • John Carter
    John Carter Před rokem +2

    “We always look forward to what’s next, but forget to enjoy what’s now…” that is some wisdom

  • Juman Sarma
    Juman Sarma Před rokem

    Your videos have never failed to entertain me 🤣🤣🤣🔥👍👍

  • Keerti Laya
    Keerti Laya Před rokem

    the tear drops while he is writing🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Live with Lough
    Live with Lough Před 2 lety +10

    Adam Waheed is digging his own grave.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Priyangshu Chakraborty

    The fact that he didn't even take off the tags of the suit🤣🤣🤣

  • Yumi Chan
    Yumi Chan Před 2 lety +5

    I have suffered this a lot ..
    I can feel the pain😂

  • REX4748
    REX4748 Před rokem

    Mann, same thing happened to me during pandemic 😂😂.

  • Bok Kiho
    Bok Kiho Před rokem +1

    This guy is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Emmanuel Chike Bassey
    Emmanuel Chike Bassey Před rokem

    Damn. This is what usually happens anytime I fall ill.

  • Lakshya Tripathi
    Lakshya Tripathi Před 2 lety +17

    1:02 I think everyone should really listen to this seriously. Although, it's for fun but he actually said a very valuable thing.

  • kamalendu porel
    kamalendu porel Před rokem +1

    His ideas are very very brilliant and funny 🤣

  • Midina Vallary
    Midina Vallary Před rokem

    Adam with his comedy😂😂

  • HiT tHe JiMiN oN tHe GoOd DaY i'M eLsA~

    Moral of the story: Never google your symptoms.


    I was in same situation when I checked symptoms of Hep B, I cried for more than 2 weeks, only to later understand that MINe doesn’t even need treatment but supervision. Internet can help but the hysteria is too much.

  • Vita in DC
    Vita in DC Před rokem +1

    Ha ha ha ha ha! The dog fur ending! 😂

  • Tyler
    Tyler Před 2 lety +68

    My all time favourite thing is when he talks about something and says " one sec or if you dont mind "

  • Cognitionis cosmos
    Cognitionis cosmos Před rokem

    I really appreciate the effort you put in your videos.

  • Zoya.J
    Zoya.J Před rokem

    I once googled dengue symptoms and have almost all of them and I literally FREAKED out. Bc I had dengue before and google said if you had it the second time, it causes death. And I knew that bc my doctor also said if I had it again I wouldn’t survive. So I freaked out until a few hrs later… I was just fine :/

  • Zhyra_Cadiz
    Zhyra_Cadiz Před rokem

    I wish Adam W should be an celebrity or an actor haha

  • Aurél M.
    Aurél M. Před 2 lety +1

    Adam est teeeeeeellment drôle !
    Et quel acteur, quel voix !