Ray Allen signs with the Miami Heat!

  • čas přidán 5. 07. 2012

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  • Rolfadinho OTG
    Rolfadinho OTG Před 10 lety +1

    Congratulations to the 2012-2013 NBA Champions, the MMMIIIAAAMMMIII HHHEEEAAATTT!!!

  • Lauri Orkoneva
    Lauri Orkoneva Před 10 lety +1

    Jeah! Good move from Ray.

  • YourFriend
    YourFriend Před 10 lety

    YES! Miami is stacked!

  • corpsegrinder12
    corpsegrinder12 Před 10 lety

    The Heat basically have half of the east all star team now. AWESOME! lol

  • Some 1 Azn
    Some 1 Azn Před 10 lety

    It's always the quiet ones that surprise you

  • charlezw
    charlezw Před 10 lety

    now all we need is a big man and we can be unstoppable!!!

    SPUTNIKV Před 10 lety

    it sounded like he was unhappy with the way the celtics were treating him

  • Empire Vulcan
    Empire Vulcan Před 10 lety

    Well I already know 2k13 will be full of heat players.

    MIAMIBEACHCPA LLC Před 10 lety

    Ray Allen is what miami needs to win another title

  • Camaro Vlogs
    Camaro Vlogs Před 10 lety

    Kobes like, "mind if I join you"?

  • DaciGetsOnline
    DaciGetsOnline Před 10 lety

    They've got awesome rebounders, dunkers, and now 3 Point specialists.

  • Jesse Tobiasson
    Jesse Tobiasson Před 10 lety

    Your comment is exactly accurate and what I have been saying. He felt betrayed by Boston and he wants another ring before he retires. Hello were is his best chance at that, Miami. Plus he took less money than any other team was offering. He made the move for 1 reason and that’s a second ring. Good for him. GO MIAMI

  • corpsegrinder12
    corpsegrinder12 Před 10 lety


  • Aleya H
    Aleya H Před 10 lety

    There are places in hell for people like Ray. Glad he's gone to warm Miami's bench.

  • Mod Sethinum
    Mod Sethinum Před 10 lety

    Tru my boy.

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie Před 10 lety

    I could see the Heat winning another Championship next year. who else agrees?

  • Jesse Tobiasson
    Jesse Tobiasson Před 10 lety

    Signing day is July 11th and he will sign with Miami. There his best chance at getting a second ring before he retires. Its already a done deal.

  • Tom Pendergrass
    Tom Pendergrass Před 10 lety

    Damn, South Beach NWO is takin' over!

  • Iragetv4
    Iragetv4 Před 10 lety

    what position is Ray gonna play if SG is taken by wade?

  • DaciGetsOnline
    DaciGetsOnline Před 10 lety

    that's what he had to say :D