The IMPOSSIBLE Nail Puzzle?! 😧

  • čas přidán 24. 08. 2022
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Komentáře • 202

  • SMS 2000
    SMS 2000 Před měsícem +852

    One could say that you nailed it.

  • Noah Mf’n Hatfield
    Noah Mf’n Hatfield Před měsícem +269

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

    • Gabriel Porter
      Gabriel Porter Před 9 hodinami


    • carlos Herrera
      carlos Herrera Před 3 dny

      You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge

    • Ernest Styczeń
      Ernest Styczeń Před 28 dny

      And none of them are, not even this. Only to our poor perception of reality it is

  • Brenda S. Conde
    Brenda S. Conde Před měsícem

    Loved this one as a child, my aunt had one with a couple more nails and it was always a blast to see people trying to solve it

  • Epic
    Epic Před měsícem +36

    This might be the first time he has used both of his hands to solve a puzzle 💀

  • LinkfiedProductions
    LinkfiedProductions Před měsícem

    One of the coolest tricks ever. It’s a really interesting solution to the “puzzle.”

  • MrCarrick91
    MrCarrick91 Před 24 dny +3

    This is so different because its actually an engineering puzzle... And hey, you built a little roof frame 😉😊

  • Coding with me!
    Coding with me! Před měsícem +11

    You really NAILED it with that puzzle.

  • Android Login
    Android Login Před měsícem

    The next level of that challenge is to have all the rest of nails fully over the vertical nail; very tricky solution.

  • Cali
    Cali Před měsícem +41

    My freaking social studies teacher had us do this on the last day of school, the people in my group kept screaming because of how frustrating it was.

  • the bronylike superchannel
    the bronylike superchannel Před měsícem

    depending on the length of the nails and how steady your hand is, you can balance over 100 nails on the head of one

  • Lord Corporal
    Lord Corporal Před 22 dny +1

    This is actually the first one he has ever posted where I think I would have had a chance figuring it out

  • Donnie Schappert
    Donnie Schappert Před 4 dny

    This makes a person think outside the box! Good puzzle 👍

  • Deegan 777
    Deegan 777 Před dnem

    Chris wrecks so many of these puzzles by showing his viewers, I used to sub to him but I never ordered any of the puzzles he plugged. It would make more sense for him to explain the puzzle and its object and then have us want to purchase it. He could always have a spoiler puzzle show but he goes right into it. I guess if your one of those guys that likes to make people feel stuped by handing them a level 8 puzzle when they come over knowing the trick would be beneficial. I think figuring it out first and then knowing how long it took you compared to someone else would be far more fun. Just saying Chris...

  • Eirik
    Eirik Před měsícem +1

    Chris, do you like making these short videos? Like, are they fun to make?

  • Parker S
    Parker S Před 11 dny

    my 5th grade teacher had a puzzle like this. I've been wondering what the solution was for over a decade

  • voldimmoral
    voldimmoral Před 25 dny

    This is the coolest puzzle I've seen so far.

  • monsoon
    monsoon Před měsícem

    Lets be honest, the hardest puzzle ever is stacking 3 nails one on top of each other

  • The Yumblat
    The Yumblat Před měsícem

    I heard a story that a long time ago there was a shortage of bridge builders, so they used this as a test to kinda recruit people who were able to pass

  • Jay_23
    Jay_23 Před měsícem +5

    That's not even a puzzle and even less a magic trick, it's just physics🧑‍🔬👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Si Deering
    Si Deering Před měsícem

    Was taught this trick during my carpentry apprenticeship 30 odd years ago. I show it to my apprentices still

  • Primus Interpares
    Primus Interpares Před 19 dny

    It is about 30 years ago, that I have seen this puzzle and the solution for the first time. But thanks for the upload, I will show it to my kids!

  • Maulik
    Maulik Před měsícem +22

    I had actually seen this one earlier somewhere 😃

    • Pooja Kaushik
      Pooja Kaushik Před měsícem

      That's a meme of architects vs engineers
      Where architects balances like this while engineer use his extra creative mind and tie them all up with a rubber band to the first nail

  • Phangisile Kunene
    Phangisile Kunene Před dnem

    This guy could make a mystery movie with that staff

  • Wolf Bronski
    Wolf Bronski Před 9 dny

    my dad made one for me around 1995 but I imagine it's far older than that. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

  • Icy1557
    Icy1557 Před měsícem +40

    Reupload, but glad to see this mind blowing puzzle again!

  • Reyniel Aguilar Luis
    Reyniel Aguilar Luis Před 27 dny +2

    Kept waiting for the “nailed it” joke 😢

  • Spexx
    Spexx Před 15 dny

    We got this puzzle in architecture class and 1 kid somehow balanced them in a cross pattern

  • Adam Sharif
    Adam Sharif Před měsícem +1

    I did this one time and I managed to do 3 layers

  • Cameron Pittman
    Cameron Pittman Před 15 dny

    See how neat and challenging this puzzle is and you didn't even have to spend thousands of dollars omg 😱

  • JQ I Yemajier
    JQ I Yemajier Před 20 dny

    Do you figure all this out yourself? Because if so you are a genius. It’s very admirable

  • Brian Battreal
    Brian Battreal Před měsícem

    I actually had this as a kid. I loved it

  • tmajiick
    tmajiick Před měsícem

    I've always done 16 nails on one 16 penny nail.

  • Levi Lynde
    Levi Lynde Před měsícem +5

    This is the thing that me and my buddies would figure out at lunch lol

  • Robin Westrick
    Robin Westrick Před 14 dny

    I need to involve myself in these puzzles.

  • John Horlick IV
    John Horlick IV Před 14 hodinami

    Cool puzzle! But old school, I've seen this years ago...😏

  • C Kelly
    C Kelly Před 4 dny

    The final nail in the coffin know....puzzle balancing solutions......or something like that.🤔

  • AR ride
    AR ride Před 21 dnem

    Imagine if Elon Musk says to you: "if you put these six nails together on the top, I give you 10 millions dollars. You have 30 minutes to solve this"

  • Razcsi
    Razcsi Před 18 dny +2

    Why it's name is "Impossible" when it's actually possible, and easy? 🤔

  • The Kris
    The Kris Před měsícem

    I guessed right. I thought that was the solution. 😁

  • Conaik
    Conaik Před 26 dny

    You know that meme? Engineering solution against architect solution. That’s what this puzzle reminds me of

  • Rodney Dowd
    Rodney Dowd Před 2 dny

    I love these little vids keep it up!

  • Based Matcha
    Based Matcha Před měsícem

    We used to do this in shop class.
    Can't believe it's actually a puzzle lol

  • Eddie Harkin
    Eddie Harkin Před měsícem

    Great to see more content 👍

  • NinjaPwns AtLife
    NinjaPwns AtLife Před 26 dny

    Everyone's face when I flip the block over, balance it on the single nail head and just put the other 6 on top.

  • Race Bannon
    Race Bannon Před 12 dny

    Do you ever regret having your hands all tattooed up like that?

  • Walter Lester
    Walter Lester Před měsícem

    Wow you really nailed that puzzle

  • Terry
    Terry Před 28 dny

    This was a puzzle at a scout camp. I was able to balance 34 nails before I have up. The comment "It's just physics" applys.

  • Kes
    Kes Před měsícem +9

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  • Shark puppet man 2000
    Shark puppet man 2000 Před 18 dny +1

    I am so glad you nailed it

  • Todd Burgess
    Todd Burgess Před měsícem

    Yes, i learned this trick in grade school 😁

  • Norm Herb
    Norm Herb Před měsícem

    I knew that one from a book I had years ago

  • Muyo
    Muyo Před 5 dny +1

    this is what my dad would have bought if he didn’t get the milk :(

  • Gary Webb
    Gary Webb Před 10 dny

    It should be renamed the "Unemployed Carpenter Puzzle."

    BADGER Před 19 dny


  • Elijah Wilcox
    Elijah Wilcox Před měsícem

    Perfectly balanced as all things should be

  • Crybaby
    Crybaby Před měsícem

    Or just flip the pizzle over so it’s resting on the nail head and balance them all on that

  • Joynator
    Joynator Před 26 dny

    I would never have thought of that in my life. Not in 100 years.

  • HobbyCathartic
    HobbyCathartic Před měsícem

    Seriously though, how many takes did this take?

  • Langston Reese
    Langston Reese Před 27 dny +1

    My actually pop pop taught me the solution, so I know it pretty well.

  • Debra Carltock
    Debra Carltock Před měsícem

    I am totally impressed!!!

  • Monique Montague
    Monique Montague Před 10 dny +1

    Whoaaaa! Impossible! but so possible! My brain is definitely very small right now.🥲

  • C•rla ea
    C•rla ea Před měsícem

    I thought you were going to flip it over and then put the other six nails in the opposite holes

  • Clifford Birchell
    Clifford Birchell Před měsícem

    I've done the exact thing with 16 nails

  • Ibrahim Sabri
    Ibrahim Sabri Před 22 dny

    We can say the puzzle maker been playing with nails when he was a kid

  • francisco flores
    francisco flores Před 27 dny

    How could you have figured that out?!??🤯

  • Carl Akmov
    Carl Akmov Před měsícem +1

    Chris you are awesome man bruh.....

  • X320
    X320 Před měsícem +6

    Chris is my new Lady Gaga 😊

  • Crystal_Sea14
    Crystal_Sea14 Před měsícem

    Who else remembers that this is a remake/reupload of the original nail balancing puzzle.
    If you do remember, then you dropped this: 👑

  • Hervey Medina
    Hervey Medina Před měsícem

    If you grew up Mormon you’ve known about this a long time 😂

  • Aaron Townsley
    Aaron Townsley Před měsícem

    The other holes are red herrings then? Or places to hold the other nails when not doing the puzzle? 🤔

  • Cookin' With Squirrl
    Cookin' With Squirrl Před měsícem

    Slick! And highly satisfying.

  • Elizabeth Cross
    Elizabeth Cross Před měsícem

    Employer: do you have any special skills?
    This guy:

  • {SYN} Dylan Shorts
    {SYN} Dylan Shorts Před měsícem

    hi good content kept it up nice job

  • LeafyHNF
    LeafyHNF Před měsícem

    Fun fact: u can put more than 5 of them

  • far22186
    far22186 Před měsícem

    My uncle showed me this trick years ago

  • Nadir MGM
    Nadir MGM Před měsícem

    It was too easy, the famous physics phenomenon:- Center of Mass ⚖️

  • Evelyn B
    Evelyn B Před měsícem

    I would just turn it upside down lol with the wood on top and put the nails on it

  • Danny N
    Danny N Před měsícem

    Damn impressive

  • Prince Wisdom Art TV
    Prince Wisdom Art TV Před 15 dny

    Please can I know the name of the app you use to edit your short ??

  • ruthlessluder
    ruthlessluder Před měsícem

    I prefer to just duct tape them all together first.

  • him self
    him self Před 6 dny

    That's how planets in space stay in orbit around their star ☺️

  • Karan
    Karan Před 23 dny

    First puzzle that ive already seen on some science channel i think

  • Disha Solanki
    Disha Solanki Před 28 dny

    Wow u nailed it! 🍁

  • Ghxst WoW
    Ghxst WoW Před 16 dny

    Me, hammering the nails into the other nails

  • ZXD121
    ZXD121 Před měsícem

    Chris Ramsey probably thinks of the answer to The Meaning Of Life, as a simple yes or no trivia question

  • Caulin Jennings
    Caulin Jennings Před 27 dny

    Old framing trick you can do with more nails

  • Stewart L
    Stewart L Před 25 dny

    My grandfather taught me this when I was a kid. It was my best party trick and earned me many free beers and now you come along and ruin my party trick. Thanks

  • nightstalker
    nightstalker Před 22 dny

    This is an old carpenter trick, not that hard. Can actually balance 12 on one.

  • Emma Sxilz
    Emma Sxilz Před 27 dny

    Genius 😂

  • Edo
    Edo Před 14 dny

    Love it !

  • Experiment 626
    Experiment 626 Před měsícem

    That’s been around a long time 1st saw that during Army training in 1993

  • Kim Lana
    Kim Lana Před 8 dny

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    conceive and making family happy again though his
    fertility spell.

  • Elune Shatterstone
    Elune Shatterstone Před 13 dny +1

    How I stack dishes in the dish drainer:

  • 3vlTk
    3vlTk Před dnem

    Nail it Chris XD

  • Sk Saddam Hussain
    Sk Saddam Hussain Před 29 dny

    Ur videos are very satisfying bro

  • sony music entertainment
    sony music entertainment Před měsícem +1

    Legend knows this is Reuploaded 😂

  • Cardboard Toaster
    Cardboard Toaster Před 28 dny

    “Hey son, need to work on something can you give me 5 of those nails

  • Ozzy3333333
    Ozzy3333333 Před měsícem

    I beat this puzzle when I was 12yo in 1976 and without the answer given here, so noway is not in my vocabulary.

  • Frostbite38
    Frostbite38 Před měsícem

    Aw HEEEEELL NAW! my brain can't even! 🤯

  • P. NamV2
    P. NamV2 Před měsícem +4

    Mind blowing