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  • čas přidán 28. 01. 2023
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  • @heyitsbrandon2445
    @heyitsbrandon2445 Před rokem +1911

    Despite being Swedish himself, Ludde isn't built like a Swedish pancake. He's fat and fluffy like American pancakes.

  • @triledink
    @triledink Před rokem +916

    Can't wait for the healthy salad video anytime soon.....

    • @jabrur
      @jabrur Před rokem +38

      you'll be waiting for a long time

    • @xdDangie
      @xdDangie Před rokem +32

      if anomaly posts a healthy salad video thats probally a cry for help, he prolly being held hostage

    • @ghostinng274
      @ghostinng274 Před rokem +1

      Not gonna happen lmao

    • @neonazi1942
      @neonazi1942 Před rokem

      Not happening..

    • @Dj99991
      @Dj99991 Před rokem +4

      @@xdDangie he has made one on his third channel Anomaly 3

  • @gonginator5417
    @gonginator5417 Před rokem +388

    As an American, I've never had chocolate syrup or jam with pancakes before. Maple syrup and some fruit is usually all I've ever seen get added to pancakes.

    • @DopaminedotSeek3rcolonthree
      @DopaminedotSeek3rcolonthree Před rokem +24

      Jam and Chocolate Syrup are probably less sweet in Sweden than in America, simply because there are regulations of how much sugar you can put in products.
      Try putting chocolate syrup on pancakes here in the States and you'll just end up with diabetes lol

    • @weedybongzalez8333
      @weedybongzalez8333 Před rokem +3

      Bro try Nutella and peanutbutter,is god like a snickers pancake
      Just get crazy with it^^

    • @SgtJohnRemairez
      @SgtJohnRemairez Před rokem +3

      As a mexican american, Ill only put Condensed Milk or a decent bottle of Maple syrup.

    • @shintarolin1933
      @shintarolin1933 Před rokem +1

      i always make my amUrican pancakes with cheese and eat them with some runny eggs and meat sometimes 👌

    • @gonginator5417
      @gonginator5417 Před rokem +3

      @@DopaminedotSeek3rcolonthree LOL yeah you're not wrong. Stuff in the U.S. has way too much sugar.

  • @leocanales2326
    @leocanales2326 Před rokem +1208

    Disclaimer! Not all Swedish people aim to get diabetes on every pancake

    • @hugo-pg5tv
      @hugo-pg5tv Před rokem +11

      How tf would that shit give someone diabetes

    • @tehhhhhd
      @tehhhhhd Před rokem +10

      @@hugo-pg5tvsugar and jam

    • @rabbi4skin666
      @rabbi4skin666 Před rokem

      That shit wouldnt even raise the average Americans blood sugar level by a fraction of a percent

    • @hugo-pg5tv
      @hugo-pg5tv Před rokem +25

      @@tehhhhhd bruh 1 can of soda has 3 times more sugar than what he put in thet shit mate.

    • @Terra101
      @Terra101 Před rokem +3

      @@hugo-pg5tv Yo not if you drink zero soda yo-

  • @55sANDEr55
    @55sANDEr55 Před rokem +196

    2:07 I think it makes it a whole day process when you make pancakes for an overweight giant/skogstroll

  • @tomasrous8818
    @tomasrous8818 Před rokem +89

    2 videos ago, Anomaly: *Cracking his neck*
    today: "Also, papa, I have a very neck pain..."

  • @Bruhmoment42O
    @Bruhmoment42O Před rokem +83

    We need more cooking videos 🙌

  • @sonjaristolainen5116
    @sonjaristolainen5116 Před rokem +663

    Flat pancakes with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam. 10/10

  • @kenshi7590
    @kenshi7590 Před rokem +16

    After a few years of watching anomaly i came to conclusion that Papa filled a void left by my own father. Happy to see you guys get along

  • @joshmejia6038
    @joshmejia6038 Před rokem +25

    I have never seen someone eat pancakes with peanut butter or strawberry jam. Just tried the swedish version of ur pancake and it was fucking fire.

  • @3min3mplaza
    @3min3mplaza Před rokem +57

    As an American household who makes both styles, I do like the flat ones more. The American style is done when having a more traditional American breakfast, ie sausage, eggs, and home fries. Whereas the flat pancakes tend to stand on their own, I like to add apple butter

    • @Terra101
      @Terra101 Před rokem +6

      As a swede that has tried American pancakes I must say they are pretty good. Not as good as Swedish pancakes but still.

    • @olvarojj4509
      @olvarojj4509 Před rokem +3

      @@Terra101 it is swedish crepe not swedish pancake

    • @alfandersson3593
      @alfandersson3593 Před rokem

      Never heard it being called apple butter before! I love to add that too, and I'm Swedish

    • @nykrev
      @nykrev Před rokem

      My American pancakes are served cold in the trenches of my middle school

    • @SETH-fg5jn
      @SETH-fg5jn Před rokem

      @@olvarojj4509 you ain't going to find a single swede calling that shit a crepe lol.

  • @jandxminik
    @jandxminik Před rokem +119

    The Swedish ones are pretty much 1:1 to those we make in Czech Republic, they're really nice actually. Need to try the "American" ones tho.

    • @thunder9198
      @thunder9198 Před rokem +20

      We make the same in Balkan countries.

    • @smegmacannon69
      @smegmacannon69 Před rokem +90

      @@thunder9198 all European countries

    • @Oliverii
      @Oliverii Před rokem

      @@smegmacannon69 only americans make americans

    • @BassBoostingBrony
      @BassBoostingBrony Před rokem +15

      same goes for Austria... the only thing that bothers me is that he is not using apricot jam and powdered sugar

    • @SnusKing
      @SnusKing Před rokem +8

      @@BassBoostingBrony in norway we make the same. Just that we use blueberry jam, bacon and sugar,sometimes with banana. Or sometimes we use brown cheese. But i think its probably not the exact same for all norwegians.

  • @perez3973
    @perez3973 Před rokem +7

    I think the American Pancakes taste good with syrup. But mixing the chocolate, peanut butter, and all together tastes rather horrific

  • @r1cola460
    @r1cola460 Před rokem +9

    We also eat "Swedish Pancake" in Germany but instead of using cream and jam we normally use "Rübenkraut" or Nutella

    • @user-jk5bg6mh5q
      @user-jk5bg6mh5q Před rokem +7

      Ich habe noch nie in meinem gesamten leben Rübenkraut in/auf einem Pancake gesehen. Bist du zufällig Sachse?

    • @jimmyd6268
      @jimmyd6268 Před rokem

      Noch nie gesehen…
      Ihr macht scheinbar einfach Crêpe mit ekelhaftem Kram, weil eure Familie das einfach schon immer so macht

    • @erenfn4875
      @erenfn4875 Před rokem

      💀💀💀 rübenkraut

  • @De_Noose
    @De_Noose Před rokem +6

    Anomaly being the sole reason of egg inflation lmao

  • @OofManChip
    @OofManChip Před rokem +1

    Since I first tried Swedish pancake it’s my favorite. Either peanut butter and Nutella w it or lingenberry

  • @Knightsfrown
    @Knightsfrown Před rokem +2

    In Lithuania we have many types of pancakes, including those made from potatoes, and those made from yeast, as well as the Swedish type crepes/pancakes.

  • @Ghostscar
    @Ghostscar Před rokem +6

    Tips of life: Found a girl that loves you like Papa loves his Peanut Butter.

  • @Fizzyxd
    @Fizzyxd Před rokem +10

    not even 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video and anomaly bullies papa

  • @readthisbadly
    @readthisbadly Před rokem +2

    papa really ate the fart cakes and rated it 9/10 💀💀IM DEAD

  • @oliverkarp5565
    @oliverkarp5565 Před rokem +1

    In Estonia we make swedish pancakes aswell and we usually use strawberry jam or rasberryjam. And if you want u can use nutella or any chocolate

    • @xhorus88
      @xhorus88 Před 11 měsíci

      Only stupid people use nutella or chocolate

  • @RealMuromets
    @RealMuromets Před rokem +1

    HOLLUP, LET HIM COOK! I AIN'T EATIN THO!🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • @kylecurtis7348
    @kylecurtis7348 Před rokem

    I live 10 min away from Hershey, Pennsylvania there’s actually a tour that you can go to of the Hershey’s factory hah and the amusement park as well!!

    @BCeSPBROCKMANN Před rokem +2

    9:36 Papanomaly being real for aprox 3seconds :D :P

  • @dlex6059
    @dlex6059 Před rokem +7

    ludde literally built like an american pancake

  • @ccolor
    @ccolor Před rokem +7

    I’m American and I’ve never seen anyone put Hershey syrup on a pancake. All you’re supposed to put on it is maple syrup and maybe some fruit. My favorite is banana. Also nobody puts peanut butter on their pancakes.

    • @theverminator8048
      @theverminator8048 Před rokem

      No i have never heard anyone put peanutbutter on pancakes

    • @atlucas1321
      @atlucas1321 Před rokem

      Peanut butter and banana slaps on a pancake tbf

    • @ccolor
      @ccolor Před rokem

      @@atlucas1321 I know bananas are good on pancakes but I’ve never had peanut butter

  • @cezarys6283
    @cezarys6283 Před rokem +1

    "it cant be much" just kills me xD

  • @kirillazaroski2253
    @kirillazaroski2253 Před rokem +1

    The Swedish pancakes are just everywhere in Europe I eat pancakes like that every month
    with chocolate cream, and the Canadian syrup veryyyy good!

    • @Odah_
      @Odah_ Před rokem +1

      Yeah they're Crepes, which are actually French but Ludde calls them Swedish Pancakes ???

    • @ancalagon1144
      @ancalagon1144 Před rokem

      @@Odah_ Crêpes and Swedish pancakes look the same but are different. Hence the confusion. Swedish pancakes aren't as dense and made with less flour and more eggs for example.

    • @kirillazaroski2253
      @kirillazaroski2253 Před 11 měsíci

      @@Odah_ Yeah i think he made the Swedish version of the crepes all the European countries have their own way to make them

  • @kiprasstanevicius7603

    in lithuania we also have the swedish pancakes, my babushka makes swedish pancakes and they are the best with sour cream and a bit mixed up with jam

  • @seek9269
    @seek9269 Před 11 měsíci

    Ludde looks like a walking adidas outdoor with that sweatshirt😭😭😭

  • @fyck66
    @fyck66 Před rokem +23

    Verdict: a pancake, is a pancake.

  • @Gr3ylok
    @Gr3ylok Před 10 měsíci

    We make the same as the Swedish in the Netherlands. Chocolate/jam toppings are good, but even better is a little bacon and cheese

  • @lazylinx4stinx
    @lazylinx4stinx Před rokem

    Best way is the thin pancakes with whipped cream and mango wrapped up 😍

  • @charliexd0856
    @charliexd0856 Před rokem

    Älskar dig Ludvig❤😂😂

  • @Kwitek87
    @Kwitek87 Před rokem

    In Poland we have exactly the same pancakes like you have in Sweden and they are amazing I agree with you

  • @kumilaama1114
    @kumilaama1114 Před rokem

    i love your videos!!!!!!!

  • @Kri7ian
    @Kri7ian Před rokem +3

    Linda should make a channel a kitchen channel😂

  • @AbundanceOfBees
    @AbundanceOfBees Před rokem

    That speedrunning bit was gold.

  • @TheDivision7
    @TheDivision7 Před rokem

    Ludde : Throws Eggs at Papa
    Germany : Dude, INFLATION! KEKW

  • @aflyst4622
    @aflyst4622 Před rokem

    Diabetes speed run
    Love ur videos BTW

  • @obamaprism3528
    @obamaprism3528 Před rokem

    estonian here, we have pretty much the same exactly but i like mine more crispy and i eat them with home made apple jam usually (its the best)

  • @santerinoir1536
    @santerinoir1536 Před 9 měsíci

    Not The Peanut Butter 😭 😭 😭

  • @vincent_nix
    @vincent_nix Před rokem +3

    I feel like these are just European pancakes rather than Swedish pancakes, we make the same ones here in Poland

    • @Odah_
      @Odah_ Před rokem +2

      Yeah they're called Crepes and are originally French 👍

  • @Folke38
    @Folke38 Před rokem

    Good vid❤ you chose the right pancake

  • @SimplyEyolf
    @SimplyEyolf Před rokem +1

    Pancakes with queen's jam and a little bit of whipped cream is the stuff.

  • @dershuli6239
    @dershuli6239 Před 8 měsíci

    I like to watch your videos while taking a shit because the shit I lose goes directly Back in my body

  • @Ash-_-
    @Ash-_- Před rokem

    samz calling you a batty boy is the best thing ive heard for a while

  • @alexneumann2084
    @alexneumann2084 Před rokem

    The peanut butter joke just killed me hahahah

  • @Kop32353
    @Kop32353 Před rokem +3

    This video made me want to eat Polish pancakes

  • @sandboy5880
    @sandboy5880 Před rokem +1

    Every time anomaly makes food I suddenly stop being hungry when I happen to be before watching.

  • @DiabolicNick
    @DiabolicNick Před rokem +1

    As an American the pancakes I have I just put butter and syrup on it. Sometimes I will put blueberries in the batter or bananas in the batter for my pancakes but never jam, chocolate syrup, or peanut butter. Those sound like a crime against food

  • @peterdosedla6890
    @peterdosedla6890 Před rokem +1

    “I don’t have my mask” “papa face reveal” 😂😂

  • @TheJonTendo
    @TheJonTendo Před 10 měsíci

    You should try russian Pancaes "Blini"
    eiter filled with:
    1. sour cream and sugar
    2. minced and fried meat with onion -> and dip it into sour cream
    3. with any jam

  • @Killerstorm5280
    @Killerstorm5280 Před rokem

    "Watch out for hairs", I"M DONE xDDDD

  • @valeriyufimtev1841
    @valeriyufimtev1841 Před rokem +6

    we need recipe and cooking of Russian pancakes. there are very thin and tasty

    • @detbreig915
      @detbreig915 Před rokem +9

      Pancakes are almost the same all around Europe. Swedish pancakes are made just like Russian, or Polish, or French, maybe the only thing Anomaly lacked is special pancake-pan and instead of using oil using pork fat.

    • @sponggg_7096
      @sponggg_7096 Před rokem +1

      @@detbreig915 he used butter, and butter is the first choice when it comes to crepes/eu pancakes

    • @detbreig915
      @detbreig915 Před rokem

      @@sponggg_7096 I dunno, I always rub pork fat on a pan, and then I put pancakes on a plate, I place some butter in between them, I think it's better, so butter doesn't burn on a pan.

    • @sponggg_7096
      @sponggg_7096 Před rokem

      @@detbreig915 everyone is free to cook however they see fit, I'm just saying true crepes are supposed to be fried over butter

  • @San4311
    @San4311 Před rokem

    tfw 'Swedish pancake' is pretty much pancakes everywhere outside of America.
    We make them pretty much the same in the Netherlands, though with different toppings I guess, I've never heard of whipped cream myself lol

  • @ej2u545
    @ej2u545 Před 10 měsíci +2

    Being an American myself I’m just going to say this right now, comparing Swedish pancakes and American pancakes is like trying to compare a chocolate bar with chocolate ice cream. While yes both are chocolate, they are completely different. I see Swedish pancakes is the sweeter version of pancakes, and American pancakes as a more do what you want pancake.
    I don’t think neither are better than the other, it just depends on what you’re feeling in the moment.

    • @zittauerbuar4415
      @zittauerbuar4415 Před 10 měsíci

      You can eat both styles whatever you want, I eat the sweden with ham,cheese, Creme fraiche and a Green onion.

  • @AvidArkhamKnightEnjoyer
    @AvidArkhamKnightEnjoyer Před rokem +1

    #1 video love it 😊

  • @veroist_
    @veroist_ Před rokem +1

    In Slovakia, we roll them with Cocoa (Granko) or Nutella.

  • @123459239
    @123459239 Před rokem +1

    make a video on making and trying British Breakfast, you should try it

  • @saibot1221
    @saibot1221 Před rokem +6

    I always have my Swedish pancakes with raspberry jam and bacon. The combo is INSANE!

  • @decapitationproject4918
    @decapitationproject4918 Před rokem +1

    now we are waiting for the episode where he makes a recipe for a healthy salad

  • @MRnintendo7
    @MRnintendo7 Před rokem

    Makig a fuss throwing eggs around, ordering more and using only 1 for the American pancakes, which they already had. Also, died on *women noises*. 😂

  • @GeZz.
    @GeZz. Před rokem +1

    Try Argentinian Pankackes, with "Dulce De Leche" and then do a vid on them, i'm 100% u will love them

  • @Kanteike
    @Kanteike Před rokem

    I woul actually love watching anomally try "filloas", its a dish from Galicia, northern Spain, and in my experience is harder to do than american pancakes, but tastes better. Pls try it

  • @fAC1L3
    @fAC1L3 Před rokem +1

    0:17 if you think that you are a piece of anomaly…oh sorry 😂😂😂😂

  • @bigpapa1050
    @bigpapa1050 Před rokem +3


  • @emptywindexbottle97
    @emptywindexbottle97 Před rokem

    Ludvigs non existent life experience makes me laff

  • @Fewm17
    @Fewm17 Před rokem +1

    Anomaly only gets ready for a video when it envolves eating xddd

  • @S3x0ff3nd3r
    @S3x0ff3nd3r Před rokem

    anomaly : in america you have maypole syrup
    canadians watching this : 👁👄👁

  • @alpha_knugen8335
    @alpha_knugen8335 Před rokem

    as a swede i have never had any sort of berry on a pancake. either its just jam or sometimes butter and suger but thats rare.

  • @kirinmachine
    @kirinmachine Před rokem

    Lmaoooo if I googled "things people put on crepes" and then put every ingredient I found on one sweedish pancake, it'd probably taste like shit too 😂

  • @woogoo1541
    @woogoo1541 Před rokem +12

    finally normal pancakes: flatter pancakes

  • @toob1997
    @toob1997 Před rokem +1

    the recipe for the pancake is the same as the Dutch pancake but we make them more savory with cheese, bacon etc.

    • @reghardstoltz3419
      @reghardstoltz3419 Před rokem

      In South Africa its the same. Pannekoek we call them. We also do savory. But it's also nice with Sugar and cinnamon

  • @rachiku4
    @rachiku4 Před rokem +1

    Damn these pancakes look good (calling them crepés is disgusting). Im from 🇵🇱 and our pancake mixture is not as sad as the swedish one, but its closer out of these 2. We usually eat them with ONLY sugar, ONLY jam(any flavor) or ONLY Nutella. (Rolling it like a blunt is necessary tho)

  • @Wolf8yte
    @Wolf8yte Před rokem

    swedish salad vs american salad would be a great video.

  • @acebaby9918
    @acebaby9918 Před rokem

    You made some beautiful crêpes

  • @ghoysti2791
    @ghoysti2791 Před rokem

    2:34 weird looking plants you got there, did you plant the weed seeds?

  • @AurAGFX
    @AurAGFX Před rokem +3

    We make the exact same as swedish pancakes in the UK as well. All the way down to the sugar and rolling it up. I think a fairly common one would be lemon juice and sugar.

  • @niksa3436
    @niksa3436 Před rokem

    Papa praying to survive to the end of the video 😂

  • @Stallzyx
    @Stallzyx Před rokem

    ayy I was just thinking of you like 10 mins ago because I saw the Google doodle thing is Bubble Tea, but then remembered it was a different channel who was trying that I think lol... now we got a new upload! Maybe its controversial but I prefer the thicker pancakes for some reason. Maybe it's because my mum always used to cook the thin ones in a pan that made a really weird smell and I thought it was those pancakes which had that smell :(

  • @Motivationandsuccess732

    you need to try swedish pancakes with table butter and hyvlad cheese on. it´s foookiiiing delicius ma brothaaa

  • @burnutek
    @burnutek Před rokem

    You can use sparkling water to swedish pancakes and add oil to dough bowl and no on the pan (it's be 10 times better than normal).

    @DERAOFFICIAL Před rokem

    dude combined every ingredient together for the american one and expected it to be good

  • @Salkinmusic
    @Salkinmusic Před rokem +4

    In Denmark we use flormelis to pancakes but I personally like it with nutella and banana slices. And to feel extra fat, vanilla ice cream too 😂

    • @wolfeydemon
      @wolfeydemon Před rokem

      Dude pandekager med flødeskum og nutella 🤤

  • @CMD_Terminal
    @CMD_Terminal Před 11 měsíci +1

    I could see why people would question how 'Swedish pancakes' are considered pancakes

  • @w0wzera454
    @w0wzera454 Před 9 měsíci

    American: Our pancakes is the best
    Swedish: No, our pancakes is the best one
    Me, an Asian: they all pancakes. No differences.

  • @SgtBuck01
    @SgtBuck01 Před rokem +1

    somebody introduce this man to savory pancakes

  • @koniu9977
    @koniu9977 Před rokem

    I just knew that with peanut butter there will be a schlatt reference XDDD

  • @Mikkovaikka
    @Mikkovaikka Před rokem +1

    "That is look a very f*king pancake"
    -Anomaly 2023

  • @kakashiuzumaki8541
    @kakashiuzumaki8541 Před rokem +3

    Of course the american pancake doesn't taste good if you put marple syrup, chocolate syrup, peanut butter and fruit jam all at the same time on one pancake... you should choose only one of these and try it like that

  • @nickmortensen2025
    @nickmortensen2025 Před rokem

    Anomaly cooking is the best type of video

  • @bennzymadeit02
    @bennzymadeit02 Před rokem

    This video is eggcellent and eggciting bruh 💀

  • @skinzi_0
    @skinzi_0 Před 5 měsíci

    try it with cocoa powder too ( Im live in hungary and we have the same type of pancakes)

  • @iHaevLysdexia
    @iHaevLysdexia Před rokem

    Anomaly yeeting eggs at papa. Meanwhile a dozen of eggs puts us americans in debt nowadays

  • @he1No.
    @he1No. Před rokem

    U should make the most banger food in finland, Karelian pies

  • @maxwellssilverhammer
    @maxwellssilverhammer Před rokem +5

    There are going to be some comments about how you fucked up the American pancakes. This is one of them

    • @Stallzyx
      @Stallzyx Před rokem +2

      yup and I'm not even American but prefer them to crepes. Some reason I thought crepes always smelled funny and it made me feel sick, and then me and my mum found out that it's probably the pan that she uses for them. Plus I just like how American pancakes are like a little cake that you can do in a few minutes in a pan :)

  • @sponggg_7096
    @sponggg_7096 Před rokem +1

    anomaly absolutely bastardized those pancakes

  • @KIMG69
    @KIMG69 Před rokem

    I owe the Swedes an apology, I wasn't really familiar with your game.
    that thing looks bussin

  • @JM-fv9kl
    @JM-fv9kl Před rokem

    Are you by any chance growing some ganja below those lights?
    If yes, then nice!