Deontay Wilder shoves Tyson Fury as both fighters try to spar at London press conference

  • čas přidán 30. 09. 2018
  • Deontay Wilder pushes Tyson Fury after the former heavyweight champion challenged the Bronze Bomber to a sparring session during their press conference in London.
    Needless to say, this media tour is going to be hectic. Follow it live on BT Sport's social media accounts and then watch the fight on BT Sport Box Office on December 1st.
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  • nature boy
    nature boy Před 3 lety +1

    "I dont play games. I wanna play"

  • Nigel Kameri
    Nigel Kameri Před 4 lety +5

    Fury is like a large McGregor 😂

  • Wookie Step Brother
    Wookie Step Brother Před 3 lety +804

    God I want this rematch. Furys a comic genius.

  • Bryant Williams
    Bryant Williams Před 3 lety +388

    He may have out boxed Wilder but he felt the power.Damn near hit his kill switch😂

  • Bungus Grumble
    Bungus Grumble Před 4 lety +108

    I love how the push sent Wilder back as far as it did Fury.

  • Hassan Mehfooz
    Hassan Mehfooz Před 2 lety +120

    Who’s here after Tyson knocked him out 😂 ( pillow hands )

  • D.n.d.
    D.n.d. Před 4 lety +2


    MR MISTER Před 2 lety

    This press conference never gets old. PURE GOLD 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Ashley Murphy
    Ashley Murphy Před 2 lety +86

    Fury schooled Wilder, but he definitely got a feel of that power.

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander Před 2 lety +31

    "I dont play games... i wanna play"

  • Truth From the Universe
    Truth From the Universe Před 4 lety +196

    These guys are actually good friends

  • Hugo Johnstone
    Hugo Johnstone Před 2 lety +7

    Fury and Wilder doing impressions of eachother at

  • Jack Kilbz
    Jack Kilbz Před 4 lety +708

    All this press conference was missing was stone cold steve Austin coming out and giving every one the stone cold stunner😂

  • Lukeyylu
    Lukeyylu Před 4 lety +377


  • ChosenParakeet
    ChosenParakeet Před 3 lety +16

    I like how everyone went to calm down Wilder lmao

  • Dead Farang
    Dead Farang Před 3 lety +83

    Heavyweight boxing is alive and well.

  • Dean Russo
    Dean Russo Před 2 lety

    This gets me so hyped!! One guy; the pure boxer! The showman! And one man with pure fire running through his veins! Also a good showman aswell. I love both these fighters!

  • Tony Furi
    Tony Furi Před rokem +2

    “ I don’t play games… I wanna play …”

  • Prince Al Yaseen
    Prince Al Yaseen Před 4 lety +1

    Frank warren must be the strongest man in the world holding them 2 back

  • Karemaker
    Karemaker Před 4 lety +1

    I like how small Deontay and Tyson make the security look. As though they could actually do anything to stop those two beasts.