2013 NBA Finals Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs (2013 NBA Finals Preview)

  • čas přidán 2. 06. 2013
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  • EZEE
    EZEE Před 9 lety

    You gotta love the Spurs though

  • Ben Fu
    Ben Fu Před 9 lety

    Spurs in 4!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omar Raja - ESPN
    Omar Raja - ESPN  Před 9 lety

    If not the NBA takes our video down, I've had to deal with that a ton young one.

  • Ballaboy2523
    Ballaboy2523 Před 9 lety

    DAMN YOU SOUND LIKE A NERD! LOL!!!!!! So everyone gonna make 2k vids talkin bout the finals huh?? Yall some followers lol

  • Chris Mendez
    Chris Mendez Před 9 lety

    Good video bro

  • Amour Lucifer
    Amour Lucifer Před 9 lety

    go SPURS !!!

  • Roger Laboy
    Roger Laboy Před 9 lety

    The miami heat play well when they their backs against the wall

  • Alain Lamour
    Alain Lamour Před 9 lety

    Lebron was shitting out the spurs as this vid was going on lol

  • Bok alaws
    Bok alaws Před 9 lety

    If the spurs win in game 2 thats it its gonna sweep miami's ass all the way. Spurs in 4 or 5

  • Ben Fu
    Ben Fu Před 9 lety

    hey the spurs r capable of a sweep game 2=turnovers

    MRP N00BSTER Před 9 lety


  • daniel velasquez
    daniel velasquez Před 9 lety

    This guy has never watched the Spurs play! lol Bosh cancelling out Duncan? Another Miami Heat Bandwagoner! It will be a tough series and either team can win.

  • david gochioco
    david gochioco Před 9 lety

    you lost all ready fool....

  • sunlessfox
    sunlessfox Před 9 lety

    Spurs all the way! have you not seen the playoffs they sweeped the western teams with there eyes closed the shirt does not lie best of the west!

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A Před 9 lety

    Spurs All the way Go Spurs Go

  • Neptune51
    Neptune51 Před 9 lety

    what mode is this where u can play as both teams at once? -PC player

  • Doefella718
    Doefella718 Před 9 lety

    Heat in 6

  • Mr.TehSpacee
    Mr.TehSpacee Před 9 lety


  • darththc
    darththc Před 9 lety

    When they (stern) want to win, they (refs) make sure they (Lebron) wins. You know what the heat don"t have to worry about? Travel calls (every time he touches the ball) on Lebron. The heat are great, but let's be honest: setting aside the obvious bias the officials have for Miami, Wade (bad knee) has had one decent game in the last 10 and Bosh hasn't been putting up his normal numbers either. If Battier and Allen keep playing sub par along with Wade and Bosh the heat will be in big trouble.

  • gdigger99
    gdigger99 Před 9 lety

    The Spurs are silent assassins. NEVER underestimate them. Spurs in 7....if the Heat are lucky...

  • Death Row
    Death Row Před 9 lety

    Leonard will get steam rolled by LeBron .. lol

  • Ballaboy2523
    Ballaboy2523 Před 9 lety

    So everyone now usin 2k as their vid to talk about the finals? Lol yall pathetic

  • ReggaeEli
    ReggaeEli Před 9 lety


  • Rubin Hart
    Rubin Hart Před 9 lety

    My heat in 5 or 6 lebron is done with loosing wade will be his old self enough said. Enough said

  • ReggaeEli
    ReggaeEli Před 9 lety

    Golden state will be deadly

  • ImRainxx
    ImRainxx Před 9 lety

    Go heat

  • Doefella718
    Doefella718 Před 9 lety

    i'm no heat fan but i say heat in 6 is a lock

  • Ben Fu
    Ben Fu Před 9 lety

    hey how old r u because i heard that all heat fans are around 10 i dont know that but i do know that they can sometimes badmouth people to sound cool(hint hint you)

  • (49ERS) & (ROCKETS) Rider

    GO! SPURS GO! fuck queen james

  • frederick moore
    frederick moore Před 9 lety

    dumb ass

  • Jon Rosalez
    Jon Rosalez Před 9 lety

    Haha ya right the spurs sweep ..... all day everyday .... lebron should remeber and this time he will have no excuse after he loses.... big 3 my ass dwade all broken and bosh is horible ugly dinosaur lookin mofo

  • Ballaboy2523
    Ballaboy2523 Před 9 lety

    To bad there are other ways to do it.....dumb one

  • darththc
    darththc Před 9 lety

    Rodney, Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward of all time. He has been phenomenal this season. Nobody calls Chris bosh the greatest ANYTHING (because he's not). So how exactly will he cancel out Duncan? Also you didn't mention Pop, who has had a week+ to watch tape... Granted Lebron may be the greatest player in the game, but Pop is widely regarded as the greatest active coach in all of professional sports. That is sort of an important piece of the puzzle wouldn't say?

  • Willie Espinosa
    Willie Espinosa Před 9 lety

    spurs in 5 but ill rather sweep ...pop is the wiz he will make adjustments if needed the heat will be out coached spurs bench is to strong ginobili parker and duncan have fire power to keep mimai stars at bay and i think pop knew we were gonna meet miami in the finals so he picked up tracy mcgrady so i think we will see him play some time out on the court

  • Death Row
    Death Row Před 9 lety

    its true

  • Danny Hall
    Danny Hall Před 9 lety

    This commentator couldn't have said it any better lol dude your da shit lol

  • Rodney Caviness
    Rodney Caviness Před 9 lety

    I agree Heat in 6
    Lebron is Lebron..
    D Wade seems to be getting healthier..and wont have to worry about exhausting himself gaurding a player of George's caliber..Ginobili is not the same as he use to be..Dwade will blow right by him
    Chalmers and Coles are both good defenders and can take turns gaurding T Parker
    Duncan & Bosh will neutralize each other..and teh bench Ray Ray, Shane & Birdman willl excel because Spurs defense don't gaurd teh 3 like the pacers (nobody does)

  • Chunkymilk
    Chunkymilk Před měsícem